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Lou Dobbs: Trump Must Take ‘Drastic Action’

Last night, Lou Dobbs received an extensive update from Sidney Powell on her efforts to demonstrate to courts across the country that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from President Trump and switched to Joe Biden.

Also, Lou Dobbs had strong words for Trump about what he should do now so that the election fraud he believes occurred is uncovered before Biden is sworn in on January 20th. According to Dobbs, “This president has to take drastic action, dramatic action…”

After you watch the video, please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Lou Dobbs is correct? Should Trump take “drastic action” to prevent Joe Biden from being sworn in as President of the United States? Or, do you believe that Joe Biden was elected fairly and will be the next president?


  1. Robin says:

    Can someone tell me how Marshall law works.I am all for it if it keeps our country free. Everyone knows our President had this election stolen from him. And of course, all the news about sleazy pedophile Joe and his crack head kid comes out after the electoral college votes the communists and camel toe in. I don’t want my great grandkids or anyone else raised communist. I don’t want anymore illegal aliens in our FREE country. If that happens then I wonder how the Demonrats would feel if their mom sister kids or innocent babies were raped or killed by someone they welcomed in to our country. So I hope President Trump will do what he has too. I would vote again if that’s what it takes to keep him where he should still be now.TRUMP NOW TRUMP FOREVER DRAIN THE SEWER DWELLERS AGAIN

  2. George says:

    It appears the UN’s plan of Agenda 21 now know as 20/30, will come to pass once Biden/Harris gets going. But I think the CCP
    Will step in and guide the Administration to move directly towards converting America as our founders had envisioned into the government of Communist China. The then ruling party won’t need a congress so those fools will be sent to the first class of re-education campuses. Where they will learn to submit themselves to the will of their new leaders. Unless President Trump activates The Insurrection Act, Activates the DOE and Rounds Up The Deep State and sends them to Gitmo to be held for a Military Tribunal. Found guilty and terminated for Treason. Once that is completed he can hold a Special Election for every vacant office and have America elect a President and Vice President, to govern America as the founders wanted.

    • JOHN WOLVERTON says:

      Just about every statement in your comment goes directly against our constution and what the founding fathers did to establish our DEMOCRACY. The complete subversion of the republican party and abdication of responsibility by the GOP during the last 4 years is disgraceful. The incoming administration are not communist and are not coming for our guns or beliefs. Unchecked greed and capitalism are destroying our country. Capitalism is good for the world but unchecked greed and last for power is not viable in a democracy. I would like to know 1 good reason for any single person or family have 40 billion dollars. No matter how they got it, that is money that is hurting social society especially when we have veterans living in the streets and children going hungry. Why are we the only global power that does not see ALL of their citizens Healthcare? Why does my health-care have to be tied to my job when in a right to work state I can be fired for no reason and having several pre-existing medical conditions it us a death sentence. You try to preach to others while the soap box you are standing on is rotting your soul because if someone doesn’t agree with you they are traiters and the enemy. Trump is a small petty man, a coward who doesn’t care about this country or the people in it. He doesn’t have clue about real life and us just a lowly tax cheat and con-man who will get what he deserves. Open your eyes, this entire country does better when we all do well. Help your community, help your neighbor, the hungry man on the street, buy him a burger or give him some work if you have it. You don’t know whats happened and that 1 gesture could be what saves his life or may be the little glimmer he needed to keep going.

      • JP says:

        Your comments disdaining billionaires might have more credit if it wasn’t for the fact that the Biden race was financed by billionaires George Soros and Mike Bloomberg. Soros has also financed many district attorney races installing liberals in local governments powers.
        Your argument for health care for all is well meaning but the weakness is that it will be managed by the government which has managed to create an uncontrollable swamp of tax suckers who grow their personal empires.

      • JP says:

        Regarding your slanderous comment “ Trump is a small petty man, a coward who doesn’t care about this country or the people in it. He doesn’t have clue about real life and us just a lowly tax cheat and con-man who will get what he deserves.”, you are a smaller pettier man who obviously doesn’t have a clue about what it takes to battle the trillion dollar swamp to affect the kind of economic growth that President Trump has accomplished. Surely you have heard the proverb, “Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day; teach him to fish and he can feed himself for life.” If you want to feed that man of which you spoke, then the economy has to be growing so there will be jobs to pay for those burgers. That was the contribution of President Trump.
        But all he has received is irrational slander by mindless self righteous dweebs.

