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Leftist Violence Explodes on Breonna Taylor Anniversary

Major cities on the West Coast were among those seeing riots and protests Saturday night as demonstrators marked the one-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death in a police raid in Louisville, Kentucky,” according to Fox News.

Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland all saw clashes between crowds and police, with numerous arrests reported.

“In Los Angeles, some demonstrators smashed store windows and threw rocks at police officers in Hollywood.

“Social media videos showed police officers in riot gear near the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One social media video showed a protester jumping on a police cruiser as it sped away.

“At least one officer was injured in the clashes, police said, according to an on-air report from KNBC-TV in Los Angeles. The officer’s condition was not reported.”

For more on this report, go to Fox News.

Please watch the video below and share your opinion about the outbreak of leftist violence on the anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death in the comment section. Does this violence solve anything?


  1. David says:

    Mr. Larson please read Headline wealth on the Floyd case about his first arrest and the next where he was killed It is very interesting But then again it is the defense attorney and the prosecutors fight not really a trust worthy report I am sure you will say

  2. David says:

    LOL Mr. Larson I never said the twin towers and the Pentagon was fake and Obama sending our military into a country and killing a person on their soil and not telling them it was going to happen I believe could be thought of as an act of war by that country if I am not wrong I could be I am not defending Bin Laden but as much as I believe he also had a right to a trail just like the Boston Bombers like someone said before about the illegals isn’t that what this country is supposed to do. And some where I read that a few of the Gitmo prisoners were actually innocent people but they are still there. It is said everyone gets a fair trail here even the bad cops. As for being a racist my grandfather was almost a grand dragon in the KKK from what I was told and he did not like me because I had black friends. Now he was a real racist. I will pray you have a good life here I will miss the information you have told me and I am happy we can disagree and not be shot yet in this country. Take care

  3. David says:

    My last letter I don’t know if it will be allowed but I doubt it Mr. Larson please read the reports of the Twin Towers by experts and the plane crash into the Pentagon by crash experts and the pilots and trainers in the simulators who tried to recreate the flight of the plane crashes into the Pentagon and could not do it Also your government called people crazy and liars for UFO’s now they are saying they are real they destroyed peoples lives. Mr. Larson my heart goes out for Breonna and every person like Floyd but if Floyd did not give a fake 20 at the food place I don’t think the sad death would have happened because they police would not have been called. MR. Larson I don’t like bad cops no more than you do the videos of David inn Waco and those innocent children and Daniel Saver and Breonna and Floyd I wish none of that happened I also with the black man who was friends for a while didn’t go shoot his neighbors white son in front of his sisters in the head for riding his bike on the guys yard Mr Larson I don’t like any of it. And my heart cries for the beautiful young black girls and babies shot and killed by black gang members in their home because they had the wrong house. But that is Chicago So if I am a racist in your opinion then that is your opinion and you have a right to speak you mind. I just know if you cut my finger and a black guys finger the blood will booth be red unless you tell me different I am sure I will enjoy a good life starting next month in Colombia I will be blessed with a beautiful wife and daughter. Both are Russian and love animals like me and both have good religious faith like me. I hope your President and Harris do a great job got you

  4. David says:

    Mr. Larson I did not blame Breonna but the company she kept got her killed and you are 100 per cent right the cops should not have killed her Some of those drug dealers have some pleasant gifts for cops My x neighbor was on probation and dealing drugs he had a pleasant gift for cops. A vicious pit bull and a gun some of them have AK’s so yes cops are going to be aggressive but they were wrong and they were dead wrong with Daniel Shaver to Like Libby said Even when Daniel was trying to do what the cops said he was murdered That being said I am not justifying what the cops did. Some one said that a dead person was found in a car that Breonna rented and then claimed stolen and that her boyfriend had shot a cop. But that still is no excuse to do what they did I was not defending the cops But I do wonder if she had not had that boyfriend maybe things would have been different and I am sad when anyone is killed black or white male or female Mr.Larson Mr. Brant gave that information if you would like to ask him where he got it Also I am not blaming them for their deaths I am just saying maybe if they had made different choices they would still be alive just like white people And I am not Republican maybe you should watch some videos on the twin towers and the pentagon Experts have said those buildings could have handled the crash of the plane That the steel would not melt at that temperature and they would not have collapsed like that. And please sir in your infinite wisdom please tell me why the third building collapsed it was not hit by a plane. Also please watch the videos of trained commercial pilots who have tried to crash planes into a computer simulation like the “Plane” that crashed into the Pentagon they could not do it The only video I saw that the FBI didn’t confiscate sure did not look like a plane to me Also read about the Black woman who crawled out of the hole with her baby she had brought to work she said she saw no plane wreckage at all Also read the testimony of crash investigators who said the plane would have not made a hole like that. Those are people who investigate air crashes for a living. As for Bin Laden of course he would claim credit LOL He is a terrorist and that makes him look like a big man. Them going into a foreign country and killing him is sort of to me like swat breaking into my house and killing me which I am sure you would enjoy a video of that LOL Thank you for your kind words I am sure I will have a good life with my Russian wife and a daughter who wants me to hurry up and get us together That’s if Harris and Biden don’t destroy my pension and Social Security By the way say hello to the thousands of Illegals for me and keep believing what your government tells you and the stupid news And remember Oswald killed Kennedy and the reason the Vietnam war was started was because of North Vietnamese gun boats attacked our destroyers in the Gulf of Tonken And I do not condone what bad cops do and I have had a lot of black friends my best friends as a young kid was ACE Roundtree sadly he died from a drug overdose Oh well good luck and I do hope Biden and Harris make you proud.

