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Kellyanne Conway Writing Tell-All Book About Trump

There’s nothing that angers presidents more than staffers who cash-in on their time in the White House by writing tell-all books about the president. Now, Kellyanne Conway is headed down that path when it comes to President Donald Trump.


Members of Donald Trump’s inner circle are ‘quaking in their boots’ after learning Kellyanne Conway sealed a multi-million dollar deal to write a blockbuster memoir about her time in the White House, can exclusively reveal,” according to MailOnline.

The outgoing President’s once-closest advisor will deliver the most ‘unvarnished’ account to date of Trump’s four tumultuous years in power, according to a well-placed insider.

“Details are being kept under wraps but the deal is expected to net Conway the biggest advance ever for a Trump tell-all, dwarfing the $2 million paid to former national security adviser John Bolton.

“The outspoken blonde – dubbed the ‘True First Lady of Trump’s America’ – could earn tens of millions more from the movie rights, according to the insider…

“‘Of all the White House insiders, Kellyanne is going to write the most unvarnished, eye-popping account of her time working for the president,’ the insider promises. ‘She’s got some of us quaking in our boots.'”

For more on this story, go to MailOnline.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. What do you think about Kellyanne Conway receiving millions of dollars to write a tell-all book about President Trump and her time in the White House?


  1. David says:

    Perhaps I’m being too optimistic but why is every shitting all over Kelleyanne? She hasn’t even written the book yet.
    But whatever happens, I’d bet her duchebag husband put her up to it.
    But I will wait until I read the book before I slam her or congratulate her.
    “Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged.”

  2. Lynn says:

    No one knows that its going to be bad, maybe it will be just the opposite and they are saying this to sell……….

  3. Joan says:

    If she writes a nasty book about Trump, she will burn in hell. Why isn’t everybody me to sign an NDA?!?!?! I am so sick of these cello books by these big mouth pieces of garbage.

  4. Larry says:

    Just remember your children are watching. And if my memory serves me right there is a daughter of hers who has some issues and could do a book deal about mommy and daddy dearest too!

  5. Phil says:

    At the urging of her husband I’m sure she is going for the money….

  6. Annie Karns says:

    I think that all staffers need to sign a non disclosure agreement when they get onboard the presidential staff as well as the cabinet and everyone involved in the Office of the President. I don’t think people have the right or privilege to use their past associations with the President and his family to get “millions of dollars for tell-alls book contracts.” I guess gone are the days of loyalty when it comes to the almighty dollar. Whether it will be explosive or not, it doesn’t matter. What did the Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama’s do that there are no “tell all books?” Kill their staff, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  7. Terry says:

    WOW, I see that money means more to you than integrity!!!

  8. It might be a very good, positive book. Why assume it will be negative? Need marriage help?

  9. Barbara Bogart says:

    She can write a book about her time working for Pres. TRUMP. I always looked forward to her TV appearances I believe she truly liked & respected him. She’s highly intelligent & was excellent at her job, I think she can write a truthful, very interesting, exciting account of her time there without undermining the POTUS. Wait to critique until the book comes out.

  10. Deborah says:

    If she stabs him the back, she will go down as a piece of shit with 73 million people. I never trusted her. Hopefully she will praise him as the best President ever.

  11. Anita Keoshian says:

    There should be a law, that if for some reason you leave your office, your not untitled to write a autobiography of your boss. Period. Anyone can write anything & destroy that person forever. An example : Obama has made millions on his book.! Who cares about the worst President that this Counry has had. I’m so disgusted with Politicians in General.

  12. Pegs says:

    #kellyanne POS!

    • Winnie Valcancick says:

      How sad!.It’s always about money!!
      She will lose any credibility she may have had while working at the White House.
      Revenge is a dangerous thing. It will come back to haunt her while she attempts to enjoy her money. What terrible example for her children. Could it all have been planned with her husband long ago?
      Would not surprise me!!

      • Jane says:

        I agree with you…I had such respect for her knowing her husband and daughter are staunch liberals..Now I am disappointed and disgusted.

  13. Pegs says:

    her husband is a big democrat so he has finally rubbed off on her. WHO THE HELL CARES what she has to say!

