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LIVE: President Trump’s Sendoff Ceremony

Red Alert News is providing a live feed of President Donald J. Trump’s Sendoff Ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base and his arrival in Florida. President Trump is expected to deliver remarks at the sendoff ceremony before his departure.

To watch the rally live, hit play on the video below and adjust the volume buttons.


  1. Caroline kehoe says:

    This is regarding th Biden impeachment. I agree he is corrupt and it can be proven but I would be looking at Hunters dealings with China an the 10 million of which 20 percent went to the big guy, who we all know as Uncle Joe. Sets him as being in Chinas pocket. Not to mention that when he held.the office VP he spied,with others on then candidate and then later Ptesident Trump. No one is above the law and get should prosecuted like any of us. As al a matter of fact he should be held to a higher standard! But then again, we’d be stuck Kamala. What a disaster!

  2. Eliseo M. Bananal says:

    Thank you President Trump for the 4 wonderful years of your Presidency. The economy has never been any stronger and the military more powerful than had ever been before. Nothing much more to do but wait and see what happens next under this new administration. It is hoped that the new administration will not go to any great lengths to destroy your legacy and accomplishments for reasons of animosity and hate. Thank you again President Trump and may God bless you and the family always!

  3. Holly Rose says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Too bad trump didn’t get his wish for a rousing send off in DC, he doesn’t deserve it. This send off is proof positive and goes to show the public what a conceited megalomaniac trump is and people don’t like him. Even Congress has great disdain for him. I don’t believe I have seen anyone who is so arrogant as trump such as telling the populace he is responsible for the vaccine for example. If anything trump is killing us with that non vaccine vaccine. Just read how many have been disabled and or died from this injection. No trump does not deserve a hero’s send off.

    • Sam B. says:

      Once again ur delusional venom clouds true reality. A president is elected in to office to get positive results for our country…like “America First”…& isn’t told to b nice! Because Trump is honest & speaks his mind…has a SPINE…calls people out for their inadequacies…calls out the divisive corrupt politicians & their right arm..the blatantly obvious biased fake news media…can’t b controlled like a puppet who isn’t the stereotypical pc pansyass president..& doesn’t take no for an answer obviously drives folks like u crazy. Causes u to spew out divisive hate & venom that triggers all of us TRUE PATRIOTS. I’m a registered Democrat(barley left leaning) that wants NOTHING to do with the quack radical views & attitudes of the socialist party. I’m also not in denial. The Trump administration along with cdc & the drug manufacturers absolutely r the reason why we have vaccines NOW that aren’t disabling or killing anyone that have taken it..”fake news.” Hater Holly have u heard about “operation warp speed?”
      Holly try ur best to not b in denial…you’ll notice the world, true reality is quite nice & not all divisive hatred. Jus-say’n

  4. Ir says:

    Thank you so much for giving our President a wonderful send off. It gave those of us who could not physically be there to honor him and his family and show our gratitude for his service.

    Keep up your professionalism and magnificent journalistic style of what a media venue is supposed to be. GOD BLESS YOU!

  5. MIchelle Lee LeTexier says:

    The thing I liked best, even with his income he was elected by our fundamental principal. ” we the people elected a person from “WE THE PEOPLE” Thank-you President Trump and your family. God Bless!

  6. sheryl Willmann says:

    Our hearts are broken that a fraud election could get out one of the best Presidents ever taking office to help all legal American people to make this the best in America!!! We will not quit fighting for you and our First Lady!! Thank you for all your sacrifice during the past four years
    as we the Americans never knew how deep the corruption ran through out Washington, D.C. We love and respect all you have tried to do for us!! God Bless You and all Your families!!!!

  7. Leith Masters says:

    God bless you and your family, President Trump, and thank you for giving yourself to our country for the past four years! We love you and are still with you! May God bless the USA!

