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Michelle Obama: Reach Out to Trump Voters Who Chose ‘Lies, Hate, Chaos, and Division’

After a series of tweets about the election results and what she believes will come about if, in fact, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in come January 20th – something that is far from certain at this point – Michelle Obama called on Democrats to reach out and connect with Trump voters while simultaneously smearing and insulting them.

Specifically, Obama stated: “Let’s remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division. We’ve got a lot of work to do to reach out to these folks in the years ahead and connect with them on what unites us.” [emphasis added]

Check out this series of Tweets from Obama and then share your thoughts in the Comment section. If you’re a Democrat, are you ready to reach out to Republicans? If you’re a Republican, are you ready to reach out to Democrats? What do you think of Obama saying that Trump voters support lies, hate, chaos, and division?



  1. sikis izle says:

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  2. Yank says:

    Ole Michelle must have forgotten that we survived 8 years of lies, hate,caos and division with her hubby. Then 4 more years of a “do nothing” Congress by trying nothing but unsuccessfully to hang Trump with the fake dossier, collusion,Quid Pro quo. Then we find out that all of the things Congress was trying to hang Trump on is what the Democrats were guilty of? Never mind, that would sound right and just to you…

  3. GITMO says:

    Michel or Michelle should learn to keep her ape face mouth shut! She always looks like a monkey ready to suck a banana! She so annoying worse than Obama himself! After ripping off America with all the idiots she had living in the White House paying them all as assistants a d traveling at tax payer expense! She should be charged with fraud! Best thing she could do is disappear! Arrogant bitch! There trying to be people there not! Playing the retarded hollyweird role! Only money they have was ripped off from tax payers and Americans! Nothing but a fake family created by Soros! Cant believe people were stupid enough to vote for obama twice! Of course they probably cheated they way in twice before America woke up! We sure ended up with a bunch of moron demorats in office! Shame on you people who vote for this trash! We have a country to run! This isnt about electing people because there black or a dam woman! We need people who can run things and what’s best for americans! Not looking out for a bunch of dam muslim countries or border trash! America first!

  4. Lady says:

    Michele Obama and her derelict husband. who is the most dishonest man in the world need to go to the forest along with the Clintoons and many other Democrats and get lost or fall in a hole of quicksand. She is the liar and I resent her calling me (A devout Republican a liar, etc.) Her mouth is filty and I resent what ever comes out of it. All those terrible democrats are going to have a lot to answer for when they die. Long live TRump. Why does the news publish such slime?

  5. Michael Morgan says:

    Those who shout ”Racist” most loudly are speaking of themselves. It is a trait of the Leftist, they proclaim of others what they are themselves.
    She, in articular, a disbarred lawyer has no accomplishments to speak of shouts racist to divert attention from the lack her accomplishments.

  6. Real American says:

    In order for Republican voters to unite with the corrupt democrats will take the removal of the following groups/people from politics and the public eye forever:

    The Obamas
    The Clintons
    The Bidens
    Nancy Pelosi
    Chuck Schumer
    Kamala Harris
    Mitt Romney
    All of the members of “The Squad”.
    The Cuomos
    The TV show the View
    All far left biased fake news media outlets
    Facebook and Twitter

  7. Jodi Moon says:


  8. Bruce Reid says:

    Kamala is Jamaican and Easy Indian ! Do you see black in any of that ! She needs to shut up, no one asked that stupid bitch to speak !

    • Bobbi says:

      I like what you said and appreciate the “stamina” with which you think. You might want to gather up the Conservatives and get us all together so that we can truly understand exactly these things mean. And so that we can protect ourselves, understand the lesson that the socialist want us to learn and then tell them all to go to blazes.

  9. Cg says:

    They’re both on the bottom of the black kettle list.

  10. Don says:

    Pot calling the kettle black.

  11. Shirley says:

    Who cares what comes out her fat,big mouth. She hates whites and America the same for it s husband. They both don t even like black s. Get rid of them both, Leave America for good. Both are liars crooks and a disgrace . Sick of hearing or seeing their faces

  12. sara says:

    Michelle Obama is a disgrace to this country. Totally racist. Once of the most ugly people I have ever seen. She is definitely the devil’s child.

  13. Mary says:

    The only people that I see lying, hating, creating chaos and division are the democrats!! Mrs. Obama is just venting. I don’t listen to a word.

