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Kamala Wants To Regulate Your Guns

Out of respect for the children and adults who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, we didn’t raise what Kamala Harris did to politicize that tragedy on Monday, the anniversary of the attack by a mentally ill killer.

Now, with a few days of separation from the anniversary, we want to point out that Kamala Harris – like many others of her mindset – sees events like Sandy Hook as a reason to regulate further and restrict Americans when it comes to how they exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Here’s the tweet she posted on the anniversary.

Of course, as Breitbart notes:

The “common-sense gun safety” being pushed for the Biden administration includes a ban on the sale of firearms which Democrats label “assault weapons,” as well as a ban on “high capacity” magazines, and the implementation of universal background checks.

“These types of gun controls have been pursued by Democrats like Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) at the federal level for years, and they have been in place in New York since 2013.

“In New York City, the laws are correlating with gun violence at record levels. Despite the bans and background check requirements, shootings are on track to break a 14-year high in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D) NYC.

“When the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary occurred, teachers and staff were unarmed, and there were no armed resource officers on campus. In fact, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission concluded the attacker had over nine minutes inside the school without armed resistance.” [emphasis added]


Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you want Kamala Harris and Joe Biden to regulate your guns further and restrict your Second Amendment rights?


  1. Terry Cordova says:

    Maybe biden and kamala should demand their security force to turn in their Ar15 before they ask the country to do so. Their securitu force should only be armed with a kmife. I wonder if they would be comfortable with that. I know they wouldnt like that.As fienstine said politicians are important people. They have right to defends themselves, you are not.

  2. Blake says:

    So, as you can see by these gun regulations being implemented in Crazy Bill de Blazio’s New York City since 2013, that what Kamala (out to lunch) Harris wants to implement is ludicrous! Taking guns away from law abiding citizens just makes things worse. Ask yourself this question, do you really think gangsters thugs and criminals buy their guns legally? The answer is NO! They are criminals! Hello! Gun laws do nothing to stop criminals and lunatics from getting their hands on guns.

  3. Terry Cordova says:

    I understand there is only one gun shop in Mexico guarded by the their miliatary.no individual can own a weapon. Some 30000 plus citizens were killed by gangs and the cartel. Law enforcement are almost nonexistence down there. .

  4. I think you are 100% correct on your observations. Even though you spelling,and punctuation suck,you do have a valid view of present events. See my other post about Cuba.

  5. I remember Cuba, “Guns,Who Needs Them”—1960 Fidel Castro!! How did that go. Fidel beat us,he died in his own bed,not on a gallows like we should start using on Castro type American traitors.

  6. Kamaltoe has no class,it was very tacky & trashy for a so-called politician to even bring the Sandyhook shooting up.My condolences to the families of the precious little ones.Anyway,as far as controlling our guns,she will not have the votes in Cingress if they manage to steal the election.She also has to come & take our guns after the 2nd Amendment which by then our guns will be in our hands & we will not let them go.The only way to get is from our cold dead hands.To get them all she would have to get the muzzleloaders to the machine guns.All. I can say is “COME AND TAKE THEM”!!!!

    • Dave Blackford says:

      You are like every other gun-toting ignorant redneck. You don’t get…maybe thats the problem. Guns are made for ONE PURPOSE. KILL OR MAIM.

      • Brook says:

        Only by irresponsible people, wait till a responsible gun owner saves your life because of all the illegals that will be let to enter this country and leave you unprotected. You are a moron.

      • Leland Finley says:

        You are ignoring the multitude of statistics showing the preponderance of evidence that gun ownership by LAW-ABIDING, RESPONSIBLE citizens prevents crime.
        MANY is the time that the mere presence of a weapon thwarts crime, NEVER REPORTED by the MSM in public.

  7. John says:

    Come and get !!!Give it your best shot.

