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Marine Critical of Biden Forced to Undergo Mental Exam

Evidently, someone in the chain of command decided that because this high-ranking officer in the United States Marine Corps was critical of how Biden and the military leadership conducted the withdrawal from Afghanistan, he must be crazy. Of course, he’s not crazy. He’s angry.


“The US Marine Corps officer who was relieved of his command over a battalion for chastising his bosses over the botched Afghan withdrawal has revealed that he was ordered to undergo a mental health screening, according to the New York Post. [emphasis added]

“‘When I went into work this morning, I was ordered by my commanding officer to go to the Hospital for a mental health screening,’ Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller wrote on Facebook on Monday. [emphasis added]

“‘I was evaluated by the mental health specialists and then sent on my way. My CO is a standup guy, and I understand why he did it,’ he added…

“Last week, Scheller posted a video that went viral on Facebook in which he ripped into military leadership following the devastating suicide bombing at Kabul airport, which killed 13 US service members and scores of Afghans.” [emphasis added]

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