    • I Staffieri says:

      She has no right to call any Republican or any American citizen vile names since she stated she was never proud to be American. She does not represent any American so she should keep her mouth shut

      • Mike says:

        michael odumbo is a POS along with her criminal husband. Is Reggie still his boy toy after her gave up that they were playing around during bin ladin situation. These people were a disgrace to this country. Push this climate control crap & live on the shore at Martha’s Vineyard. What a couple of hypocrites. Careful michael your junk is showing!!!

    • Who cares what Michelle Obama says, she is a liar and a cheat. After her husband runs the country who pays 11 million dollars for a house, check his paycheck. Do you REALLY BELIEVE they could afford 11 million house????????????????

      • Kim says:

        I was wondering the same, when the President salary only $250,000 some a year.???????

      • Lorna Bryan says:

        Thank you who cares about ehat that Low Class Michelle Obama said Notice she Kamala is Indian Black V President she is just such as Racist and her hudband as they come.They set America on firegor their Race Bating. Michelle!! Kamala’s Fsther is Ja.aica. if you do not remember thst is whom your Children LEANAGE comes from but then you would not know that!! You do not have Children. One thing I am sure of Kamala will not do Race Bating like you while in Office if thst happens.Kamala id Jamican ask her Father and since Iam one also WE DO NOT DO COLOR CODES!! WE ARE OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE.Hillary call Republican Women Deplorable,so we expected as a Democrat you to say something Nasty as you did!!

      • Barb says:

        Plus a multi million dollar house in D.C.? Who was it that said any politician who gets rich while in office is a crook??

  14. sue says:

    LOL, she’s so funny, I wonder if she believes, if she says it enough that the sane people in this country will believe her, fat chance, she’s as bad as her husband.

  15. Laura says:

    “Biden will never be my President” Remember this phrase sung out by all the ignorant liberals/democrats during President Trump’s reign. It will be a cold day in hell that I will ever unite with any party that Obama is part of. I fear these socialists will ruin our country.

  16. I agreed with all of you, those stupid people need to shut up and need to learn to do the right thing

  17. Ronald W. Rice says:

    In all honesty my comments about this person is not fit for posting due to disgusting words that that would pour out of my mouth concerning my feelings.

  18. Robert Richards says:

    Don’t the democrats know that cheating is unlawful. It’s to bad you can cheat for the Commander in Chief,and if you pay to send a stupid child college it is illegal. This country is going to shit in a hand basket.

  19. maxibaby says:

    Moochelle continues to be a confused, angry, racist against whites, black woman/?! Her state of confusion is so bad she is confusing DJT supporters with the people who elected BHO not once but twice! Talk about gullible, it is they, not DJT supporters!
    The Dems are not interested in trying to unify, Biden talked about it in the same sentence calling Republicans “chumps”! The very worst thing Biden did though was the day he called a audience of our brave military “dumb sons-of-bitches”! Do you really think anyone of that mentality seriously wants to unify? No, the entire Dem party wants to “beat down” all in America who have opposing views. Don’t believe it……find what AOC wants to do to DJT supporters…she wants reprisals against! It’s a sad time in America!

    • Mark Arce says:

      Well asforthemooseinLipstickwhatwouldyouexpectitshouldbeoutinafieldsomewherepracticeingfornextrodeoprizebullsaretocomebyasfortheteabagofweatlhwhatyouexpectfromdumdummerthinkingnobodywouldpayattentionsellingouttheforafewofhardearnedtaxpayers$$$karmaisabitchandsoisitthemookanthemoose

  20. Beverly says:

    Oh my! This is sooo very sad. Obama created Obama care which is very ego oriented. That was his legacy…. I never got Obama care and because I didn’t sign up o was charged over 1k not to have it??? That’s totally un-American. I should have had a choice and not to be penalized. Pres Trump took that penalty away. Pres Trump also allowed drugs to be given to Americans if they were terminally ill and the drug that’s sold in other countries made available to us so we wouldn’t have to travel to other countries for a possible cure. That always should have been done. President Trump did more for us than any other president has done. He has busted his behind for this country and he isn’t a yes man. I want a president to stand up and take us to where we need to be… he has taken bad hits and he has taken it with a grace. Btw pelosi has called him many names and claims that Pres Trump was childish? But she on the air is making faces behind his back and putting a piece of paper to her face to hide it… are you kidding me??? How childish is that? And she’s older than Pres Trump. But no one said anything about that. It’s so obvious that the press supports the democrats. Democrats are afraid of Pres Trump and that’s obvious….and the mail in votes??? Everyone can see that was a disaster waiting to happen. The Biden voicing that 78% of his votes came from mail ins. No kidding really?? What happened is so embarrassing for the United States from the other countries. Yes we are divided and the democrats created the division. I won’t mention that they couldn’t get him out thru impeachment so let’s do the mail in votes to oust Pres Trump out. Give me a break. I can go on an on but you got the gist.

