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Left Preparing ‘Hit Lists’ of Trump Supporters

“Left-wing Democrats and Never Trump Republicans appealed Friday for assistance in compiling lists of Trump supporters so they could be held “accountable” for supporting President Donald Trump after the election,” according to Breitbart.

“‘Democratic socialist’ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted: ‘Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.’

“Michael Simon, who describes himself as a former staff member in Barack Obama’s administration, replied in the affirmative, linking to what he called the “Trump Accountability Project”…

Emily Abrams announced: “We’re launching the Trump Accountability Project to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did.”

“Jennifer Rubin, a Washington Post columnist and Never Trumper, tweeted that anyone challenging the 2020 election results should not only be disqualified from holding public office but ostracized from society.

“Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society,” she tweeted. “We have a list.”

For more, see the article at Breitbart.


Please share your thoughts in the Comment section further down this page about leftists creating a “hit list” of Trump supporters so they can harm them financially and keep them “ostracized from society.”


  1. Don says:

    Bring it…we’re waiting.

    • Bruce m johnson says:

      I second that bring it.ln Minnesota there was over a million hunting lic issued.Dont forget Wisconsom,Iowa,south and north dakotas, michigan,indiana, illinois.over 10 million hinting licences.Would be dumb to bring it to Trump suporters. Former Dem never again

  2. Annette says:

    My dad raised his family as Democrats. Yet as a Democrats I never remember any time him say anything against a president or other voted in politician when the person he voted for did not win. Yet this Democratic Party has yet to accept Donald J Trump. Now they want the Supporters of Donald Trump to be held responsible for ever supporting Trump. My dad, as I stated, a Democrat himself, were he living today, would not agree with this attitude. What had happened to the Democratic brethren?

  3. CM says:

    I am Proud to be on that list supporting to support President Trump! You don’t scare me my integrity is in tack!

    • Jo says:

      A dirty trick. TRUMP does the push 4 a vaccine but will he get the credit. No because of an election that was bought and paid 4 by people who want 2 destroy America as we know it.

  4. Richard Kevin Lindemann says:

    So the Democratic Party wants to go after and kill everyone who supports Trump and who know that the Democratic Party has lied to us and are behind the stealing of this election as well as all the chaos in our great nation! All I have to say is this,”Here I am in Philadelphia,Pa..If you want me,come get me! I don’t fear,respect,nor am I intimidated by you Terrorist Traitors! If You Want Some,Come Get Some!” I said this,not that piece of crap so-called “wrestler” from that Fake Wrestling Organization WWE named John Cena! If he and I were to meet in ring here in Philadelphia,Pa.and have a Real Street Fight,I Guarantee He Would Lose Very Badly!He’s not Man Enough or Woman Enough to accept challenge and terms!
    As far as Democratic Party is concerned,none of them are Man Enough or Woman Enough to come here alone and get in my face!I Triple Dog Dare Them to accept my challenge and show up here!
    The Democratic Party better be prepared to be Defeated Again by Trump plus face a Crapload of Charges that WILL be filed against them after Trump is sworn in Again as our President!
    These Terroristic Traitors Will Face Charges and Account For All Their Crimes!
    Richard K.Lindemann

    • We stand ground with 71.oooooo trump supporters if needed. We are peaceful but you leftist are committing treason!Thr.out this election they have done nothing but try to intimidate and threaten any one who doesn’t agree with your way of thinking. Please use some commonsense and stop the nonsense, lets do this in a civilized manner.

  5. B.NARCONIS says:

    AOC should go back whenever she came from. She does not belong in AMERICA anymore! I have rights to freedom of speech and I intend to speak out on what I believe. You don’t scare me and I won’t be intimidated by anyone who thinks they can. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  6. Ken says:

    WOW….All the above certainly expressed my feelings…KUDOS to the Republicans. . I hope they continue a search on Biden and his lowlife family and Hillary…Now that’s another case one can’t forget about….She did far worse than PRESIDENT Trump ever did…..She needs to be chained and locked up…..Communist USA here we come and it’s crazy that some voters can’t see that coming…Goodbye to our fredom……money!!!!!!!!

  7. Ken says:

    WOW….All the above certainly expressed my feelings…KUDOS to the Republicans. I hope the Republicans give the dems just as hard time as did they did to Trump. I hope they continue a search on Biden and his lowlife family and Hillary…Now that’s another case one can’t forget about….She did far worse than PRESIDENT
    Trump ever did…..She needs to be chained and locked up…..Communist USA here we come and it’s crazy that some voters can’t see that coming…Goodbye to our fredom……money!!!!!!!!

