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News Alert! Trump Returning to White House

This is a Breaking News Alert.

President Trump just announced that he will return to the White House today.

This is a Breaking News Alert. More information will be provided as circumstances warrant.


Do you agree with President Trump when he says, "Don't be afraid of Covid"? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section further down this page.


  1. Andrew Makos says:

    Bottom Line Biden Obama Clinton and their Quacks know the consequences of their actions ! They’ve been caught in the biggest scandal in the history of the United States, it is nothing short of treason ! The American people aren’t stupid ! They are the cream of the swamp ! The swamp will be drained ! Thank God and God Will bless America !

  2. Margaret says:

    The President is right; the psychological tactic that being used to scare and panic people about the alleged COVID-19 is not helpful; in fact, the real facts are being hidden from the American people to further the globalist New World Order Agenda 21 2030 blueprint or plan for the 21st century.

    The fabricated hyped up numbers from the CDC and the NIH are constantly being communicated to the American people by the medical bureaucrats and tyrants at the NIH and the CDC.

    The model from the Imperial College in London England is the origin of the misleading data that is being presented.

  3. Sam B. says:

    As a left leaning democrat that knows numerous others…I/we couldn’t agree MORE with President Trump. With all do respect to others that have suffered from this virus dumped on us & the world from China..”we can’t b afraid of it…extremely cautious yes but NOT afraid!” We must move on/forward cautiously. We’ve learned so much. WE ALL CAN DO THIS. I/we believe without a doubt is what President Trump means. We all believe that only the drama seekers/negative anything & everything Trump far left quacks spin this “don’t b afraid” comment up to meet their “sky is falling pessimistic narrative” sadly.
    People don’t b afraid of Covid-19…but hell yes most definitely b cautious & respect its boundaries. Stay safe & healthy all!

    Ps: anyone that wishes our President, First Lady & others ill-will etc.. is a pathetic unamerican pos.

    • Kay says:

      Save your sucking up to the Repulsive Republicans and their even more Repulsive pseudo president. We need no lecturing on how to feel or react to this diespicable wanna be fat tyrant. He should feel the same misery and pain that others have endured thanks to the Trump Virus.

      • jack says:

        You can thank China and people like Obama and Biden for enabling that country during there time in office. China released this virus on the world. It was predicted that America would have 2.2 million deaths from covid . We are right at ten percent of that number, yes one death is too many but I thank God President Trump stopped travel from China and europe when he did . I’m sure that saved countless lives and was condemned by Biden and most of the other Democrats when he did it. Question do you really think it was a accident that the virus was released in a election year when America and President Trump had the best economy anyone has ever seen ?

        • kay says:


          • Honest dem says:

            Those of u that blame Trump for Covid r “off the reservation.” Lol like the Trump administration released this virus from the White House On purpose to totally disrupt our lives & the best economy EVER lol. Covid Trump..& the Trump virus?! REALLY?! This virus is “Straight outta WuHan CHINA” u detached from reality haters LOL. Sweet Jesus the handful of u folks r real beauts! Anti American MORONS.
            Sam I agree…trump doesn’t want people to b afraid of Covid…cautious, carful & make SMART SAFE DECISIONS..ABSOLUTELY! We must continue moving forward! I too am a dem. Sorry “hater KAY”…not sucking up to the republicans either…just being HONEST & TRUE as a patriot..not as a democrat or republican. KAY..people like u r a big reason why dems r jumping ship & voting for the right & Trump. The bs rhetoric & hate is deafening.. ITS TURNING US OFF! C’MON!
            By Felicia!

        • Merle says:

          They should be investigating why Obama Soros and Bill Gates. Went to WAHUN CHINA IN DECEMBER 2019 !! Two weeks after. They returned it was spreading all around the country ..Thak is s very dangerous grio yo bd rjnning lokse .. I hope they are looking into “their activity “.

      • Catherine says:

        Who are you calling repulsive Republicans? Do you think you’re any better because you’re a Democrat? You are showing your ignorance just by your remarks. Shame on you!! Fat Trump?? Really? Are you a skinny person making fun of the President? We can’t all have hourglass figures. Criticizing someone because of their weight just shows what a shallow person you must be!!

        • TrumpForAmerica says:

          Wasn’t it the Dems who claimed the ware against “Body Shaming” and “Bullying”???
          Guess that was just another of their plethora of lies.

          I am no personal fan of Trump but I AM a fan of America and share this with DJT.
          The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting different results. Trump is a change agent for the benefit of America for Americans. These lifelong politicians like Biden with 47 years in politics claiming they have the answer is not only insane but foolhardy and ridiculous.

          • kay says:

            Oh such a wordsmith – take your own advice – you seem to have the definition of insanity down Now practice it, vote for Biden and get off COVID Rump’s crazy train.

        • kay says:

          You really are stupid – you repulsive Republicans simply do not have the ability to grasp what is going on around you and how your stupidity infects the rest of the world. COVID Trump is a loser and so are you – you are just too dumb to realize it.