  14. Ruby Brame says:

    She is worst than awful! Such a betrayal over money. She will be loser in the end. President Trump is best president in my lifetime.

  15. It is so reprehensible and disgusting that it turns my stomach
    her betrayal of trust. Wow!

  16. Donna Kinney says:

    She is the most disgusting of all turncoats. I can’t believe you would agree to keep your job confidential then quit because your husband and spoiled brats couldn’t keep there mouths shut the turn on the man who did so much for you. Another money hungry useless piece of crap. No honor or loyalty. Wouldn’t waste one cent to buy this waste of a tree.

  17. Dorothy says:

    Why don’t you wait until the book comes out before you accuse her of being negative about the president. As usual everyone is jumping to conclusions.
    The negative press will have a hay day with this. As seems to be the norm nowadays – You’re guilty until proven innocent.

  18. Robert says:

    I do not think that anyone could actually tell an open mined person, any thing we do not already know about Trump or his mindless minions, just like leading blind sheep to the slaughter or the rats and the pied piper, just believing every thing and making them not trust anyone or anything but Trump, which is the same thing every other Autocrat has done to get in power, and once they do they actually turn on those supporters, like throwing away a car or bus once you get to your destination, of being the only one in the Country who can make any decision. Do not believe me ask those in Turkey, Egypt, North Korea. Anyone who goes up against those leaders disappears or if they are well known internationally they go to prison on trumped up charges, unique that word trumped up charges the same thing Trump has done with every organization in this USA and also anyone who is not on his side.

    • Benjamin Krothe 5th says:

      Robert, I’m one of his “mindless minions” as you like to refer to people who follow and believe in him. It’s interesting how you can name call people that you don’t know and have no idea about their intellect. It says A LOT about you… President Trump has done more for this country than any other president in recent history! Look at where we were before he took office and this “Plannedemic” hit the world… He made promises and kept them!

    • Ruth Arzonetti says:

      Be careful when you use the word mindless. Your run-on sentences are a mess and show a sloppy mind.

    • Ron says:

      Your 3rd grade education is really paying off.

  19. JMichael270 says:

    Has her Anti-Trump husband and daughter finally persuaded her to turn. What happened to loyalty and integrity. sold to the highest bidder!

  20. Linda says:

    Stupid old hag!

  21. honest says:

    Who in their right mind even consider buying this book?

  22. Bill says:

    This article’s with the question “why is Kelly Ann doing this to Trump”. Easy answer …..LOTS OF MONEY. She and anyone that does this type of thing exhibits one thing loud and clear …. NO INTEGRITY. Therefore , lacking that quality tells me to question and /or doubt anything they write.

  23. ruth vanoel says:

    I think her husband wants her to write this for money now that she has no income, probably threatened divorce, get rid of the jerk

  24. Stephanie says:

    All Americans are entitled to express their opinions. Of course alot of what she’ll write will be embellished. Surely people realize that her book about the greatest President America ever had will be nasty and vile because that’s how you make money. She along with her fat husband are already millionaires. The condemnations of our president is boring, boring and more boring. Liars and cheaters looters and the other leftist will get their comeuppance one day and I hope I’m around when this fake blonde headed bimbo gets what is coming to her.

  25. rick says:

    Being a Washington outsider, I’m sure President Trump knew there was pond scum masquerading as political geniuses everywhere, he just didn’t know how incestuous the place really is! Maybe we’ll get lucky & she’ll reveal the traitors inside his administration, but I doubt it! We’ll see what she is truly made of.

  26. Michael Wade says:

    The article doesn’t say she is going to “dump on the president “. We’re not told what she is going to tell.
    Why do most of these commenters think the worst?
    From the article, “Details are still under wraps..,”.
    In other words, we don’t know what she is going to tell until the book comes out.

  27. Arnild Tobias says:

    Why all the conspiricy, maybe a book that puts her time in the White House in a good light.

  28. T Beach says:

    You know what they say about women scorned. She prolly wanted some trumpet and he turned her down. Or she thought she was gonna get a cushy appointment and didnt so now she is butthurt.


    • Beverly Wilson says:

      I won’t be reading it. What a hypocrite she is. No good deed goes unpunished.

