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NFL: Players Can Wear Social Justice Messages on Helmets

The college football season is underway, and next week the National Football League begins regular-season games. Now comes the news that the NFL will allow players and teams to continue displaying “social justice” messages where television cameras will show them to the viewing audience.


“The National Football League will continue to allow players to wear messages advocating for social justice on their helmets and antiracism messages will be stenciled in end zones during the upcoming season,” according to Newsmax. [emphasis added]

“The league, in addition to the ongoing Inspire Change platform, will also reintroduce the “Say Their Stories” initiative and will now allow each team the chance to highlight its work on social justice.

“‘We are committed to Inspire Change and the social justice work that inspires change for the long term,’ said Anna Isaacson, NFL senior vice president of social responsibility. [emphasis added]

“Players have the option of choosing from six decals to wear on their helmets: “End Racism,” “Stop Hate,” “It Takes All of Us,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Inspire Change,” and “Say Their Stories.”

“The end zones at all home games will feature the messages “It Takes All of Us” and “End Racism,” except during games that have one-time messages, such as “Salute To Service” during a Salute to Service game.

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