Mass Shooting Strikes Washington DC

( – In a tragic incident, three individuals died, and at least four more were hospitalized following a mass shooting in Southeast Washington, D.C.

Acting Police Chief Pamela Smith referred to it as a mindless act of aggression, stating, “Let me be clear: This gun violence has to stop,” and adding, “It is incredibly frustrating. We know that someone in the community knows what’s happening.”

The police were alerted to the event near the intersection of Good Hope Road and 16th Street SE between 8-9 p.m. Smith revealed that officers were already in the vicinity when the shots rang out. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered at least seven victims.

The deceased included two males and one female, who were pronounced dead at the shooting location. Four others were transported to a local hospital, with their current conditions remaining unknown.

Smith expressed her concern by saying, “This is not a warzone. We want our residents to feel safe.” She further informed that the investigation by the District’s officials is still ongoing and that they continue to search for more victims, stating, “We realize that there may be others who may have been injured tonight. We’re asking you to come forward.”

Currently, the reason behind the shooting is unconfirmed, and authorities have closed Good Hope Road SE between 13th and Fendal Streets for investigation purposes.

This mass shooting incident on Saturday night represents a bleak commencement to August in the District. Since the beginning of the month, the District’s officers have responded to 11 homicides within the city.

Additionally, police had already been called to another shooting in Northwest D.C. early Saturday morning. Around 1 a.m., according to Smith, a shooting in Adams Morgan resulted in two fatalities and severe injuries to a third person. None of the victims have been identified.

“Another act of senseless violence has occurred in this area where two individuals have lost their lives and one has been transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries,” Smith commented during an early Saturday press conference.

Both shootings on Saturday resulted in injuries to three more individuals, as reported by the police.

The total death toll on Saturday alone accounts for nearly half of the homicides reported so far in August. These deaths contribute to an already alarming number of more than 150 homicides recorded by D.C. police this year.