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Minneapolis Cuts $8 Million From Police

“The Minneapolis City Council passed a budget early Thursday that moves about $8 million from the Police Department to other services — but preserves its plan to hire more officers in future years,” according to the Star Tribune.

“The late change to the department’s staffing projections, passed along a narrow 7-6 vote, does not change the number of officers who will work in 2021. The move, instead, avoided a political showdown with Mayor Jacob Frey…

“‘My colleagues were right to leave the targeted staffing level unchanged from 888 and continue moving forward with our shared priorities,’ Frey said. ‘The additional funding for new public safety solutions will also allow the City to continue upscaling important mental health, non-police response, and social service components in our emergency response system.’

The 2021 budget served as the latest venue for debates on changing the police department after George Floyd’s death and a subsequent pledge by a majority of council members to end the department. As the talks unfolded, city leaders deliberated whether they should leave the department mostly intact while building out new services, or cut the department to fund them.

While the city is seeking to change its public safety system, it is also experiencing a crime wave that includes more than 500 shootings

The council cut an additional $7.7 million from the police department. That money will fund mental health crisis teams, train dispatchers to assess mental health calls and have other employees handle theft and property damage reports.”

For more, go to the Star Tribune.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Does it concern you that Minneapolis and other cities across the nation are reducing the budgets of police departments at a time when those cities are seeing increases in violent crime? Or, do you think it’s a good idea to shift some police funds to social services?


  1. Kellie says:

    You Minneapolis people are nuts! You don’t want to stop shootings you want to encourage crime. You want to train ordinary people who are trained to answer phones and TRAIN them to recognize AND help mentally ill people?!!! When one of these I’ll people offs themself you will be prosecuting the ordinary person who does not have MD behind their last name. You mister mayor are full of S —-

  2. Honest says:

    The ENTIRE Demo-Rat Party is CORRUPT !!

  3. Michelle Webb says:

    Why omhar give some of the money her husband got from the pop and that he got paid from her election 1.2 million for whatever his company does and fund the police you it’s all illegal b.s. trying to make it look legal going thru her campaign. Of course noone will say shit because she a Muslim and that would be racist

  4. Hrabina Krystyna says:


    • Edmund says:

      The pols live in gated compounds & have army of security – its ez for them to cut your families safety& protection !!!!

  5. Richard Rivas says:

    Wow! Who didn’t see this coming. Yes, there are a few bad police officers out there and there are police officers that are good but need more training, nobody is perfect. But defunding the police is just plain ludacris. This is not the answer. The Floyd situation was terrible. The officer made a bad judgment call with how he handled the situation but, it did not warrant making this a racial war between black people an police. Floyd was a criminal and he put himself in this situation as well as many other black AND white or other races out there. I’ve seen many videos out there and from what I see in a lot of them are people that simply do not obey the officers commands. If an officer tells to put your hands up, put your hands up. If the officer has a gun pointed at you, there must have been a reason for doing so and you are putting yourself at risk if you do not follow his commands. Too many people challenge the officer to the point of antagonizing which further makes the officer wonder what that person is thinking of doing and poses more of a threat to the officer. It’s a no brainer to see that many of the black people escalate the situation on purpose, creating a hostile situation trying to instigate the officer to use force. This is where the racial discrimination begins. This is also where the conflict between the public (criminals) and the police begins. I am not white, and I was in a “white” neighborhood, and I got pulled over for no reason. I asked the police officer why he pulled me over and he gave me a bs response as far as I was concerned. But nevertheless, I know I was not doing anything wrong so I simply followed his commands. He even searched my car w/o consent. Was this wrong? Absolutely! I was young but I still knew it was wrong. Bottom line, I was allowed to go my went about my merry way without incident. Looking back, I should have filed a report. What I’m trying to say, is there are bad police officers out there, but there are peaceful ways to handle a situation even when you feel you are being targeted for whatever reason. Defunding the police is not the right answer and not the correct way to go. The police, overall, are there to protect the public from criminals. They have a tough job to do, they put their lives at risk every single day and have to deal with some very dangerous and crappy situations. They see and do things that most people do not ever see nor do and at the same time have to remain square headed and treat people fairly. Give them a break!
    This “Defund the Police” is an act of the BLM trying to further create division amongst the peacekeepers and the general public so that they can promote chaos. Look what is already happening. And if we allow it to continue it will get worse.
    God bless.

    • Robert Hoffman says:

      Big mistake Minneapolis. I won’t bring my adult family or kids to your shit hole town.

  6. Robin Tomblinson says:

    Scary for all citizens. For any sane folks there, pack a bag and move!
    I think the state should get rid of the Torism office and all employees.
    No one w a brain would go there for vacation.
    College students who want to build a future, not the Socialist-you will be told your future- move to other colleges. Your survival rate will be better!

  7. Nancy says:

    The city is putting their citizens who pay tax dollars lives at risk! This is the one of the most idiotic moves I’ve seen!
    If I lived in this city I’d be getting out of there, fast!!
    You have officers that put their lives at risk to protect the innocent and this is how their treated?!

    P.S. If you don’t want an encounter with the police, don’t break the law!!

    • Robert Dimmock says:

      I guess that the citizens will just call GHOST BUSTERS when they need help. What a stupid thing to do! Gog help Minneapolis.

  8. Reeper says:

    I say let them kill each other, saves us a lot of money. And it’s mostly the BLM Marxist anyway it’s all good.