  5. David says:

    OMG Libby you are right He was stupid the cops were called for a gun in the room he told the cops they were not intoxicated and the coroners said he was but you are right I want to see that cop crawl with his hands in the air and legs crossed But Daniel should have never reached behind his back but he was not sober very bad deadly mistake on his part But That cop is a nut job and should never have been on swat or even had a gun. I could tell by his attitude and his voice he was going to shoot him and the commentator was right if he had been black they would have burned that place to the ground and his family would be rich and I am sure this statement will not be seen LOL

  6. David says:

    Libby Please believe me I am not defending the cop and I have not seen the video but will search for it. As for the air gun a lot of children were shot and killed because their plastic toy guns looked so real. and I hate to say it but the BB guns and Pellet guns now can and will kill you. From what you wrote I can see he made two very deadly mistakes one letting a cop see a gun he had that gets police very scared. Then when a police officer has a gin on your you do not reach to do anything you will get shot If you wear your pants near your knees like these idiots do now they are going to fall off because they are already falling off LOL You stay still and don’t reach for anything. That cop did not know if he had a gun in his underwear but I have like I said not seen the video but like I have said the cop should have waited for backup and then do the right thing. But he made a serious mistake there must have been a reason why he got off free like you said I will watch the video thanks for telling us about it but this happens to white and black and children also male and female. I am not defending the cop but I sure as hell don’t want their job.

  7. Chris says:

    Sorry blue states calling for gun bans, and paying for riots at the same time. Got to be the most ignorant people in this country by far.Get off your dead coward asses and stop the riots. BECAUSE if someone else has to come fix it. Your districts will be locked down from any Democrat vote.And I wouldn’t be surprised of democrats have to pay some hefty fines from all this crap.

    • Debbie Hyams says:


  8. Chris says:

    All the violence will continue as long as left wing ELITES and democrats finance it. We just kick started Biden on his crisis at the borders.Gop on it like stink on shit. Gonna be up to Gop to kick start a fix to the Damn riots,Dems just make messes for the right to have to clean up.And it’s a shame dems want RECOGNISE Trumps warp speed vacine plan.The most self centered pick of people I’ve ever known.OH!But it’s taking a toll on the Democrat party.Soon they’ll be forced to tell their truths.

  9. David says:

    Sam B you are so right where are the BLM When black gang members drive by and shoot the wrong house and a beautiful little black girl is killed or a black baby is killed They don’t seem to mater BLM is just another scam to get money from ignorant people. And it works so far over 90 million I wonder how much of that goes to help families and the victims from black on black violence I am white and I don’t know about any of you but I shed tears and my heart hurts when I read of a child black or white being killed by idiots especially when it is a child who doesn’t care if their friends are black or white or any other race they just want to play and have fun

  10. David says:

    You are right Mr. Brant but you will be labeled a racist because there was no evidence that Breonna had anything to do with the dead person in the car LOL Very strange but no evidence that I know of or have read but yes you hang around with bad people bad things will happen I am sad she was killed but if you hang around with stupid people you are one way or another going to get hurt. People don’t seem to understand go ask any cop except the real bad cops what their life has been like since they had to pull a trigger that caused some one to die black or white male or female they will tell you it has been hell and not just because of the legal and financial and the death threats but the nightmares that haunt them are the worse and they have to live with that for the rest of their lives. For the military they call it PTSD Stay away from gangs and drug dealers and you have a decent chance to survive this violent world I am just praying I can get to a country my fiancé and her daughter all picked out and have a loving peaceful life Take care all of you remember what Marvin Gaye said Only love can conquer hate.