    • DeeJay says:

      agreed, and don’t forget Pelosi, she has some Karma heading her way too* Truth and Justice will prevail, this IS and Will AlWAYS BE AMERICA! They all have Karma heading their way. LOOK OUT!

  8. Unforgettable says:

    You people are brainwashed idiots. First of all it is our American right to vote for who we want just like you do. What you want to do is against the constitution and un-American. You say Trump is a dictator, what would you call what you are suggesting with this list? Looks like the defention of “dictatorship” to me. If Trump was breaking the law HE WOULD OF BEEN IMPEACHED. What you are wanting to do is against the law. Besides you look like little fucking Wampas asses. Just remember that law will be on all people before its over. Of course you stupid globalist libs wouldn’t expect anything different from. Too dumb to see reality.

  9. Pegs says:

    kamel-toe harris!!! WHAT A EFFING JOKE!!!! the squad need to TAKE THEIR ASSES TO ANOTHER COUNTRY!!! #AMERICA FIRST!!! #U.S.A!!! #TRUMP!!!

  10. Janet Seybert says:

    Wow this is crazy but expected from ignorance. We will be watching and patiently waiting for justice. We will defend ourselves and our loved ones. Our Lord Jesus Christ will always protect us. Believe me this is only the beginning. In the end our Lord will prevail!

  11. Sharon says:

    We WILL stand up for what is RIGHT no matter what or who fights against that. I just never have understood why America can’t be America and ALL stand together to keep this COUNTRY GREAT! IF anyone wants it different then LEAVE and GO to where there is what you are wanting! The Right is on our side and we will WIN!!! We are NOT giving in!!! We are going UP and the Left is going DOWN!

  12. Henry says:

    Just tell ole AOC to come lookin for us.We are wating. Ya dont fuck with upset rednecks!

  13. Fox says:

    First there was Hitler, then Stalin, and now Pelosi. Welcome to the new Democratic world. Be afraid, very afraid.

  14. Ronald Gunn says:

    So they have or is making a list. If you have the balls, BRING IT!!

  15. Terrie Wyatt says:

    They are deffinitly proving that they are socialist/ commumist. They’re trying to punish people just for their political view. They are evil, pure evil and I hope it comes back to bite them.

  16. blank says:

    These people of the left, who think people should be punished for there opions an belief, should be treated as terrorist’s of our political system who soe fear and hate into our land of America, these George Soros of the world, the AOC and the squad as there called, terrorist of our political world of today, their agenda is to destroy America, your freedom, and so ask yourself why do we keep them there, you don’t hear 1 think come out of their face to help us, but to divide and destroy to punish, and they say its all trump

  17. Randy L Bell says:

    Well big war coming Democrats say if Trump wins they will burn down the country and the American people say if Biden wins there will be war because the American people will not allow our country to become a socialist and communist country so either way everyone gets ready for the war who will win the good people that follow our

    • Cybthia says:

      We should all 70 million rise up and not let the left destroy America. They hate the Jewish and the republicans that they want to kill us. Come on then we have millions of vets who know how to fight we are not afraid. We will mot let you destroy our freedom and turn our country into a socialist country!!

  18. How will Bidens family still be investigated and punished after he is put in office? How long will it be before he hands over our country to China and allow all immigrants in that all of us will pay for? How many children that are wanted by so many be murdered?How long before the right to choose the school you want be taken away? How long before out taxes are raised and we have to pay for insurance for everyone in this country and college of course? How fast will everything go up in price when minimum wage is raised to $15 N hour? How will seniors on S.S. be able to live on what they get when all of this happens?

    • Corri says:

      I know many people who would be able to get off of federal poverty subsidy if their minimum wage was raised. Please think through how raising the minimum wage can actually help our economy before you damn it. Millions of dollars of federal money would be freed up to be used on matters that mean more to you. And the corporations would be the ones who were providing a living wage to these people, not our government.

      • Terrie Wyatt says:

        This ideaof raising minimum wages that much will destriy alot if small businesses and cost alot of jobs, think about that.