  8. Jean Hogan says:

    Biden is but a puppet for the far left. He has no power and will not whether he tries to work across the isle or not. He will HAVE to do the bidding of the AOC’s of Congress. The plan of the democrats from the beginning? To get Biden elected however it had to be accomplished and then use the 25th Amendment to throw him out of office and put the most far left leaning senator in the office. He will be taken out of office for deminished capacity and Harris will sit at the Resolute Desk. And, hold on, PELOSI moves into the vice-presidency!! We just have to hold on for two years and then the conservatives will take back the House and put a stop to the democrats extremely liberal agenda. Trump, if historians are honest, will go down as the greatest President the US has ever had…maybe Lincoln (Republican) will take first place but Trump was great…put America and Americans first, was the most transparent president we have ever had, met with the press more than any other president. A weaker man would have folded under the pressure Trump lived with every day of his presidency AND HE STILL ACCOMPLISHED MORE IN FOUR YEARS THAN ALL PRESIDENTS PUT TOGETHER. Divisiveness began decades ago, but was put on the front burner during the Obama administration and the Trayvon Martin case. Who is more devisive (“If I had a son, he would be just like Trayvon.”)? The biased and lying press must be held accountable for their part in the violence our country has endured for the past four years. Making heroes out of Antifa and BLM? They are terrorists! Look for taxes to go up, millions of illegals made citizens and invitations go out to millions more, back in bad treaties, soaring poverty rates, out of control violence. Biden is beholden to China, Ukraine and Russia. HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

  9. Sue says:

    We as a nation must demand TRANSPARENCY AND FAIR ELECTIONS! We should NOT settle for less! We need to get back to a ONE TIER JUSTICE SYSTEM not two tier like we presently have! It is DISGUSTING and MUST STOP!

  10. Robin Kerby says:

    What a sad day for Americans, we can only hope and pray that Trump will still fight the good fight with us who believe in him and all the good, they can keep spewing all the lies, but America has been awakened and we will not go down without sticking to our beliefs and what our President my President stands for, God Bless our President and his Family

    • William Morrisey says:

      The U S A IS DYING TODAY AS THE TAKEOVER BECOMES FINAl .There is only a tear falling from a ones the greatest nation in the world.God help AMERICA today and help this to come to an end make all of this a dream that just goes away .Now there control allows them to open the borders make all the millions of illegals legal citizens so they can vote not that they have not in a lot of states thanks to the DEMS.Dear Jesus help THE U S A AMEN

      • Jerry Conforti says:

        God Has Forsaken us because of the corruption that has invaded our beloved country, he has looked down on us and said there is no saving grace left, let them destroy themself’s and he will remake us over again in 4 years after they see what they have to live with, maybe then he will return to us, do not stop praying, let him know we want him to love us and give us Trump or someone like him back to lead us back into the light.

  11. Barbara Dopson says:

    God bless you President Trump!

  12. Mary Ann Maycen says:

    This is the worst day in America’s history. We have lost the best Present of the USA. I know many people will not agree with this statement, but the Democratic party made Trump’s 4 years a living H—. News media, Face Book and Twitter did not help with all the fake news and I can’t for the life of me think that people actually believed it all. Had you researched, you would have found it was not true. He accomplished all his campaign promises in 4 years. He was the only President that was not stiff as a board. He had enthusiasm and he knew how to laugh and smile. But he was not a Politician but a fighter for his people and for the USA. I guess there are people that no longer care for America because Biden is sure not going to make America better as his supporters seem to think. Trump was not responsible for the pandemic. He was not responsible for all the destruction that BLM & Antida made in all the Democratic States. He is not responsible for business that had to close that left people unemployed. Blame that on the Governors and Mayors who govern those states and never stopped the protests, especially the burning and looting of bushiness. Please be sure you always blame the right people.

    President Trump will always be my President of the USA. That is something not one person can take away from me. Biden will never be my President. I despise that baby killer and all the pro choice people he has selected for positions. Please do not ever refer to him as a Catholic.

    Democratic supporters, enjoy your next 4 years of Biden/ Harris. You are in for a big surprise. And you all thought they did not lie. How wrong you are. What do you think the visit of Biden and Harris to Jacob Blake was for? VOTES. Believe what you want. Guess what. You all fell for that and voted for him as I hear from the people of Georgia. Democrats are smart and now they will be forgotten.

  13. Doris says:

    Thank you President Trump,you are the best President,you did so many good things for America and the American people. God Bless you and all your family. We love you.

  14. ck says:

    Good riddance POS!!!!

    • Sam B. says:

      …and adolescent comments/outlooks like yours it what’s wrong with some people in our great nation…un-american & sad. As a registered Democrat(barely left leaning) I certainly hope that the divisiveness hatred & blindingly obvious petty biased with u & others that r haters &/or of the socialist party..which triggers the rest of us TRUE PATRIOTS of both parties….will end!
      As a Patriot I/we hope & pray the country won’t go backwards & undue ALL the undeniable success our great nation has made the past 4yrs.
      God help our constitution, our citizens, our safety, our security & economy.