  3. Hilda says:

    I agree it is time to take drastic measures and do it soon if we are to remain a free country. Everything is at stake. Please go for it to save America and her citizens.

  4. Joe Duncan says:

    President Trump needs to do what ever he needs to do to STOP these traitors of our Country. Just some of the ones that need to be arrested for treason are George Soros and his son, Joe Biden and his son, Pelosi, Schumer, both Clintons,all democrats in the House and Senate, Comey, etc., also arrest for treason the fake media CNN, MSNBC, etc., President Trump use the military to end this scourge on America. I am 71 years old and would never have believed this sort of corruption and overthrow of our government would have gone this far! The Chinese and Iran and possibly other countries have joined the radical democrats in trying to take over our Country. These radical democrats are total communist socialists Marxist, and have to be STOPPED! 74 million true Americans and I are with you and want you to use ANY MEANS necessary to save our Country for our children and grandchildren. I don’t know why when I try to post this, it says “I have already said this”

    • Arnold Tobias says:

      The perfect time to proclaim Marshall Law and shut it down and statrt over in battleground states with paper ballots.

  5. Joe Duncan says:

    President Trump needs to do what ever he needs to do to STOP these traitors of our Country. Just some of the ones that need to be arrested for treason are George Soros and his son, Joe Biden and his son, Pelosi, Schumer, both Clintons,all democrats in the House and Senate, Comey, etc., also arrest for treason the fake media CNN, MSNBC, etc., President Trump use the military to end this scourge on America. I am 71 years old and would never have believed this sort of corruption and overthrow of our government would have gone this far! The Chinese and Iran and possibly other countries have joined the radical democrats in trying to take over our Country. These radical democrats are total communist socialists Marxist, and have to be STOPPED! 74 million true Americans and I are with you and want you to use ANY MEANS necessary to save our Country for our children and grandchildren.

    • FLOYD BOIVIN says:


  6. Joe Duncan says:

    President Trump needs to do what ever he needs to do to STOP these traitors of our Country. Just some of the ones that need to be arrested for treason are George Soros and his son, Joe Biden and his son, Pelosi, Schumer, all democrats in the House and Senate, Comey, etc., also arrest for treason the fake media CNN, MSNBC, etc., President Trump use the military to end this scourge on America. I am 71 years old and would never have believed this sort of corruption and overthrow of our government would have gone this far! The Chinese and Iran and possibly other countries have joined the radical democrats in trying to take over our Country. These radical democrats are total communist socialists Marxist, and have to be STOPPED! 74 million true Americans and I are with you and want you to use ANY MEANS necessary to save our Country for our children and grandchildren.

  7. Donald cooper says:

    President trump , you have no choice . This attack on our republic can not stand you won this election and you cannot step down and turn America over to these traitors under any conditions .We beat down this coup d’ tat or we parish fighting for America. Anything less would be a great insult to all who have given their lives to preserve freedom. We must exhibit the same courage and clean up this traitorous corruption. All traitors involved must pay the price for treason . We cannot ever allow this to happen again.

  8. Stella says:

    Please understand, this was not election fraud but blatant acts of TREASON, punishable by death. I for one don’t want my grandchildren growing up in a Marxist society, and God forbid any one of them choose to follow in the treasonous steps of these election theives!

  9. Fred says:

    Oh my God, i must say i cannot believe the Kool-Aid you people are drinking! Trump should be in jail the moment he steps out of the white house. He is vile and the biggest LIAR the world has ever encountered. I hope Iam alive on Jan 20th to see his sorry ass go

    • Lynnett says:

      You need to get your facts correct. The Liberal democrat leaders are the ones that need to go to jail. (Russia Probe to cover up Hillary, corrupt impeachment that cost millions of dollars, Joe and Hunter Biden’s connections with China and the Ukraine, etc) You are a complete uninformed idiot!

