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Marjorie Taylor Greene: Voter ID Is Not Racist

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) argues (see video below) that, “It’s very racist to assume that black people are not intelligent enough to get an ID to vote.” She also believes that Democrats are the “real” racists in the United States.

Is she correct? Watch the video below where she explains her viewpoint and share your opinion in the comment section!


  1. kit1 says:

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IS WHAT THE DEMOCRATS & FAR LEFT WANT. NO VOTER ID. THE DEMOCRATS DO CRAP FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, BLACK OR WHITE. THEY KNEW TRUMP WOULD WIN SO THE DEMOCRATS HAD TO DO MAIL FRAUD SO BIDEN WOULD WIN. Then let millions of illegals come into American, at the taxpayers’ expense. Instead, have ALL DemocRats pay for it. Plus, WITH NO VOTER ID, illegals would vote for the Democrats to stay in America for free. It’s time to GET RID OF ALL DEMOCRATS & MAGA! FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, NOT illegals. Black or White, put Americans First.

    • Charles Larson says:

      There was no proof of mail fraud, idiot. Or certainly none anyone got away with. If an election official found any why did they not go to CNN and say, “See, this is what we’re talking about? ” Do you think Anderson Cooper would not have permitted them to show evidence of it on national TV? HA HA HA. He would’ve loved it, to help ratings and he’s as unbiased at reporting news as anyone. Ditto for Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon. Who cares about their sexuality? The truth is all that matters to them and CNN. FOX NETWORK is the one with biased reporting and sleezy reporters who report “fake news”.

      • Darlene Hochevar says:

        There was many cases of voter fraud. It may have not been enough to overturn the election but there most certainly was and there should not be any voter fraud!! Anderson Cooper is a democrat and would not put anything on CNN about voter fraud.

  2. David Smith says:

    LMAO Everything is Racist they even said a tree was racist must be the tree known as the white birch. so if going against fraud in voting and wanting a voter ID is racist then so are drivers license I guess only blacks use mail in votes ??? Oops I forgot you can be racist against poor people too I wonder if they are smart enough to require a person to go get the ID before they send them a mail in vote like they make you take a photo at the DMV to prove you are that person and you have passed a test showing you can at least write and guess good. But what do I know I am a racist terrorist Illegal LMAO Your breathing white clear air so you are a racist you drink clear water so you are a racist you are right handed so you are a racist Give me a break liberal democrats are destroying this country and so are educated idiots and the people who don’t like one guy running for president so they vote for the other never thinking not or vote or voting independent or write in a person to vote for I personally liked Goofy and Beavis They are both smarter than Biden LOL Oh I forgot I have a pathetic life LMAO

    • Charles Larson says:

      Sorry, David, I don’t get your post.You lost me with dumb statements about “clear air” and “clear water”. “White trees” ? No, people are racist. You prove that with your words and action. Who besides poor minorities do the Georgia Governor’s new law TARGET AND WHY? I made that clear because it’s extremely clear it’s racist and about politics in trying to oppress poor democrats.

  3. Charles Larson says:

    Of course, voter ID and requiring it is not racist itself, but the motive and reason that the Georgia Governor and representative Greene wanting it is racist. Why? Because they’re obviously targeting the mail-in voters who helped Biden win the 2020 election and the Georgia delegate votes. A large number of mail-in voters were blacks and other minorities and poor people, WE ALL KNOW THAT FACT. So, to make up new laws in order to target minority voters and make it more difficult and limited for those people to vote, when the security of the votes and ballots were plenty good already, that’s very racist of white republican politicians to do. They’re just poor-sore losers. They need to work on improving at their jobs, not on in trying to oppress minority voters just because most of them are democrats. Yes, there definitely are many racist democrats, too, of all races. That doesn’t mean they’re making up new racist-like laws that target minorities. The mail-in ballots have lots of security questions that clearly establish each registered voter’s identity which negates the need for showing picture ID’s. And who is the “god” they’re supposed to show it too? The machine in the booth they enter into? That new law is all-about taking away mail-in voting and requiring only in- person voting except for out- of – country voters, like military personnel. Republicans need to work on EARNING PEOPLE’S VOTES, not on oppressing minority voters.

  4. Joseph Montante says:

    She’s amazingly refreshing. With all the darkness out there, she’s a shinning light. I love her. What she stands for is what I stand for. Constitutional freedoms, religious freedoms, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We need to stand up and fight for America. Pelosi is deranged if she thinks things are going well on the border. And she does! So Biden is demented, Pelosi is deranged and Harris is MIA. How much worse could it get? The answer is tyranny. No sane American wants that. It’s time to say no more.

    • Charles Larson says:

      What she stands for? She stands for oppressing poor black democrats and ANY democrats that she and the Governor can devise new stupid laws that help oppress them at voting, especially the easy mail-in way. That is 100% ALL that she stands for, she doesn’t stand for Georgia citizens by doing a good job. She’s extremely UGLY with her “light”, your ass, because her racism shows brightly.

  5. Gerald C Boyle says:

    I think Rep. Greene would make President Trump a good VP.

  6. Patricia Crumrine says:

    It is only a boycott if the company KNOWS you have stopped buying their product. Please…if you decide to boycott Coke or any company, write or call the company. It’s not hard to find a phone number or address…please follow through with your statement of WHY you are not buying. You are in charge of your money. Voter ID is certainly NOT racial. We are being bombarded with BS.

  7. Holly Rose says:

    Maybe we should change labeling and packaging and call it voter license. Do they call driver, hunting and fishing license racist? Isn’t that what voter ID is a license to vote?