  8. Phyllis Poole says:

    Bad language is one reason our world is in this Godless

  9. Mark says:

    They will have to destroy the U.S. Constitution in order to try to take the weapons.There will so much blood on their hands. God help us.

    • Geary Shaddox says:

      Any free people should be armed with sufficient arms and ammo to protect it’s self against any government foreign or domestic [ George Washington]Regardless china, Russia or whoever will not be shooting 22 single shot riffles. The Most important is our guarantee’s the Bill Of Rights The Declaration,and The Constitution. Any so called American wanting to removed any part is traitor to its people and its Country. what happens to a traitor in china

  10. The Chinese Communists are behind all this, From the manipulation of the Election, the Radical Leftist Bias of the mainstream media, BLM, antifa, and the confiscation of any and all legally owned Firearms, this started @ 1950, when the Chinese Communist Government decided that the US is and was their only real competitor/opponent/problem.

    • Jaybo says:

      Yes! Remember when mccarthyism was laughed out of Congress.well it’s alive and well now for sure. We we were warned way back then and it’s full blown now!

  11. charles wiggins says:

    As a retired 20 year Marine I do feel that assault rifles should only be in the hands of the FBI, Swat Teams and active or Reserve Military Personnel. The second amendment can be modified to this extent without any threats and once amendment is in effect the U.S. Government can buy back all the AR-14 And !5’s that are currently in the hands of individual citizens. Other wise leave all alone and hand out Death sentences to anyone attacking any person or business with an assault rifle Or any other assault type type automatic weaponwhether they fire it or not. This would stop it in it’s tracts.

    • John martino says:

      I’m good with that Charles only lets add auto death sentence to people convicted of dealing guns illegally. These are the people putting guns in the hands of these shitheads,oh sorry, I mean young men. No I didn’t, I mean shitheads!

    • jeff says:

      what is classified as an assault weapon? if it has a pistol style grip, a collapsible stock, a forward pistol grip and other such things that have nothing to do with firing the weapon. in other words a ruger mini 14 or a stock ar-15 or ar-4 isnt an assault weapon. all these items making an “assault weapon” have no bearing on firing, just cosmetics and ease of handling. why should there be extended mags? i can give you a very good reason. elk hunting has become very dangerous. also deer hunting in areas known for brown bear,(grizzlies). why? they have associated gun fire to free food. most hunters think a 500 caliber handgun is the appropiate firearm in the case of making a kill and a grizzly shows up, but its not. a hand gun is only accurate up to about 20 yrds and just like a .45 the .500 is a heavy bullet which makes it unaccurate. i used an ar-4(same style as ar-15 but instead of .223 ammo is chambered for .308) with a 20 round mag as my backup weapon, giving me much more fire power at much longer range. also, the 2nd ammendment was written with the intent that should the regular citizens of this nation need to, they could defend against an attack from a foreign nation along with the military or without, and should the need arise defend themselves, and the nation against domestic tyranny. i don’t remember the exact founding father who said this, i think it was jefferson, “at times the tree of liberty must be defended by the blood of its citizens.” in my opinion, 1 way to stop a lot of gun violence is simply anyone found with an illegally purchased gun of any kind, a stolen gun or selling such, life sentence. anyone wishing to purchase a firearm and someone in the home has mental issues, a intense background should be done along with the stipulation that the firearm has to be locked in a gun safe, not a box, but a gun safe with a combination lock, and the combination known only to the owner.

  12. Friend of AMERICA. says:

    Regulate-smegulate. Any way they word it means the same thing!what you register it, you let the government buy it back or whatever.You do any thing other than hide it, you gonna wish the fuck you hadn’t! The want TOTAL control so they can fuck you any rich way possible. If you can’t see that by now then your stupid and shouldn’t have a weapon in the first place. Nuff said.

    • Ann says:

      Well said Friend of AMERICA!! I totally agree with you.

      • A friend of AMERICA says:

        Yes! and after the demonrats Gestapo takes the guns from the fools willing to hand them over, they will sing ” whatchugonnadowhenwecomeforyou”!!!

