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UPDATE: NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Ban National Anthem

Breaking Update: The NBA has rebuked and overruled Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and ordered that ALL NBA teams will play the National Anthem before each game.

This is an update of an earlier report (see below) of Cuban having banned the National Anthem from Dallas Mavericks home games.

We value free speech and commentary. Please share your thoughts in the comment section about Mark Cuban having banned the National Anthem of the United States of America from Dallas Mavericks home games and the NBA overruling that ban.


First, it was take a knee. Then, it was a raised fist. Now, a total ban of our National Anthem – The Star Spangled Banner?

It seems so.

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the National Basketball Association’s Dallas Mavericks, has ordered that the National Anthem will no longer be played at Dallas Mavericks home games.


  1. Bert Fink says:

    Never thought a Pittsburgh kid would throw our country in the garbage like he did shameless and shameful!!! Hay Mark have you ever served in the US Military from my recollection you have never served a day in the military. Ur a number one loser in my book. Take ur money and go to China where you belong! Good riddens!!

  2. Suzanne Reed says:

    Terrible business decision for a team that is based in the heart of Texas! Bye Bye Mark – move your team back to Cuba.

  3. Ally says:

    Don’t know why he is acting like this. Needs to go to China and stay or to Russia and stay.

  4. T.C. says:

    Another big nail in the coffin of professional sports, good riddance. game was ruined long ago.

  5. ken white says:

    This is why I don’t watch football or basketball. I love our Utah Jazz but I don’t watch them because of people like Mark Cuban !!! But The one that makes me really sick is the biggest ball baby that I have ever seen King James who thinks people care what he says. He couldn’t hold a candle to good basketball players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Clyde the guild, Michal Jorden, Carl Malone would eat him alive. along with at least 20 other players that are as good or better then the big mouth spoiled rotten over paid cry baby he is the reason a lot of people stopped watching the NBA. He really should grow up or move on !!!

  6. Steve says:

    Mark Cuban, needs to get on his hands and knees and thank the veterans for his freedom. He is just a sheep that cares only his wallet. Mark you will never be President, don’t think you have a chance, keep dreaming.

  7. Sam B. says:

    What is Mark do’n?! Why disrespect our flag, anthem..country like that?!?! To align ur company/team with a Marxist hate group & their obviously biased narrative is insane! Here’s what I mean..:
    BLM organization & their hypnotized brainwashed followers ONLY care about the black lives that have been impacted by law enforcement! With all do respect..In the big picture we r talking about such a small percentage of people thru the years! I’ll bet if everyone would *COMPLY* with what law enforcement asks us to do that 99.999% of injuries etc WOULDN’T HAPPEN! Just *COMPLY!!*…damn!!
    Now that the country is catching on to the BLM narrative…I/we wanna know about the thousands & thousands & THOUSANDS of our blk brothers sisters neighbors co-workers friends that r seriously injured &/or killed every year that law enforcement has nothing to do with! Hey blm, Mark Cuban, Hollywood elites, sports & entertainment stars..& spineless politicians…..what about these tens of THOUSANDS of human beings?! Just because NONE of these lives weren’t impacted by law enforcement..why ignore them? These human beings lives MATTER TOO!!! BLM obviously doesn’t stand for “ALL Black Lives Matter.”
    Sorry Chicago…but in 2020 there were 4033 shooting victims(not counting stabbings etc etc). 875 of these human beings died. 78% of all these victims were black. Out of all these people 75% were shot/killed by other black folks!!!! Where the F*** is the awareness & outrage for these HUMAN BEINGS?!?! This is only 1 example from 1 city in our country. BLM & all ur hypnotized brainwashed followers & supporters…why do u ignore ALL these people?! U only focus on such an extremely small percentage of people & purposely ignore ALL black lives just because these TENS OF THOUSANDS of people across the country don’t fit ur narrative. How pathetically sad.
    NBA should’ve put the names of ALL the black kids shot & killed on the backs of their jerzees last year…like little 8 year old Dajore Wilson who was shot & killed Labor Day weekend in Chicago by other black folks…”may god rest her little sole & comfort her family.” Victims like little Dajore Wilson r ignored by the BLM Marxist narrative hate group. This is only “1” reason why BLM is a farce/buncha BS.
    The country is catching on to this pathetic narrative!!
    Anyone that doesn’t respect & support *ALL* black lives..& at the end of the day..ALL LIVES is “off the reservation & is a flat-ass out un-american scumbag.” Nuff said.

    • Harry Moore says:

      Hoorah for you!

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Preach Sam! Well said again. Another possible example of this blm against the police just happened in Seattle. 911 was called due to a black male shooting 2 blk women in a park. Police show up & the shooter starts shooting at police! Police return fire & killed the shooter. Police then find the 2 women shot. While transporting the women to the hospital 1 of them died..& the other is still in critical condition. I pray not..but just watch what may happen because the police returned fire on the now killer..& killed him. Some people may say police were wrong…even though this quack shot 2 women killed 1 another is in critical condition then started firing at the police that were there responding to this shooting..& then they took out the shooter. Again I pray not but if some people get agitated because of the actions of the police..the hypocrisy of this would b pathetic. 2 blk women were shot..1 died & the other is in critical condition due to the actions of the blk male shooter. Once AGAIN…the actions of the people put law enforcement in such an unfortunate sad position.