        • Unforgettable says:

          Yes i agree, especially where many have been closed for so long because of covid. They can not afford this

      • NORM says:


      • Unforgetable says:

        Baloney. Common sense if minimum wage goes up then everything else goes up. Groceries, utilities,housing any and all merchandise. That is how business works. Busibesses have to go up on prices because they are paying out more. Its a no end circle. Just because making more youll still be where your at because of this. History does not change

    • Pegs says:


    • JOYCE says:


  19. Holly Rose says:

    I agree that NO REPUBLICAN should be allowed to take any kind of public office except city dog catcher. Republicans are the stupidest and have no mind or concern for others. Actually that party needs to be destroyed, demolished. I have no use for republicans. They have destroyed the US look at Geo W Bush!

    • Terrie Wyatt says:

      The demorats are the ones who need tobe destroyed before they destroy America. Demorats are evil.

    • Karen says:

      Lady you are nuts. We can tell your a dem.

    • Ronald Gunn says:

      Holly Rose, remember what you said when this country starts coming apart and do not complain about it because you are one of the many problems. Enjoy ypour freedom while you can.

    • Mindmesser says:

      Every time you fuckin’ dems get into trouble, the conservatives have to bail you out. Quit your bellyaching. You will get what you deserve. When you do, don’t come crying. At least we didn’t pillage like you dem perverts. But you still have time to go out big. Go ahead, do it! We know already, you are uncivilized barbarians.

    • Unforgettable says:

      That’s alright we’ll teach them dogs to hunt your ass down

  20. J. Senkbeil says:

    My husband and I love, love, love our President — Donald Trump. He is the best President our country has ever had! I urge everyone to pray every day for every rock to be over-turned in the days and weeks ahead to expose all the fraudulent “votes” that were tallied in favor of Biden! Where laws were broken, may truth and justice prevail! Trump has without a doubt Made America Great Again in every sense of the word. Don’t despair! Our fight for truth and justice is NOT over! Our leader is STILL fighting for We, the people!

    • Corri says:

      I agree that every rock should be overturned in making sure each vote was cast by a living US citizen. What will surface is that there were Republican misvotes as well, so be careful what you wish for.

    • We completely agree, he is our president Trump, will stand with him, you got a problem, too bad.

    • Renae says:

      These so called “masks” are just the beginning! To see who is the Sheep and the Lion! When they celebrated their so called fraud & bogus “win”… Where were the SOCIAL DISTANCING THEN??!!! WAKE UP AMERICANS! TRUMP IS STILL OUR GREAT PRESIDENT!Trump 2020! You’ve got to be blind or stupid, not to see what’s going on! Because Biden is a liar, coward, and the list goes on and on!

  21. How long do you think it will be for Biden’s buddies dispose of him and just like that we have our first female President and the frosting on the cake, she is black. The Democrats have planned this for four years. They are sneaky bastards and no one should ever underestimate what they will do to win. Our country will never be the same. We have the Democrats to thank for spewing of hate and the decision to divide our country.

    • Corri says:

      So what is wrong with having dark skin? Are you a declared racist?

      • I don’t care if she is purple, she is a communist, they are in all shades, look at Biden and pelosi.

      • Ellen says:

        No body cares what color her skin is. If we did we would not have elected Obama. I was fir him first term, then I realized what a destructive force he seals on the country. It has nothing to do with the giggling bobble heads skin color .. it is her far left socialist agenda, that will destroy this country.

  22. Yvonne Vance says:

    Our Forefathers are turning over in their graves. OVER and OVER and OVER!!!! God help us all!!!

  23. sue says:

    The Democrat party and their followers are like rabid animals, what sane person behaves this way. That they are in our government is frightening.

  24. John McCartney says:

    LMAO, bring it bitches! Patriots please refer to Zachariah 2:7,8 & Jeremiah 49:23-chapter 51, also Isaiah 13:9??

  25. Kyle says:

    George Washington did not sway British intentions with handsome speeches of empty consequence.
    He shot them my good man he shot them!

  26. Kyle says:

    We are right back to where we started,

  27. John says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the divisiveness and vitriol that permeated from the lift. An accountability project? It is amazing the number of sad, angry people out there. I am curious what dimension they live in saying how bad things were and are. Until this Wuhan virus showed up the economy, jobs, stock market, renewed manufacturing (that Biden/obama allowed to go overseas), etc. increased pay for military? All I can say is – whatever they accuse you they are doing it themselves.
    I believe the voting and ballot fraud beats anything before it.
    Joe outdoes Hillary in pay for play. Is Joe really compromised by the Chinese? How crooked is Joe? If he wins it I fear we will find out.