  11. David says:

    You are right to a point MR. Larson Breonna was from what I understand and read hanging with a drug dealers that is trouble waiting for a place to happen as for Mr. Floyd the coroner said he had enough drugs to kill him in his system plus did he not resist the cops and did he not commit a felony using a fake 20 dollar bill to commit another crime of fraud to the drive thru window for food??? They all will get money But I noticed a white guy Named David at Waco Texas got death and so did his followers for a fake charge of a sawed off shotgun and a lot of innocent children died there David used to jog every morning they could have caught him there but they wanted to get rid of a bunch of religious nut cases LOL But they did not receive any money and it even went up to a high ranking government official we all remember the name of that person or should. So sir pleas explain to me why the black people killed are any different than David and the innocent children I guess because they are black??????? Now I am a racist LOL I don’t agree for them being killed black or white but sadly police are only human and make bad mistakes Just had another incident I am sure you read a black woman was driving a car registered to a guy who had 5 felony arrest warrants on him a cop stopped her and she had no license She pulled a gun and shot the cop she also got shot and crashed the car and died so I guess the cop I am assuming is white will be charged with murder and her family will get millions

    • Libby says:

      Watch the Daniel Shaver video …. ummm yea….. yes he did a stupid thing by having his air gun too close to the window and in this day and age was super stupid.
      When the cop had them both on their stomachs hands behind head and feet crossed is when a cop is supposed to put restraints on and usually the one considered a threat would be cuffed first .
      Daniel knee he was fixing to die. The cop knew he was fixing to execute someone . Instead of cuffing them he asked the lady to move to another location and it was at that point that I realized what the cop was for sure fixing to do . I just had no idea that the cop was going to tell Daniel to obey orders that are impossible to do. You can not be on knees legs crossed and hands up and crawl and for sure not without falling down. It’s a reflex to catch yourself. But Daniels pants were falling down and without thinking went to pull them up is the narrative. Oh and the cop got off Scott free!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      David, no drugs were found by the police at Taylor’s home. They can’t prove that Taylor even knew her boyfriend was a drug dealer, besides the fact it has nothing to do with the cop’s gross incompetence and recklessness in invading her home at midnight. She was put in harm’s way on a bad warrant to apprehend her boyfriend. She was brutally killed by the cops while she lay in bed. They have NO DEFENSE. YOU DON’T ATTACK SOMEONE AT THEIR HOME JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS A CRIMINAL’S GIRLFRIEND. DON’T DARE BLAME HER FOR BEING AN INNOCENT VICTIM AT HER HOME, NITWIT. Anything in the past was just that and irrelevant to the raid. She would’ve been charged with a crime IF they had evidence on her before. Do you think Texas Ranger Kordell Walker (AKA CHUCK NORRIS) would’ve made that raid and so incompetently kill an innocent woman lying in her bed? I don’t know anything about Floyd being on drugs and he definitely was totaly restrained on his belly on the street with Chauvin kneeling on his neck and airway for over 8 minutes. There was no visible resisting arrest by Floyd throughout the video and any such claim could only have occurred earlier when he was in the police car. He told the cop repeatly ” I can’t breathe”. The videographer told the cop that , too, and asked “are you going to kill him?” The whole “problem” you republican idiots have with both cases is that you’re all racists against blacks and so you try to place the blame for their deaths on them , not the reckless- murdering cops.

  12. Charles Larson says:

    Of course, the violence and rioting in L.A., Seattle and Portland and elsewhere are completely senseless and inexcusable. Criminals deserve to be locked up in prison for many, many years, especially violent offenders. I’m sure that those criminals in L.A. are repeat offenders. They did the same thing in the 1990’s for the Rodney King beating and police verdicts that followed. Maybe it’s a younger generation but they’re the same kind of people, some are probably from the same families. George Floyd’s family got $27 million from Minneapolis, I’m glad for that. It’s a shame that the tax payers have to pay for it, instead of the police officers responsible for Floyd’s death, and that’s why citizens there want to defund the police department. How does any cop do what Chauvin did? He’s guilty of 2nd degree murder obviously. The cop who killed Breonna Taylor was even worse and blatantly reckless using excessive deadly force on an innocent unarmed person. That’s first degree murder and no one is being charged with that, it’s B.S. For one thing, that police raid NEVER should’ve been authorized. Any one could well shoot at a cop breaking in their home at night and the cops knew full well this and that they were provoking a bad situation that could go awry. That’s simple common sense. Those type of raids should NOT be used when all they needed to do was apprehend the male suspect at a safer time and location, like when he left for work, etc. So, now they’re considering not using those type of raids in the future, DUH. Taylor’s family should get more than $27 million from the Louisville police department because of the excessive violence and Taylor’s younger age than Floyd. Both cases make me sick and so did the Capitol riot and attack by Trump supporters.