      • Sally Borghese says:

        I wonder how some people think that our President could have done anything more than he did to help with the virus. I do not see Biden telling the American people how to stop the virus….DUH!! If he knows some way to stop it why would he not tell us NOW…..oh! I get it…he is no more knowledgeable than anyone else. President Trump has done everything he could have and has not lied. He has tried to keep our spirits up. People say he should have done more. I do not think he has a crystal ball. He did not want a PANIC…but people do not realize that there was panic……what would you call the empty grocery shelfs and nothing to wipe your butt with????? Anyone that thinks there was not panic is stupid and Trump did not want it to get worse. Use your brain about these things and then go vote for Trump….Biden has no magic pill!!!

        • Kay says:

          Hey idiot COVID Trump is in power right now – you need to be asking that putrid pig for answers. Oh, no answers from him because he doesn’t care if your sorry ass gets it.
          Not to worry , Biden will clean up the mess that this pig has left us with. BIDEN 2020 – deal with it!

          • Julia Ogden says:

            Putrid Pig? Really? Kiss you mother with that mouth, Kay? Still waiting for that answer on how much Soros is paying you for you lies and foulness on your posts! Would love to know what a TRAITOR gets for bashing our President! Moron! MAGA! TRUMP2020!

      • Merle says:

        Kay. Your a typical. Female Democrat ..with nothing in your head except stale air and hate .. You have no idea what an evil black hearted Dictator you are going to vote for .. She will cause the start of the civil war .. Even Republicsn women know to fight her … Grow up ……

        • Kay says:

          You really are too stupid for words. Your head is filled with racism and paranoia. Work at getting your head out of COVID Trump’s ass and smell the fresh air of freedom.

          • Julia Ogden says:

            And there she is again, folks! THE TRAITOR KAY, BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY GEORGE SOROS! She has got to be out of her little snowflake mind with her foul lies and BS! How much you getting to bash POTUS, Kay? Does Soros pay you by the hour? Or pay you by each post? TRUMP2020!

      • Julia Ogden says:

        Trump virus? No, baby girl, CHINA VIRUS! You are just pissed off that the best President in the country beat the CHINA VIRUS in less than a week! Want cheese with that whine or should be call you a Whaaaa-bulance? Calling Americans that support POTUS in office a bunch of names won’t get you anything but scorn and contempt! Children with no education should stay off the internet until they learn History, Economics and some MANNERS! I am an AMERICAN with her own mind and thoughts! You are a mononic rude little girl with no brains! Or you are just another EVIL Soros operative getting money to spout BS! Pick, moron, and let us know. Your ass is showing and the diarrhea coming out of your mouth is FOUL! KAG! TRUMP2020!

      • Julia Ogden says:

        Trump virus? No, baby girl, CHINA VIRUS! Funded by THE GREAT TRAITOR, O’BAMA!
        You are just pissed off that the best President in the country beat the CHINA VIRUS in less than a week! Want cheese with that whine or should be call you a Whaaaa-bulance? Calling Americans that support POTUS in office a bunch of names won’t get you anything but scorn and contempt! Children with no education should stay off the internet until they learn History, Economics and some MANNERS! I am an AMERICAN with her own mind and thoughts! You are a mononic rude little girl with no brains! Or you are just another EVIL Soros operative getting money to spout BS! Pick, moron, and let us know. Your ass is showing and the diarrhea coming out of your mouth is FOUL! KAG! TRUMP2020!

        • Kay says:

          Hey repulsive republicans worry about the diarrhea coming out of your mouths. Paranoid assholes. Get it straight – you are a bunch of losers supporting a loser.

        • Sam B. says:

          Preach Julia! ?
          Covid KAY is an obvious hater anything & everything Trump. This kind of hateful rhetoric blah blah blah is 1 reason why dems like me & dozens of others I know r jumping ship supporting TrumpPence & several other Republicans in Congress this election. The left has gone waaay to radical/crazy for honest patriots to follow.

        • Kay says:

          Hey big mama – all my posts are free. I’m not for sale like you are . You are a pathetic Putin Trump lover which makes you a traitor to my beloved country. COVID Trump is going to jail after this is over and then he will get fucked like he has been fucking the country.Don’t play innocent, I know you’ve used your share of four letter words so you understand them well . God knows who you are.

