Mass Shooting; Dozens and Dozens of Rounds Fired

( – BREAKING NOW: In Seattle, a tragic event unfolded as a mass shooting occurred on Friday night in a parking lot, injuring five people, two of whom are in critical condition, the city’s police chief reported.

The police arrived at the scene around 9 pm on Rainier Avenue South, at a place previously called King Donuts. At that time, a community event was happening nearby, stated the police chief, Adrian Diaz.

As of Saturday morning, there have been a shocking 413 mass shootings in the US.

A mass shooting is defined as an incident where four or more people are harmed or killed.

Two of the five injured people are in serious condition, while three seem stable. Four victims were rushed to the hospital, while the fifth was treated on-site, informed Diaz.

Diaz explained, “We know that there’s dozens and dozens of rounds that were fired,” however, the police were unsure of the shooter’s intent.

Furthermore, Diaz mentioned that the number of shootings in Seattle has varied year by year, but gun violence has consistently been a problem in the city.

“Right now, we’ve really got to get guns off the streets,” Diaz stressed.

Seattle’s mayor, Bruce Harrell, expressed sorrow that such gun violence could disrupt a community event.

“These community leaders are putting literally their lives on the line to protect their own community,” stated Harrell, who expressed gratitude to these leaders and the police investigators. “These fine officers [are] working with these fine community leaders, trying to protect their babies here, trying to protect our youth.”