  13. Donna Kujawa says:

    A retard or a slow learner with a gun is safer than any Democrats leftists antifa blm and rioters.

  14. Holly Rose says:

    If we are conscientious good citizens of America, we should give up our guns for the good of our country. I hate to give up my mom’s very expensive Sig Sauer but for the good of the country I will. She taught me to be obedient and if it is law, obey the law. No and if or buts.

    • Ronald Bryant says:

      Any law abiding citizen that gives up their gun,is,without a doubt,a stupid freaking moron! Never Trust the Government!

    • David H Marut says:

      What in the hell would you want to give up your weapon, if doing so only criminals will have guns, can’t have that.
      Do you want to be another Venezuela think before engaging mouth.

    • Jaybo says:

      And when you do give it up hatchugonnadowhentheycomeforyou?

    • Jaybo says:

      Okay. Take it easy. Carmella is simply having a tissy fit ’cause her ” I voted for Biden” panties are all bunched up!

    • M.M.SPURIO says:

      Oh stop….Holly Rose….your just another case of “Can’t Fix Stupid”

    • MMS says:

      Oh stop….Holly Rose….your just another case of “Can’t Fix Stupid”. How big is that ROCK you live under…

  15. John martino says:

    If my memory serves me correctly, the shooter of Sandy Hook got the gun from his mother who gave it to him, Or did not have it safely secured, in doing so she committed a crime as a straw buyer for a person who could not legally own a gun. This person shot his mother first then went to Sandy Hook. If she were alive I believe she would have been charged with something. Tragedy! But don’t lump all gun owners with crazy shooters who follow no rules, ie. Gangs, terrorists , you get the picture.

  16. R Davison says:

    Not sure what assault weapons are but my guns were purchased and managed to our existing gun laws. They are safely locked up and controlled by me! I see no reason to continue to punish the majority for the crimes of a few. Also if Harris is comparing the increase of shootings in New York, Cuomo’s disrespect for law enforcement along with his shutdown COVID restrictions are the problem and if Harris would do some homework, “assault weapons ” are not the weapon of choice for the shootings in New York. Criminals shoot people and criminals can get guns without purchasing them legally.

  17. David Smith says:

    Didn’t Hitler take away the guns the German people had ?? I can only hope some patriot or a mentally sick person gets rid of a bunch of the politicians my Christmas hit list The Biden’s the Clintons Harris Soros Cortez Pelosi and a few others But I haven’t found a Santa who can give me my present It is funny that they are giving illegals unemployment when Americans can’t get the help. And the money they spend on foreign aid is insane and making 20 million illegals legal will destroy food stamps and social security and welfare and medical services But that’s what the brain dead voters wanted a Dem for president God help this country Satan has his claws dug in deep

  18. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    It’s a sad reminder at this season of the year, about what happened at Sandy Hook. The second amendment is truly for those Americans who act responsibly. The schools should arm themselves, as well as those who need to protect themselves, and there families and property.Harris should use her mind to stop the violence, the riots, and the looting..More black people kill more black people, than white people do. She should put her time towards the gangs that carry guns to kill each other. It’s either drugs or gangs wars, that’s what is killing black people. No one will take my firearm away from me, I’ll shoot them first.

    • ho hate says:

      that;s right go after the gangs and guns don’t kill people nuts do and sick people who hate good people

  19. peter wolland says:

    the 2nd amendment is there so we can protect ourselves from enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. More criminals on the street’s are a problem. Open borders where guns can come over to be sold to gang members & druggies is a problem. Communism is a problem. These days, DUMMYCRATS are becoming a problem with the stupidity they spout.

  20. alan says:

    Harris has the class of a Turd in a punchbowl

  21. Jaybo says:

    They turn child molesters and murderers free, bringing in 12 million illegals,have chinese spies, defund police and want to take our guns!. So however these commie mother fuckers are going to do it,GOOD LUCK. First anybody comes on this marine’s property to try anything is dead!

