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Kathy Griffin Did It Again

Some people have no shame and don’t learn from the wrongs they’ve committed. The “comedian” Kathy Griffin is one of those people.


Most people remember that, several years ago, Kathy Griffin posted an unforgivably disgusting picture that went so far beyond the bounds of decency that it resulted in her being booted from CNN and terminated from almost all other work she had under contract.

Well, it seems that Griffin didn’t learn her lesson. Evidently, like many others, Griffin’s hate for President Donald Trump is so great that she has lost all sense of decency and of what is right and wrong.

That hate – hate that seems to have driven her mad – has resulted in her reposting the disgusting, obscene photo (further down this page–don’t scroll further if you feel you may be upset by the image) that pretends to show her with the decapitated head of the President.

The only reason we bring this to your attention is that the world needs to know about Kathy Griffin and hopefully she never gets hired anywhere ever again.


Warning: The photo is very disturbing. Please don’t scroll any further if you feel you may be upset.

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  1. Cherie says:

    Disgusting as usual …Stupid dumb bitch

  2. Peter Clahr says:

    She is the reason why Biden could never unite this country and all of the Liberals applaud her actions. The liberal faction believes that we can heal if the conservatives adopt their philosophy and the conservatives believe we can heal if the liberals adopt our views. The only difference is that conservatives are bright enough to know this won’t work. Especially if you are dealing the Russian conspiracy, but you’ll probably never hear of a Biden probe.

  3. Pegs says:

    Man………Is it just me are is she one UGLY woman??

  4. Rand says:

    If one were to ask my opinion of the “red headed thingy with a red faced thingy in their paws” , I would have to say , The “[?] woman” holding the red faced thingy , is a remarkable simile of each other. Notice how much alike they are. Both are lifeless , both are “RED” , both have the same I.Q. ! AMAZING LIKENESS .I , however , cannot decide which is the UGLIER of the two , the “[?] WOMAN” , or the “mannican head”.

  5. Bambie Whitcomb says:

    This is considered a criminal threat against the President how can she get away with that. terroristic threats are real. Put her in prison. Biden also for his threats he’s a creeper. Communist

  6. Scarlet says:

    Another Hollywood has-been trying to get attention for herself in the most grotesque way. All those has-beens think we really care what they think. I’ll be laughing when Biden ups their taxes so much that they’ll all be crying. Be careful what you wish for.

  7. Rosemary Hunter says:

    She is a disgusting person and needs help. She need to leaving the country and all the other sick democrats.

  8. Shirley says:

    What is wrong with this woman? She undoubtedly has a mental problem and needs help before she hurts or kill someone. Her actions could be a cry for help.

  9. Shirley Dean says:

    What is wrong with this woman? She undoubtedly has a mental problem and needs help before she hurts or kill someone. Her actions could be a cry for help.

  10. Shirley Dean says:

    What is wrong with this woman? She undoubtedly has a mental problem and needs help before she hurts or kill someone. Her actions could be a cry for help.

  11. Lois says:

    She is a disgusting person! Washed up, never funny and needs to get help.

  12. Bill says:

    Will somebody please photoshop harris holding griffins head?
    Title it. Last Laugh.

  13. Mari Jo Oneill says:


  14. Luanne Black says:

    Put her in jail for murder, as she confesses by the picture.

  15. PurePurple says:

    Kathy Grifart should be thrown out of this country. Other celebrities should be too if they think they can go beyond disrespect for our president. Oblama never had to deal with this nasty disgusting people and he didn’t. Hope Griffart gets what is coming to her and I hope she suffers tremendously.

  16. Holly Rose says:

    Do away with the 1st amendment. That will resolve this whole issue. You don’t see this kind of problem in China or Russia. We have way too much freedom in this country.

  17. Joe L. Ward says:

    Well when the New World Order takes over, which Biden/Harris is a part of, we’ll just see how she acts then. Her money, her medical situations, her job, all controlled by the New World Order will knock her to her knees, shameless idiot.

  18. KEVIN SMITH says:

    Just another “LEFT WING WHACK-JOB”

  19. mariano says:

    Another “celebrity looney. A sick animal she is.

  20. Larry Rossiter says:

    I wouldn’t wish hell on anybody. I’m with the person who said we need to pray for her to turn her life around. God have mercy on her and the Demonrats. God have mercy on us all. With that said,I would love to see her and the Demonrats ran out of our wonderful country. I love my country and I love president Trump, best president in many years. May God bless him and may God give him 4 more years.

  21. Jesus Cruz says:

    She has lost all sense of decency and what is right and wrong.

  22. Sam B. says:

    Was Kathy Griffin ever well known? Ever good at anything? Until she originally put out this pic I had really never heard of her. She must b doing this for publicity. Lol…what a lowlife scum bag. Just another radical cancer of society. Kathy PLEASE gather up all the radical unhinged ungrateful whack job haters out there & go to another country!!! If you all r that unhappy..esp to post a pathetic pic like this….THEN LEAVE!!!