      • Mary Casper says:

        She must be as evil as her husband and daughter. Any time she spent working with the White House should be a confidential matter and should not be shared outside. She is just greedy like all the rest and cares more about the dollar than she does her integrity. She will have to embellish things to make people want to read it. Therefore, just like the Democrats, it won’t be truthful! No honor, no integrity, no truth!! What is the point!!

  30. If she has something to say — and it’s provably true — she is entitled to write it. This is NOT the Soviet Union, where all the stories about Stalin were secreted until he died. I think Trump did a very good job, and I do not believe the ‘Fake Press” and their account of his Presidency. BUT, I DO THINK persons like Ms. Conway are entitled to express their opinions.

  31. Connie says:

    I hope and pray you have not turned on our President. The Democrats would do anything for money. I hope you have not turned greedy and will say and do anything for money. You had the opportunity to get to know our President and he trusted you. The American people trusted you.You were one person that I thought would always be with our President to the end. God Bless American and our President and our Country the USA.

  32. Barbara Wilson says:

    I am disappointed in her. I thought she was a true patriot, just another DC insider that is a traitor!

    • Joe M says:

      Me to. I guess money talks above all things. I have no more respect for that bitch. I hope she never gets a real job anywhere in our country.

  33. Jim Smith says:

    When the article reminded us that a movie deal was a very real possibility it caused my whole attitude to change. Is there ANY chance Hollywood would give a fair shake to the Trump presidency? This also places a new light on George Conway’s tweets. Very disappointing.

  34. Carol says:

    I wonder if she crawled from under the rock behind her husband. What a disappointment as I had really liked her! I wonder what her memoir would read as! This is the reason why women have such a hard time in succeeding in the real world. Dignity! She should wait until he has been deceased for one year!

  35. Sylvia says:

    If she Tells Lies….against him, then she is definitely she is a traitor! I was taught by my parents not to lie!

  36. G says:

    She has probably been compromised and hoping this perpetuates the hatred those in denial to believe the real evidence behind election fraud and interference. The real concern she and many will have does the trail lead to them and the consequences?

  37. Mary says:

    If the situation was reversed, and trump worked for Kellyanne, trump would not hesitate or blink twice to write a book about her. Anything to make the almighty dollar 💵 and to hell with everything else.

    • Margaret says:

      I believe Trump has integrity, & I don’t believe he would turn on Kellyanne. That is not how he had to stoop to get his money, he worked hard for it, & has proven this job was certainly not for money, since he has probably lost more than he has made, & gives away all his salary. That is integrity, & a love for this country.
      We don’t know what she will say, but if she does turn on him, Scripture says: I will repay, says the Lord. I would certainly rather be in His favor than to make multi-millions. There is no fun in spending rotten money.

  38. ALINA del RIVERO says:

    Truly dissapointed. Even if she says good things about the president, it is still a bad move. I consider it betrayal. Trump must be used to this by now. Friendship and loyalty are not easily to come by nowadays. Money can buy most everything. My opinion of her has changed.

    • Barbara says:

      There is nothing more beautiful than honor ,trust and true friendship. —- She Was given the rare opportunity to work up close and very personally with a great man all the while married to a husband who passionately hates our great President. —- it’s little wonder her own daughter wanted a divorce from her. Her daughter could write a book about life living in a motherless home with parents like she felt stuck with — go for it write a tell all book about entitled “life with Mother who was never there” —- give this scrawny old hag s taste of her own underhanded medicine—- now there’s a best seller 🙀

  39. Katl Lanford says:


    • Mike says:

      These people who should all sign non-disclosures so that they cannot profit from their situations. Isn’t the salaries/benefits these people receive enough? That’s all politicians & people that work in government care about is ‘What’s In It For Me And Damn The American People’!!! This ugly POS has no integrity or morals. Hope her FATASS husband meets his maker SOON!!!

  40. Don says:

    Nothing in this says she’s going to dump on him. Lousy story.

  41. James Hutchins says:

    Conway is a Turn coat scumbag

  42. Mimi says:

    I just hope she tells the truth!!! Woe unto her if she is critical of the best president we have had in many years.