    • Kay says:

      Don’t believe one word that comes out of your mouth or out of Covita Trump Don’t Cry For Me America. The Democrats are not jumping ship Biden will win and all of you pathetic repulsive republicans will whine and kick and scream for awhile and then you will have to accept the inevitable – we will have a great country again and will be able to respect ourselves once more. That is except for morons like you because you wouldn’t know what self respect looked like if it came up and slapped your stupid face. Bye Baby

      • Disgruntled Dem says:

        Like Sam B. I too am a Democrat that knows others dems..25-30 or so that wont b voting for Biden/Harris…or should I say “Harris/Biden” lol..nor hardly any1 on the left this election. These radical lefties/socialists have..or r loosing..several of us smart people that DONT want: sanctuary cities, open borders, higher taxes to PAY for free health care for “ALL”(Including non citizens) & college tuitions, higher tax regulations on businesses that will totally harm the economy. I can go on & on. So ur Covid trump lol says don’t b afraid of covid…right on potus! Everyone just b smart & safe! Good choices! Sorry “COVID KAY”. Ur hate u & other radicals have r destroying the Democratic Party. Sad.

        • Kay says:

          Oh my, you are so clever – come up with some new material – you are a paranoid idiot. You see communists peaking around every corner. Covita Trump is in bed with Putin and sounds like you are too. You smell like a traitor!

      • Julia Ogden says:

        George Soros, the deep state money man, has poured BILLIONS OF DOLLARS into various DNC/Communist accounts across the nation! YOU, KAY, are either ignorant as a box of rocks or EVIL as the day is long! You’re Biden is a TRAITOR to this country, as well as any DNC elected official screaming for “Defunding” the police! FYI, the order to ‘defund’ the police was the VERY FIRST ORDER THAT H!+LER gave to Gobbel when elected in the 1930s as chancellor of Germany. Do you know that George Soros, benefactor of the DNC, OWNS WUHAN LABS? Bet you didn’t know that, did you, KAY? And I’ll bet you didn’t know that O’Bama (THE GREAT TRAITOR) used 3.7 million dollars to HELP GEORGE SOROS DEVELOPE THIS MAN MADE COVID 19! Kay, you need to unplug yourself from the Main Stream Media and do a little research before posting communist BS on the internet! No one listens to PRO COMMUNIST LIARS if they love this GREAT COUNTRY! You are just making yourself look “dumber than a bos of rock”! Or you are an evil communist agitator trying to blow smoke up America’s a–! TRUMP 2020!

        • Kay says:

          Admit it Julia – you are a traitor and are here doing the work of Putin and COVID Trump. You should be ashamed of yourself or are you just dumb as a sack of rocks. Either way, you are a traitor

  4. Cheryl says:

    I think it’s time for George Soros, Adam Schiff, Chuck schumer, Hilary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, joy Reid, Bette milder, and of course nancy pelosi and her daughter all become exposed to this virus. And then hopefully they will refuse the medicines that could help them. The world would be a better and happier place. Don’t let me forget Dr. Jill Biden.

    • Kay says:

      No, a better suggestion is that you and all those you love should expose yourself to it and then wait and see how fast all those “magical” cures arrive. You deserve to get it so you can show us how strong you are . Call Trump when you are gasping for your last breath. Maybe he’ll give you a thrill and blow some of his putrid air into you.Add me to your COVID list cause I put you on mine. You must be a child of God – NOT

      • Julia Ogden says:


        • Kay says:

          Oh, Big Mama – you really scare me NOT. All your threats only prove what a traitor you are. You filthy hypocrite. You are so paranoid – talk about deep state – you are so far in it you can’t see the sun anymore. Hey bitch you question my time responding to the white noise provided by you repulsive republicans – who pays you? You are no patriot, you are a simpleton who has hitched a ride on the crazy train. Trying to be relevant but you can’t because you are an idiot.

  5. Duane Kuga says:

    We have a great leader, one who thinks of all America’s even the far left! Trump 2020!!!

  6. Don Butler says:

    Whoa obviously you Retardicans are really uneducated for one the Dumbocrats are not going for Socialism at all. You need to read some history about when the Supreme Court was overloaded with Federalists by John Adams and what it did. Also you need to read a book called Jekyll Island that book will open your eyes especially about Ronald Regan and his trickle down theory.

  7. Julia Ogden says:

    This virus is an ATTACK on our country and every other country in the world. Released by the CCP, the Wuhan Labs was bought by George Soros and funded with American tax payer dollars by O’Bama (THE GREAT TRAITOR)! He funded this lab during his presidency, claiming the need to be prepared for “an emergency situation involving a pandemic”! HE KNEW! He is not, nor has he ever been an American! Your family members that have died, America, can be laid at the feet of Barrack O’Bama, the highest leaders of the Democratic Party, and the front man for the deep state, George Soros and his “Open Foundation Society”. What’s a few billion dollars to a TRILLIONAIRE to topple our country? It worked in Venesuela! Why do you think FOX news blacked out Newt Gingrich on National TV? Why isn’t the main stream media covering the reports already out from the Durham Report? Why has NO Main Stream Media outlet even ASKED ABOUT HUNTER BIDEN’S TREASON? Because that’s NOT what the DNC/CCP/Soros want you to hear! Then they lost the election and POTUS spiked them when he took office. A true American, who believes in this country and our ideals! So now it’s all coming out! Keep watching and VOTE TRUMP2020! It’s the only way to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

    • Kay says:

      Stop your crazy paranoia. You are going to get high blood pressure. So sad that you can’t think for yourself. You right wingers simply cannot see past your racist noses. Calm down!