    • linda says:

      Joe Biden WILL NOT run the country It’s the women (we know who they are)….

      • Kellie Smith says:

        YOU ARE CORRECT! Biden was Obama and Hillary.

        They knew his mind was failing. (I am NOT poking fun. I lost my mother to dementia, it is not funny). Obama is black, Hillary is woman (I think). Harris = best of both worlds.
        Biden will be taken out of the way (planned for a long time and there you have it.
        KAMALA HARRIS, President

  28. Kathleen says:

    These people who are openly declaring their hatred of American values: freedom to speak, vote, carry arms, protest peacefully,etc are they very marxists who never left communist inculcation of common core in education, and liberals in colleges. They have been brainwashed all their lives to hate America and destroy our past. Are they aware that their ability to tweet, post on FB,etc. was a freedom won off the backs of our ancestors who fought in bloody battles and who came here to be free? If they stayed in China where they come from (or else bought off by them in political contributions), then they need to go back where they came from! We have rights called the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and we sing the national anthem proudly and said the pledge of allegiance every morning in school, unlike these spoiled brat! If you love your viewpoint so much, go join the many countries who are communists. You will fit right in, not here in the USA, land of the free and home of the brave!

    • linda says:

      I agree. notnhappy in the UNITED STATES, then leave and find your own WHATEVER!!!

    • Ronald Gunn says:

      I agree with what you said but you might as well be talking to a pile of stones, they will listen a lot better. These are a bunch of spoiled brats and they will listen to any one that promises them free whatever, and that scares the hell out of me. I fought for my country once so I can do it again. The bad thing is I almost lost my life twice but GOD brought me back home where I knew I would be free and have rights. Now it looks like I will have to fight for my country in my country. Lets do it and get it over with. GOD help the winners, there will be a lot of damage to rebuild and a lot of bodies to bury.

  29. DB Rust Howard says:

    There is going to be a reckoning in this country. Sure as these folks think they can dictate to the us who we can support. Marxist like this B’cth have absolutely no idea of the military capacity of the grassroots right. Bring it!

  30. MICHAEL says:

    AOC and the rest of her little squad need to be on a real hit list, the type of hit list the Mob use to have. The Democrats are a Domestoc Terrorist organization that needs to be put down for good. It is time for Trump supporters to hit the streets.

  31. Grover Jackson says:

    If this is what democracy is I dont want any part of it AOC not congress woman what ever or whoever’s voted you in should be jailed for crimes against the American people young lady you are a joke and your policy is way out of line to the American way of life doj should investigate you and the squad whatever your called Trump will win this election all of you will be exposed by the way you do not put fear in the American people come to where real Americans live

  32. George says:

    I being a normal person , think that would be extremely illegal. Totally unbelievable how Democrats think.
    If they actually do that, arrest them all. But would arrest them. The FBI is just as corrupt as the Democrats.

    • Concerned says:

      I agree they all need jailed i support our President he has not has not been treated fair from day 1 from the democrats making things up setting up the russian involvement into the 2016 election which was Hilliary’s doings and pelosi trying to impeach him and now thos with the fraudulent voting and cheating

  33. KDC says:

    How about holding these marxists accountable for their coup and corruption towards America, the Constitution and people? It’s four years now, and all we keep hearing is, “just wait.”

  34. Don says:

    We’re waiting.

  35. Otilia says:

    I stand with President Trump everyone knows the Dems have to cheat to win. AOC is a liberal witch and needs to go back to her country and voice her opinion there see what happens. Bring it on witch add me to the list B**ch

  36. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    We should have never had mail-in ballots. During the Covid pandemic, we have worn our mask to the grocery store. People didn’t stay six feet away. My husband, had a great idea. The election should have be spread over say 5 days. Vote according to the last letter of your name. A-F, G-L, M-R, S-Z. Spread out over these days.No crouding, we could have some space between from the person in front of you. I want to see this voting done at the polls, and forget this main-,in crap. I think the electorial, is the way to go. We all knew this was going to be trouble. If you can, read the articles in the latest Manchester Times. It’s about fraud, and how people dropped their ballot in the book drop at Manchester Library. I feel sorry for Trump, but he won’t let them get away with this.

