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MSNBC Host: Kill American Citizens With Drones?

During a discussion regarding domestic terrorism, MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace floated the idea of the U.S. government killing American citizens with drone strikes,”… according to Blaze Media.

Wallace notes, ‘There’s a bulletin released to all law enforcement earlier this week, that there is, until the end of April, a persistent threat of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism carried out in the ideology and around this belief that the election was fraudulent, that the Covid restrictions are unnecessary. All of those ideologies pushed by Donald Trump.’

“The “Deadline: White House” host then said, ‘But my question for you is around incitement. We had a policy, and it was very controversial, it was carried out under the Bush years, and under the Obama years, of attacking terrorism at its root.’ [emphasis added]

“‘Of going after and killing, and in the case of Anwar Awlaki, an American, a Yemeni-American, with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence, inciting terrorism,’ Wallace stated. [emphasis added]

“‘Mitch McConnell was in the Senate then. He was in the Senate after 9/11 too,’ the MSNBC anchor said. ‘How does Mitch McConnell, who understands that the way you root out terrorism, is to take on, in the case of Islamic terrorism, kill those who incite it. How does he not vote to convict someone that he said, on the floor of the Senate, incited an insurrection?‘”

For more on this controversial story, go to Blaze Media.

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  1. tom says:

    Nothing the left news media says or for that matter the left now in control
    surprises me. Most of those peaceful protesters that have burned down buildings
    burned police cars, looted stores across the Country and attacked the police in my opinion are Terrorist. BLM and Antifa are supported by people who fund them
    and provide them with materials used.

  2. Maria Quezada says:

    Sadly, the terrorists are in control; at Congress, in the White House, the SCOTUS, the military, the Press, MSM, and Billionaire Tech. People so greedy, their millions or billions were not enough to them They are OK to sell the most precious resource a country has: God loving, free, happy industrious people. Their sould is corrupt and Satan directs their actions. The Lord our God will soon deliver us all on earth from these evil doers and their father the devil.
    Come to Jesus, children of light. Come to the Lord and redeemer, for in him and only him we will find deliverance and eternal, peaceful life that NOTHING AND NO ONE can EVER steal or sell away.

  3. bob onit says:

    Advocating killing citizens with drones ,gee i sure hope no one knows she wants to kill americans. Hmmmm??? Well what else would a anti American commie want…

  4. Allan Pozdol says:

    Pompous, self aggrandizing snot. Seek Help! How does she, and other nuevo leftists match the professional profile below?
    “Psychopathy is characterized by diagnostic features such as superficial charm, high intelligence, poor judgment and failure to learn from experience, pathological egocentricity and incapacity for love, lack of remorse or shame, impulsivity, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, manipulative behavior, poor self-control, … and criminal versatility, among others.”

    • Chris Brewer says:

      Sir you just labeled the entire Democrat party!NO help for these swamp creatures! The more time goes by, the smell of them gets worse! Smells like nasty socks, wrapped in dirty shorts,soaked in a bucket of body oder! DC. is rotting, Who would want to be in that place? They can have it.Im going hunting!