      • Julia Kay Ogden says:

        Oh, so you don’t like TRUTH! Look it up for yourself, TRAITOR! You can’t stand the FACT that there is EVIDENCE OF TREASON in the DNC/Communist Party! And LOTS of it! How about this, folks! Look up Thomas Williams, The Special Expose, Part 2: THE COVID PLAN/Rockefeller Lockstep 2010! It’s in Wikileaks and tell the entire deep state plan to take over America and turn into a WELFARE state! It’s part of the UN Goals for the NEW WORLD ORDER! Sound familiar? Yep! It’s all there. Wikileaks is a great tool to FIND THE TRUTH, instead of listening to ‘enemy combatants” on the Soros Payroll! How much are you getting from Soros to spout the communist agenda to America, Kay? How much are you getting? Take your BS and stuff it! We Americans KNOW what you are by your words…A TRAITOR! MAGA! TRUMP 2020!

        • kay says:

          You are a fucking traitor . You really should get some new reading material – you are a brainwashed idiot. Get a new source of information – the ones you are using are not reliable. Pray to God that he will forgive you for crawling into bed with Putin and Trump and trying to sell this beloved country to the highest bidder. You have no conscience but we will save you from yourself.BIDEN2020

    • kay says:

      Blah Blah Blah – you are so boring. Why don’t you go knit Trump a diaper. He’s going to need it when his butt gets wiped all over the election floor. Acronym for MAGA is Maggots Against Great America. That is you Big Mama Julia. Our beloved country has always been great – only you maggots disagreed. You sing such praises for someone who is on the record bragging about his pussy grabbing techniques – you should be ashamed unless of course you condone Mmmm now there’s a thought.

  8. Great deal of respect for the virus, the doctors and nurses who go to work every day not knowing what they may contract. President Trump should be grateful that he had the nations best doctors at his side. I believe he would think differently if one of his own family members died from the virus. It’s Real, SO GET REAL Mr. president. Wear a mask and stop spreading it to the other persons.

    • ED says:

      Your an idiot! MORON!

    • Julia Ogden says:

      POTUS told the entire world about Hydroxychloroquine. Stated that he was taking it! THIS IS A FLU VIRUS PEOPLE, NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! When the media is under the control of the deep state and is being USED AS A PROPAGANDA MACHINE to LIE to America for YEARS. Control of the media is CONTROL OF AMERICA! Stop listening to NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, Today, Fox, and scores of other media outlets controlled by the DNC/communist party! Do young people today even KNOW ABOUT OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD? Do the know the George Soros bought Wuhan Labs from the CCP and the O’Bama (THE GREAT TRAITOR) FUNDED THAT LAB WITH TAXPAYER MONEY? YES! O’Bama, while in office, gave Wuhan Labs 3.7 million dollars in 2015 for “future possible pandemics’! That’s right! This virus is an ATTACK that THE GREAT TRAITOR and George Soros planned YEARS AGO! Dr. Fauci, Melinda Gates and O’Bama were all at Wuhan Labs in 2015! Several media outlets on the right and Wikileaks, as well as our POTUS KNOWS about it. The Durham Report is showing America just how they did it too! And you think the DNC/Communist Party OWNED MEDIA will tell you about that? NO! “END THE DEMS!” should be the next American motto! TRUMP2020!

  9. Bernard Scanlon says:

    Some of these antagonists would rather see Americans run, hide and grovel but because the leader of the free world doesn’t, they slander him with nonsense. These are some sick devious people the nation will be better off without.

    • Kay says:

      You are an idiot – he is hyped up on steroids right now – give it a few days and see how the pig is doing – one can only hope.

      • Guinn west says:

        So much bad news . I do agree regularl people do not have all the care import people have . We can’t afford it but I also know no one should or can put there life on hole so we have to protect ourselves the best we can . So so glad our President is doing great Nd going back to White House Thank you father

      • Julia Ogden says:

        Do you often have this problem with the diarrhea coming out of your traitorous mouth? Again, Kay, HOW MUCH ARE YOU GETTING FROM GEORGE SOROS TO SPOUT THE DNC/COMMUNIST PARTY’S AGENGA? Just asking, you know, for everyone else you insult and call names! YOU ARE THE TRAITOR TO THIS COUNTRY! You are either a complete moron or another Soros paid operator! Pick one and let us know…we’re waiting! TRUMP2020!

        • Kay says:

          Once again Big Mama – your skull is apparently too thick to register simple language . I give freely of my time to school you morons about the truth. You don’t want to hear it because you are a traitor to this wonderful country and are not willing to throw the trash out. How much do you get paid for lying. I think you are on McConnell’s, little Windy Graham’s and of course your not so fearless leaders’s payroll. You whore yourself out to those who want to destroy America. If your mouth is moving – you are lying.