    • joan dinnel says:

      obamacare though I have never been a part of it. I’ve got two kids who work at a hospital one as a pharmacy dirctor nd one in finance depart of a hospital and I’ve heard how bad obamacare is and how it has screwed things up

  21. Mickey says:

    Jackie Carreira you stupid Bitch will someone reply back I’m so mad I can’t

    • J.L.Cincioni says:

      Sorry mate that biach has a penis….FACT…

    • joan dinnel says:

      Michelle do you know who worked with russia in 2016 election then turned it on president trump so you could impeach him. from what I’ve seen on line it was you who was responsible for all this so don’t call trump a lier you have lied by elimination and blaming trump for something you did

  22. Dave says:

    ONLY now do they want to hold out the olive branch sadly imo the olive branch they offer is Wilted and Rotting just like their Democrat Party Rotten to the Core . 4 long years of the democrat LIES about President Trump they hurled lies like him being a Russian Agent , Racist every Phobia under the sun , calling him a Traitor , the worst President in History all this because Trump was able to expose their LIES to the American People . Lies like Get use to the new norm of a 1% to 2% GDP and the Jobs that left there never coming back unless You have a magic wand , guess what Trump did have a Magic Wand Also President Trump kept EVERY Promise he made by doing exactly what he said he would unlike the America Hating Democrats . I will tell them how and were they can STUFF that Olive Branch . Its a shame they did not make this offer at the beginning of the TRUMP Presidency that may have meant something then , but now it mean Nothing just like what we always get from them NOTHING but HATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

    These same people talk about healing the country and in the same breath only speaking from a different side of their mouth they are putting together LISTS of TRUMP Supporters , Campaign Workers People who gave a $1000 or more campaign contributions and saying these people should be BLACK LISTED or likely worse if they get the chance . I know who and what the DEMOCRATS truly are their America Hating , Power Hungry COMMUNIST SONS OF BITCHES , and if they get total power GOD help us all . If You think Stalin was a Murdering Power Hungry LOON , The Democrat Party will make Stalin look like a Girl Scout on a Cookie Drive

  23. Jackie Carreira says:

    I think you trumpsters have it backwards. The man is a dictator. How you can say Democrats cheated, did you ever think that maybe Americans are tired of his tantrums when things don’t go his way. He was more interested to get a new justice to do his bidding than spending time trying to get rid of Covid that is killing people. He is the Liar and does not give a rats ass about us. All he cares about is his agenda. I have been around alot of years and he is the worst president we have ever had. He has devided this country so bad with his stupid tweets and news conferences. All he cares about is the stock market, well if we are all dead from Covid we can’t spend our 401Ks. But if the market is up he makes money.

    • Robin says:

      Delusional, uninformed and anything but unifying. There is proof being submitted to the courts proving the election fraud. You might follow Sidney Powell,Guiliani, Vernon Jones, Newsmax, OAN, anything but the legacy media because you need a brain detox.

    • R says:

      Jackie were you and the rest of the corrupt Democrats always this stupid or did it just come on suddenly when the worst President in US history (Obama of course!) brainwashed you all with his lies! You better wake up because you all are trying to cheat and steal this election from the Greatest President who has made promises he kept to save this country and he’s kept those promises! What has Joe done for you or this country in the past 47 years? For goodness sake he thought he was running for the Senate and you think he could lead a dead horse to water now! Turn off the fake news who cannot call an election winner and start looking at the corruption in this stupid election! Even a blind man could see that! It’s been Pelosi and company plan for months and months! Sorry but it will all have to play out and God will have the last word!

    • Gabby says:

      Apparently you have some brain damage. You are the people out burning, rioting, screaming like banshees, acting so damn stupid. Trump brought jobs back to America, more jobs,economy way up,etc and etc………so you are talking up your ass. He lied about nothing. When your socialist leaders take all your money, your house, your social security, just remember thats what you voted for. You are a total dumbass.