  13. Scott J says:

    What a bunch of useless brainless whiners. Nothing better to do as they cant get a job because this is all that they can do.

  14. David says:

    LOL Sheldon I believe the man behind the payments was Sorros

  15. David says:

    LMAO Sheldon Polly wanna a cracker oops wrong word want a Ritz LMAO

  16. David says:

    LOL Sheldon From what I read it was Soros who funded the riots at the capital and I only knew of two people killed the veteran and a police officer I never heard Trump say storm the white House also the leader of BLM was there they say. I am confused if the white person is the blacks problem why are most of the rioters for BLM now white??? Please in your wisdom educate me For the life of me I remember at Kent State they burned a military building protesting the war I didn’t read of anyone being raped or killed except the students I could be wrong But it seems OK for BLM and ANTIFA to do these things

  17. David says:

    LOL Sheldon I only knew of the two dead one a beautiful young woman who was a veteran Some say she was climbing thru a window and others say that is a lie. And I know of the officer who they said died from a heart attack Please let me know the other three so I can add them in my prayers Also you said I was A right wing nut you are dead wrong I just wrote the names of the people I do not trust and do not like I didn’t vote for Trump but it seems to me the man was trying I watched his speech and never once did I hear him say storm the white house. The destruction BLM and ANTIFA seems to be a lot more than what was done to the white house. As for Trump I assume you would rather have had Clinton as president. Ok by me and I don’t care about Biden who can’t even read a speech or answer question and Harris who bails out people who are arrested for rioting I gave up on this country when the government killed Kennedy and Bobbie. Then they killed the Kent State war protester who burned a military building But they did not rape and kill like BLM. And now Biden tells the illegals that he is defunding the border LOL that was a smart thing to do Too bad Hillary was not president she could have got a lot more people killed in Embassies and deleted a bunch more E-mails while her husband was on Epstein’s Island LOL And Obama could send our military into a foreign country to kill a man who was not given a fair trail. Do you really believe the Pentagon was hit by a plane and the Towers were destroyed by those two planes and the plane crashed in PA in a smoking hole but no plane parts same like the Pentagon??? I really don’t care any more I am leaving for another country you have got your great Democrat’s LOL Good luck Biden has already proved he is a great president he got the great stimulus package one Trump tried to get thru 2,000 dollars remember but he got cut down to 600 then Biden and his crew came up with the other 1,400 and Biden got those vaccines going didn’t he LOL> I even bet you agree with Feinstein take away guns from Americans but let Illegals have them LOL But enjoyed your comments you and CK and Corri and a few others are great keeps a smile on my face LOL

    • Charles Larson says:

      David, good riddance and good luck in staying out of trouble in your new country. Sure, the twin towers coming down by plane crashes on live TV AND video tape was a Figment of our imagination like the 2800+ people killed. Right, the plane crashes in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon were also “fake news”, moron, just like the stolen election. What a penis- brain you are, DAVEY. PLEASE HURRY AWAY. WE DON’T NEED LYING TERRORISTS LIKE YOU. BIN LADEN DID NOT GET A TRIAL BECAUSE HE TOOK RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE TERRORIST ATTACKS ON OUR COUNTRY. HE JUST HAD TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. SINCE YOU SYMPATHIZE FOR HIM, GO JOIN HIM IN HELL WITH SATAN.

  18. Rev4God says:

    More destruction under the banner of what the left calls ” peaceful protest”