      • Sam B. says:

        LOL JULIA!!
        Yeah Covid Kay is having a hard time. Kay…calm down. Eeeasy girl. It’s ok. Really…it’s ok.

        • Kay says:

          Oh, you really are desperate – you need to tag team – don’t have any thoughts of your own? No need to calm down Dude – the celebration has already begun. Hope you enjoy the Biden Inauguration. Chill out – I can sense your erratic behavior. Do you need to take a sedative? Maybe Big Mama Julia has a spare one.

  10. Judith McEwen says:

    I am 70 years old and have lived through many flue virus outbreaks. Covid – 19 at this point is like any other flue.Young people easily have ” freaked-out ” because they have not been through these outbreaks as older people have. I agree months ago and today any lives that are taken due to Covid – 19 is a tragedy. However, the flue always takes lives so why at this point is this different?

    Our President has done everything possible to fight this pandemic and has been working hard to combat this virus. I find it extremely ” IRONIC ” that the only people to break-out from Covid – 19 are Republicans! All this since Joe Biden’s failure at the first debate. I have nothing against Mr. Biden but feel his family is so wrong to have him put through this farce! As all of us he is getting old and very obviously mentally failing!

    The continuing ” hype ” of the pandemic is simply at this point a political ploy by the Democrats! Every time they have tried to ” catch ” the President in a ” wrong doing ” they have failed!! I love our country and am ashamed of how the left and some groups have treated him. Like it/him or not he is OUR PRESIDENT! I personally didn’
    t want Mr O’Bama as out president but myself and many others NEVER treated him the vile way President has been treated!!

    The Democrats THRIVE on scaring people and keeping them SCARED ! The Democrats do not care about America or Americans as they have proven over and over. They want to make everyone be submissive as they have kept the African Americans for decades! I do not discriminate and firmly believe ANYONE can turn there lives around. Hard work, schooling, acceptance and desire to make a difference in anyone’s lives are possible

    I NEVER want to live in a Communist and Socialist country. I have seen many changes over my lifetime and have enjoyed my freedoms and do not want them taken away .Any individual that votes for Biden/Harris would be killing our freedoms and life as we have know it. President Trump has accomplished many things for us and our country and loves us and America!

    There is NO REASON that if someone can go to a grocery store THEY can go VOTE in person! Voting in person is the only way to guarantee your vote is counted. We have ALL had a package, bill, notice or letter lost in the mail! Please vote for President Trump and help maintain our freedoms. Young people need to realize that ” NOTHING IS FOR FREE ” there is always someone who pays the price one way or another!!!!!

    • Cherry says:

      Thank you! I hope everyone ? and gets out to Vote. Turn America Red for our freedom.

    • Kay says:

      Get a grip Judy. You must have been living under a rock to not recognize the racism President Obama had to endure from you repulsive republicans. Stop being a closet whore and just admit that he was too brown for you. Too freakin bad – he was a great President and my country was better because of him. Take Covita Trump and enjoy the last days of his pathetic presidency. Biden is here to win it and nothing is going to change that. Bless you Judy

      • Julia Kay Ogden says:

        O’Bama did not endure any racism! If this country was so racist….HOW DID HE GET ELECTED??? You are a paid operative for Soros or brainwashed! O’Bama is not now, nor has he ever been an American! He’s part of the plan for UN domination and control. HE’S THE TRAITOR, READ THE LEAKS FROM THE DURHAM REPORT! And that makes him and all he did a big fat lie promoted by the DNC/Communist Party main stream media! YOU on the other hand should not be spreading lies and calling Americans names for their opinions! Truth will OUT YOU TOO! And when POTUS wins the election, you can cry and cry and I will laugh and laugh! You are just mad the DNC is losing and America is waking up to the DECADES of deceit and corruption in the leftist party! “END THE DEMS” should be the next American motto! TRUMP2020!

        • Kay says:

          Well, the real Big Mama Julia finally showed up. Your hypocrisy is running down between your legs. Close them. You are a traitor. You are voting for Putin/trump. How much are you getting paid to spread your propaganda. The Democrats will win, take back congress and show you pathetic traitors how to care for our country. No tears here you idiot.

  11. Jimmy Kennedy says:

    Mr. President, It is such a blessing to have a president that is BOLD!!!
    My first presidential election was 1980. I had the privilege of helping elect Ronald Regan!!!! Since then my vote has always been for the lesser of two evils. You got my vote in 2016 because Bill Clinton’s wife would have been a disaster!!!! In a few weeks I will PROUDLY cast my vote for you!!!

    • Brenda Boone says:

      Ronald Reagan ruined our lives. My husband worked in the oil fields. Putting rigs up ect. I miss my home in Wyoming so bad but we had to move to another state for my husband to get a job and take care of our family. Politician’s really dont think about the people and what they do to us in our everyday lives they’re in it for themselves

      • Jimmy kennedy says:

        You are most assuredly in the minority!!!! Two landslide victories tell me RR helped a bunch of people.