    • Edmund says:

      I see your Ilhan lady stealing from food funds & getting away with it- & giving $$$ to her husbands Co.-

      Pelosi steered 25 BIL to her familys Co.s –

      AOC here in NYC gave her bouncer BF some suit&tie job in Govt..400,000 a yr!!! Nice huh???

  9. Lowell clapp says:

    My guess is the people who vote for budget reduction of law enforcement have very little actual knowledge of the education, common sense , laws and stress factors all officers experience daily. Perhaps they should at least be given a reality check possibility through an educational program which could be developed by either local PDs or state or county law officials. There are many opportunities to raise the level of elected officials knowledge of subjects they vote on but they must have more than a passing interest in acquiring that knowledge.

  10. jerry hoium says:

    I think this is the dumbist thing they could do, these’s people are the biggest idiot’s in the human race, fn fucker’s should get another damn job, fool’s.

  11. Marty says:

    Well looks like Minnesota is a state like fagifornia that you don’t want to ever go into if you want to live stay the hell out of it

  12. Bev says:

    I don’t understand their reasons for this. The Dems say that want to uplift minorities, but most police departments have many upstanding officers of that ilk. It seems as a no win situation.

  13. Sic&Tired says:

    The….Minneapolis City Council – MEMBERS…..ARE DUMBER THAN THE DIRT THAT THEY ARE WALKING ON AND THAT IS PRETTY DARN DUMB.!!! They must NOT have any Brains either – like a lot of the people in this country are showing and proven to have…… Looks like there will be No End to the Pathetic Humans that think they are doing good…..for Whom – I surely don’t know. Too Bad the Country can’t start taking I.Q. Tests and get rid of the Morons. Most of dummies today that are showing their true colors of stupidity have I.Q.’s of Sub-Zero.!!

  14. Don says:

    Let the city rot like the rest if the idiotic areas doing so.

  15. Rick says:

    More bullets for me!!

  16. Vickie says:

    Are you kidding?? If Mayor Jacob Frey had any balls he would have called in the National Guard the second they saw trouble! In case all you people aren’t paying attention putting on kids gloves to handle thieves, drug dealers, drug addicts and murders aren’t working!! This is what happens when you give criminals rights! Now you want a police officer who is working for peanuts to determine whether or not the person they are dealing with is either drunk, on drugs,or mentally incompetent——— all this sometimes in a few seconds (depending on the situation) when a psychologist can’t do it in an hour!!! No wonder this world is going to hell!! Ya right you already posted this!
    The other problems are the media!

  17. Marlene Belk says:

    I support diverting some dollars to set up social services systems. I believe that in the long run it will be saving dollars for the police departments. They will be freed up to respond to more violent crimes instead of using that time to negotiate a domestic quarrel, or to inquire of a mentally ill patient if they have been taking their meds correctly. Many mentally ill people need a helping hand by a trained professional than slapped in jail requiring that the citizens pay for their room and board until their case comes up for trial. We need creative innovative people to devise safer more humane methods of policing. Let’s help each other rather than constantly punishing each other.

    • your a out of your mind demoRAT

      • Reeper says:

        Amen Daniel,dumocrats!

        • Mark says:

          I hope these terrorists burn down the shit hole city starting with pols homes. Cops should not respond to their calls for help!Next encourage rioters to go after Muslim enclave who along with adultress antiamerican bitch Omar want to change our country to Sharia then dtand by while they kill each other. Then ship Omar back to Somalia where the Quran will demand the adultress be stoned to death!

    • Shaye says:

      There are probably other areas of the state that funds can be diverted for community services. Defunding means cutting staff/ officers which in turn gets the results you see. Instead of listening to radicals, listen to the citizens who are directly impacted by this decision. They will tell you that less police presence means more danger on the streets. Provide additional training to officers and staff, but crime will continue to increase if you continue to follow the wrong ideology.

  18. Vickie says:

    Are you kidding?? If Mayor Jacob Frey had any balls he would have called in the National Guard the second they saw trouble! In case all you people aren’t paying attention putting on kids gloves to handle thieves, drug dealers, drug addicts and murders aren’t working!! This is what happens when you give criminals rights! Now you want a police officer who is working for peanuts to determine whether or not the person they are dealing with is either drunk, on drugs,or mentally incompetent——— all this sometimes in a few seconds (depending on the situation) when a psychologist can’t do it in an hour!!! No wonder this world is going to hell!!

    • Bel Quinnell says:

      You are correct! Our taxes pay for Police Protection and we the people demand protection to us physically and our property.Why support protection to criminals and thieves before us. Time to vote out Walz in two years.

  19. Jerry says:

    Minneapolis Minnesota has now move to the top of 2 of my lists. List number 1 Cities I would never live in or visit List number 2 States I would never live in or visit

  20. Eveline Franje says:

    The police force is very much needed. If funds are needed for upscaling mental health services, these funds should come from somewhere else. Why not decreasing the pay of the Minnesota officials. They need to have their priorities straight.

  21. Honest says:

    SAD ~ You Stupid Bast— should be Ashamed of Yourselves

  22. John says:

    The police in Minnesota should all find jobs elsewhere. They want to defend you and put your lives at risk. Let them have no police and see what happens. If you stay there you are slapping the faces of other officers that have been hurt or killed because of all this bull shit