  19. Sam B. says:

    So pathetic..ridiculous. HELL NO this bs doesn’t solve ANYTHING.
    Attn unamerican leftist rioters, hate groups etc etc..:What happened to Breonna Taylor is most definitely sad…same with George Floyd no doubt….but U clowns TOTALLY IGNORE the TENS OF THOUSANDS of our black brothers sisters friends neighbors co-workers loved ones EVERY YEAR that have been critically injured, shooting victims &/or have past away from any of this!! Why do u ignore ALL OF THESE HUMAN BEINGS?!?!?! Lemme guess..their injuries/death don’t “meet ur looser narrative?!” These people weren’t shot/injured by law enforcement!! That’s why!
    Sorry Chicago…but in 2020 there were 4033 shooting victims! 875 of these shootings victims died in Chicago!! 78+ % of these shooting victims(not counting any other types of violence)..were black. Around 75% of these human beings that were shot/killed..were shot/killed by other black folks!!!! Now where the hell is black lives matter & their hypnotized brainwashed followers..supporters & spineless radical socialist politicians about ALL these TENS OF THOUSANDS of people?!?! Just because NONE of these human beings were dealing with law enforcement…”don’t their lives matter too?!?!!!” U spineless radical socialist pathetic politicians r busy painting Black Lives Matter on your streets rather than putting an effort to pursue catching all these shooters/violence shit stirrers. U also bow down to the rioters, anarchists, antifa & blm destructors that have destroyed so much in ur cities//states..& u paint blm on ur streets. How pathetic r u?! Ur voted in office to stand up for the citizens in our communities!! Get a SPINE!! Btw the country is catching on to this biased negative narrative nonsense!!
    If black lives truly matter..then shouldn’t “ *ALL* BLACK LIVES MATTER?!?!” So then to all these violent demonstrators etc etc..how about u recognize these tens of thousands of human beings each year “&” assist with the arrest of these low life’s!!!
    Knock off all this anti-American/America hate…it does no good for anyone/doesn’t solve anything. It only emboldens the true patriotic spirit We The People have….& further alienates the small percentage of folks that believe in this nonsense & r traveling down a one way street to nowhere.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Sam B., No one ignores anything you claim. You’re just trying to divert attention away from the bad white racist cops killing blacks with your “what about black crime on blacks and whites?” Comment. Criminals are criminals no matter their skin color or whether they’re a white cop. There ARE BAD COPS who must be fired and brought to justice for their crimes, just like all criminals need to be.

  20. Robert W says:

    If the police don’t use “assault weapons and perhaps cause some bodily harm” this BS will continue until people are killed!!!!!

  21. If riots and protests took place in large cities of America at the same time, with police injuries from throwing stones at them, bandits smashed shop windows, caused serious damage to enterprises in these cities, and for this no one was punished (not imprisoned), then for these crimes there is a very wealthy and very influential SPONSOR who pays well for this “difficult and dangerous job” of destroying America. Question: – Who is this dangerous SPONSOR ???

    • Sheldon Metz says:

      Are these the same responses you gave on Jan. 6 when thousands attacked and invaded the Capitol in an act of insurrection and sedition. Five were killed. Who funded the walkie talkies and weapons and flags? Who paid for these out-of-work thugs to come to D.C., their armored vests and ammo? Who paid for their elaborate hotel suites and food? Who in the WH was communicating directly with the Proud Boys? Who asked the militias to come to D.C. for months, then moved the dates up to coincide with January 6? The seditionists didn’t break windows of businesses, They broke down windows and doors of our Capitol, the base of our democracy, and shat on the floors of the Rotunda.

      Here we have a few dozen people with an honest and credible beef. No one is trying to take over Congress, kill the V.P. and Speaker or Mayor of L.A. There is no courthouse on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

      Nothing happened until the police arrived in riot gear ready for a fight. AND I SUPPORT THE POLICE. Common sense. belongs on both sides of the issue.

      • Mike Phillips says:

        You are one misinformed communist. Just leave America if you hate it so much. 5 dead??? What a joke, but then again you seem like a clown.

      • Corri says:

        Your comment shows that you have a calm reflective head on your shoulders. We need more comments like this in our world that are able to seek out and view the facts without unbridled anger responses. There is virtue in people coming together peacably, wanting good for all people. Any true Christian will know that is what was held sacred – not battle.

        • Joseph J Bonner says:

          The comment shows that the poster is misinformed with a slanted world view. Spreading misinformation doesn’t help anything. Lies are lies no matter who tells them.

    • Sheldon Metz says:

      Noticed you removed my Comment. It figures. When you extreme righties are confronted with facts, you refuse to answer or respond. I can picture the “Duhhhh” look on you face right now. Stick with your fascist beliefs. Never join the human race.

    • Sheldon Metz says:

      I noticed you removed my Comment. It figures. When you extreme righties are confronted with facts, you refuse to answer or respond. I can picture the “Duhhhh” look on you face right now. Stick with your fascist beliefs. Never join the human race.