      • ED says:

        Reagan didn’t put your husband out of work, his employer did. Moron, I lost my job because of some congressman didn’t like our jet, and the work would go to his state!

        • Kay says:

          No, you lost your job because you are a freakin idiot. Call
          COVID Trump and cry on his shoulder. He’d smack you down like a fly because you are only dirt on his shoes. You are just too dumb to know it.

          • Julia Ogden says:

            Again with the name calling, Kay? So I’m gonna ask you, did you pass History class? Economics? How old are you…21? 25? Just old enough to be brainwashed by the MSM and the Communist party line? Or are you on the PAYROLL OF GEORGE SOROS and company? Hunter Biden is CAUGHT? The Ukraine is requesting INTERNATIONAL EXTRIDITION FOR JOE BIDEN AND HUNTER BIDEN FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES IN THE UKRAINE! Your party line is EXPOSED AS TRAITORS, KAY!!! And you are a TRAITOR! If you hate my country so bad, go back to China! Maybe they won’t put you in a labor camp for your failures as an agitator! TRUMP2020!

  12. Robert P Guararra says:

    A great president once said “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” If we don’t control our fear, it will control us. There are more things in this world that can kill us, than not. I’m with Trump, lets move forward and not worry about every little thing that can kill us.

    • Corri Rider says:

      I hope you have access to the same Walter Reed Hospital physician team that Mr Trump had if, God forbid, you get CoVid. You’ll need it.

      • Ann says:

        Good answer

      • ED says:

        You and Ann are both idiots!

        • Kay says:

          No, you are the COVID idiot Eddie.

          • Julia Ogden says:

            Oh no, again with the name calling? YOU ARE A TRAITOR to our constitution! How about that? Like that, traitor? Little Soros snowflake? Like being ousted for the Soros funded agitator you are? How much is Soros paying you again? By the post? Oh, well, you’ll have plenty of money to run away when POTUS wins and puts all the DNC/communist traitors in jail! Or maybe America will get lucky and they’ll catch you when they audit Soros’s donations to the DNC/Communist campaigns! “END THE DEMS!” is a great new motto for America! MAGA! TRUMP2020!

  13. Scott Reed says:

    God bless you Mr.President obviously the Lord is on your side
    And we know you will win a second term.

    All the best!

    Scott Reed & Christina Flowers

  14. Carl R Gambrell says:

    What makes some of you think your doctor, if you should get virus, will not know how to treat you? Many of the doctors you are talking about not knowing how to treat the average person, have probably treated many patients to recovery. Thank God we have many doctors that care and give of their self.

  15. Danita says:

    Yes, totally agree with President Trump. Living in fear is not living.

  16. Barbara says:

    Every morning when we get out of bed, we take chances that could cost us our life. In 2019, in the U.S. alone, over 4 million people were either seriously injured or killed in automobile accidents. Are we all living in fear of getting in a car? God does not want us living in fear. There have been diseases, plagues, horrible illnesses from the beginning of time. None of us know the day, time, or cause of our death. We cannot allow ourselves to live in fear.

    • kay says:

      Oh, you are so smart – I call bullshit on you – go stand in the middle of the freeway and see how good your odds are. Use your freakin brain and think for yourself.

      • ED says:

        You are obviously an idiot!

        • Kay says:

          Oh Eddie I’ll take that as a compliment coming from someone like you. Got your MO – angry little man that goes around bitching his whole life. You must live in such a little world.

          • Julia Ogden says:

            Look at the pot call the kettle BLACK! Soros paid for your lies. I just want to know what you will do with all that Soros money you are making. Spend it on a lawyer for your DNC traitors! The Durham reports prove O’Bama, THE GREAT TRAITOR, is a liar and a deep state operator working for the CCP and Soros, who’s been pouring money into the DNC/Communist Party for YEARS! You are outed Kay, and dead wrong. You have NO FACTS! Facts like this! The Ukraine Government is requesting INTERNATIONAL EXTRADITION OF HUNTER AND JOE BIDEN FOR CRIMINAL ACTIITIES IN THE UKRAINE! BUSTED, KAY! Take your snowflake BS somewhere else…China maybe, if they don’t throw you in a labor camp for failure! TRUMP2020!

      • Julia Kay Ogden says:

        Wow, you didn’t even real what what he said, “are you afraid to GET IN A CAR”! NOT ‘walk out onto a freeway’! Can you read? Well, then READ YOUR HISTORY you little cretin! Until then, you don’t know enough about the real world to understand you are talking sedition! Better do something about that ‘diarrhea mouth’ while you are at it! The poop you are spouting is leaking down your face! TRUMP2020!