    • Terrie Wyatt says:

      Totally agree

    • Kenneth Antoff says:

      I told my wife 2-weeks ago that the only way Biden could
      Win is by fraud and millions of illegal mail in ballots going to illegal immigrants and people who are not old enough to vote. Furthermore,
      the dem. poll workers did not verify signatures on the mail in ballots when told and they told ballot counters to backdate the late ballots. If that is not fraudulent what the hell is! Fox news said this morning that $150,000,000
      was removed from the LA. police department’s funds. It will be utter chaos in LA. President Trump is the greatest President since Abe Lincoln and the Founding Fathers.GOD BLESS THEM ALL!

    • Kellie Smith says:

      I too thought about the exact voting process. However, at the end of each day the voted ballots would need to be taken to the sheriffs office in a marked car with 1 in front and 1 in back. One of the other cars could carry the unvoted ballots. Of course both batches would be placed in a safe overnight. Or in place of police bring in an appropriate amount of National Guard.
      NO FBI !!! NONE
      I knew mail in ballots were going to be the problem but I don’t have a criminal mind so I couldn’t figure out how. When Trump wins in Supreme court, the appropriate people need to start with the lowest on totem pole who played a role in fraud. Give them immunity (but take them out of position or power) for giving up next on forum pole giving immunity and taking away power all the way to the top and throw those people in jail and throw away the key. AND NEVER HAVE MAIL IN BALLOTS AGAIN. Or anything other than what we’ve always had

  37. Danny says:

    AOC she is truly is a a trader to this republic she should be hung if this is not call to arms

  38. Florida Krakker says:

    I wish more than anything I could face each one of these low-life scum-bags and spit on this bitch along with Waters, Schitt, Nadler, Schumer, Newsome, Prtizker, Cuomo brothers, Don Lemon and my list just gowns too!

    I dare anyone to come after me. I DARE THEM!

    now that I got that out – Democrat’s are all bark, no bite -they have no balls to fight fairly. They can’t

    • Ronald Gunn says:

      You are right, they, demoRATS, don’t have the balls to fight so they will have blm and antika, or however that stupid name is spelled, and I’m afraid some other countries will help to do their fighting for them. I think they believe this civil war will be like the first one but it will not be close. The weapons are a lot more powerful now and can do a lot more damage.

  39. If AOC and her squad and the Democrats don’t like freedom and refuse to follow the Constitution and America values feel free to go back where you came from. Move to a Socialist Country since that what you want to turn America into.

    All the progressive issues you support are disgusting!

    Please go away forever

    America rejects you and your radical views. We don’t want to live in the type country you represent !!! You can’t tell America how we are suppose to think .

    Good riddance to you all .
    TRUMP is best for America. Best President ever.

  40. rosa says:

    I do support Trump,I think you all sending emails your hit list on Trump supporters is definitely wrong.it should be illegal sending threatening emails to Trump supporters.as far as I’m concerned by doing that biden should be disqualified from the president race.

  41. I can’t stop laughing, aoc and never- trumpers. Ooooo real scary, bring it on,. I’m with John, ya just don’t no who your dealing with ( have to say it that way )
    God bless America, that’s right, PRAISE THE LORD, AND remember GODS ARMY is so immensly larger than anything you could put together. Remember, we won already, we had him for four years you had to steal the race to win. LOSERS, you always will be.

    • Gabby says:

      We won last time and we will win this time!! President Trump does Gods work, and God is on our side!!! TRUMP 2020

  42. Steve Startz says:

    It’s time to kill ALL DEMOCRATS
    Patriots unite!!!!
    The pandemic is democrats
    The vaccine IS!
    The second omendment!!!!!
    Aim well and save ammunition!!!!!
    Vote manipulation is treason
    Treason demands the death penalty
    We must save America and balance the budget
    Ammunition is far cheaper then judges attorneys and jail cells
    All know democrats are murderers arsonists baby killers pedophiles a burden on humanity against America voter fraud crimewaves
    The Sooner patriots eliminate the cancer they are the sooner America is free again

    • MICHAEL says:

      DUDE, I am will be right there next too you.

    • AMEN, my AMERICAN brother. I’ve already said, “Over my dead body, will I stand by and watch s—s like aoc and people who weren’t born in this beautiful country, try to stop all the moral & values we hold dear.” There best bet is to keep their big mouths shut and feel blessed we haven’t shipped them the hell out of here.

    • SAVE THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Kill a democrat where you find them,and save our country!

