Last Words of Slain Actor Revealed

( – A close friend who was with TV star Johnny Wactor in his final moments after the actor was shot by street thugs in LA has disclosed his last poignant words as he succumbed to his injuries in her arms.

See the account by Wactor’s friend in the tweet below!

“I was with Johnny in his last moments and I’m here to be his voice after such unimaginable events,” Anita Joy wrote, identifying herself as the bar colleague whom the “General Hospital” actor protected from the bullet’s path.

“He was killed senselessly by a coward who reacted without care of the gorgeous life he was taking,” she continued in her heartfelt recount, cited by The New York Post.

“My friend of 8 years went from sharing laughter, working side by side, departing our bartending shift, and walking to our cars, to his tragic demise in my arms on the streets of downtown Los Angeles during the somber hours of 3 a.m.,” Joy shared.

She described how they cautiously approached the individuals tampering with his car, initially mistaking the activity as a towing incident.

“We were no threat and Johnny maintained his composure as he always did, simply stating that it was his car and instructing them to leave, his hands open at his sides as a gesture of peace,” she revealed.

Joy confirmed that the actor positioned himself between her and the shooter, a fact his mother earlier highlighted as proof of his heroism. She likened the rapid progression of events to trying to catch a falling glass and watching the water slip through one’s fingers.

“As I heard the gunshot pierce the night, [Wactor] forcefully tumbled back into my arms,” she recalled. “As I caught him, I shouted ‘Hunny you ok?!’ and his only response was, ‘Nope! Shot!’”

“We collapsed onto the street where I maneuvered my legs under him and attempted to prop up his body while calling for help and urging him to remain with me,” Joy recalled.

The bar’s security personnel, upon alerting the emergency services, rushed to assist and performed CPR on Wactor as they awaited further help.

Joy noted that she and the security guard, identified as Bryan, used her denim jacket to compress the wound.

“The proximity and severity of the wound were too great for him to overcome, but he valiantly fought to stay alive,” she expressed.

“I am utterly heartbroken and profoundly angered. My only solace is that I was with him, ensuring he did not face this alone—my remaining consolation will come from seeing these horrendous individuals brought to justice,” she added.

Wactor’s mother confirmed to NBC News that Anita Joy was the companion present during her son’s fatal shooting.

“My heart is fractured by his loss, but I believe I have gained the most remarkable guardian angel out there. I love you, Johnny Wacky,” Joy concluded.

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