Live: Trump Speaks To Protesters at Rally To ‘Save America’ – The Red Alert News

Live: Trump Speaks To Protesters at Rally To ‘Save America’

Red Alert News is providing a live feed of the Rally to Save America that is taking place just outside of the White House in Washington DC. President Trump is expected to deliver remarks at the rally at approximately 11 am Eastern.

To watch the rally live, hit play on the video below and adjust the volume buttons.


  1. Muriel Bawer says:

    President Trump has been crucified by the Left for the past 4 years. His only sin, being a Patriot, is that he has valiantly tried to save this country. Unfo9rtunately the Deep State has finally won the battle of turning over this country to Socialists. Behind the Deep State are: George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Schumer, Schiff and Pelosi. Ultimately, it’s Obama, Clinton and Harris who will be running the show in Washington. I beli9eve these people are the ones who got members of Antifa to create the HELL that happened yesterday in Washington. And again they blamed President Trump. May they all burn in HELL.

  2. George Washington says:

    Rally for Trump Lets Rock And Roll, Mainstream media is calling this an insurrection. How bout BLM and Antifa faggots. Its ok for them Screw Biden and Bitch harris

    • Kay says:

      And you George are a pussy. You throw the word faggot around while anyone that knows better, could care less. I suspect your problem is lies with your security of masculinity or the lack thereof. You pathetic weasel.

      • Sam B. says:

        Caracas-Kay.. u & ur altered ego/shadow/sister Holly Rose need to go back to Venezuela. Ur despicable pathetic attitude & disposition is repulsive. Totally un-American…as u & others sound. Bye Felicia!

  3. Holly Rose says:

    Yes save America from trump. He has destroyed the US. Thank goodness for President Biden. trump needs to be incarcerated and jailed now right after Biden’s inauguration so that trump will not incite any form of insurrection and next do away with the republican party and replace it with a true American Communist party. Amen, Awoman!

    • VanDoza says:

      Holy Rose what do you cite as your authority for changing the USA?

      • Kay says:

        You are so fucking stupid. All the trailer trash that is assaulting our Capitol right now will have to answer for their treason. Trump better watch his back because he is not immune from paying for this crime against our citizens.
        You traitors will be dealt with.

        • Sam B. says:

          What happened today is totally pathetic & unacceptable. NEVER is any violence ok in this country. Just like the violence of the past 8 MONTHS OF ANTIFA BLM & ANY OTHER SCUMBAG MARXIST GROUPS. I’d b willing to bet these lowlife groups infiltrated the 250,000+ people there for the Trump rally.
          Either way..all this BS is beneath our standards as an American society.
          We aren’t Venezuela…Caracas-KAY.

    • John Molina says:

      An informed citizen, consumer, student, etc. is one of the best positions in a society to confront that which would destroy the protected freedoms which enable communities, societies and our world to succeed and thrive. The present success of the media and the Democratic party to jointly silence the majority of Americans by controlling and suppressing truth and a broad dissemination of accurate and needed constitutional guaranteed information through voter fraud, corrupt institutions and many other entities dedicated to a one sided narrative is criminal to put it mildly. Revolutions, civil resistance, bloodshed, wars, murder, dictatorships, misery, hunger, destruction happens when freedom of speech, religion, rights to protect oneself, and other forms of civilized life are dissolved by selfish and unscrupulous people and governments.

    • Sam B. says:

      Horrible Holly. U & ur altered ego/shadow/sister Caracas-Kay need to take it easy on the radical socialist hallucinogens. The comments attitude & disposition of ur split personalities r ridiculous & totally pathetic. R u 2 even American citizens? I’m totally sold ur split personalities say the things r do just to get a rise out of people LOL. If not & you all actually believe the propaganda spewing from that hole in ur face…then it’s time to go back to Venezuela! So repulsive. LOL. Bye Felicia’s!

    • Tina West says:

      Holy Rose. I do believe that BIDEN will be the DISCRACE of this Nation. His family is crooked from his wife lying about cheating on her husband to get with creepy Joe. To his son getting millions of un deserved millions and Creepy Joe. 2021 will be interesting to see if the left is still wanting “justice” after the figures point at them. Don’t even get me started on Harris, how can either be proud of a fraudulent election??? Don’t see either one of them wanting TRUTH. God help them all in the after life where it really counts!

  4. Terrie Lopez says:

    Watching from California! Please save America!

  5. Tmac says:

    The Most shameful thing in American history! The Dems will stop at nothing to continue corruption of this Once Great Nation. Civil War is coming, and you can’t stop it! It’s what has to happen to stop the lying, cheating and filth of the Dems! God help us all ……..

    • Kay says:

      Right, and your sorry ass is going to be in jail.

    • Sam B. says:

      …& Caracas-KAY & her split personality Holly Rose sorry ass need to go back to Venezuela! Jus-stay’n! Bye bye un-Americans!!!! LOL
      Ur attitude & propaganda r pathetic! Sad.

  6. Alex Kerrigan says:

    We know what happened. We need to know whether there are any consequences for the actions ofcriminals. Americans have lost their right to vote in honest elections. We have lost all faith in our judicial system. Our government has proven that Americans and their small businesses cannot expect any meaningful help.

  7. David shannon says:

    The vets that fought for in all of our wars are turning in there graves . They fought and died for our freedom. This is a travesty to the you can’t have more votes than voters the dominion voting machines were tamped with that’s why the democraps did not want them look in to. When did judges, and governors changes relations to suit their there need without going threw congress. Tying to stop people from working when is rioting and looting have no punishment for who does it.

  8. sherry says:

    The election was stolen by crooks, no way Biden could win after 47 years of nothing to winning the election. Too many people walked away from the democratic party. I will always stand by Trump! He is the winner!

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      What was DJT and his royal heirs doing in those yrs?

    • Tina West says:

      PROOF it’s there, FRAUD has been exposed. Citizens are unting, this goes beyond your Political affiliations. This is the very thing our VETERANS died for! Our Citizen voices and wishes be heard! AMERICA don’t let it be STOLEN! Be BRAVE BELIEVE in our GOD and let FREEDOM REIGN!

  9. T Beach says:

    I cant believe they turned right around and let them pull the same bullshit in the Senate runoffs. Both Republicans had big leads and then counting stopped and when it restarted Warnock and Ossoff were ahead. What happened to the Rep votes??? They went backwards again. If somebody doesnt gp to jail now its time to start taking OUR government back.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      I believe it as I saw it happen as it should.

    • Kay says:

      Fuck you. The only election you support is the one you win. That’s not the way it works in a democracy. We will keep our eyes on the likes of you and make sure you end up behind bars for treason.

      • Jay says:

        Kay, what a lady you are. We love upsetting your likes due to your ignorance and anger..go ahead, keep your eye on me, watch me and I promise it may be something you don’t want to see. Threats don’t scare us, and your language leaves much to be desired.

  10. Jewel says:

    Kiss the “real” America good-bye! Just keep your eye on the “grand prize” of Heaven.

    • William Wlison says:

      Where have you been; open your eyes and look around and see where we are as a nation and a people.

  11. Bev says:

    Biden is a crook, Pelosi is a crook and a shrew, Schumer is a lying SOB


    Trump won the election! You people that think Biden actually won is as crazy as what Biden is! Biden will never be my oresident!

  13. ronald perchinsky says:


  14. I will never support Pelosi Schumer or any demonsrats. NEVER