    • Charles Larson says:

      Registered voters do not need a license to vote. Any picture ID is accepted for in-person voting. Mostly driver’s licenses. Just as when you’re carded for cigarettes or alcohol.

  8. kelly walker says:

    I’m so glad that Marjerie Taylor Green is still in office. She is good people. Her heart is good. Shes doing her job very well and gave me back my hope in this fight. Thank you Marjorie for standing up to fight against the injustice. I know we are going to win this fight.
    Sincerely, Kelly L. Walker

    • Patrick Burke says:

      With Trump we all got a taste of what it’s like to run this country the right way. To be God fearing and just . Everyone benefited, it was amazing . Now we must pray and fight as hard as we can against the pure evil that is in charge now. We are blessed to have many hard working conservative Republicans standing up against this destructive movement against our republic. We must pray for all of them daily and speak up always.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Kelly Walker, you sure backed the wrong horse. Funny, how you can’t say one good thing she did, much less stand up for justice, she’s stepping on it. There’s nothing wrong about mail-in votes, and she can suggest a helpful security question IF that’s what it’s supposed to be about. When you mail in your fine for a traffic ticket no one comes to your home asking you to show your ID, RIGHT?

  9. Fed up says:

    Between the liberal Demonrats and the media the two have caused more racial tension than we ever had

  10. rick says:

    If anybody would bother to pick up & READ a history book, they’d know that commiecrats have ALWAYS been the racists in this country! But then, kids in school haven’t been taught to read history for decades, so how would any of them know?

    • Charles Larson says:

      I don’t know what schools you attended, but I learned history in both Catholic and public schools, the latter taught the ridiculous and “impossible” evolution theory by Charles Darwin as fact. Sure, well, I never saw monkeys and apes make baby humans, have you ?

  11. Pete says:

    Right on Greene. The true racists. Are the hypocrite Commie dems. Who are. On a mission. To destroy america. And only care about themselves. With power. Not the American people. We need to clean the swamp. In 2022

  12. David Smith says:

    I’ll vote for Greene for President at least she makes sense and want the hell is Faragoon talking about he should retire with Sharpless They could each enjoy the money the scammed from ignorant black people. And who cares what that towel head said about the murder of Jews by Hitler the proof is there if he can get the towel from around his head and eyes and get the blood circulating again. Maybe instead of Iraq we should have dropped a few bombs on the Iran towel heads but don’t worry because of Biden the terrorist are coming here right across the border now we will have to have BLM and ANTIFA kill them if we can convince them that they are white racist Well sadly did not get my stimulus check like they said I would today so I have to fight with the IRS and get the money to leave I fear white America you are going to have a war worse than the civil war. I hope God will have mercy on America but I far he is really pissed at this government and the abortions and the crime in this country

  13. I totally agree with Marjorie Taylor Green that the plutocrats occupying Congress and falsely calling themselves “Democrats” are carrying out an aggressive racist attack against blacks. These plutocrats in power, for some reason, denied some black voters the right to identity. We must declare war on these racists who present themselves as democrats; and issue every black voter an identity document that he is an equal American citizen who is eligible for the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

  14. Sylvia Malloy says:

    I agree with Rep. Greene. I hate the duplicity of the current administration.

  15. Sylvia Malloy says:

    I agree with Rep. Greene

    • Patrick Burke says:

      Marjorie Taylor Green is doing an amazing joe as is Candise Owens. . Both are fighting hard for our country.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Fighting hard for what? Voter oppression? Stop lying in defending an immoral republican.

  16. Shar D says:

    I admire Congresswomen Greene for her stand for righteousness. The Democrats have broken God’s law as well as the countries law trying to justify all their wrongs with excuses. They will suffer in the end and so will Twitter, I have never used Twitter and never will.

  17. Honest says:

    BLM Equals BS

  18. bruce says:

    Democrats are struggling trying to figure out how they can keep the black people/minorities “on the plantation”. They saw more people of color realizing that while the democrats used rhetoric that pampered to them, Their actions proved they didn’t mean any of it. Trump said “What do you have to lose?” He was right. He created policies that were specifically designed to provide real help for our minority Americans. Many have been “waking” up to the truth. In their latest ploy, they are trying to being in new voters (democratic) by opening our borders but unfortunately this has a terrible downside as well. MTG is right on and its an insult to our Black brothers and sisters to assume they are too stupid to get an ID. We all have them. Its a false story. No one’s vote is suppressed or restricted. The fallacies and deceptions of the left are monstrous.I pray they begin to see that.

    • Shar D says:

      I agree and they are falling back into the early days that caused grief for so many with segregation. They were forced to leave their country to be slaves in America. It broke up families with much heartbreak and children without parents. We have in near past accepted them into our society and now the Democrates want to reverse that, what a shame.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Bruce, We The People already are required to have ID’S. A new “voter’s license” is unneeded when many of us only vote every 4 years or so. Next thing we know, republican politicians will require everyone to have a personal bathroom ID to prove our sex/gender for every time we need to use a public rest room at restaurants, bars, movies, stadiums and other entertainment sites. Afterall, we don’t need anyone committing fraud anywhere and endangering women and children’s lives.

  19. Don says:

    Not only Greene. I grew up blue collar Dem and KNOW they were the first racists and continue today by lying and using the others for their own gain ONLY. The stupid will find out in the end like has happened in all socialist/commie countries.

    • Esther Flowers says:

      Yes, I totally agree. People are being led like sheep to the slaughter, with misinformation and lies galore