Melania’s Plans Revealed?! Is It True?

Melania Trump

( – With former President Donald Trump’s reclaiming of the White House in November becoming increasingly likely, reports have emerged that former First Lady Melania Trump plans to refrain from residing or engaging in social activities in Washington, DC.

A report from Axios contrasts this potential approach with that of former President Barack Obama and the current Commander in Chief, Joe Biden, noting that the Trumps largely eschewed DC-based activities during Trump’s tenure, Newsmax report.

There has been persistent speculation, often referred to as a “long-running whisper campaign,” about whether the first lady actually lived in the White House or with her parents in the suburbs following the 2016 election victory of her husband.

“So the prospect of her rolling in for a second full-time stint in the East Wing? Doubtful,” wrote Mimi Montgomery of Axios, who based this assessment on conversations with several experts on Melania Trump.

Montgomery suggests that Melania Trump might instead shuttle between Palm Beach, Florida—her home for the past four years—and New York City, where her son Baron is said to possibly be enrolling at New York University.

Under this scenario, her visits to the White House would be limited to significant occasions such as state dinners or special events.

“Melania does what Melania wants,” Mary Jordan, an associate editor at the Washington Post and author of a book on the former first lady, told Axios.

Jordan highlighted this attitude as distinctly setting her apart in history from any other first lady. “Her view is unelected, not paid.”

Since her departure from the East Wing in 2021, public appearances of the former first lady have been scarce.

“She’s distancing herself even more from her husband and from the Washington social political scene,” noted Kate Anderson Brewer, an author of books on the White House and first ladies, in a conversation with Axios.

“I mean, she clearly hated being in Washington,” she added.

Regardless of her residential choices, if Donald Trump is re-elected, Melania Trump is likely to reengage with her Be Best campaign, according to Axios.

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