Mike Rowe Slams Biden; Defends American Truckers

Mike Rowe

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – During an appearance on Fox News, Mike Rowe, the exceptionally popular American television host and narrator of Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch fame, slammed President Joe Biden while defending American truckers who are getting hurt by the record high price of gas and diesel fuel.

Rowe, who is now a show host on the Fox Business channel, argued that American truckers don’t accept Biden’s “Putin price hike” claim as they are experiencing the reality of diesel prices surging to an all-time high.

Speaking about America’s hardworking truckers and what Biden is trying to get them to accept as the reason for record prices, namely Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, Rowe told Fox News:

“The [truckers] I know aren’t [buying Biden’s “Putin price hike” claim]. The guys I know in this business…[A] guy said to me the other day, it’s like…falling down the stairs in slow motion…We know it’s coming. We’re watching it happen. It’s happening in real-time, and it’s not just diesel. It’s not just gasoline…If you bring it back to food, and tonight’s episode is all about beef production in this country, and it’s an eye-opener. But you have to talk about fertilizer too…There’s no food without fertilizer in this country. The cost of fertilizer is hundreds, hundreds of percent higher than it was. When you combine that with the cost of energy, the average person has now really gotten the memo, but not from the gas pump, from a restaurant, a steak. The cost of a steak is almost two times what it was six, seven months ago.”

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