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Nicolle Wallace: Trump ‘Summoned a Mob To Kill’ Pence

Yesterday, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace accused former President Donald Trump of the attempted premeditated murder of his own Vice President, Mike Pence.

Yes, believe it or not, it’s true that Wallace accused Trump of trying to have Pence assassinated.

Wallace, while discussing the riot that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th stated to her guest and a national television audience, “This was a President who summoned a mob to kill his Vice President.”

Is that true? Did Trump “summon” the protesters who went to the Capitol to “kill” Pence?

Please watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comment section. Was Nicolle Wallace accurate? Was she fair to Trump when she accused him of attempting to have Pence murdered?


  1. Lee Ann Chiarolanza says:

    Nicole Wallace is a freaking idiot along with everybody else at MSNBC.

  2. sunflowers and Daisy's says:

    Just follow the stench of the dirty money payoffs from obama, Clinton’s, and crime family Bidens. Trump knows too much about their corruption. The want him gone because of their dirty crimes. The swamp is so big and they all want him and all conservatives with moral values and beliefs silenced. We will suffer under this immoral government under Biden ,really Obama and Hillary still working behind it all.

  3. Steve Shelton says:

    MSNBC, Should be found guilty of poisoning the American dream that news reporting should be FACT, not conjecture and manipulation of free speech by adding comment over fact. The mere disrobing of the truth in a public trust forum should be enough to convict on grounds of UN-AMERICAN actions. Twisting words is easy to do, but inciting the minds of millions to distrust, should be on a level of Treason! How many minds that are not able to see the twisted treatment of vocabulary are harmed? How many thoughts are created, which may cause the recipient to think of suicide rather than live in the world of conjectures created by words misdirected and not in the light of true reporting? To increase the rampant spread of hate, lies and despicable attempts of creating news to change a world to their way of thinking.

  4. Mike p says:

    It is not trump’s fault some idiots interpreted it the way they did.he did not do anything that kamala did not do herself.and biden shaking his fist and pointing his finger about the other riots oops I mean peaceful protests.the man is nothing more than a little playground bully from everything I’ve read watched and investigated about the man.hes using those people as pawns in his political game of votes like obama or kamala he’s not gonna help those people at all.hes just using them.if you can’t see that your beyond help.those so called news channels will just throw anything to see what sticks cause they think your stupid and can’t make your own decisions besides only reporting opinion now instead of fact.its all today one way or the other.its hard to watch cause it’s not news anymore mostly opinion.they report something and then tell you what they think you should do about it or how you should handle it instead letting the viewer make their own decision they don’t think you should be able to pursue your own life,liberty,and happiness.its hard to do that when you’re too afraid too leave your own house for fear of violence from peaceful just sit and watch the hundreds of videos of burning buildings overturned cars people beaten in the the streets never mind the laws because the current president and vp will bail you out of jail so you can go do it again

  5. Patricia Ray says:

    Consider this… The states who were questionable about the election results realized there had been mistakes made and was asking to have the election results sent back to their state so they could correct the facts. Just before the capital was allowed to be entered by a predetermined pre-planned attack by democrats and their thugs The news caster said after the entry of those thugs claiming they were Trump supporters but they weren’t. The news caster stated no one would vote to send the votes back to the States after the things entered the capital. They certainly were (NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS) The facts are President Trump had just started speaking.Yet, they want to blame Trump. For the past years we have seen Democrats push insurrection. Hate, division and treason. So I ask if we can impeach a private citizens then why can’t Patriots petition to impeach senators past presidents like Obama and congressmen because of Government overreach and misappropriations of tax payers funds and violating their oath of office Treason.

  6. Wallace needs to be took off the air President Trump has never tried to harm anybody please stop making crap up he didn’t cite anybody to harm a person alive do you people ever get tired of lying

    • Ellsa says:

      If xi comes with communism, Wallace and garbage channels might be first to go behind me, and I didn’t even get paid!!! I am still amazed at what our politicians will SELL,!! Absolutely nothing is exempt!!

  7. James Nau says:

    Pence is a modern day Benedick Arnold treasonous punishable by death wonder how much the democrats paid him?

  8. Lisa Haley says:

    They do not report the truth, they are not the judge, jury and sometime the executioner. She should be sued by President Trump for falsey accusing him of something he did not do. I wrote to Rep. Cassidy who agreed with the democrats and said how do you think others felt during the riots. They destroyed buildings, businesses and people violently yet zero were arrested and I think you should them accountable for their actions. In addition, including the incitement charge from several elected officials including Barack, Barack’s wife Michelle, Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee to name a few. they have struck fear into many peoples hearts and avoiding certain conversations. Equality and unity are just jokes to make people feel better, while the working class continues to lose jobs at high and alarming rates.
    I too have been scared to death of being attacked by rioters that I suffered nightly with increased bad dreams so I wouldn’t sleep. My nightmares came true.