      • Diane says:

        Don’t forget their guns
        ..very important to the blm’ers
        What creeps they all are including old corrupt Joe and the giggly idiot baby killer

    • I bet you didnt mind taking the stimulus check though, did ya! Oh that was a Trump thing to help struggling people during Covid. Oh and do you get more in you G D paycheck? Oh wait! that was a Trump thing to help people. You people bitch and complain about Trump, but what he did for repubicans he also did for you Democrats! Lowering drug prices! Oh wait! Obama about made you poor just to afford a doctor on his Obama Care! Stop and think! You are not going to get this with Biden. He wants to make himself and family richer. We will end up being a 3rd world country. He will bow down to foreign countries and they will end up ruling us. He doesnt have the “balls” that Trump did. God bless President Trump and the USA.

    • Cincioni says:

      Better to be thought a fool then open your mouth and remove all doubts.

    • Cathy says:

      You are too lost and stupid to even justify a response.

    • Lisa North (Surname) says:

      President Trump made Promises when he wanted to be elected. We liked his Promises. He then was elected and while the Dems and lamestream media lied about our President and cried for 4 yrs, Our President Kept All His Promises, Unlike All Other President’s and Polititions. Speaking about who Doesn’t Care about us; Do Make Sure To Watch This Video. You’ll see how much Fear, illnesses, Deceit the MSM and Hateful Uncaring the Dems and MSM Really are, and why President Trump acts as he does
      Here’s the video

  24. Gabby says:

    I think you have that backwards dumbass. You democracks are the liars, cheaters and rioters. The election is far from over and Trump will win. The media cant call the election. What a bunch of Libtards for blaming us for their bullshit!!
    You libtards all need to grow up and act like adults.
    TRUMP 2020

  25. Pegs says:

    Who CARES what MONKEY FACE has to say!! CHEATERS!!!!!!!

  26. John Pickett says:

    Trump did restore what YOU and your other partner in crime literally brought to our knees. You bowed when America bows to NO one. Especially YOU MEECHELLE like your partner being a racist suits you. You need a refresher course on the English language. We know how you were disbarred from being another great start in the ocean. You know trying to your hand at lawyering. So if you want to get on your soap box and rant and rave study history of OUR country oh I forgot that might be beyond you. Well your disdain for OUR beloved country tells us all WE WILL HELP YOU PACK. And as for running from you better look again cause some of us if not all of us aren’t particularly scared of you. Got that EX-TRIED TO BE 1ST LADY. Your pathetic.

  27. She was the MOST UN-AMERICAN first lady EVER. Do we really care what she thinks????

    • Ashley says:

      After seeing the dancing with Ellen I would reluctantly refer to that as female,her hanging chad was swinging.
      The Ellen episode and bouncing down steps to get in an automobile proved to me had a first but no lady.

  28. Mickey says:

    Just bought a shit load of ammo all I’m going to say the South will Rise again hope you will be with me

    • Rico says:

      Don’t worry, I’m locked and loaded and if any idiot liberal will pay the price if he comes aknoken!. I have to admit, that would make me kinda good

  29. Donma says:

    Your a racist towards whites.
    Shame on you. And the whole Democrat Party are CHEATERS.

  30. Donma says:

    Well you should just shut up and go to you home with your stupid husband. How dare you talk that way. Your a racist towards whites.
    Shame on you. And the whole Democrat Party are CHEATERS.

  31. Phyllis Frank says:

    Maker sure your clothes hide your penis, bitch.

  32. Carrie says:

    Michelle says the White House will now be restored with competence, heart and dignity. Yeah we will have a Pres. who is compromised to Communist China and the Ukraine and only God knows to who else. She claims the Republicans support lies hate chaos and division, wow! this really sounds like she’s working to bring the parties together. It is more like denouncing, smearing and insulting us. And the 10’s of millions who voted for Dems. They had such a good showing even the dead came out from their grave. Stand by Trump and PRAY?

    • Mike says:

      How can this POS refer the word ‘Competence’ to anything regarding sleezy joe ‘The Pediphile’? He is a disgrace to this country along with his buddy odumbo. (Who really can’t stand him). sleezy joe better watch his back, because he isn’t going to be around long. His wife & his family should be ashamed of themselves for putting this dementia fumbling fool thru all this for money & power. sleezy joe must be so proud of his cokehead dirtbag of a son. Here’s hoping God makes them all pay, along with the odumbos, sorass, piglosi, hitlery, scummer , little dick durbin & so many more!!!

      • Dana Bybee says:

        You all have it right. He will never be my president. He is just a puppet for the Dems. They will try and make the country what they want it to be and before long we will look like Venezuela or Cuba or communist China. They just want power. Hopefully people will realize what is happening but it just might be too late. If we can keep the Senate we can ascertain some sanity and keep them at bay.