  5. Susan R. Eggleton says:

    Not long ago I was so proud to be an American, my heart was full of love & appreciaton for our country. Today I can’t see that country in any article I read. The difference? We had a President who loves our country and speaks of her greatness. He worked so hard & accomplished more than any President in decades despite constant coup attempts by anti-American government officials & the deep state. They so hate him because he foiled their plot to destroy the US in 2016.The media hates him & “democrat” voters as well. When so many people hate an the one President since Reagan to put America first, I should have seen this coming. I still thought for the most part, we had military leaders, law enforcement & a SC who loved America & would never let communism take hold. The world saw the most obscenely obvious irregularities watching the returns. I never for one minute doubted that the US would protect the integrity of our elections. I never for one minute thought the US would let an agent of communist China who had to, with the help of several foreign countries, commit the most massive criminal act in our history to be installed in the White House. It’s all on video, it’s had millions of views, yet the narrative is the same as before. I can remember when we had investigative journalism. They went out and…yes, investigated stories wherever they happened. Now, we don’t even have journalists. We have mentally deranged men & women spewing opinion, fabrications, propaganda & childish behavior. Whining because the President & press secretary were mean to them. After four years of misrepresenting President Trump to the American people and even pushing the Russian Collusion hoax knowing it was a hoax. Our news stations were very important, we needed them, relied on them. Now, you would have to be willing to be deceived to watch them. Yes the investigative journalists whose cases we followed so carefully are long gone. In the seats are people who didn’t even see the red flags on election night when 18 year old girls in Japan, Canada, Australia & other countries were asking if we’d seen it because they had. People who repeatedly call Trump supporters white supremacists & racists when many black Americans who refused to ignore what they saw in the Biden campaign decided to take a look at Trump’s record. Wow, a lot of good for education, neighborhoods, job opportunities, ways for women in business to get a start & get ahead, yearly incomes increased, unemployment down & many more. Trump & his supporters already with him were excited. Every individual brings a fresh perspective. And white people don’t have this one & black people didn’t have that one. We are all Americans who are supporting someone we are proud of. A liberal black woman blasted a liberal black man for appreciating what President Trump did for black Americans. A liberal brown woman berated the same man for smiling at a conservative. But MSM says we’re the racists. They also, along with Pelosi & other anti-American, anti-Constitution we’re unfortunate to have working against us in our government, call us violent. They call Trump an inciter. I saw “walk peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol” on the transcript. I read that the mob was Antifa & BLM & it had been planned for the very purpose it achieved. I saw video of the doors being opened to let them in. I heard Pelosi was in charge of Capitol security & refused extra. I read

    • Susan R. Eggleton says:

      the man with the confederate flag was a registered democrat & Biden supporter. If you have to have people dress as Trump supporters to portray us storming a building, how bad can we be? If you have to lie about Trump to make him look bad? I couldn’t ask for a man better. I have heard Cynthia Johnson, Pelosi, Harris, Booker, Waters, AOC,Talib, Omar & Biden each guilty of at least one, some more,of these: threaten Trump supporters, encourage the riots,incite against Trump supporters & Trump’s
      cabinet, threaten America. Nicolle Walters called for drone strikes against Trump supporters. In the country I lived in when Trump was President, I believe law enforcement would have had a problem with that. Of course, many things have been allowed here lately that I thought only happened in communist China & third world countries. I miss the USA I knew.

      • James Reel says:

        Well it appears that a large part of our government now has the same mind set as communist so what’s the difference.

  6. Sarah says:

    What she is suggesting is disgusting. She and her ilk would like to turn this country into a police state. If I wanted to live with oppression, I would move to a socialist or communist country. What is wrong with people these days?

  7. Pegs says:

    she is the EPITOME of DISHONEST !!! The ONLY time I have EVER watched her is a clip on Fox. Just report the news if that is what YOU call it!!

  8. HENRY STAEHS says:

    The actual terrorists are not American Patriots, the real terrorist are the unconstitutionalists, the power hungry Washington politicians, specifically, they are hiding in plain sight: Joe ‘Pinocchio’ Biden because he is a traitot, Crazy Nancy Pelosi who has proven her hatred of Patriotism and the US Constitution, Chuck Schumer, because he is a liar and more corrupt than Al Capote, Kamala Harris because she helped BLM destroy American cities, the list of terrorists is long and without any doubt whatsoever the Power Hungry Democrats and Republicans who disregard the US Constitution and the rule of law. THE time is now to drain the swamp, before it is too late. DO NOT pretend you don’t see the corruption in our government. CITIZENS RIGHTS ARE BEING SYSTEMSTICALLY TAKEN AWAY. I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE, I BELIEVE THE Supreme Court and the law of Constutional Law needs to be enacted. ARRESTING TRAITORS IN the US Government, is the best defense against TYRANNY.

  9. Holy Rose says:

    Not a bad idea. For the good of our nation we could use drones to get rid of the rotten republican rubbish and every single chinese in this nation. I can’t stand those damned cheating chinese. They are the cause of our present problems. Bill Gates would hail the use of drones for selective depopulation. Go for it!