      • Lilli says:

        Good reply and the absolute truth. These liberals are so uninformed, talk about swallowing Kool-Aid. If worse comes to worse and Biden rules, and RULE he will, lemmings like this one will understand firsthand what it means to live under a communist, socialist government and they won’t like it.

    • Laurie Mayer says:

      You cant realky believe that … your a fidiot

    • Pam says:

      Hey, Fred, You got it all wrong!! President Trump has done everything he said he would do. He is a very blunt person speaking and doesn’t beat
      around the bush. He doesn’t play games like the Democrats & liberals do. You people lie lie out your butts.

  10. Liberty says:

    All voters in contested states need to stand up and demand an audit in their states. Please find your voices and put heat on your state representatives. We deserve truth and integrity in our elections. Stand up or be silenced! Americans stand up, NOW!

  11. Cindy says:

    This election was a total fraud. There was no need for mail in votes that were so easy to mass produce. My husband is a mailman he delivered 2-3 mail in voter envelopes to the Same people various time so YES THERE WERE DUPLICATES The media has denied us the truth basically calling my president a liar shameful and not acceptable. I have REMOVED CNN off all my devises. They will never regain my trust. National new 60 minutes disgusting. Displaying Joe Biden like he has won this election. President TRUMP won this election. President Trump cares about America and all she stands for Truth Justice and Freedom. He did MORE than Any past sitting presidents finally we had a president to truely RESPECT he earned the American people respect after 4 years of False attacks against him he still did his job accomplished so many great things. People working stock market at all time high unemployment Down and not a peep out of North Korea as Obama predicted. And Borak Obama had his 8 years of Do Nothing he needs to Shut his Mouth and show respect to our sitting president. Never before have I seen a past president bad mouth and disrespect a sitting president. He and his wife should be ashamed of there remarks and behavior it has truly shown their true colors every fraudulent vote unverified vote double counted vote should be thrown out Trump won this election no doubt of that from the American citizens. Biden can’t even speak a full sentence and Kamala is a Racist Lier who true intent is to take over the presidential seat right from her “Joe” as she refers to him. Never in my life have I seen such criminal activity and it’s all coming out and we the people expect this fraud to be exposed and charges against those behind it. President Trump keep fighting for the American people Stay strong. God Bless You.

  12. Kathy Johnson says:

    Yes President Trump needs to take harder action. This election was rigged bad

    • Lynnett says:

      I agree Kathy. President Trump needs to do whatever it takes to get this elections fraud investigated with as much time as he needs to do it. January 20th should no longer be a date anyone cares!


    Sounds like a loosing battle, you would think someone would be smarter than this with the server going missing, after what happened with Hillary??? Hoping for the best, but with all the obstacles and obvious lack of staying on top and acting before the crooks do, it doesn’t look good. That server should have been secured with armed guards!! Praying for a Trump win, just loosing Hope!!

  14. Denise says:

    At the risk of sounding like a SENIOR. History may very well be repeating itself. From the time this great country was founded. Has anyone bothered to read The Constitution or The Federalist Papers? Our Forefathers knew how evil and dark people could be.How many faces one would wear to get what they wanted. They wanted to protect us against what is HAPPENING NOW. Thank God for President Trump and all the Patriots in this beautiful country. He has picked this country up by the bootstraps and put us to work and given us pride in oneself. Like all of the immigrants who came to this land from Europe. I am the Granddaughter and great Granddaughter of some remarkable people. We all have stories. We all have history. Let us be the ones to make history , Mr. President, to be a great nation. Who others look up to.

  15. gs says:

    the democrats and their followers are corrupt liars. They are or never have been looking out for the American people. They only want to line their own pockets. They practically tortured
    President Trump with outlandish accusations. Every day something
    else was thought up just to destroy THE GOOD we finally had in
    this country I am so sick and tired of them and I truly wish
    something could be done to stop them. They are radical socialists! I too pray that President Trump will prevail.