  8. Who cares. Long ago we learned that N.B.A. is an acronym for “No Body Attends” Cubans in Miami would like to rip his lungs out,or at least change his last name. He dis-honors all Cuban freedom seekers that came to the U.S.A. to enjoy freedom.

  9. There will never be another game seen on my television as long as I live.

  10. Robert says:


  11. D-Day says:

    It sounds like the NBA has overruled this buffoon, Mark Cuban! It turns out, all NBA will be playing the national anthem before each of their games!

  12. john says:

    move the nba out of dallas

  13. rick says:

    That’s a start, but their game is still a sham as long as chinee commies are involved. Personally, I haven’t watched the NBA since the mid ’70’s. It’s nothing but a shove & dunk league, with idiots on the court who should just play, not spout off on politics. They WILL feel the pain of their actions! Who the hell do these morons think made them rich?

  14. D-Day says:

    BLM is nothing more than a Marxist organization. They burn buildings, loot, rape, and kill. Mostly in communities where minority owned and operated businesses are the ones damaged or destroyed. Does that sound like black lives matter to you? Mark Cuban’s a fool for supporting such a ridiculous organization! Banning the national anthem at his games for an organization like this, is beyond foolish!

    • James Slocum says:

      Mark it is in my opinion that your just a C… Sucker. Period end of story. Boycott this man and his politics!

  15. mtman2 says:

    I could almost be sick hearing that…!

  16. Terry Followell says:

    The only sport that I have seen give due respect to this great country, our flag, anthem, and military is professional rodeo. All the rest of those overpaid, spoiled pussys can take there little boy games to another country if national pride and respect are such a problem for them. Evidently the proceedings at a military funeral have no emotional effect or significant meaning to these dip sh*ts.

    • Cathy a says:

      I agree this professional athletics are way overpaid and in this crisis today they ought to be giving 30 percent of their salaries to food banks every nba team in each state and see how many people would have food to eat and mark cuban pack him up and his family and send him to mexico if he has it so bad here..
      If it was not for fans showing up for any professional times these over paid bully’s, self centered, rich, greedy athletics would not be paid their ass in salaries…cuban needs to go to Cuba or better yet how back we ship him to communist china and let him live there if he has it so bad here in great america that the democratics are trying to destroyed with that dictator jack ass in the white house..cuban goooooood bye get the hell out of america you piece if shit…you are not an american by any standards just like that fuck head in the white house you both belong in communist china you piece of shit…

  17. Bobby says:

    I’m behind the NBA 100% on their stance that the National Anthem will be played before the games! Now that Cuban has shown his true colors I will never attend and/or watch any Dallas NBA games! Hopefully more will do the same so Cuban will feel the response and effects in his $’s made! I’m tired of all the arrogant team owners that seem to have forgot about why and what AMERICA represents!

  18. WyoConsLady says:

    These spoiled rotten people who hate this Country ought to get out & try making their millions & billions in those dreaded countries that they emulate. Guys like Mark Cuban think they are special. I’d love to see how they fare in China, Russia, Ukraine or Venezuela. They would have it all taken away for the governing elite. What in Heaven’s name is driving thse screwballs??

  19. Sic&Tired says:

    When You Are Not a True, Good, and Faithful AMERICAN….. Then Get the HELL Out of this Country….We Don’t A-Holes like Mark Cuban in this Country.!!! He needs to be taken out behind the barn….Like all the Non-Americans in this Country. They Just Don’t Belong Here…The Miserable MisFits and Pathetic Humans.!!!!!!

  20. carol starkes says:

    So glad NBA stepped in. BLM movement sympathizers SHOULD KEEP THIS OUT OF THE GAMES. There is a place for BLM and it’s not in the games or the field.

  21. Karen L Peterson says:

    It’s people like Mark Cuban that prevent me from enjoying and watching any NBA game – even my once-favorite Milwaukee Bucks.

  22. Brenda says:

    Never liked Cuban, you never hear much about his loser team, hopefully Shark Tank will go down also! Mark is a d – – k!

  23. Tim says:

    Well it wasn’t made for those liberal pussys anyway, I say stop showing the games. No air time

  24. Windy says:

    Its because of ass holes like Cuban that I would never go to a pro game or watch
    a game on TV . If they don’t like our country as it is why don’t they just get out and leave it to those of us who are happy with it.

  25. Stephen Westman says:

    Cuban needs to go to Cuba and take his team with him.

  26. Neil S Cohen says:

    I like Mark. He is an asshole though. It must be a black sympathy thing

  27. Mary Carr says:

    Sure make all that good money here and then sh#! on the greatest country yeah that’s right must be if immigration stats are correct. Those that agree with Cuban hmm appropriate name you an ass!!## too

  28. philip kolea says:

    i totally agree

  29. Don Mcdiarmid says:

    I couldn’t care less what these over paid ass holes do. I wont be watching any pro sports’on

    • James Slocum says:

      I also will not watch any sports where the whole team in not standing when playing the National Anthem. Unity, bull shit of an example. The horrific waste of human life should be acknowledged by who is killing who? Be an example and except responsibility for your ignorance in harming your own people. I do think that groups like BLM would rather blame instead of educating people that violence is not a solution. Educate your brothers, do not kill anything!

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