  33. BevG says:

    Biden will never be my President. I didn’t vote for him. I am a Trump Chump and PROUD of it. Trump/Pence2020 Michelle Obama needs to go on a loooonnnngggg vacation on her own dime. We footed enough of their vacations for 8 years.

    • johm richard shaw says:

      this election is clearly the most fraudulent presidential election in American history. the criminal party is by far the most corrupt political party in American history.

  34. Vincent says:

    Michelle Obama looks like a a piece of shit that the apes shit out
    The only thing the Obamas did was raped this Country gave my money to the piece of shit Iranians and there’s no telling how much money the Chinese are paying now both of them need A bullet in the back of their heads fuck the Obamas

  35. Obama did NOTHING,NOTHING NOTHING for this country in 8 years and his loud moth wife Michelle did nothing but grown a garden and criticize . Trump worked his butt off for this country and didn’t take a salary. Can Obama say the same. But Obama leave s office a millionaire. Go away Obama and take the Clintons with you.

  36. Viv says:

    What a Prima Dona, “Becoming” on Netflix shows a self absorbed women who professes to have made some great contribution to American society. She has accomplished no such thing. She has done more to divide our country, there was more racism after her husband’s administration than ever before except in the early sixties. How can she justify the billions of dollars her husband sent to our sworn enemy Iran, then call our President a liar and traitor! Her fucking husband is the liar and traitor, and so is his buddy Joe fucking Biden, how has taken billions from the Chinese Communist Party become acceptable? Boy aren’t these stupid fucking millennials going to be surprised when they see their utopia is a fucking sham! Wait until a Tiananmen Square style murders happen here in America. I hope people wake up!

    • I agree Obama are horrible Biden has done absolutely nothing for 47 years and now he wants to be president, he won’t be in long because killary,Mala Mala will run try and destroy America more. I believe Trump will continue to be our president

  37. Carol Guffey says:

    Well she has a lot of guts talking about President Trump’s supporters her husband was the worst President we have had in a long time. Her and Hillary Clinton just needs to keep their mouths shut. At least President Trump’s wife didn’t take their son and friends and mother’s on trips at our taxes expense. She sure didn’t pay any money back, just taking trips, and Mr Biden used the jet to take his worthless son to China and Urkrain to do shady dealings.

    • Bobby T from Joisey says:

      What is Michelle going to do when Obama, Biden, and Hillary are indicted for organizing an attempted coup If a sitting President ?

      Which folks is treason!

  38. Roy Westberg says:

    The o bummers were the worst . Biden and kamala are going to be bad also . Trump is not done yet lets see if he can turn the vote with the courts. I can only hope!!

  39. R says:

    The orbs are worthless and evil people

  40. Sandra says:

    Obumma can kiss my lily white ads. It’s the socialist demofuck that are causing the destruction of our great country. Go back to Africa ugly bitch! Take kammel toe with you!

  41. Sandra says:

    Obumma can kiss my lily white ads. It’s the socialist demofuck that are causing the destruction of our great country. Go back to Africa ugly bitch!

  42. Lucy says:

    Well I will never reach out to the Democratic Party. We had nothing but insult from them & talking about Liars & causing chaos in & division, well I think Obama did that already while he was president. These socialists don’t like capitalism but they sure like to live the GOOD live. Michelle /Obama’s were the president that have spend the most of the Tax payers money on vacations in the history of the USA!

  43. Tom Williams says:

    don’t bother reaching out to me Joe is not my Predsident

  44. Heriberto Valhuerdi says:

    Obama’s? They gave millions to Muslim Iran and other groups. Democratic Socialist Party making many promises but only lies, fake news since day one trying to get TRUMP out. Socialist Liberals Democrats can kiss my ass. As a Veteran ready for Civil War.

  45. Tony says:

    Maybe Joan Rivers was correct.

  46. Ken says:

    I wouldn’t trust the Obama’s as far as I can throw a feather….Exactly WHAT did did obama accomplish while in office for a wasted 8 years????? Birds of a feather stick together….go away obamas’ Put on your big boy and girl pants and live your own life….I will NEVER trust Democrates… Watch what happens when Harris rules….. not Biden…Herris…He is her pet.

  47. CJ says:

    I didn’t bother to read what this sorry excuse for a human being has said. Whatever it is, it is a lie. That is all this racist pile of excrement ever does. Every word out of her mouth is a lie!