  16. ronald pikul says:

    How deep is deep. Go all the way back to the installation of the federal reserve of 1913. Totally against the constitution and promoted by an ignorant president that didn`t know any better. Only to confess on his death bed that he wronged the American people and the congress went along with it. By 9 March,1933 it was all over. The deep state of foreign money put all of us in a trust and stole all of our property and we became slaves by the consent of our elected officials including our courts. So here comes Satan and the wrongs that have brought the American people to self disintegrate. Now we kill our unborn future work force and have almost lost our God. I pray to God that he will help us even though we don`t deserve it. God bless all and pray to God for his help. He`s are hope and love that we need.

  17. Lynn Hughes says:

    Thank you for presenting this video. So much media we can’t believe. YES, I believe Lou Dobs is correct that President Trump should take drastic against all these LIARS. And I truly appreciate the comments from the

    • Marla says:

      We are a third world nation. We pray every day that the election will be overturned. It is unbelievable that we allow people to vote without proof of identity, proof you are a citizen, and proof that you are a registered taxpayer.
      Mailing out ballots is a fraud on every registered voter of the United States and I believe it is a sham for every American. I understand each state legislature gets to make their own election laws but they must be governed by requirements that should be in our constitution. Prove who you are and prove you have the right to vote. This is ridiculous

      • cinderbee says:

        Absolutely agree. I had no idea until the the 2016 election that ID was NOT required to vote! I questioned the official at our polling place. “How do you know who I am if I don’t have ID? I could be anyone using someone else’s info.”
        I remember leaving that day saying to myself, “That is just plain stupid.”
        And now look, stupidity is all over. Why did no one stand up to this hypocrisy when it was first changed to no ID required? It is an invitation to cheat. Period!

    • W. H. (Bill) Sterling says:

      YES; I Truly Agree with What LOU DOBBS Has Said !!! For When YOU are Dealing With the LIKES of Buy-den (or BIDEN), OBANA & the MANY, MANY Others Like them !!! We All Know them Because they are ALL LIERS, CROOKS, THEIVES, CHEETERS & etc. ALL of them can be put in 1 (ONE) Category & that is “THUGS & I MEAN THUGS” in a “CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE” TOGATHER !!!! When ONE Has to DEAL with PEOPLE Like Those Above it MUST be DONE by ONE UPMAN SHIP or Get to them before they get to YOU !!!!!

  18. Vickie says:

    I agree that corruption should be exposed and President Trump should call in the military and arrest all the people who committed crimes and throw them in jail and throw away the key. Mr. President don’t concede to Biden and stop him from destroying America and it’s history. May God bless you and your team.

  19. T Beach says:

    I think Trump has this all under controll. He is letting things play out just to see who all is involved. Judges ruling against valid evidence and all the others. Why you think Gen Flynn got pardoned. He was a Military Intelligence officer for most of his career. Things are in play that nobody knows about. But the poop is about to hit the fan. Gitmo is gonna get crowded and there will be Military Tribunals instead of leaving it to the corrupt court systems. Keep the faith Patriots.

    • Sarah says:

      I hope it’s true!

    • Laurie Mayer says:


  20. Richard Gagnon says:

    Fully agree with Dobbs & Powell…this is an atrocity…it’s an assault on our constitutional republic and drastic action needs to be taken now!! Activate the militia, armed forces or whatever necessary to stop this coup…It’s just beyond belief what is happening to our country….

  21. rick says:

    Dobbs is right! We are already living in a banana republic, & if this isn’t stopped right now, there will be no country to govern, for commies OR Americans!

  22. john Lowry says:

    All Real Americans had better start organizing !!

  23. Anita Hodges says:

    What I fear is that the fraud wil be perpetrated without objection! And that after a few days/weeks/months, everything will be brushed under the rug and nothing will be done.

  24. Chuck says:

    I have never in my lifetime read so many lies, distortions , and literal right wing outright lies. You people are drinking some evil Kool-aid. Wake up America, the evil is leaving the whit house!!!

