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Kathy Griffin Did It Again

Some people have no shame and don’t learn from the wrongs they’ve committed. The “comedian” Kathy Griffin is one of those people.


Most people remember that, several years ago, Kathy Griffin posted an unforgivably disgusting picture that went so far beyond the bounds of decency that it resulted in her being booted from CNN and terminated from almost all other work she had under contract.

Well, it seems that Griffin didn’t learn her lesson. Evidently, like many others, Griffin’s hate for President Donald Trump is so great that she has lost all sense of decency and of what is right and wrong.

That hate – hate that seems to have driven her mad – has resulted in her reposting the disgusting, obscene photo (further down this page–don’t scroll further if you feel you may be upset by the image) that pretends to show her with the decapitated head of the President.

The only reason we bring this to your attention is that the world needs to know about Kathy Griffin and hopefully she never gets hired anywhere ever again.


Warning: The photo is very disturbing. Please don’t scroll any further if you feel you may be upset.

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