  10. Sam B. says:

    Hold on…doesn’t msnbc stand for: Misleading Sorry Narrative Biased Crap?!?! Who watches this pathetic network & the obviously corrupt BIASED people..NOT JOURNALISTS…on it? In addition that other obviously corrupt biased pathetic negative narrative network CNN is right there with them if not worse! All these NON JOURNALISM networks r a *HUGE* reason why there r the issues in our country we face. If they just reported the NEWS as it actually narrative spin…I’ll bet we wouldn’t have 75-80% of the problems we have. Low-life propaganda like the comments Nicole Wallace has said is my point exactly. 90% of the country is sick of it. Their divisive corrupt narrative is on full display.
    I’m a registered (moderate/barely left leaning) democrat…NOT a supporter of the radical unhinged socialist party….& can’t stand the divisive patheticness that has become 90% of the so-called news networks today. These scum news networks help drive me & dozens of other moderate dems I know away from the left because of their destructive ideals & direction they want to take the country. I/we aren’t in denial & r patriots of our great nation FIRST!
    The so-called news networks like msnbc, cnn & the people (non-journalists) that r on those corrupt networks MUST B HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CORRUPT COMMENTS & NARRATIVE DIVISIVE PROPAGANDA THEY BROADCAST! ENOUGH!!!!

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Preach Sam! Perfectly said. Love the msnbc nickname LOL! There is no question the obviously cynical un-news networks stir up so many of the issues we face/deal with today. To bad these networks don’t report the news as it IS..with no negative bias spin!!
      What Nicole Wallace said is only 1 of numerous examples on how ridiculous & delusional the hate fake news un-journalistic media has become. These scum networks r a cancer & most definitely Un-American!

  11. Carolyn says:

    drones start killing domestic terrorist there will be no democratic party left. They would have to start with Antifa and BLM and all the Democrats that have urged and encouraged violence including Pelosi, Schumer, Mad Maxine and a very very large number of upper echelon of the DC population and governors of many states like California, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, etc. They need to think it through and discourage such suggestions or it will certainly backfire on them.

  12. Will drones kill American citizens? Considering that the elections were stolen from us, now, we no longer have any choice – yes, now they can kill us with drones, they can rot us in prisons, kick us out of our jobs so that we and our children starve to death. They can do whatever they want with us; But until we wake up, unite and in a loud voice to the whole world tell them – “That’s it, that’s enough for us!”

  13. Lea C Glover says:

    Women should not be in government. Unlike man, women are ruled by emotions. I am a woman, but I will be the first to admit, women can be very dangerous in these positions. It’s a documented fact, throughout history, women have been mans downfall!

    • Farmer says:

      I would agree with you IF you replace the word ‘woman’ with ‘liberal’.

      Regarding targeting protestors with drone strikes, if it comes to that the majority (at least 95 percent) of people killed will be BLM, Antifa and other left-wing crazies. They are the ones tearing up America.

    • ck says:

      I sure hope you don’t have any daughters you fucking kook!

  14. Kristie jensen says:

    Are you kidding– this ms. Wallace is a danger to our republic as are others like Couric who talk about reprogramming people who do not think like them. Guess what these people have the platform and get their words out no problem!! Like one of Hitler’s top guys said ” tell a lie often enough and long enough the people will soon believe it” our country is in grave danger of being lost!!SAD and no place to run to.!!!9

    • Our Country is already lost because the Socialistic Democrats are now in control and are going to RUIN OUR NATION.They are a bunch of idiots because they favor making illegal aliens legal in unorthodox ways. This Nation is already taking care of way too many idiots who are here for a free ride from non American Countries and mainly illegal aliens. We need to send them all back to where they came from, in other words this is America-love it or leave it and take the Democrats with you. This is no longer the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, I guess that you could call it the new moronic idiotic SOCIALISTIC DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.

  15. Terrie Wyatt says:

    If you’re going to attack protesters with drones, start with black Lives Matter.

  16. Wendy says:


  17. Tim says:

    After nicole wallace statement, I Wonder how she goes home at nite probably ducking in alley ways, bullet proof vest, shaking in her boots, biting her fake nails she must have a blanket of security all around her just to get home safe I WOULD how does she live with herself? NO Conscious msm reprehensible

  18. Tammy says:

    Does that mean that “news” reporters like this get “droned” as well? Does it mean that “peaceful” protesters such as BLM and Antifa getv”dtoned” or how about the “elderly” and terminally ill”? Or children who aren’t “perfect” in the lefts eyes? When would it end? She truly needs to stop pretending to be an unbiased news reporter because she lobviously she’s truly a “Unpatriotic HACK”! Thank you

  19. Linc says:

    One can take 90% of the so called news people who speak opinions more than fact and in the words of Dirty Harry throw a net over them and dump them in the ocean.