    • T Beach says:

      And you are an absolute moron if you think Obiden got 80 million votes. Strange he only got them in certain states with Dominion machines. Got beat by a landslide every where else. Guess what else. You just made the list!!! Thats right. Patriots can make lists too

    • Sam B. says:

      Up-Chuck…what lies? What distortion? Tell us! Don’t twist & turn the facts like the biased narrative BS fake news media does! 90% of the media has become grossly unhinged & PATHETIC. A JOKE. I’m a registered Democrat…NOT part of the “radical progressive unhinged SOCIALIST PARTY”..& I’m also not in denial! The evidence on all this fraud is astounding! HUNDREDS of people have stepped forward..signed affidavits that show/prove all this voter/voting fraud. IF they r full of bs then they can b jailed for perjury!
      Whether or not ALL this fraud changes the presidential outcome…it most definitely must b investigated. Everyone involved must b held accountable!! Our sovereign democracy is at stake! This is the truth! These r the facts! NOT “truth over fact”. LOL.
      Ps: Somebody please remind quid pro quo JOE he’s running for President & NOT U.S. SENATE!! God help us!

  25. ed says:

    The Left are Fabian Socialists.
    The Right are Nazis.
    The Goal is Agenda 21.
    The scenario is a mesh of parts of both sides working together, inorder to take over the Globe and all its parts, including People.
    The UN is the Administrator, for this, Switzerland appears to be the Capitol for this.

    This must be DISMANTLED, all countries are on Board with this, atleast, their Politicians.
    This is not the venue to name all the parts, that to follow.

    The 2020 Presidential Election was rigged and stolen, no doubt about that.
    So if the Courts do not act quickly and honestly: then a dangerous action must occur, The Military must intervene, to stop the process and hold a new Election.
    This is, ofcourse a dangerous act, because the Military may not leave its holding position.
    And the Agenda would be forced on the Populations.

    Left alone Biden, would push the Agenda Hard, and his group would control the World, BAD choice.
    If Trump, got to keep his Position as President, without the influences of the Left (Liberal CIA).
    Then Humanity would have a 50% Chance of beating and stopping the Agenda 21.
    I write 50% chance, because much of the Right, is Nazi and working withe Left.
    But nevertheless it would offer a chance and buy time for humanity to stop and reverse Agenda 21.

  26. Russell Taylor says:

    Based on what I have read regarding insurrection, I think we have clear case of insurrection currently happening in our country. Only our president can declare this and he should NOW!!!!!!! Please Mr. President make the declaration before it is too late. Arrest the criminals based on the evidence because nobody else is willing to do the job they were elected for so that leaves only you to obey the law as everyone else refuses to. The people need to get off their asses and stop rolling over for the criminals and if not you all deserve what will come. We have no epidemic its the flu, masks do not help just read the box they come in that states they do not help and people are driving around alone with masks on it is ridiculous how many people are so sheepish. We all better stop waiting for this to go away by itself because it is not going to.God help America

  27. Steve says:

    It’s time to “throw off” the corrupt left wing ANTI AMERICAN communist democrat party as traitors and completely clean out the FBI and DOJ!! Just because you live in America doesn’t make you an American. Communist/socialist live here and want to destroy our country. Prison time for Obama, Biden, Clintons, Schumer, Pelosi and every left wing nut job judges that won’t adhere to our constitution! We the TRUE American citizens DEMAND JUSTICE!!

  28. Irene Moore says:

    The “corruption” MUST be exposed. This election is more than just “who will run our country. Penance must be assigned to the Cabal. I believe this is a “GOD” thing for exposure. Remember JFK. Trump must finish the job!!! America is at the cross-roads and the evil must be exposed and corrected and the participants charged to the maximum extent of the law.

    • Kj says:

      EXPOSURE…is only the beginning of
      the evil slime in the swamp…

      And while we fight, riot, etc..
      The enemy moves closer..


  29. Thomas says:

    Our way of Life just become an atrocity! How and why we have a loud the kind of things that are happening now to happen because of the left, because of Socialism, because of people who have forgotten about the basic godlike principles that has made this country great!I am a palled at the things that the Democrats want to do and push forward in this country of the United States. We have come to a place where as people who believe in God, and have been able to live in a free country; A Country like no other in the world where we’ve been able to come and go as we please and live our lives pretty much as the way we wanted to, simply because of our believe in God and the way he has created this country to be because of Christian faith,And doing what’s right for the United States of America! I can’t believe that our Heavenly Father would really want to see the Democratic Party to be in power, and in the White House, which will bring about Tyranny and socialism, and trying to move GOD out of our Country that was formed ,and Blessed,by God Almighty! Wake up America and let’s take a final stand against the atrocities that the Democratic Party wishes to bring to the USA

    • Nut says:

      So be it.