  43. West says:

    Typical Democrats rage and BS. They must instill hostile feelings and violence whenever things do not go their way!! Shameful. You do not hear Republicans preparing “hit lists”. Simply outrageous and vindictive nonsense.

    • T Beach says:

      Oh ive got a list. Believe that. Hope im on theirs too. Cant wait. Every person that voted for or supports Pres Trump needs to show up in DC on Jan 20th and then we can see who gets escorted where and by who.

  44. Honest says:

    Export her and Hubby Bro back to Kenya

  45. Honest says:

    AOC… Remember this… Center of Mass

  46. Earl Ribron says:

    I do support Trump he is the one that helps this nation

  47. Jo says:

    Typical left b/s. Reblican supporters should’ve been able to have all the non Republican viewers kicked out of the US., for not fallowing along. In 2016 the majority of the country voted for Trump. That means the majority liked his plan & views on America. Trump has had the hardest time getting his job done. Uphill with 4 flat tire battle with the non Trump supporters. No they had to dig the election & cheat to win. Go on You Tube, ‘News Room News’

    • Phyllis says:

      Agreed. That crazy AOC socialist was pouring drinks 3 years ago. What the hell does she know about polio? Green New Deal? Give me a break. Pack your bags!

  48. NavVet67 says:

    So, if you supported the opposition, you now have a target on your back. I don’t remember seeing that in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. You would find that in the Communist Manifesto, Not only does that sound like a threat to law abiding citizens but also a call to arms. And what panty-waist from the left is going to carry out these threats? Hunting season is in full swing now so I’d be real careful throwing idle threats around

    • Jerry says:

      This shit you Democrats start is 1 big reason this country is in civil unrest. Fuck all you all that seem to think you can take our rights away because we don’t agree with your crap. Use your hostility on better agendas,you all can go to hell. Go after the assholes who burnt our American Flag??

  49. Peter Burnham says:

    Add my name too. I’m not a vet but a Trump supporter. Hang the witch.

  50. Manuel Salazar says:

    Lists can be made by many, short lists , long lists, priority lists,laundry list,and so forth, my point is they can end up on a list themselves, so I would suggest they be careful who they go around threatening, they themselves may end up on a very bad list.

  51. Brian says:

    I certainly hope I made the demonrats Trump supporter list and I hope they have the balls to come for me . This folks is exactly why we have the second amendment . To protect ourselves against government tyranny that the demonrats want to overpower us with . I SAY BRING IT BITCHES !!

    • Gabby says:

      Yep bring it on bitches. Please put my name on your list. You will be leaving in a body bag. We have every right to protect ourselves. damn communist democracks!!

  52. Carol Arens says:


  53. MICHAEL says:

    Add me to that dumb list and bring it on. I am one of the millions of people this year who purchased a gun. I am a former Marine who served in combat unlike these little cowards of today. TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT.

  54. Rita says:

    She should drop dead for such remarks!! Lose her job and never work again.

  55. Kevin Miller says:

    I hope the socialist witch . Hangs for sedition and treason. Keep the fail . Sting soon underway

  56. norm says:

    AOC + asshole of century !!!

  57. Roy Banta says:

    Add me to the list this is threat.Bring it on.

  58. John says:

    The demoRAtS are attempting to steal the election with their phony ballots. Trump will take it all the way to the Supreme Court if that fails. We have the 2nd amendment all it would take is a call to arms and millions of us vets will respond— the socialists/communists and anarchists must be stoped to save the Republic

    • Nancy says:

      I believe this may come down to a Civil War! I thank all the Military who are willing to take up arms to fight for Freedom and America! I’m a 66 year old grandma and I have guns and plenty of ammo and am ready to fight. There are plenty of men and women who are not and were not in the military, but we are willing to take up arms against the radical left. This is the only free country in the world and many people have fought and died to keep it that way. We plan to keep it free! Look out for the Geriactric Gorillas!

  59. Mark Zehner says:

    I support Trump and will continue to do so. Put me on that list. I stand against the evil of the left and all evil.

    • Albert says:

      Nancy, that long haired blond snowflake that used to do some of Nobama’s news briefings gave away the Left’s agenda when she said that the US would be divided up between Russia, China, and Cuba. The question is, will we, the patriot few stop them, or turn our backs and just let it happen?

      I am a tired, sick, crippled, old veteran and I have no desire to live in a socialist America. As Patrick Henry once said, “give me liberty or give me death”.

  60. Trump, has the backbone to fight them all! The left will NEVER WIN.

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