  20. DEE SMITH says:


  21. Bj says:

    Than you Mike Lindell for your everlasting truth . Your2 hr special.documentary on voter fraud was remarkable. Yes we do see without any doubt there was foreign interference! It is exactly what we all thought. But so much fun to see! This is a complete illegitimate government throwing out all the evil. No wonder that g
    Half wit and his sidekick are behind prison walls with bar wire! Keep them there. They are all pat of the coup. I have never doubted it. I stopped watching msm a long time ago! Too many lies and distractions. Pure Evil! Their day will come! Trust in the Lord! If you did not see this documentary? Go look for it! Check OAN! They may lead you further. It is a MUST SEE!!

  22. Belcher says:

    Nicole Wallace is the communist if anybody should be hit with A drone strike it should be her

  23. Tammi says:

    Ok so let me get this right. She just put out a death threat to all americans especially Republicans. That means she should loose her job and be arrested.

  24. AJM says:

    Where do they come up with these screwballs….she should get back to reality…an stop listening to liberal bullshit……

  25. AJM says:

    Someone should volunteer to help this nutcase get her head out of her Ass…………

  26. rick says:

    Nicole Wallace is nothing more than the poster girl for the graduates of The Joseph Goebbels School of Broadcasting. Where the hell is the FCC?

  27. DEMOCRATIC & DEMO–C–RAT are words that are so very FAR APART !!!

  28. Fred says:


  29. Anne M Langlois says:

    Nichole Wallace is a feminist fascist Nazi

    • Charles says:

      Ms. Nicole Wallace does not now what she is talking. I did watch their segment of news. How Pathetic ! These people are MORONS. She wants to use Drones to eliminate us ! What a STUPID IDEA ! Try it ! You will encounter the same fate: I guarantee. You and your family will be HOUNDED ! You people are BRAINWASHED ! I have as much right to say anything I want ! But killing people using Drones ? It is insane ! Hope you come to your senses !

  30. That was HITLERS STRONGEST ADVANTAGE !!! Control the MEDIA, Control GUNS, Control learning in CLASS ROOMS, & BURN & DESTROY all BOOKS not related to FASCISM !!! The most popular book he BURNED was the HOLY BIBLE !!! They are STRONGLY against the HOLY BIBLE as we speak today !!! MEDIA is being CONTROLLED as we TRY to speak today !!! GUNS are strongly being CONTROLLED as we speak today !!! SCHOOL CLASSROOMS are being learning CONTROLED as we speak today!!! TELL ME PLEASE DO ANY OF YOU OUT THERE SEE A PATTERN IN OUR SOCIETY,””AS WE SPEAK TODAY “” !!! Will we SET BACK & let HISTORY REPEAT ??? That is WHAT “THEY” WANT!!!

    • Josie says:

      There is a coalition I have joined called Faith &Freedom Coalition. The founder and chairman is Dr Ralph Reed. Also plug in to The First with Bill O’Reilly, Buck Sexton, Jesse Kelly and the rest of their people. There is a Free Speech Movement starting up as well. Bill O’Reilly has all of the info. You can download The First app or check them out on you tube (hopefully they don’t get censored). We must fo all we can to push back the left! Dana Loesch on The First will keep you updated on topics such as the 1619 project infiltrating our schools. We need to get involved (these are peaceful organizations).

  31. LaDonna says:


  32. Oscar G Jones says:

    People like wallace continue to push a very stupid and dangerous scenario. A scenario of it’s the current administration against the falsely labeled racist, white supremist, home grown terriost people that supported President Trump. Where this garbage is coming from I don’t know. The whole group of democrats seem to be throughly brainwashed. I hope that these mindless people wake up and realize that shoving 75 million people back in a corner and suggest they all be killed is something they are just ot going to roll over and take. It is totally irresponsible to push this narrative and if this type of talk is not inciting violence then I don’t know what is! A wise military general once said “always leave your enemy an escape route”. Meaning that once absolutely cornered with no escape people will fight much more fearlessly because it’s the only option they have. Be very careful what you wish for.

