LIST: Woke Media Ranks Your State Worst?

( – Leftist mainstream media news outlet CNBC has compiled a ranking of business climates in the nation’s 50 states, and somehow, its “ten worst states to live and work in” are all ruled by Republicans, among them Florida and Texas.

“These are America’s 10 worst states to live and work in for 2023, and there’s a big surprise at the very bottom,” reads the article headline on its “America’s Best States for Business” study.

It later reveals that the worst state in America, according to its analysis, is the state of Texas, run by the Republican administration of Governor Greg Abbott.

Florida, widely deemed an economic and social success story under the leadership of 2024 presidential hopeful Governor Ron DeSantis, is ranked the tenth worst state by CNBC.

Besides Texas (1st) and Florida (10th), the other states in the bottom ten are Oklahoma (2nd worst state in the nation, according to the leftist media outlet), Louisiana (3rd worst), Alabama, and South Carolina (tied for the 4th spot), Missouri (6th), Indiana (7th), Tennessee (8th), and Arkansas (9th).

The CNBC ranking appears to be judging states almost exclusively based on far-left, woke, and progressivist criteria.

“The study measures quality of life issues including crime, health care, childcare and health care, as well as inclusive policies on discrimination and reproductive rights,” the report says.

It notes that its “Life, Health, and Inclusion” are one of ten categories of competitiveness assessed by the analysis.

“A critical nationwide worker shortage has companies locating and expanding in places where workers want to live, but culture war politics are complicating the equation,” CNBC’s study concludes.

Its news article slams the worst, i.e., GOP-led states, for not “putting out the welcome mat to attract the biggest, happiest, and most diverse workforce.”

Paradoxically enough, however, the report quotes Roy Cooper, the Democrat governor of North Carolina, the best state to live in, according to the ranking, as being concerned about “gains that southern states have made to become economic powerhouses in recent decades.”

The study claims that Florida Governor DeSantis’s “War on Woke” is hurting his state’s quality of life and that 200,000 college-educated Americans moving annually to Texas are “wrong” because it has the nation’s strictest abortion ban and “hacks away at inclusiveness.”