    • James Reel says:

      Well it’s no longer an issue with replica or Democrat. It is an issue between right and wrong, Good and evil, God and Satan!!. Biblical Christians can’t be on the side of murdering babies in the womb, defiance against God’s created way of marriage, definition of the family, living in truth not lies and all kinds of corruption. Trump our president is human and not perfect,but at least he is on the RIGHT side.

      • First they took away the Pledge of Allegiance out of Primary schools n now it’s come to so many unthinkable mindless horrendous acts upon Americans n America!! Yes, Trump should fight!! He is God’s chosen President for America!! Not Joe Biden! I now know why God picked him!!

    • Kj says:

      I don’t believe God wants this for HIS
      People ‼️

      ” If my people will humble themselves and repent of their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven”..
      HE, has given us HIS promise after we follow HIS request…then HE will cause Havot for all those who are not HIS people.
      PRAY… STAND…UNITE..with the ONE who gave breath you breathe 🇺🇸✝️

  30. Duane says:

    If our government the (FBI, DOJ) continue to ignore all of this criminal behavior of fraud will they ignore what may come? This may be the cause of the next CIVIL WAR. Are you ready for that? Yes as long as the media and Democrats continue to ignore the facts this is a possible outcome. YOU MUST CHOOSE, FREEDOM WITH TRUMP OR HELL WITH BIDEN. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE, IT MUST BE FOUGHT FOR!

    • Kj says:

      Trump has taught one how to STAND..as an American..
      But one will have to bow for the NEXT….

      Think more…then act American.

  31. Honest says:

    Demo`RATS also gave all kinds of “Gifts” to the American Indians ~Thought that was Highly Illegal.. Was anyone of the Demo Rats brought up on charges?? Must be COMMIE was in charge of that little Stunt Too!! And what about Stinky Finger Biden ~ Oh! Swept under Commies Rug~

    • Kaye says:

      I think if the President doesn’t stop this now it won’t be stopped and the next stop for this country is Communism! I am praying for our President and I hope he will not concede and will prove the corruption and all these so called leaders will go to jail! Pelosi first and all the way down the ladder to the Obama’s and Clinton’s with The Biden’s tagging along as usual!!! I am praying for you Mr. President and I just want to tell you I appreciate you telling the reporter of his lack of respect for you ! That should have been said 4 years ago! You Sir, are now and will continue to be my President and I thank God for you. Please stand strong! Don’t give up! God is on your side, but it is better if we are on His!!

  32. Bob says:

    You can’t win a street fight by playing by the rules while your enemy fights dirty. To para phrase a former illegitimate 1st lady; “If they go low we go lower lower!”

  33. Roger says:

    How can this NOT be the most egregious violation of election law. Our president has been assaulted from all sides since taking office and the dems have decided that blatant fraud was necessary to remove him from office. President Trump, do whatever you must to see this does not go unanswered.And we will do what we must to ensure that our votes are not stolen.

    • Kj says:

      Senile seniors…that should have been
      RETIRED.. way long ago.

      How can anyone respect an Elder who lie, ❓
      My grandaddy taught me: If a man will LIE, he will STEAL and if he steals.He will CHEAT. Wise man…seems the left measures up. Imagine what their grandkids think as they watch grown adults in their family behave like this‼️

  34. Bob says:

    Trump should do whatever he has to to foil this bogus fraudulent election. Invoke the insurrection act if necessary. If Joe Biden is sworn in there will never be another honest election in this country, nor another Republican President,Senate or House. The Socialists will have won and we will become another Banana Republic. This is not about Trump!
    Where the hell is the FBI?? With all the evidence of Fraud why haven’t they investigated and made arrests. I love Donald Trump but he screwed up big time by not cleaning house the day he was sworn in. The bureaucracy is still filled with Trump haters. They can’t be won over because he is a nice guy. They needed to be replaced, still do.
    This is a conspiracy to overthrow our Government and it is working! If this election stands, do you really believe that we will win in the Georgia Senate runoffs?! They will pack the SCOTUS and the world as we Americans know it will cease to exist. That is why we have a Second Amendment, to stop Tyranny!Mr President…You can save us. Otherwise it’s Put up or Shut UP time for American Patriots and believers in our Constitution and all it’s Amendments, especially the 2nd!
    Maybe it’s time to form Militias.

