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Merrick Garland and Illegal Aliens

Yesterday, there was a stunning moment during Merrick Garland’s Senate confirmation hearing to become Joe Biden’s Attorney General.

Asked a question that every American has thought about at one time or another, Merrick Garland fumbled in a way that raises questions about his honesty.

The question was, “Do you believe that illegal entry at America’s border should remain a crime?

Garland’s answer: “I just haven’t thought about that question…

The man wants to be Attorney General of the United States of America and he’s never thought about whether illegal entry into America should remain a crime?

Does anyone believe him when he says that?

Watch the video below of Garland being asked the question and giving his answer, and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Garland? Or, do you think he favors decriminalizing illegal immigration and was refusing to give an honest answer?


  1. Scott Johns says:

    It’s like the majority of you are replying without thinking. I once actually thought Trump was doing some good here and there but as time went on it was plain to see how he damaged our country and democracy with his stop the steal bullshit and not handling the pandemic. By the way, the pandemic is real. Somehow, most of you have jumped down a rabbit hole as far as your thinking and rationalization of what was going on the past four years. Please open your eyes to the bullshit that is Trump.

    • Eric says:

      Based on what? Rumors, false news. Yesterday I saw with my own eyes CBS say the 5 people who died at the capital were killed by right wing radicals and the election fraud is just a conspiracy. BOTH LIES on mainstream “news”. Get REAL facts. Do research for the truth – they are lying to you !

    • Your right the pandemic is real but look at how many died on Biden’s watch. Why is everyone protecting Biden and Harris?? Look at how may jobs have been lost in his first week in office. Why has he promised
      America last?? What about his ties to China?? Did you know that China has the border in Canada,covered and that Canada have given China a island??What about him saying he can cure cancer?? I’m a cancer survivor so far.He said there wasn’t a covid vaccine in place before he came in office

    • Your right the pandemic is real but look at how many died on Biden’s watch. Why is everyone protecting Biden and Harris?? Look at how may jobs have been lost in his first week in office. Why has he promised
      America last?? What about his ties to China?? Did you know that China has the border in Canada,covered and that Canada have given China a island??What about him saying he can cure cancer?? I’m a cancer survivor so far.He said there wasn’t a covid vaccine in place before he came in office

  2. Manasseh Kohath2 says:

    We are screwed. The only reason this man is being chosen is because he is about as lost as Biden. Another puppet for the ORGANIZED CRIME RADICAL SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE COMMUNIST PARTY to take away our constitutional rights.

  3. Just like Joe Biden this man is nothing but a LIAR.

    • J says:

      Does Garland think about the dangers of the Border?

      What an incompetent marshmallow man?

      Reminds me of Mitch McConnel ….not so sharp!

      Or is Garland lying ??

      All a set up with incomplete people in charge so the big boys can run the show!!!

  4. When the Democrats screened Republican candidates, the determining criteria appear to be that Judges should support late-term abortion, individuals and groups who cross our border illegally be allowed to stay, be given shelter, and enjoy full entitlements such as I.D., voting Rights, and a path to Citizenship. Candidates for high Judicial Office should be O.K. with minimal bail for serious felonies. The Democratic Party of today subscribes to the Socialist model that all individuals, citizens or not, are entitles to free-education, Health-Insurance, Housing, and be allowed to vote as many times as they want in a single election without proof of I.D. The idea is for the U.S. to win the race to insolvency. At that point the Dollar with become worthless and be replaced by a Single-World-Currency. Each individual, being a proud member of the planet earth will receive the equivalent of a Universal Token. Reimbursement will be commensurate to one`s adherence to the values inscribed in the Georgian Stones: dedication to hard-work, obedience, absent Carbon emissions, low fertility, and, if possible, to be gender-neutral. Everyone will be “chipped”, allowing the authorities to know where you go and what you do at all times, and, above all, are fully vaccinated. In case you think this is taken from a George Orwell novel, Google has already begun doing this for the Peoples Republic of China. Those citizens who deviate from total subservice have low “Social Credit Scores”. The consequence is that they are simply removed from the grid. What that means is that their electronic chip no-longer allows them to travel, or make purchases, since everything functions digitally. For Judge Garland to be the Democrat`s Chief Law-Enforcement Officer he must have already been vetted to agree with enforcing this New World Template. What he says or refuses to say is irrelevant.

