New Hunter Laptop Bombshell

( – In terrible news for scandalous First Son Hunter Biden, nearly four years following the suppression of his lost laptop story by social media platforms and its dismissal by former intelligence officials, the Justice Department is poised to employ “self-authenticating” data from the computer at his federal gun trial.

The team of prosecutors, led by Special Counsel David Weiss, is requesting judicial approval to use evidence from the laptop during the trial, National Review reports.

They are also urging the judge to bar Biden from questioning the laptop’s legitimacy, which was confirmed by federal investigators in late 2019, according to the Justice Department and IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley.

In a legal document submitted on Wednesday, senior assistant special counsel Derek Hines stated:

“The defendant has not offered any conspiracy theory, much less any evidence, regarding how or why Apple, Inc. produced manipulated data for his iPhone and iPad. Second, the data from the laptop that the government is utilizing is not only self-authenticating, but it will be introduced with corroborating evidence at trial.”

Apple has supplied the government with files from Biden’s two iCloud servers, one for his iPad and another for his iPhone.

Federal prosecutors plan to present messages from these devices that were sent between April 2018 and January 2019, as noted by Hines.

An FBI technician retrieved files from Biden’s laptop following a 2019 analysis, and these files are intended to be presented at trial.

The authenticity of Biden’s laptop will be further supported by witness testimony, Biden’s memoir, and other third-party evidence, Hines explained.

However, Hunter Biden’s legal team has contended that the laptop data was tampered with by Delaware computer repairman John Mac Isaac, without providing technical proof to support this assertion.

“Any argument that suggests his laptop is not authentic would be inappropriate because there is no foundation for such questioning, and it risks creating juror confusion about the evidence actually at issue in this case,” Hines argued further.

“The government requests that the Court grant the motion because the records are self-authenticating. The government further requests that the Court prohibit the defendant from suggesting that the electronic evidence is fabricated, manipulated, altered, or inauthentic because he has not offered any evidence supporting such a claim,” he added.

In October 2020, the New York Post initially reported on emails found in Hunter Biden’s laptop archive related to his foreign business activities, leading to censorship by social media platforms and claims by 51 former intelligence officials that the story was indicative of Russian disinformation, albeit without proof.

Then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden referenced the former intelligence officials during a subsequent presidential debate to refute then-President Donald Trump’s criticism of his son.

Last year, former senior CIA official Michael Morell, a signatory of the letter, testified, describing how Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign orchestrated the discredited letter.

Hunter Biden’s gun trial is scheduled to commence on June 3, and his separate federal tax charges trial is slated for September.

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