        • Kay says:

          Oh Big Mana Julia you don’t like it when someone calls you names Practice what you preach you hypocrite. You are only pretending to be a well-rounded educated person.
          You must have been educated at the school of hard knocks. Surely you were given a refund for not being able to pass the entrance exam. Your ignorance shows in every word you write. You are a traitor to this beautiful country and should have to attend Trump’s re-education camp before being allowed to vote again. Or maybe you are a graduate on the scam Trump University. Where do you hang your non existent degree – in your bathroom so you can be reminded of your wasted life every time you flush your shit down the toilet.

  17. Rodrigo Diaz De Bivar says:

    I do understand that the President wants to remain positive but, I feel sometimes that he doesn’t face reality. This virus is a true killer and it is to be respected and maybe not feared but, caution should be of the utmost priority each and every time, people leave their homes to enter the public arena to do business, and the S.T.D. stupid thinking disorder has got to stop. By that I mean, people should get more humble and swallow their false pride and stop saying, “NO BODY IS GOING TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO.” Really? People wake up, the masks are a good deterrent against this invisible killer, use them please.

    • Sue Brown says:

      I agree. It’s irresponsible for Preident Trump to speak the way he does. So many have died from this already. It’s good to reassure but making so many false statements has to stop.He wants to look and be in control then speak truth. I can hardly take much more. This isn’t drawing our Country together. His statement “don’t be afraid of Covid” oh My say that to the ones who have passed and all the ones sick.Irresponsible, disgusting, disgraceful. He is the only one that will get the care he will and has gotten. The rest of us are not fortunate enough to receive such care. Where is the humbleness, the empathy the real concern for others. I haven’t heard the President speak with any concern for any of his team that have come down with the Virus. Makes me sad for it all.

      • JACK says:

        Read the box the masks come out of it clearly states it will not protect you from any virus. I feel like the masks are more like something to help people to feel safe . There are people all over the country that wear the masks 24/7 and still get covid so it is what it is. On the other hand good hygiene like washing your hands and keeping them out of your face is a good deterrent, and If you start to feel sick get tested and stay home .

      • ED says:

        No more than the Flu. You idiot!

  18. Linda says:

    All the mean and cruel comments that some people leave for Trump need Jesus.

    • Kay says:

      We do have Jesus in our lives and he has told us to spread the word for him – Jesus just sent a message saying, “They are stupid and know not what the do”. He is talking about all of you Repulsive Republicans who can’t get your heads out of Trumps arse.

      • ED says:

        May GOD have mercy on your decrepit soul.
        You know nothing of GOD and HIS love!
        You’re obviously a media brain dead idiot!

        • Kay says:

          Wrong Eddie Boy – all is good with me and God. But you better be careful – God doesn’t like liars or whoremongers – both of which COVID Trump holds a lifetime membership in – how about you Eddie Boy – are you a wanna be?

  19. COVID-19 is not nearly as dangerous as the hysterical Democrats scared us, led by the alarmist Fauci. We just have to get used to living with it, as we are used to a simple flu. We need to understand that all people will get sick: first, everyone who is without masks, and then those who will someday take off their masks – or will they be wearing masks for the rest of their lives?

    • Kay says:

      You can’t possibly be that stupid. People taking necessary precautions to help prevent the spread of any virus is not being paranoid. You probably never practiced safe sex either. Get your frickin head out of Fat Ass Trump’s butt and start thinking for yourself. Keep spreading your conspiracy theories all you want – you are too ignorant to know the mind control this idiot has over you.

  20. Breaker 19 says:

    I hear or read about people trying to put Trump down for riding in the car waving at the people lining the streets. They say it is dangerous for the Secret Service people driving the car. I understand they have plexiglass between the front seat and back. Have on protective gear. Last but not least, they all have masks. If mask are any good, no problem. All these people talking about not being afraid if they had the doctors and meds Trump has. How much you want to bet, it would not have made a bit of difference. They listen to the garbage put out by the Democrats and Fake media and are scared to death. Thats why the Democrats and fake media do it, to scare nthe poeople so they will have more control over them.

  21. Carol Arens says:

    Dear President Trump,


  22. Maureen says:

    Oh boy! His attitude towards this virus is why we are in the state we’re in. Covid is real it’s deadly and it’s not going away til we ALL wear our masks social distance and hand washing. This all could have been over by now if we could all get on the same page! Please take this seriously, it can happen to you.

    • Richard Rivas says:

      Do not be afraid! This is no more dangerous that the flu. Do your research and look at the numbers. Yes, it is deadly, but so is driving your car, walking down the street, catching the flu, etc. Just don’t let it control what you would normally do. The left wants to create a bad picture and create a bad situation and blame it on the president. It is not his fault that we have this disease here in the states and its not his fault that people are panicking. Its the democrats that are creating all of this hysteria and pointing the finger at Trump for all of it. Do not believe it for a second. Don’t fall for it. Vote Trump!!! He really wants to help the American people. Do your research, lots of it, and you will see the real truth. Not what you hear in the local news. Tune in to One America News, there you will get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH. God bless America and God bless Trump!!!

