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Majority Want Biden to Resign

Given that the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been perceived as a disaster by many across the political spectrum, the following report may not be shocking. Still, it is the first time that Biden seems to be in deep political trouble with the American people.


“A majority of voters believe President Biden should resign over his administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday found,” according to Breitbart.

“The survey asked respondents, ‘Should President Joe Biden resign because of the way the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was handled?’

“Overall, a majority, or 52 percent, said “yes,” Biden should resign, while 39 percent said he should not. Opinions over Biden resigning are sharply divided along party lines, as three-quarters of Republicans say he should — a sentiment held by nearly one-third of Democrats, 32 percent, and a plurality of independents, 48 percent. [emphasis added]

“Sixty percent of Democrats, however, say Biden should not resign.”

For more of its report, please go to Breitbart.

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