  9. John Lawrence says:

    The anti-Trump cult members are trying to do everything in their power to turn voters against President Trump,the Trump family, and his political followers. They want you to believe everything that DJT did for America was evil and bad for America so that they can expunge his memory from history, and make you believe it is a good thing. They are also diverting the attention from Biden who is attempting to change everything back to the Obama era, with the immediate loss of jobs with no immediate alternative job placement for displaced workers, inflation caused by higher corporate taxes (that will also drive businesses back overseas) Millions of immigrants allowed in with no consideration for the financial or social impact on America. Lowering the vetting standards for foreigners while at the same time raising the standards of manufactured goods that raises retail prices and stifles production. Returning to a welfare state to force dependency on the government. Giving away money we don’t have to a multitude of foreign governments. Returning America to a carefully cloaked form of slavery that will never effect the rich like Biden,Harris,Waters,and Warren.

    • William H Wilson says:

      I think they are right to ban him from getting intel as he would not even listen or believe the intel when he was president and he does not need access to intel anymore he will never get another chance at being a political leader in this country after this fiasco he implemented against the citizens of this country.He is the swamp.

      • John says:

        William, I see you still have your head in your ass.

        • Bearpaw says:

          Agreed. Seems like there’s no hope for the sheeple that blindly follow these socialist that are leading our nation on the road to doom.Unfortuantly they are too stupid that they will suffer along with the rest of us.

  10. Chris says:

    I Absolutley despise these women in power full of lies and Democrat brain dead decite.The hell with your double standard views! It’s people like you that have become the hunted!Run scared because you are putting yourself in danger by running your deceitful mouths against Donald Trump! You all will pay! Just you wait and see.

  11. ck says:

    He absolutely got the terrorists to go after Pence. For five years or more Mike Pence went along with everything trump did and said. Very loyal. He finally, just once, didn’t do what “the king” wanted him to do. And he sends a mob after him!!! WTF!!! And don’t say he didn’t, because he did nothing to stop it for four fucking hours. In fact it wasn’t trump who finally summoned the National Guard. It was Pence!! Pence knows the election wasn’t stolen and just couldn’t go along with this attempted coup!!

    • Rob says:

      Ok ok dude. Relax and get a glass of warm milk and go find your safe place.😂

    • John says:

      CK you believe everything the crumbling media tells you. Go back to sleep and drown in the swamp with the rest of the scum.

    • Jeff Deiderich says:

      You are insane! Maxine Waters summoned her mob to go after conservatives and they did! Steve Scalise was gut shot by one of you morons. You are sick in the head.

    • Jocelyn says:

      I didn’t drink the kool aid all the events that took place on January 6 were preplanned and paid for weeks before the event they even sent them a warning and it started way before the rally was even over.antifa the proud boys and BLM radicals were the peopie that stormed the Capitol and someone had sense enough to send pence and the “football,” to a safe place.

  12. Terrie Wyatt says:

    These Demorats are wackos. Trump did not insite a riot, he called for peaceful protest abd he would never murder anyone.

  13. Sam B. says:

    Nicole Wallace is “off the reservation.” To accuse President Trump with something so ridiculous is absolutely PATHETIC…which sums up her & that enormously biased negative narrative lamestream anti journalism un-news network. She should b fired for such a low-life accusation. Then again cnn doesn’t care. They probably need her because she shows up to work…shares the same radical pathetic biased narrative views that cnn so proudly boasts…sadly. Yet another reason why cnn’s viewership is down “40%” since the elections. Msnbc is down 26%(all time low). The food network & the hallmark channel have a higher viewership!!! NO disrespect FN & HC!
    Constant biased negative narrative what Nicole Wallace said…is what is driving their decline. To bad the woke/cancel culture gentle sensitive sissy’s won’t go after these people. Oh wait a min…the double standard, biased, negative fake lamestream un-news anti-journalism networks..r supporters & a huge part of these sensitive gentle sissy’s! LOL!! Never mind!

  14. Rev4God says:

    13 coils in the hemp rope which form the knot, this usually cures a sickness such as this.

  15. Dom says:

    Who are these SICK Minded Idiots????

  16. Ally says:

    Seems Nicolle needs a good hard whipping to straighten her up and make her straighten and fly right. She’s nuts and needs mental health help immediately. Someone help her over to the closest nuthouse. She really needs help.

