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NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Ban National Anthem

First, it was take a knee. Then, it was a raised fist. Now, a total ban of our National Anthem – The Star Spangled Banner?

It seems so.

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the National Basketball Association’s Dallas Mavericks, has ordered that the National Anthem will no longer be played at Dallas Mavericks home games.

We value free speech and commentary. Please share your thoughts in the comment section about Mark Cuban banning the National Anthem of the United States of America from Dallas Mavericks home games.


  1. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    This is a prime example of rich people in America. The do whatever they want and it OK. Watching him on Shark Tank. He’s so full of himself, he’s rude, abnoxis, and thinks nothing of others. He just wants to be in
    the limelight. On other matters,I see all major companies are featuring people of color on their commercials. This is to appease them. They should of been, proud about Anjamima Syrup. Next it will be Uncle Ben’s rice. I’m gonna puke.

  2. Gitmo says:

    Hes Cuban isnt he? He isnt American to begin with and hes a prime example of these people who come here the goverment helps then they become rich off of something one way or another and turn around and dis-respect thos country that gave them the opportunity for a gravy life! We dont need any of them and if they cant respect our laws and flag then hit the wall and go back where you come from! Trash like the burr head that started the take a knee crap kooky Kaepernick should have been kicked out immediately and never aloud back and Nike should be boycotted for making him spokes man! How stupid can you be! This is what happens when other countires like china is buying up business and farm ground here! It shouldnt be allowed! Just another take over and now this pos president who cheated the election is opening the door for them! Biden needs stopped before he does anymore damage! Just boycott his team and his businesses and show him how it’s done in america!! Quit catering to and giving in to these people! Grow some balls for once! Wake up people!

  3. Myra says:

    I suggest this piece of garbage be BANNEDin OUR AMERICA! He’s a blowhard piece of.. well, you know! Reject him and his “team” of losers. Just my take!

  4. John says:

    Wake up America, it is time to show these people the hand that feeds them has more power than them, maybe even the back of the hand. Maybe it will wake some of them up!

  5. Let Mark Cuban and his fucking crew dance to the Chinese anthem – I don’t care. America is my country, American Anthem is my Anthem.

  6. Richard says:

    Mr. Cuban, why don’t you and your team move to Beijing where you can play your national anthem, you know the China national anthem! After all, you clearly enjoy making billions off of real Americans but seem to think you can make more off of your new country, China. Be careful though in your new country not playing AND STANDING for their National Anthem will get you a few years in a repatriation camp!

  7. Someone has put my comment on there twice I wasn’t even on this phone at 11:20 I just have to pick my phone backup

  8. I hope no Americans go and watch any games that you have I am sorry for some of the players because I know they stand for American mr. Cuban is a disgrace to America and he needs to get out and anybody else that believes the way he believes I have not published this before I don’t even know him the lid off

  9. I hope no Americans go and watch any games that you have I am sorry for some of the players because I know they stand for American mr. Cuban is a disgrace to America and he needs to get out and anybody else that believes the way he believes

    • Milton Sellers says:

      If you don’t support America an what it stands for then you need to leave an leave all it gave you here. That man man is money off the American people an he made it the way it was set up to be now he wants to follow the people against America with any luck he will lose

  10. Anthony says:

    Completely un american!! Disrespecting our country and our people in uniform!! Boycott!! I’ve never been a fan of basketball, but whoever is, stop buying all merchandise and tickets. I live in Texas, and most Texans stand firm for the flag, and the constitution. He is a fucking traitor!!!

  11. MIKE LAGREE says:

    Please publish of all Cubans holdings so we don’t patronize any of them. NEVER DEMOCRAT, X REPUBLICAN, NOW TRUMPIAN!!

  12. troy hilliard says:

    I agree with Patti

  13. Roger bowton says:


  14. Missy says:

    Very unamerican!!! In this country this is one thing no matter what was going on would bring people together. Didn’t matter who you were where ya came from,what you side you were on with politics. All people stopped and gave respect to national anthem proudly and unapologetic with hand over heart. Understanding how important and where our way of life came from being blessed by God. Now what this says about a person and society turning there back on it all pure disgrace and ignorance. This has to stop all of the people in the U.S.A must stand United and be very out raged. We can and will make a difference to stop this. Pray and pray hard for this country stand against evil. People who do nothing to stop it are just as guilty as the ones destroying our values and way of life in America.

    • Don Nagle says:

      Cuban is a leftist of the worst kind. Made his money on
      uninformed sports fans who had no idea they were lining the pockets
      of a left-wing Communist.
      My vote is to bar him and his team from competing in America.
      Let him rot in the USSR .

    • LouAnn Rossi says:

      Cuban is wrong, leftist, liberal, what a shame. They need a new owner. Wrong direction to go. Move to China. People w/too much $ think they have too much control. Maybe Cuban is not for America and for all we fought for, like President Trump – fully for this country & every citizen in it. God bless him.

  15. Carolyn Clark says:

    I think we should ban Mark Cuban and give him his freedom away from American shores. He is free to leave.

  16. rick says:

    Cuban the commie may be a smart money guy, but as an American, he’s about as patriotic as his last name. There’s only one way to show this bozo the door- refuse to support him or his financial empire. He ought to be grateful he lives in a country that lets him get away with this garbage! But I’m sure he’s not! Just another moron!