    • T Beach says:

      Amen my brother. Dont think ive ever seen a rubber bullet either much less used any. And i just recenctly sold all of my guns (wink)Maybe Kamelto herself can come knocking on the door and get them from you.

  22. Aurea says:

    you are so right! So sad that some “Christians” voted for Dems that are nothing but baby killers, and are against Christianity’s values.

  23. Many people have been killed with weapons other than guns and you don’t see the Democrats and liberals trying to ban these. The 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms ,the AR in rifles does not mean assault rifle it stands for armalight rifle the company that makes the rifle,Democrats need to do their research before they start running their mouths. Enough SAID.

    • T Beach says:

      Thats right. Ive got friends that work at Anderson amd they call theirs AM 10s and 15s. Its the company initials not an assault rifle.

  24. Shirley says:

    I love every fuckin word you said!!!! Fuck Biden and all the rest of the SCUM

    • Edward says:

      You go girl. I believe you are allowed to speak your piece. If you don’t like the language then DON’T READ THE FUCKING MESSAGE.

  25. Peg says:

    Keep your guns. The criminals are not going to give their guns up. We have to have something to protect ourselves. Now they are letting killers out of jail. Turning them loose. Be safe people.

    • Monell says:

      Agree. With their stance regarding our police force, it is more important that our second amendment be protected.
      Calling fir police assistance and getting a social worker when you, your family or property is being threatened is ludicrous

  26. Dawn says:

    She and Biden are both crazy people. Many good men/women have died to protect our rights. And these two nuts have to right to turn this country in to a communist nation.
    I hope they never find themselves in a situation where a gun or a police officer could save their lives.

  27. Perry Ball says:

    Although I understand where you are coming from, and I am coming from the same place, I am alarmed at the language you are using. You could easily be earmarked as a potential threat, and that scares me. There needs to be some intelligent constraints in place as to make sure our message comes through loudly and clearly, without being polluted by emotion and political agendas. Scary language and off color comments are counter productive and polarizing to say the least.

  28. Jay says:

    Knives are used to kill more people every year than guns are. Maybe knives should be banned too.

    • T Beach says:

      I read someplace more people are killed each year with hammers than firearms. Guess all the carpenters and woodworkers gonna be on the most wanted list next.

  29. Erich says:

    Let her be the first to come to my door demanding my weapons.

  30. Jake Williams says:

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. So rather than concentrating on the mentally ill people who comit these crimes, her solution is to take the guns and let the criminals go free? Mentally ill killers will simply resort to making pressure cooker bombs, poison and other hand methods to accomplish the same result. Quit letting criminals and mentally ill people roam the streets scott free. That is the solution. Democrats want to take our arms and Defund the police so THEY can leave us defenseless and make us all victims and subjects to THEIR radical agendas of control. The Constitution guarentees our right to bear arms to protect US from radical government agendas. How are Americans supposed to protect ourselves from criminals they refuse to put in jail, the mentally ill they refuse to treat or confine and their own radical agendas that will further destroy the Constitution? Don’t take our guns, do your jobs, clean up the streets, put criminals and the mentally ill away. Besides, criminals will always have guns no matter what you do. Once you discover your solution doesn’t work, are you going to give us our guns back? I THINK NOT!!

  31. Voldemort says:

    If you look back at every mass shooting in the US since columbine and especially Sandy hook you will find the people committing the crimes were democrats so by their logic no democrat should be allowed possession of a weapon.

  32. What the Democrats,don’t want to recognize is the simple fact that the weapon,nor the clip, kill people. Its the person using the weapon that kills.The currant laws on back ground checks, is what needs to be recognized. More crackdown on illegal sales. More concern on mental health owning weapons. Area for improvement would be with gun owners,that have children with mental illness,and ensure those gun owners keep their weapons locked up to prevent those siblings from access.