      • Brenda Boone says:

        Our Lives have not change one bit except for my husband had to work still working 7 days a week 12 hours a day since January that is bulshit because he is a essential worker does he get extra pay or anything like that hell no. Our government has done nothing for all the people who’s had to work through this virus and we do wear a mask so those two items is what has changed since this virus started I would just love for my husband to get recognition

    • Sally Borghese says:

      If it could all be over now….then why do the other countries in this world still have it too? What really amazes me is that Biden says he can do better….but does he tell us now?? NO…..cause he has nothing to tell us. He just wants to be president. But we have a president who cares and is doing the best he can for us.

  23. Twyla Killmer says:

    There are so many negative people commenting on here. Why not be positive, our president is getting better and is going back to the White House to continue his recuperation. Of course he was getting the best treatment, he is the leader of the free world! So much to be thankful for. The doctors and nurses put themselves out there every single day. I don’t hear them mumbling and grumbling all the time!

  24. Christina Mason says:

    Dont be afraid. Tell that to the families that have lost a loved one. You dont know what that feels like and Trump doesn’t care.

    • Twyla Killmer says:

      It is a very sad thing to lose a loved one, I have been there. We don’t get to decide who lives and who dies, or even when. It’s God’s plan for each of us.



      • Irene says:

        You forgot Governor Wolf of Penna. who along with his Sec of Health sent people with covid to Nursing homes, where many died. His Sec of health moved one of the parents Out of the Nursing home before he did order them to be sent to the homes. ..No one is being held accountable for this terrible crime.

    • Breaker 19 says:

      The people in the hospital cannot even be visited by their family, if they die, they die alone. Some families can’t even go to their families funerals. Is this what you want?
      I am 90 years old. I fell about a month ago and and broke a rib. I spent a week in the hospital. My family could not come see me. If I had died, I would have died alone and I doubt if my family could have even went to my funeral. My Grand Daughter came to pick me up. She had to wait in the car until they brought me out to her. She couldn’t even come in to get me. These mandates are causing more harm than the virus. It needs to stop.

      • Sally Borghese says:

        Be happy that the hospital staff cared enough about your granddaughter to keep her safe. The virus is not safe!!

  25. Breaker 19 says:

    I am not afraid. I am 90 years old. Had 2 open heart surgeries. Feel fine. Never wear mask. Working everyday delivering meals to handicaps and disabled. Love it. Been doing it for a year now.

    • Gayle Byrd says:

      Bless you,Breaker 19??? thank you for serving in love for others…love pushes fear out???

  26. Stella WRIGHT says:


    • Maureen says:

      Do you watch the news? Or is your head in the sand? Why don’t you take a stroll thru an ICU and see for yourself that this is not just your average flu!

      • b says:

        I just spent 3 days in the ICU. Never saw one COVID-19 patient while I was in there. Most hospitals have very few if any COVID-19 patients.

      • Mattm says:

        Attitudes like Maureen’s are a big part of the problem. How does it feel to turn on the news, believe everything your told and go on your merry way allowing the media to dictate your thoughts, beliefs and your actions. Try making up your own mind based on the facts and not what you’re told to believe.

        • Maureen says:

          Ummm attitudes like mine? Do you really think this virus has all been fake news??? Wow!! What planet do you live on? It’s people like YOU is why this killer virus is still around!!

        • Kay says:

          Idiot – – keep believing COVID Trump and get your affairs in order because you are too stupid to put a little effort into
          mitigating a virus. You f’ing Repulsive Republicans are too ignorant to get out of your own way. You deserve to get it!

          • Maureen says:

            Let’s please try to spread a little kindness to each other. We need that so much right now. Can we just respect each other’s opinions?! Stay safe everyone.

  27. Eve says:

    That may be true for the President with a team of top medical care and someone who has no underlying conditions, but for someone old with CHF or other conditions like COPD, the outcome might not be so I am still very afraid of it!

  28. Raymond Roussel says:

    not afraid but I have a respect for it

  29. Edna badman says:

    Don’t believe a word Trump has said from the beginning
    Too many lies but hey got a great teacher

  30. Kathy says:

    He had a slew of doctors by his side giving him all the help he needs to get better. I am scared as hell of this virus. Is normal people do not have all the care that he does. He had to be kidding me when he says “don’t be scared” Really ?

    • Jo says:

      The president is trying 2 say be strong and fight. We are all afraid of this invisable enemy but we can’t give in and let fear beat us!

  31. Glenn Zgabay says:

    Mr. President, I join with millions of others around the world praying for your full and quick recovery. I pray for God’s healing hand on you and all others infected this China virus, and I pray for God’s guiding hand on the doctors and medical staff working with you.

  32. David Hughen says:

    I would not be afraid if I had the number of expert doctors, could get all the trial medication and care that you received.