  35. Richard horse says:

    Every judge in this country should rise to this fraudulent election. If you don’t have honest election you don’t have a free country anymore which is what the cheating side wants. If I was a Democrat I would be ashamed. People who don’t believe in God are behind this

    • Kj says:

      Yes…and IF they don’t get punished in this world..
      They have forgotten..they will when they die and all these evil things will torture them in a place of NO ESCAPE and the REAL JUDGE will Judge them for every evil thought and deed‼️. Forever

      • Phyllis Poole says:


  36. Honest says:

    WTF ~ Number 1 ~ Comey should spell his name Correctly ~ COMMIE !! Clean up the FBI as well as the DOJ ~ Fire these unfit people and start over ~ They, for the most part are ALL unfit for these jobs ~ Let them go find other jobs, Hopefully in Russia ~ They FALSELY ACCUSE GENERAL FLYNN, an American Hero of BS~ He has suffered Greatly, i.e. Loosing Everything Pension, Home, as well as many other things ~ They even brought his Son into their Lying and Deceit ~ Time For Americans to WAKE UP and DEMAND Justice ~ Remember~~~ White Lives Matter Also~ As President Trump has already stated ~ Make America Great Again !!

  37. Deborah says:

    We are looking like a third world country. Kemp should be arrested for treason. All servers need to be collected and put under guard. I can not believe this is happening. I see it as why bother voting if your vote can be stolen. Thank you Lou Dobbs and Sidney Powell God Bless

  38. Douglas Darling says:

    How have we come to this crossroad in the greatest country in Mankind’s history. Have we become so selfish, venal and uncaring that we are willing to squander the blood of our forefathers on the altar of Self? Can we stand by and allow this to happen in full view? I begin to believe that WE THE PEOPLE must reassert our primacy by whatever means we possess, punish every person who is proven to be complicit in this grossly illegal action to the fullest extent of the law. It is indeed time for martial law to be DECLARED! NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. God Bless the United States of America!

  39. Deborah Wilcox says:

    Lou, what drastic action can the President take? Would petitions signed by all the Trump backers in America help? Who would you address it to?

  40. We hope that President Trump will continue to pursue justice regarding the fraudulent actions of the democrat party and deep state and main stream fake news media. the FBI, department of justice, IRS, CIA, NSA are all suspect in there attempt to push a totally unqualified, weak and corrupt duo of the Biden, Harris candidates to take over the power of the United States. Common sense Americans will never accept them as president and vice president of the United States of America. We must fight this take over in everyway that is possible and never concede to the radical left of our country. They must be destroyed.

  41. Linda Anderson says:

    LOu Dobbs is right. President Trump needs to take action now in demanding a recount in every state. I believe he won some of the states that called it for Biden at 7 o’clock on the east coast. I don’t believe we have that many stupid people in the United States of America. Period!!

  42. Robert Morrill says:

    pleHOEse said they had insurance policies in place to make sure trump doesn’t win and he would be removed if they have to
    fumigate (murder) him out.
    That statement says it all.

  43. Richard Hull says:

    Losing an election fair and honestly is one thing but having the demonic democratic party steal it is quite another. Joe Biden as president. What a frigging joke. Goodbye America. Hello national socialism. NO. I think the Supreme Court needs to get involved. They are the judicial branch of our government and they need to rule on “ALL THE EVIDENCE” and decide who should be president.

  44. Sylvia says:

    Every American should be interested in taken a part of Voter Fraud and looking into the Voter Machines, why did the remove a Voter Machine from Georgia and it can’t be found. Things are very fishy

    • Kj says:

      L I À R S‼️‼️‼️. They are liars plain and simple ‼️

    • Liberty says:

      Georgia voters should demand answers! Call your state representatives! Put heat on them! Transparency and integrity in our elections.