  17. Glen Davis says:

    Mark Cuban is Judy another leftist that made it big in America now with his billions he wants to destroy America. We need to send him to Cuba and take his money away from him, if he wants to be a communist he could be one there 😡😡😡😡😡

  18. Bev says:

    If anyone doesn’t want to honor and treasure the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star-Spangled Banner, and the Constitution, they are more than welcomed to leave the United States. STOP Dishonoring all those who have given life, limb and mental health to keep America free.

  19. Dan says:

    Hit this anti-American were it hurts the worst – his pocket book. Absolutely refuse to watch the games or buy anything from the advertisers. Then escort the team out of our country.

  20. The USA should rescind Mark Cuban’s citizenship and deport him to China. Then the National Anthem should be reinstated for all sports!

  21. Samuel Mechaly says:

    Mr. Cuban
    This wonderful This wonderful country called America has been good to you . You are an arrogant man , and cocky too.
    I was born in Casablanca Morocco, my father told me never turn you back to a country where you were born, I suppose you were born here, if not There are 2 flights to Cuba a week from Miami .
    GOD bless this Country. WhenI hear the National anthem feel Proud to be an American.

  22. Keith Young says:

    Make him sell his team or take his team to another country.

  23. robin says:

    And he thinks he can unify the country by running for president? he can’t even get grown men who plays with his balls to stand up for 2 min for a song

  24. Monte says:

    Here’s the new way to spell NBA – 艾娜 比 诶

  25. Albert Rodgers says:

    What’s next, to play China’s national anthem.

  26. Marvin says:

    If you don’t like our country get the f—k out. You filthy p g
    Our country made you rich an this is your thanks. Just take your filthy ass an get out of our country. Go to China where you belong an see how you get treated there, maybe they will give you covid 19.

  27. Jesus Quintanilla says:

    Mark Cuban keeps infuriating the people with his action that’s the problem we have .
    Any where else it would be dealt differently for example doing that ccp
    Russia bad hombre

  28. August R Scarpelli says:

    Maybe the eleteist should move his team to China They already own the NBA

  29. Sue Katherine Rigler says:

    This is so un-American but that is what the democrats want! We the people need to speak out and boycott the games by not watching them on television or supporting their sponsors. My God, why are people trying to destroy America which stands for freedom and opportunity? We need Trump back and soon!!!

  30. Janet says:


  31. Bill says:

    He his always free to denounce his citizenship and leave.
    The NBA should set the standard for the official performance of all the games anyway.
    What if I owned the visiting team and I want the anthem played? Is this one guy violating my right if free speech?

    • August R Scarpelli says:

      Other pro American owners should refuse to play in his arena unless the Anthem is played. If there are actually any of them left

  32. BigB says:

    Cuban, like most Billionaires, think they are God’s and are way above everyone else. To me the best thing that could happen if nobody I mean nobody should attend any Mavericks games. Also, when they go the road the opposing team shouldn’t allow Cuban into the building because like his name he is a communist. Free Speech was never intended to be use by traitors. Cuban needs a time out! So the little boy can go sit in the corner.

  33. Sandy says:

    He is a socialist a**hole. He needs to take his unamerican a** out of this country.

  34. Sandra Rosenbloom says:

    Anyone who doesn’t respect and honor the National Anthem and the American flag and what they stand for should be sent to China or Venezuela ! Get them out! They should be made to fight in wars and have all their privileges taken away.

  35. Allan Pozdol says:

    Move your team and company to Cuba! Or just give them all your money! You’ll make more I hope IN THIS COUNTRY! And seek help. Mark!
    “Psychopathy is characterized by diagnostic features such as superficial charm, high intelligence, poor judgment and failure to learn from experience, pathological egocentricity and incapacity for love, lack of remorse or shame, impulsivity, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, manipulative behavior, poor self-control, … and criminal versatility, among others.”

  36. Jerry Floor says:

    Mark Cuban is a glowing example of someone who has profited by the protections afforded him as an American citizen, but has grown muscles in his efforts to insult the great people who died defending this Country and making it possible for him to strut his arrogance of power. He should also remind his team of millionaires that they might consider acknowledging some reverence to our Country as well.
    The NBA has enough problems without Cuban throwing salt on the wound!

  37. Joyce says:

    Mark doesn’t support our country and promotes the players to do the same. This is the end of the NBA. They all need to be deported – maybe to China….

  38. Tim C says:

    The man is a disgrace!!!!

  39. Debra says:

    I sincerely hope Texas, being an AMERICAN STATE, shows him the back door and tells him and his Anti-American feelings to take a Flying Leap!! Don’t come back!

  40. bruce says:

    Why? What did the National Anthem do to him or his team. It honors our country and the people who died for our freedoms. Where is the problem. Is this WOKE idiocy? Sounds like it. If you loose your identity, good or bad, you lose who you are as people.

  41. LuAnne Fantasia says:

    Sadly, there are no words.

  42. S rank says:

    Go to another country bc you certainly aren’t proud of America. We are all Americans. Men, women and children. Race doesn’t come into play.

  43. Carolyn Javaux says:

    Anyone who bans the playing of the National Anthem or saying the pledge of allegiance should be deported!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Patti says:

    He is nothing but a big mouth, thinks he knows it all greedy sob. He should be deported for not supporting our country that made him rich. I hope that people stop supporting him and his team in Texas

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