      • G says:

        The military will soon step in and the foreign interference in our election exposed showing Trump won handily. These protests will either be peaceful moving forward or met with equal or greater force with arrests and convictions. The Capitol breach was orchestrated by the left to stop discussion on election fraud in the states electoral votes were being challenged. The left is promoting racism to use as a weapon like they did the Russian hoax since Trump won in 2016. It will be a relief to see the arrests made on both sides of the aisle along with those in law enforcement agencies, judicial system, media, celebrities and other wealthy who committed and contributed to crimes against humanity and the election interference foreign and domestic.

        • Sam B. says:

          Damn well said G!!

        • Charles Larson says:


  22. Don says:

    The point is if she hadn’t been hanging with a drug dealer it wouldn’t have happened so look to the parents for the failure here.

  23. Pat Rath says:

    Hit them with dye hoses and arrest everyone of them. No bail. Investigate who is financially supporting them. Governors and Mayors better wake up!

  24. David says:

    LOL Just throw holy water on them and watch them scream these democrats have sold their souls to the devil Pelosi Harris Omar Cortez Schumer Soros Biden and Hunter the Clintons Oblackma’s and other little demons If I acted and thought like they do and do the things they do my Dad would have beat me until I was on life support These people are seriously either insane or possessed I fear the only way to stop this is with bullets But I wonder who will be shot. You can’t argue or change a crazy mind

    • Sheldon Metz says:

      I just suppose you believe the attack on our Capitol was fake, didn’t happen, staged, as Alan Jones says it was. What stupid maniac paid for that insurrection and treasonous. act. All that destruction, if you pay taxes, paid to repair. I didn’t read anything attacking the Jan. 6 thugs or their fascist leader. Look up fascism and see who it fits best.

      You make comments about Democrats which are the remarks of far right-wing commentators and pundits, but you GIVE NO EXAMPLES TO SUPPORT THE PREMISE OF YOUR COMMENTS. Give an intelligent example, no6t parrot-talk.

      • Sam B. says:

        Sheldon…what happened at the capital Jan 6th was pathetic no doubt. Those that were enticed by the “gas masks wearing group..” r idiots. Almost a half a million people were there pissed off & being seen & heard. They’re fed up with ALL the psychotic biased, double standards, hate-language, views, ideals, outlook of the quack anti-America/America FIRST, unhinged radical socialist dictatorship party (formerly known as the democrat party)..& their totally corrupt, biased, divisive promoters, negative narrative, fake un-news, non-journalists media megaphones! They had enough..& they popped Unfortunately.
        With the radical socialist leftists promoting violence..Ayanna Pressley/several others…& the promoting of a fund that goes to bail out of jail the rioters that get caught..Vp Harris..who also said “the rioters aren’t gunna stop & won’t stop…& after the election they shouldn’t stop!” Now add in a blatantly obvious fraudulent election…..people just had enough. This doesn’t make it right..but this is why. No denying these FEW examples.

      • Mike Phillips says:

        I don’t normally participate in this type of stupidity but this goof “Sheldon” makes me want to jump in and puke. I wonder if you cried as much about all of the unjustified rioting during the past summer. Talk about “parrot-talk”, you spout off the word “insurrection” like all of the echo chambers of the corrupt media. Do you even know the definition, pinko?

  25. Gregory Sacharok says:

    The world and our enemies are watching closely. Discovering our “Achilles Heel” (hatred in America) will lead to our demise.
    Remember when Kamala gave permission to continue the riots and protests; well the kids listened.

    • Sheldon Metz says:

      Gregory, the world noticed our achilles heel on January 6. A riot in L.A. or San Francisco with a few dozen people made no dent of that heel. But, the arrow went right through on January 6. Between Hoover’s Depression, Nixon’s resignation to avoid impeachment and Trump’s criminal, corrupt, empirical empire, the world knows our heels are Republicans.

      • Sam B. says:

        Sheldon…I’m SURE u meant “Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden’s” criminal corrupt empirical empire. It’s ok…all normal true patriots know what u mean. Just like we all knew who gaffe-daddy was referring to when he attempted to recite the constitution..”all men & women r created by go u know..u know the thing.” Wow. Sigh.

  26. David D'Anna says:

    The Commie leftist need a comeuppance!! when that shit starts to happen,You take them all down,That includes the elite demonrats and rino PO SHIT!!..

    • Defeat the Socialist Democrat Traitors vote them out do not for a Democrat for any elected position from dog catcher to President in city county, state or federal level, Destroy their o=power base, boycott their supporters businesses, picket their homer, offices, get in their face on the streets. Give them some of their own medicne!!

    • Sheldon Metz says:

      You guys are right. Support the fascists and the New Nazi Party over people who are working for every person in this country, not just the wealthy. I am surprised at how many wealthy 1%ers are actually writing their own comments. Don’t you usually have “people” to do that for you? Do you still have a job? Did you know any of the 530,000 people who died, 20% of the deaths in the world?

