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Madonna: ‘Gun Control Should Be Mandatory’

In the latest example of an all-but-washed-up “superstar” trying to influence social policy, Madonna has come out to demand that “gun control should be mandatory.” She also argues that police officers involved in shootings should go to prison for life without a trial. Yes, she actually wrote that – see below.


Madonna is speaking her mind on gun control,” according to Yahoo News.

The iconic singer, 62, took to Instagram on Saturday to post a series of photos and videos advising Americans to ‘wake up’ in response to chronic gun violence.

“‘There’s a new vaccination!’ Madonna captioned her first post. ‘It’s called GUN CONTROL! Should be mandatory. It will SAVE LIVES!’

“In the NSFW video, Madonna wears a bright blue balaclava as she plasters signs reading “#WAKEUPAMERICA” and “#GUNCONTROLNOW” across Los Angeles.

“‘Have you heard of this new vaccination for America? It’s going to keep us all alive. It’s going to keep us all safe. It’s called gun control,’ Madonna says to the camera with a paint roller in hand. ‘OK? It’s called gun safety. A new vaccination. Should be mandatory. We’re all citizens.’… [emphasis added]

“‘Yes, people kill people, not guns,’ she wrote in a lengthy caption. ‘If they were outlawed then no one would feel the need to own a gun to protect themselves from those who have guns. As for police killing innocent children, shooting and suffocating and brutalizing innocent people, they should go immediately to jail for the rest of their lives. No trial, no corrupt justice system.'” [emphasis added]

For more of this report, please go to Yahoo News.

Check out Madonna’s Instagram posts below and then share your opinion about Madonna’s statements in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Madonna? Why or why not?


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