NFL Player Murdered WHO?! (video)

( – In a disturbing development, a former National Football League player, who had been acting erratically lately, has now been arrested and charged with the gruesome murder of his mother.

On Tuesday, law enforcement arrested and charged 35-year-old Sergio Brown, a former NFL safety, over the recent death of his mother.

In September, the dead body of Brown’s mother, 73-year-old Myrtle Brown, was discovered dead near a creek behind her home in Maywood, Illinois.

Brown last played in the National Football League in 2016, after the New England Patriots signed him up as an unregulated free agent seven years earlier.

He was arrested in a police operation of several federal and local agencies, including the San Diego Police Department Threat Management Unit.

The former NFL safety was nabbed on an Illinois arrest warrant when he attempted to cross back into the United States from Mexico into California, Fox News reports.

Brown faces a first-degree murder charge related to his mother’s homicide and is in the process of being extradited to Illinois.

Myrtle Brown’s corpse was found on September 16 in an area 12 miles west of Chicago.

Family members had reported Brown and his mother missing before the grim discovery.

In the subsequent weeks, while police efforts to locate Brown were ongoing, he emerged in social media videos commenting on the news reports concerning his mother’s death.

“Fake news. Fake news. Fake news. It has to be the FBI that came into my house on Bob Marley’s death day with the 511 haze and gas unwarranted. They kidnapped me twice from home – the Maywood Police Department. It had to be the FBI or the Maywood police,” he said in one video.

“I thought my f—ing mama was on vacation in Sinaloa. That’s f—ing fake news. Get the f— out of my goddamn face. She’s retired, and you want to come to me? The FBI had to do it. They have some power to do some s— like that. What the f— is going on? That’s fake news,” the former NFL player added.

Just last week, reports surfaced of Brown, the former defensive back for the NFL, appearing in a video celebrating in Mexico, police spokesperson Carmen Rivera told AP.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office has declared Myrtle Brown’s death a homicide, citing injuries from an assault as the cause.