      Doubt I’ll get an answer, but what do you fear in helping needy people, old and young, get back on their feet after a useless sloth of a president destroyed their lives, health, jobs, savings and. homes? What do you fear will happen to you if States that spent millions and millions (even Red States) get reimbursed because a vindictive autocrat refused to help? What do you care if we educate our youth so this push to dictatorship does not happen again? Or, is that it? Do you prefer a dictatorship?

      • Sam B. says:

        Wow..LOL. The Trump administration created the BEST economy we’ve had in several decades! The lowest unemployment across all demographics..& some in our countries history!! President Trump & his administration did this for ALL CITIZENS. Guessing ur biased delusional pride clouds true facts & doesn’t allow u to acknowledge this.
        I’m guessing the 530,000 u reference died r because of Covid? Trump closed the country when all the experts told him not to. Immediately assembled a covid-19 task force to fast track the learning of this virus. Had non-stop press conferences to get information out to us all. Got tons of ppe supplies to the medical facilities asap. Had several companies building respirators. Sent hospital ships to California & New York to house the sick. Built temp. hospitals & converted vacant buildings in to hospitals…all of which were barely used! Fast tracked the drugs showing great signs of easing the symptoms of covid-19 which saved countless lives & eased the symptoms of MILLIONS of others. Yeah Sheldon ur right LOL…Trump didn’t do a damn thing to help ANYONE. What a joke.
        The total blame of this pandemic worldwide is China. China China China. Stop hate’n & living in denial. I’m a registered barely left leaning very moderate democrat…NOT a radical socialist dictatorship party supporter/lost follower. I’m a patriot of this country FIRST. I’m also NOT IN DENIAL. U should give it a try. Pretty liberating.

      • Sam B. says:

        …and 1 more thing. U & other haters can thank Trump for the vaccines! The same vaccines the naysayers, lost haters that r eat’n up by their own pride..who also said wouldn’t come out for a few years. Say it with me..”thank u President Trump & operation warp speed!”
        Your soooo right Sheldon…Trump did nothing to help ALL Americans first “&” so many other countries around the world.

  27. Do like they did in Alabama back in the 60s hit them with the firehouse water hose. It put an end to the demonstrations there.

    • Sheldon Metz says:

      Are you as ignorant as your comment. Fire hoses didn’t end the problem. I was the Civil Rights Amendment and John and Bobbie Kennedy. You probably don’t know who they were. Look it up before you speak or write.

  28. Michael stich says:

    Liberal garbage needs to be imprisoned , held without bail , tried for and shot for high treason

  29. Gary Parks says:

    Perhaps they should move the national guard from Washington DC to those places where they are rioting at.

  30. Robert says:

    This country is being run by THUG DEMONRATS such as Beijing Obiden, Nancy Pigrossi, Kamala Swala (Who has funded ANTIFA & BLM), FUCKHEAD SCUMMER, & the rest of the SOCIALISTIC LEFTISTS REGIME & will continue to support destruction of this not so long ago ONCE great NATION! THIS IS NOT UNITY SLEEZY JOEY!!

    • Sheldon Metz says:

      Are you seriously going to tell us that “unity” was the hallmark of the Trumpet and Mitch. You really should have stayed awake when and if you went to school. The Republicants were called, for many years, the party of NO! Whatever Dems proposed, Mitch tied it up or filibustered. You need to do your research… deep research.

      • Sam B. says:

        Soooo many people r butt hurt over Trump because he’s NOT the typical pc pansyass spineless politician. Maybe that’s because he’s not a politician. He says what he means & means what he says. President Trump got positive results & hasn’t told to b nice…which drives the adolescent haters crazy. He’s not afraid to speak his mind. He gets strong positive results for the country, stands up for our nation when dealing with others & puts America FIRST. FINALLY A PRESIDENT WITH A SPINE!! Not so much these days! How’s that work’n out now days with our “executive orders & chief.” So many of these policies, views & ideals r already showing to b a detriment to our country. 1 example of that..only “1” example is gas prices r ALREADY .65 to .70 cents higher per gallon since January 20th. Good job! Keep drinking that “in denial kool-aid.”

  31. vinnie says:

    animals will get riled up sometimes and they must be controlled when they do !

  32. Mouse says:

    This is caused by the DEMONRATS. They are letting these thugs run wild.