  23. Cheryl Fine says:

    looks like she will be losing jigs again and no one will want her to work for them again ……and it will be Trump’s fault …..maybe then she will go to another country like SYRIA

  24. Duane says:

    Kathy Griffin only needs to do one thing. Put the barrel of a pistol in her mouth and pull the trigger!

  25. Someone needs to take her OUT.

  26. With Hunter and Biden dig deeper I think we would find more people than we realize that is also involved in this why would China say they hope Biden wins ??? They all want to sweep it under a rug and keep u and I poor as hell plain to see polosi didn’t help with the stimulus she was and always worried about Trump !! Not the we the people !!! Wake up !!!! They have always cheated and I’ll be damned I for one don’t want scum cheaters running we the people’s USA !!! They will pay for this from our god whom they are trying to take from us go ahead and try good is always over evil ! Money can’t by god’s word ! Only faith and love !!!!

  27. Tim says:

    This site is a joke! Only restricts conservatives!

  28. Deana Frontz says:

    I remember when the POTUS, Democrat or Republican, was respected as our Commander In Chief, as well as, respect for others political stance. AND, it was NOT that long ago. The MSM & Dems (and their followers), as well as the Big Tech billionaires, should be utterly ashamed of themselves! We are def in a world of hurt with all the hate being spewed all over the nation. I no longer want to even live in America (New Babylon) anymore! May God have Mercy on our modern day Sodom & Gemorrah nation. At least those of us who are not part of that and not direspectful haters.

  29. Tim says:

    Now which one is the bloody head again?

  30. If that was any of we the people we would have been arrested for terroristic threats to our president !! To me it is a terroristic threat to the president she needs arrested for this !!! Oh course democratic’s get away with everything !!

  31. Dave_K says:

    She needs to be locked up!
    What a disgrace to the best President we’ve had in decades!

  32. p cyrus says:

    She and Jane Fonda should be tarred and feathered.

    • Peter0527 says:

      Amen. Grifart should be jailed and I’d like to see her kicked out of a plane at 5000 feet and left in a country like Venezuela or Cuba.

  33. Honest says:

    Dirty Joe must have stuck his hand on her too~

  34. Caroline Daugher says:

    I wouldn’t walk across the street if she was appearing, and I and most other Americans know she has no sense of decency so I won’t even bother to look!

  35. Peggy says:

    This woman is totally disturbed. She needs to be locked up never have seen such hate for the President of the United States ?? of America! What goes around comes around. No on in this country should hire this woman she’s disgusting in every aspect shame on her so disrespectful!!!

  36. Richard says:

    She should be charged with a direct threat to the President of the United States. Believe me if we had a democratic president she would already be in jail for this act. If you don’t think so, somebody try this stunt if Biden wins.

  37. ronald says:

    WHAT A FUCKHEAD she will burn in hell hope she never see her 61 b/d i ll be praying that she goes to hell very soon

  38. Pam says:

    This sleaze bag is disgusting. She’s washed up and she knows it. She should be arrested for an indirect threat to our President.
    If she hates this country so bad, she needs to get her washed up ass out of America.

  39. Rebecca Fuchser says:

    Pray foe this person. She is in need of a turn-around!

  40. Terrie Wyatt says:

    Democrats have no shame, they should be ran out of the country.

  41. Edna says:

    She is a STUPID IDIOT that’s all there is to it

  42. Michael Davis says:

    Stupid uneducated cant what to expect

  43. Karen says:

    I never thought she was funny. Did I miss something? She is vile and disgusting. I wouldn’t call her human as that is an insult. She is a savage. The level of HATE cannot be described.

  44. Shirley says:

    She has no talent and is a no body. She s sick and needs help. Why do people like her think other people care or want to her from her at all. Crawl back into her cave. It should be her head.not our wonderful president

    • meg says:

      She hasn’t learned her lesson karma will get her again. I feel she needs to be locked up she has losses what little mine she has. Karma will come for her again

  45. Glen says:

    Kathy griffin one sick low life to be considered of the human race Wouldn’t hire her to eat crap

  46. Luis Rivera says:

    What’s truly amazing you can’t tell the difference between the two heads they both look alike.

  47. Cg says:

    She just a typical slu7.Doesn’t make money as a so called comedian.Just laying on her back eating pingo.

  48. JOHN UHR says:


  49. frank says:

    What can I say, shes nuts and needs the shxt beat out of her by another woman.
    And, i know 2 or 3 that can do the job. Shes trash……

  50. kristy says:

    A disgusting act from a disgusting, irrelevant human being. Go enjoy all your money and stop trying to influence the younger generation.

  51. ken says:

    This lady needs to join Palosi and Biden for Psychiatric care. I never saw or witnessed such evil in the Democrats and they want to run the USA…We are in deep trouble and all those voting for Biden will see what is meant by that statement but it will be too late. Palosi, it’s time you got on your broom and fly away….for help I hope….

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