  33. Sic&Tired says:

    Karmala, along with Dough, Dough, Head Biden…..Both a Couple of Clowns and what a Joke – IF, they think they can run this Country…Faithfully, Legally, with Respect and Integrity……They BOTH don’t have any of these traits that make good character……….. They have NO Character – Mindless Democrats.!!!

  34. Sic&Tired says:

    The Biden Administration….. Is Really Stupid to be messing around with Our 2nd Amendment. It is in the Constitution – It is Our Right to Bare Arms. There is really going to be some Major Issues – IF, and When the Day comes when they think they will be taking any guns away from the True and Faithful Americans.
    Pretty Much like “Rick”….commented ABOVE: Go Ahead and MAKE MY DAY.!!! It will happen if, they mess around with OUR….2nd. Amendment. So, Sick and Tired of the Dumb Democrats, Liberals, Leftists, Idiots & Morons of this Country. Day of Reckoning will be Forth Coming – I am sure…….!!!

    • J. Vargas says:

      It has been said
      many times that the bad guys will always find or steal a gun.It may sound negative but true.

  35. Brian Bowes says:

    Kamala Harris AKA Willie Brown Dick Sucking Whore won’t give up her armed security detail though will she.

  36. Brian says:

    She is a nut, just like all the others who want to regulate or take away guns because someone was killed with one. If they use the excuse that someone was killed with a gun so we are going to take away the guns, then what is to stop them from doing the same with other objects used to kill with? People are killed with knives. Lets ban them from the table. Cars? Yep, take them all off the road. Beat with a bat, lets ban the national past time, little league up to the pros. Oh yeah, cars are being used a lot now. Take ALL the cars off the road, including the ones used by politicians. Somebody got smothered with a pillow? Git rid of them. The list could go on forever. When people want to kill someone, they will. So stop with the insanity and punish the people who kill. By this I do not mean put them in prison for life, I mean try, convict and then execute. Who is going to be stopped by the threat of having 3 meals a day and a place to sleep at night for life? Plus all the other things they get in prison. No one.

  37. Vinson Biddy Jr. says:

    She seems to forget they also had 500 gallon propane tanks wired to explode; which would have left a good size crater where the school did stand and the neighbors would also be dead. What a BUNCH of idiots.

    • B says:

      ANYTHING Harris and Biden say is meaningless.
      Any weapons we have were acquired under the laws of CT. So go sell you crap elsewhere.

  38. Michael says:

    No such animal as an assault weapon. Assault is an action. Stay away from my rights and freedoms as an American you liberal POS.

  39. rick says:

    To Kama Kameleon- Go ahead; make my day.

  40. Marlene says:

    Harris has no shame? A woman who slept her way up the political ladder? Thank you captain obvious. The first step to a dictatorship is to disarm the populace. Everywhere guns are banned crime skyrockets. The only ones who profit are the criminals, law abiding citizens are the number one victims.

  41. Bob says:

    I have question how come one of the children that was supposed to be killed was see after the school shooting. The other question is why did they bulldoze the school down almost immediately after the incident. Was there something to hide that the Obama government didn’t want people to see?

  42. Honest says:

    Up Yours Kamala You Are Sooooooo Stupid ~ No Wonder Dopey Joe Picked You ~ Dopey Could Have Picked His Nose and Had Better~

  43. Franklin Steele says:

    We’re in deep trouble, with the election of Biden and Harris. I don’t think the idiots who voted for them are aware of how dangerous they will be to America.

  44. Wayne says:

    Arm the teachers, that will give some thought to those who would think they could get by with this kind of thinking. Nothing else needs to be done, anyone who has the prospect of being shot dead in one of these schools will have that to think about.

    Just look at not only New York but Australia, taking the guns only allows the criminals to do what ever they want without the chance of being harmed. If they get caught, they think so what, what is a bit of jail time, free TV and Food, big deal.