    • Sheldon Metz says:

      I believe the Republicants let January 6 run wild, no? Or do you remember that? It was a long time ago. Nice play on Democrats, like so original. Only been around since Newt Gingrich. Wh is that? Look it up.

      • Sam B. says:

        What happened January 6th was ridiculous no doubt. Lots of pint up frustration by people that have had enough of all the psychotic biased, double standard, hate language, views, ideals, outlook of the lunatic socialist America second-last party..& they’re low-life biased negative narrative divisive promoters in the fake un-news non-journalist megaphone networks. Now add in the blatantly obvious fraudulent election.
        What these un-American rioters/anarchists have done & r STILL doing in the spineless democrat run cities is pathetic! This nonsense has been go’n on almost 10 months!! These spineless politicians would rather paint Black Lives Matter on their streets rather than protecting their cities!! These r the very same people causing the destruction! In addition several members of the radical socialist dictatorship leftist America second-last party promote the anarchy!! Sad. Pathetic. Un-American.

  33. Michael OConnor says:

    There is only one way to deal with these thugs. Shoot them. When a half dozen hit the ground the rest will soon leave or face the same result.

    • Vangvang Sumosobrakana says:

      Yes, these leftist DemocRATS are no good! Always wanting Attention!

      • Sheldon Metz says:

        Sure.You never saw the fascist Trump on TV lying with every struggled breath he took. If you don’t know what a fascist is, look it up. A lack of education shouldn’t stop you from learning something.

        • Sam B. says:

          LMAO…Sheldon U should do the same thing!!!
          U say FASCIST?! LYING?!?! LOL…man o man..once again u screwed up & entered Trump instead of “Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden!!” It’s ok bud..we know what u meant. Your lack of education shouldn’t keep u from learning truth & reality…not “truth over fact.” Just like we know who gaffe-daddy Joe was referring to when he made an attempt to recite some of the constitution by saying..”all men & women r created by go u know u know the thing.”
          Yikes. Sadly unbelievable.

        • Michael J Korger says:

          “fascist Trump”? Biden has signed 50 executive orders totally bypassing our democratic process. Biden “might” allow us to gather in “small” groups with family in our own backyards for the 4th of July if we all subject ourselves to the dictates of health officials and the politicians who embrace overzealous lock-downs. What kind of person would authorize men to compete in women’s sports and go in women’s locker rooms? What kind of human being who was allowed to be born, authorize our tax money to be given to abortionists to kill babies in foreign countries? What kind of a leader would create a humanitarian crisis at our border and allow COVID positive illegals to be let loose in our country? The list goes on and on and on!

          • Charles Larson says:

            Michael J. Korger, The Mexican President and government and no one else except those kids’ bad parents. That’s who.

    • Phillip says:

      Im not a violant person but enough is enough , ill have to agree maybe the only way these hardheads get the message that its not goin to be tolerated is to get out the real stuff . The ones that realise will go home and the ones that dont wont make it home . Sad we are even on a subject like this . But its boiling down to an option like that .

      • Sheldon Metz says:

        Like should have happened on January 6 when the WH blocked the National Guard from being dispatched for over 5 hours. Turns out, Mike Flynn’s broither NOW admits doing it.

        • Philip Brant says:

          If you think the present administration has done anything to help this country and it’s citizens so fa, except for the latest stimulus package that is a temporary fix like the rest of them, then you sir are the one that needs to do some research. You have nothing to back up your spouting.Until you do you need to get off of other people’s asses and stfu.

        • Ray says:

          Your funnier to read than the fake news, keep me laughing troll

      • Philip Brant says:

        I’m afraid you are right.All of this mayhem for one person that died because her boyfriend at the time shot and wounded a police officer that was doing his job.No blame on the boyfriend at all.A few years ago they found a body in a rental car that Breanna had obtained and reported it stolen. Where is the innocence? And they called the citizens on 1/6/21 insurrectionists, and domestic terrorists.An unarmed white woman was shot and killed by police then.BLM and Antifa are destroying people’s property and livelihoods that had nothing to do with the deaths of anyone, truly innocents,in the name of racism and equality.They are the true racists and why this country will be in a civil war.$27M to the family of a career criminal,dope head,that died from the result of drugs he had taken, and resisting arrest for passing counterfeit money.I have many black friends,and they believe that if you don’t start no shit, there won’t be any shit. Awarding these people for committing crimes and drug use because they are afraid of what is happening anyway around the country has to stop.Big corporations and the Democrats are financing BLM and antifa, much less sports stars and actors also.They are going to get what they are asking for alright.We need to take our country back, while we still have one.