  48. Teresa Primo says:

    The Democrats are the liars, haters, paid for violence across our nation in the big cities. Biden is in with the Chinese all our jobs will go back to China, & much more damage to the working American people. She is one ugly black woman.

  49. James says:

    Just because we fight like brother and sister, don’t mean we ain’t. lol. Where’s that big tree at.

  50. David Smith says:

    Obama’s are just chocolate coated Clintons LOL

  51. rosa says:

    Michelle Obama is a racist pig, married to the worst president ever. Nobody cares what they think.

  52. Kenny Moss says:

    They all are involved in the voter fraud scheme lop eared obama an her ughly ass their racist to Biden is corrupt he will never be my president Fuck them all

  53. Debbie Forcum says:

    The Obamas, Bidens, and Democrats are the ones who are trying to destroy this great democracy of the United States of America! Donald Trump, the Republicans and the patriots are the ones who have tried legally to keep it together and promote a greater, patriotic country! I am not a Republican but the Democrats have gone too far left and want to destroy America! The Obamas are evil!! Not because of the color of their skin but because of the content of their character. Barack Obama was, bar none, the worst US President ever! They have no desire to heal this country..just divide and conquer it!!

  54. michael perkins says:

    If they won the election without cheating,lying,and corruption it would be different.If there was another election,Biden would lose his ass.

  55. Concerened in pa says:

    Oh shutup your as worthless as your husband and biden was the whole democrat anti hating american idiots need jailed nobody wants to hear from you

  56. Linda M. says:

    Micheal,you REALLY don’t want to know what TRUE American patriots think and call you and your traitor husband!!So your opinions of us MEAN NOTHING!!! Look to your socialist party as where this chaos, lies and division came from. NOT TRUMP or his SUPPORTERS!

    • Sandy says:

      You need to mind ur own business but u and hubby were cheaters liars thief’s when y’all was in the White House . He’s not the President yet and he just might not be . I heard him make the statement he couldn’t wait to move in the White House…. that’s never gonna happen! And you Michelle….. I heard u were a Man! You sure have the structure of being one!! LOL. Trump Trump Trump! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️USA USA USA ?????????????????????????????????????????????

  57. Brian says:

    Vote for the status quo? Lies, hate, chaos, and division. I did not vote democratic. Crazy. They’ve let power go to their head.

  58. Rick Marshall says:

    Is she apologizing for the looters, rioters, arsonists, and murderers.

  59. Diana says:

    Oh shut up you washed up wannabe. You and your Anti American has been need to be in jail! Your names are not worth mentioning!

  60. Bette Dawson says:

    Michelle should be ashamed of herself. Republicans are refined and good
    People. She worked very hard at making this country racists. Look what she did to the children and spending leg amounts of money for lunches which were discarded. All the money we the people spent on taking her mother to Africa so can visit her homeland. Also our money was given to her mother for babysitting. She should look into the mirror without her wig and then she will see herself

  61. Kenny Moss says:

    After all they have done the passed 12 years Fuck her an him fuck biden an fuck camel toe Kamals

    • Bill says:

      Don’t soft pedal it Kenny, tell us what you really think! Lol!
      Y’know, I feel kinda sorry for Bill and Barry to be hitched up to two old bitchy sows like killary and big mike.. .
      NAAHH! LOL!!!

  62. Larry Stringfield says:

    When my choice was Biden the Lying, thieving do nothing for 47 years in Washington kind of fella and President Trump a man that loves OUR land, makes promises and does everything within his power to keep them and had to fight off an attempted coup led by your shit head of a husband, you bet I was on the Trump Train and I will not leave it. Put up someone else you stupid idiot. How do you like name calling. I am Larry

  63. Randall c. says:

    Michelle Odumba is a cold-hearted bitch!!!

  64. Cg says:

    Nobody wants to hear what that clown has to say!
    Clean your laundry at home before you run that trashy mouth.

    • Sally Ringuette says:

      That really shows how much education you have had. How can you be so awful? Get a grip on life.

      • Bill says:

        Perhaps your advice could be better served aimed at the subject at hand.
        She “should clean her laundry at home” is a metaphor for her accusations that should be directed to the Obama administration. Abusive, exploiting and racially charged at every turn, the Obamas abused their position of power
        Into a self aggrandizing fiefdom.
        If big mike wants to run her mouth and denigrate President Trump and his supporters, then she can face the flac.

  65. david says:

    All I will say is to consider the source and watch her kneel with her husband

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