  33. Suzette says:

    I think she is suffering from a severe case of TDS and working with the nuts on The View has warped her sense of reality. Since when do we condone attacking our own people. Why does she not say that BLM and ANTIFA are domestic terrorist? She was defending them when they were rioting, looting, burning down buildings and tearing down statues. What is the difference between them and the Capital Hill rioters. ANTIFA members admitted they were part of the Capital Hill riot. Since they were there why was it not considered peaceful? Is it because the Democrats felt like they were in danger. What about the ordinary citizens who were threatened in the streets, stores and restaurants? Do they not deserve to live in peace without the fear of being attacked by some left wing nut who is just peaceful beating you up or worse. She would feel different if she was being attacked or her property destroyed. She should not be allowed on TV speaking that kind of crap. Isn’t that was they accused Trump of doing. I never heard him say to attack US citizens with drones. Only the Democrats would do something like that.

  34. David D'Anna says:

    They may “THINK” they are Journalist and Reporters,What that woman(sic) Just came out with would be under ANY LAW, A threat to the AMERICAN Public, SUGGESTING anything of the sort,Is OUTRIGHT ,UNCALLED for AND CRIMINAL!!..They have CLEARLY STPPED over that INVSIBLE Line and NOW, It is time to Go out and SHOW the Sheep o the left,That they Have NEVER cared for ANY of us!! I have several Nieces and Nephews that Think Socialism and Communism is the way,And they Have now labeled ME, A domestic Terrorist for Telling them they are WRONG about President Trump!,Well, They were all a bunch of CRYBABY Snowflakes anyway, and Their MOM supports My View, so,SCrew the crybabies..I cannot be amongst them anymore..AS far as Whats Going on..and what the MSM and ESPECIALLY MSNBC is CONCERNED,THey have been BOUGHT OFF by the COMMUNIST and if those kids want to be part of the Lies and deceit They SPEW,well,God have mercy on their souls..All I can do now, is hope all HELL comes Raining DOWN on the TRAITORS!! I stopped watching news,and have set my T.V. up to Change Channels whenever the Local news comes on because it TOO, has become awash with the Leftist BULLSHIT!! Hit the streets people! BOTCOTT all their FEEDS!!..THat Person needs to be fired for that LINE OF SHIT!!..

  35. Ally says:

    Isn’t this exactly the sentiments of the Democratic party as it moves further into Communism? Just ike all dictators there is a desire for having things their own way and not being able to tolerate the opinions of others. Look at the political face of Communist China where even religion is banned and those who practice it are simply rounded up and murdered.

  36. Laura says:


    • Greg says:

      We are surrounded by traitors in this country at all levels of leadership. It has been a systemic advance of the communist creep into all local, state, federal, and some military positions of power. The few ruling the many and soon to be ruling over a poverty stricken public gulag that they created with their mandates and regulations. All they while pretending to be compliant themselves; but behind closed doors or when they thought the camera wasn’t looking, laughing at us like hyenas over a kill. They have used the media to stoke insane fear, and have taken America down without a bullet fired, but not without a shot.

    • W says:

      Buncha Lying Marxists and Antipanties are the demomaggots version of Hitler’s brown shirts. They can and do destroy, intimidate, murder, rob and loot with impunity while their “leaders” and the propaganda puppet talking heads claim they are “mostly peaceful” and fully support their criminal actions.

      Now, because of ONE incident on January 6, they are hysterically, and falsely, claiming there is widespread “insurrection.” They are just using this as an excuse to further their destructive agenda.

  37. Nancy Miller says:

    Is she still working in television?? As I am all through watching the networks that are anti American I don’t know.
    CNN, CBS, MSNBC,ABC and after the latest stunt by Fox they are all off my list I want truthful honest reporting and they all fall short.
    OAN is my current go to

  38. Dennis Sumner says:

    The long term effects of prolonged chronic TDS!!

  39. Frank Steele says:

    Take any information from MSNBC, divide it by two, and don’ t believe any of it. Does anyone think these boneheads really believe their “news?”

  40. Richard Carpenter says:

    We need truthful news

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