NEW: Trump Gets Judge To Agree

( – In a minor but significant legal success for Donald Trump, his legal defense team has managed to convince Judge Juan Merchan to partially lift the gag order imposed on the former president as the first presidential debate approaches.

However, Merchan maintained crucial restrictions that prohibit Trump from making derogatory comments about certain prosecutors, The Daily Caller reports.

Merchan removed the sections of the order that barred Trump from speaking about witnesses and jurors.

Earlier this month, Trump’s legal team pressed Merchan to eliminate the order, arguing that the concerns voiced by the office of Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg “do not justify restrictions on the First Amendment rights of President Trump” following the conclusion of the trial.

Trump now has the liberty to discuss witnesses such as Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen but is still restricted from commenting on other individuals named in the order, including members of Bragg’s prosecutorial team, until his sentencing.

The ongoing constraints forbid him from discussing Matthew Colangelo, who, before his role in Bragg’s office starting December 2022, spent two years at the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ).

“Until sentence is imposed, all individuals covered by Paragraph (b) must continue to perform their lawful duties free from threats, intimidation, harassment, and harm,” Merchan stated.

The individuals Trump is still barred from publicly discussing are “(1) counsel in the case other than the District Attorney, (2) members of the court’s staff and the District Attorney’s staff, or (3) the family members of any counsel or staff member,” according to the order.

The gag order was extended by Merchan in April to specify that Trump could not make statements concerning family members of staff and counsel after he targeted Merchan’s daughter on Truth Social.

Merchan’s daughter operates a political consulting firm serving Democratic clients, such as California Representative Adam Schiff and the Senate Majority PAC.

Subsequent to them mentioning Trump’s case in fundraising emails, these clients have accumulated $93 million in donations, as reported by the New York Post in March.

Trump’s sentencing is planned for July 11, shortly before the Republican National Convention.

The initial presidential debate between President Joe Biden and Trump is slated for this Thursday. Trump was found guilty in May on 34 counts of falsifying business records.

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