New Gas Stations BANNED To Stop ‘Climate Change’!?!

Gas Station

( – In an effort to stop “climate change” that has conservatives shaking their heads in disbelief, cities across California are now banning the building of new gas stations at the same time that the price of gas has never been higher and energy demands are skyrocketing.

According to Breitbart News in “Despite Record Prices, California Cities Ban New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change”:

“Cities in California are banning the construction of new gas stations in an effort to fight climate change, despite record-high gas prices and the lack of scientific evidence that banning gas in California will have any effect on global temperatures.” [emphasis added]

Adding details, the Los Angeles Times reports:

“‘We didn’t know what we were doing, actually,’ said Petaluma Councilwoman D’Lynda Fischer, who led the charge last year to prohibit new gas stations in the city of 60,000. ‘We didn’t know we were the first in the world when we banned gas stations.’

“Since Petaluma’s decision, four other cities in the Bay Area have followed suit, and now, leaders in California’s most car-centric metropolis are hoping to bring the climate-conscious policy to Southern California.

It opens a new front in California’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and already is generating opposition from the fuel industry, which argues consumers would suffer.” [emphasis added]

The news comes as California has already announced plans to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in 2035.

What is your opinion about California cities banning new gas stations in an effort to fight climate change? Does it make any sense to you to stop the building of new gas stations given the energy needs of the United States of America? Why or why not? Please share your reaction and thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.