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Michael Moore to Biden: Embrace Socialism

“Michael Moore wrote an open letter to Joe Biden, where he outlined actions he wants to see the former Democratic vice president execute if he enters the White House, including embracing socialism and eliminating the Electoral College,” according to Blaze Media.

“In a lengthy post on Facebook, Moore expressed his delight in the current election results.

“‘You stopped the madness. A grateful nation — and myself — are in a state of joy, hope and relief,’ the progressive filmmaker wrote. ‘Thank you for that! We are all eager to join with you to repair the damage done to our country — and to eliminate that about our society and our politics which gave us Donald Trump in the first place.’

“‘Health Care is a human right and every American must be covered,’ Moore spouted. ‘Everyone must be paid a living wage.’

“Moore then called for Biden to embrace socialism. [emphasis added]

“‘They think because Trump got 70 million votes the Democrats should reject Black Lives Matter, AOC, and anything that vaguely sounds like socialism — at a time when the majority of our citizens under the age of 35, according to most polls, prefer the idea of democratic socialism over the greed of modern-day capitalism,’ he states. ‘Why risk losing them? We need to listen to and understand why they feel this way. They’ve been saddled with crushing student debt and we’ve handed them a planet In the middle of its 6th extinction event as their future.'”

For more, go to Blaze Media.

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