  5. Sam B. says:

    Hell NO..I don’t believe for 1 sec that he hasn’t thought about this. garland “out to lunch” like our executive orderS & chief Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden?! C’mon man.
    If Quid Pro Quo JOE is nominating him…seeing the performance & radicalization of the unhinged psychotic socialist party right before our very eyes..then there is no doubt garland is gunna try to decriminalize illegal immigration/find a pathway to citizenship for all those already here ILLEGALLY & the millions more otw. The “Blind & Corrupt are being led by the Blind & Corrupt.”
    ONLY 2 reasons why the psychotic socialists want this:
    -1 main reason is they hope the illegal immigrants will vote Democrat..I mean SOCIALIST in upcoming elections.
    -2..the SOCIALIST hope to squeeze out some tax revenue from these people.
    Just imagine…if the biased, double standard corruption that has consumed/become the socialist party would put the Same amount of EFFORT they put in to these ridiculous sham impeachments embarrassments..& trying their DAMNDEST to find pathways to citizenship/decriminalize illegal immigration etc etc….with this same effort/focus we could’ve made great advancements about our horrific homeless problem..& several infrastructure issues we have across the country. Make great advancements & FOUCUS on Americans…our country..& work on OUR ISSUES……aka America FIRST!!

  6. Elevila B Giles says:

    Um um um I dont know. OMG!! This is supposed to be the Country’s Top Law Enforcement Officer and he is stumbling and doesnt know or hasn’t thought about it!! What a bunch of CRAP!!! Seriously, does anyone believe him???

  7. Beverly Tujague says:

    Attorney General? The man can’t even think and speak clearly. So he is told that an individual just snuck into this country and is dealing drugs. What should we do with him? Uh oh I don’t know I haven’t thought about that. Uh I really don’t know what we have been doing about that. Uh don’t know if dealing drugs keeps him in this country while we support him until he serves his time for the crime. Entering this country illegal a crime? Dont know. Haven’t given it much thought

  8. Holly Rose says:

    If illegal entry is decriminalized then he doesn’t need to worry. Congress needs to work on that.

    • David Drake says:

      When push comes to shove, they won’t . Not just our Southern Border . All over the world. Drug and child traffickers and terrorists.

    • Isabel Casimiro says:

      None of this SHAM makes any sense. Illegal means NOT LEGAL/BREAKING THE LAW. How do you DECRIMINALIZE an ILLEGAL ACT? So, now, breaking a U.S. law is forgivable?

  9. Delores says:

    He is dishonest, a liar, and does not deserve the Attorney General position. Stop the liberals, and Biden make everything he does difcult!

  10. Frank the Yank says:

    Not even a good lawyer, how can he honestly hold any office especially one at the level of AG of the US!

  11. Carolyn VanCleef says:

    Too much stumbling while trying to answer question makes me think he is lying. He will be another puppet IF confirmed!

    • Daniel says:

      I had to take a short course in human the air force to become a NCO aka SGT. People will blink rapidly or look down and to the left when lying avoiding direct eye contact or will stare at you trying to convince you (u are under my power) this is not 100%,but a fair starting point to detect false response. They don’t know why but has served me well in the street smart dept of BS. Or maybe is just incompetent either way not the person for the job

  12. Patricia Ray says:

    The oath of office to defend the United States Constitution defend the rule of law which yes it is currently is illegal to enter the US without permission. Defending our boarders both foriegn and domestic. And he hasn’t thought about this uh doesn’t have a answer to the question stammers and stutters explains why he was rejected before. He will be bidens Lackey.

    • Isabel Casimiro says:

      He’s either an idiot of lying. Does he have the qualifications to be Attorney General of the United States of America? Has he been hiding under a rock that he doesn’t know what’s going on the the U.S.? This guy is unbelievable and possibly the poorest choice of AG that the Biden Administration could find! Just when are the representatives of the people of the United States going to stand up and make themselves known and heard? This entire “leadership” is making a mockery of all of us and it needs to be addressed and changed for all of the citizens of ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS!

  13. lander says:

    By watching his fumbling and mumbling answer you could tell he was not telling the truth.(lying). He will be another Eric Holder if confirmed.
    America we are in trouble.

  14. R Davison says:

    This is too tough of a question for any democratic Attorney General. They should stick to questions like “Do you like puppies?”