    • Karen Lilly says:


  15. randy fisher says:

    Worst president ever, Narcissistic, Crude, Rude. Unabashed liar, Uninformed, Basically stupid, Raciest, Immoral, Generally a rotten human being

    • William Morrisey says:

      Who is paying you or are you truly brain dead not to see the truth .This baby killer so called catholic who say one thing and does another The people did not elect this piece of shiii—- he was planted to stop the the true president from putting most of congress in jail and that is the real sad truth.God bless America and testore it,s truth to the people AME

    • Sam B. says:

      Wow RANDY lol…such adolescent divisive hatred. As a registered Democrat(barely left leaning)…not EVER a part of the socialist party..ur comments/hatred r what triggers ALL of us patriots in our great nation of both parties. U blast Trump calling him a lot of pathetic names lol. What..r u 5?! Did somebody take ur lollipop on the playground that has really upset u??? One thing is for sure…Trump put America FIRST(finally a president with a spine)..built the strongest economy in the world…created millions of jobs…lowest unemployment across all demographics/some in our history…gave historic tax cuts to us all…lowered business/corporate regulations/taxes choking them out which kept & brought back a massive # of American corporations…made our country safe…safer southern border…energy independent(for now) for the first time ever…built our military back up & gave us peace thru strength…pressed to get a vaccine to eradicate this China virus to save our lives etc etc. I can go on & on. These r just a FEW things u obviously purposely forgot. President Trump was elected to get positive results for our country..& wasn’t told to b nice!
      God help our constitution, our citizens, our safety, our security & our economy.

    • Larry Cook says:

      The one thing I know about your type is that you are what you accuse others of being. Hope you get all that you deserve.

    • Karen Holinka-Lilly says:


  16. TJ says:

    This is a sad day in AMERICA. Today we will replace perhaps the greatest of all
    Presidents with a man who brags about a quid pro quote in the Ukraine. Did he do
    it YES. He is on tape saying he did. Is he the BIG GUY? Probably! Did he and his
    family get rich while he was in Office? Will the investigation of his corruption
    be swept under the rug? Probably. Did he really win the election with 80,000,000
    votes? If you believe that you don’t live in the real World. Will the truth ever
    be made public? Will the investigation of this past election ever give us truth?
    More important will our election process be fixed??????

  17. Honest says:

    May God Bless America

  18. Robert Harper says:

    I am 86 year old Best POTUS in my 86 years
    Known and watched Him give So many Millions
    To less fortunate the 40 years I have
    Known him Always Been America First

  19. judy says:

    God Bless you, President Trump! God Bless your family. You have a wonderful family and that is a testament to you!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Our greatest President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was Donald J. Trump. He will be greatly missed. He indeed worked hard for “WE THE PEOPLE” and MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! He was a great communicator to the people. Always keeping Americans abreast of what his intentions were and plans for a better future. It was a great 4 years. Now we are ascending into DARK days under a Democratic administration. Our borders will be open to terroists and immigrants who are expecting “everything for free”. We will taxed on all our properties and goods beyond anything we have known before. Stand up for your rights and what you hold dear in these next 4 years. God help us all.

    • Terresia Gregg says:

      thats so true God have mercy on these evil people

      • Terresia Gregg says:

        Hes the Greatest President we have had in years he really tried his best to work for America to keep her strong and free even thru all the abuse he has suffered he still keep going

  21. God bless our First Family. The President understands how important law and order is vital to our free country. We must put a final stop in the corruption
    in all levels of government. To those who are not active in politics, stop, listen and then research what you do not know then get involved with those who are willing to risk outing corruption, both big and small.

  22. melinda middleton says:

    Im very afraid of where this country is headed with trump not being president

  23. Susan Hobson says:

    President Trump did many good things for this country. He tried to protect our country from the black mail tactics over forigen oil prices, by using oil storage in America. He built a border wall against illegals sucking up our jobs and tax dollars for there living expenses. AND HE MADE ME HAPPY. Just to be alive able to worship as I pleased and others to do the same. He is my hero. I am 74 years old and I will miss his enthusiasm for the people of this country.

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