  17. Gary Hume says:

    A evil Democrat is born every day as the promote there evil agenda!
    There the kind of people who deceive anyone they can!
    If anyone’s response for crimes it these thrives! Who hate Donald
    Trump just because he gives a care for America and it values
    and Constitution ! And making American a great Country to be
    Proud of! What has the B-Man or them done take take take!
    Get rich on the backs of tax payers! At there expense! As if they
    give a care!

  18. Matthew Smith says:

    The shit Democrats will try and come up with just to keep Trump from being president again. With everything Democrats are doing is making it that much easier for people to start wanting Trump back even more. We are sick of all their lies it’s time to put them in there place once and for all. Democrats have to go there lies and bullshit have to go. Only a real moron would believe anything a Democrat would say anymore

  19. James says:

    Only people with rocks for brains would believe that. Must be another CNN Fake News Network trying to create chaos.

  20. James A Langham says:

    Drumpf, like any good MOB boss, talks in a way that gets his point/wants/needs across, without implicating himself in any nefarious/illegal enterprises. Unfortunately, like David Koresh, Jim Jones, Kim Jong-un, Mussolini, Putin, and yes, Hitler, Drumpf has an uncanny ability to use mass hypnosis on his adoring acolytes to carry out his agenda. DRUMPF is a Wanna-be KING/DICTATOR and persuaded his ACOLYTES to carry out his goals by trying to accomplish a COUP.

  21. They’ll say just about anything to take down Trump!! It’s almost comical that their coming up with this right now!!! Have you no moral compass or conscience in your hearts n minds at all??!! Nevermind that Trump’s of another party..just tje fact that this 1 man has been Impeached upon not once but twice now. Then they come in n accuse him of causing the Capitol riots when we all know it was BLM n Antifa, but you have to sit there in your Worlds Worst News stoop n concoct yet another horrible absurd outright lie that even Dems won’t believe (nowadays) is just unfathomable!! You should be put on trial for accusing him of such ludacris acts!! Shame on you!! This man was called n appointed by God Almighty to be our President of the United States of America!!!

  22. rick says:

    I suspect that “Holly Rose” is either a commiecrat plant, meant to rile conservatives, or he/she is a completely brainwashed mental midget that needs to be watched very closely. The main thing is, where the HELL is the FCC? This violates ALL decency in broadcast laws, I presume there still are some? More oral butt-gas from the Students at The Joseph Goebbels School of Broadcasting & Propaganda. Completely & totally insane!

  23. Suzanne M Utts says:

    Trump should sue this woman for defamation. Until they face the consequences for their actions, they will keep on defaming him and others who don’t fit their agendas.

    • ChrisP says:

      I HATE this news channel! It’s a constant “Trump bashing”! Regardless of who does what, it’s always “Trump’s fault”. It’s irritating & unjust to him or anyone else who doesn’t fit the mold!

  24. Steve says:


  25. Kristin VB says:

    Nicole Wallace is committing a very horrific perjury. She should be taken off Television without fail.

  26. David P. says:

    Rose you are a complete Demorat moron!


  28. David says:

    I’d be more concerned with the fact that these “Journalist’s” can say and do whatever they want with no recourse for their actions.

  29. This is just some more of the corrupt Democrats doing any and everything to get Trump out of the picture before he is able to drain their sorry assed down the drain !
    Get real people!

  30. judith says:

    You people are NUTS, Trump didn’t murder anyone. You people are listening to much of the DEMOCRATIC fake news. Your are talking about Hillary & Bill Clinton, They are the ones that has murdered people and gotten away with it. they should be the ones on trail. NOT TRUMP

    • Carolyn Javaux says:

      You’ve got that right. Swill and Swillary should have been convicted of murder years ago. President Trump is totally innocent of everything he is being accused of. These criminal demorats should all be prosecuted for treason.

  31. Richard says:

    Rose needs to be locked up in a mental hospital and that reporter should be in the room next to her!!!!!!!

  32. Fred says:

    At least Holly Rose is!!!

  33. Holly Rose says:

    There was no premeditated murder, I heard that trump had Pence executed after Jan 6. trump also had killed McCain and Geo HW Bush. trump is a murder. Why did he kill these good people? He must be stopped. Rumor has it as well that the govt found pedophile tunnels under the White House full of babies,children and adults up to age 60 in cadges dead and alive. That is horrific and trump was fully aware of it that is why he closed the White House down and authorities are cleaning up the mess. I truly do hope congress is successful in convicting trump. I believe trump maybe the antichrist and must be stopped before he kills more. With all of this chicanery and deceit one way to stop him from office is to cobble up a clone or double of trump and have the double say he concedes.

  34. tsmith says:

    The demoncrats are nuts!

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