  15. Bearpaw says:

    If in fact that he was picked by Biden( most likely his ‘handlers’)then the first requirement for the position under the dumocrats is the ability to lie.

  16. JAMES MCCLURE says:

    Agree with all the previous replies…. The man is a bumbling idiot AND liar. He has no concept of the meaning ILLEGAL. Shame on the senate if they confirm him. Just one more nail in the destruction of the USA.

    • William M Bergin says:

      This man is not good person to hold the position, he is spineless, additionally the lips move while lying to the AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  17. Dennis Sumner says:

    The “definition” of a rhetorical question; is a democrat lying!?🤔

  18. Alfred says:

    Another false attorney who is now a democratic puppy. Not trustworthy!

  19. Let’s see, he is a communist and his lips were moving. Of course he was lying, what else do they do? No borders, no country, it is that simple. The communist’s don’t have a clue about laws and don’t care to enforce any laws except gun control. Four long dark years ahead, and possibly no chance of recovery.

  20. joe says:

    another puppett. he is going to do what he is told by pealoue schammer bidden isnt even running the country

    • Kerry Tarvin says:

      He is weak and a liar. Only someone in the back room who is really running the country would ever consider making him a dog catcher let alone Attorney General

  21. Amedio says:

    This guy went to the anthony fauci school of bullshit answers!! Another dem commy liar.

    • J says:

      What a uniformed incompetent man

      Biden really knows how to pick them?!!!!

      Not really Biden. Should I say Obama and his third term
      Which not denied by him

      Not good for our America.

      Are they “hell bent” on destroying??

  22. Franco Guastaferro says:

    There is no question the man is lying knowing the position of the President.

    It is an absolute disgrace how these democrats are trying to destroy this country.

  23. Alicia Ivy says:

    Uhm..Uhm…… ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL… this man hasn’t thought about this, WOW.

  24. Ray Wadinski says:

    Honorable Merrick my ass! What a loser! Mumbles and studders like creepy joe! This clown is definitely lying! He should not be AG!!

  25. Eric says:

    Lies.. uuuuuhhhhh, uuummmm, when my kids say that they are trying to figure out how to say what they think I want to hear and get away with a lie! There’s a reason Biden picked him. I just can’t even!

  26. Eric Barber says:

    Lies.. uuuuuhhhhh, uuummmm, when my kids say that they are trying to figure out how to say what they think I want to hear and get away with a lie! There’s a reason Biden picked him. I just can’t even!

  27. Greta Davis says:

    He must be a idiot!!!! Not having thought about is a crime is a crime? He does look a lot like Sleepy Joe, maybe they are brothers in disguise?

  28. Sic&Tired says:

    What would ONE…EXPECT….. A Nominee from Biden is like Pulling the Dumb S _ _ TS …. Out of Hat.!! There is No End to the C _ _ P ….that Biden and his Administration Democratic Cronies keep coming up with. Heck, I don’t even think they are Human, due to they are Just So ST _ _ _ D.!! On top of being Crazy.!! The People of this Country are going to have to Raise Up and put a Halt to All of the Democratic B.S.!!!!!

  29. kathryn wallis says:

    quadruple ditto ;nuff said

  30. Bob Kress Kress says:

    Question: Is he a Democrat? Answer: He “IS” a Liar!

  31. BARRY P KLINGER says:

    Absolutely no truth in his respomse. He is being nominated for AG and has no clue as to amy of the issues

  32. S says:

    He’s a dangerous lying sack of communist shit!

  33. Buff says:

    Given that he was picked by the dictator that has already opened up our borders what do you expect?

  34. Garland is just another lying, one sided “Dementiacrat” and should not even be a dog catcher. He will help destroy our Constitution, and inflict social slavery upon we formerly free U.S. citizens. He will no doubt be in favor of “camps”,as in WW2 death camps like the regime the “Dementiacrats’ apparently seek to emulate.

  35. Paul Shea says:

    America is in Big Trouble .
    This guy is absolutely a Liar and all about himself and Power .
    He does not care about America and our Citizens .
    He fits right in with the Democrat Agenda to Destroy our Freedom and
    our Democracy, and also Traditions . None of them Deserve to be in charge of America . All this Crap is making me Sick.
    So Sad . Really Sad .

  36. Susan says:

    He should never be confirmed.

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