No Gender Bending Allowed Here, Says State Attorney General

( – Montana’s Republican Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, is promoting and defending a new state law defining “sex” as only male or female, stating it had a practical purpose in the justice system.

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“As the attorney general and the guy in charge of the State Department of Justice, I’m in charge of all the criminal justice data, and we have a tremendous amount of criminal justice data,” Knudsen told the Newsmax program “National Report.”

“We also are in charge of the motor vehicle division and driver’s licensing. Just from a criminal justice data standpoint, we have to be able to have solid data on whether you’re a male or a female for criminal records when someone’s pulled over,” he explained further.

Montana’s AG emphasized that if a person their or her “gender,” that would cause “all kinds of havoc” for the data in the criminal justice system on the respective individual.

“That’s a boring answer, but that’s a really truly logistical problem for us here at the Department of Justice, and that’s why we’re actually very supportive of this legislation,” Knudsen noted.

He recounted there had been some cases of “non-binary individuals” suing the state with demands that “their driver’s license say that they are non-binary.”

“I’m sorry, but under our state law, that’s just not even an option. We literally are a one or the other state, and that’s just where this came down,” the GOP attorney general said.

Knudsen also commented on a Montana law banning drag queens from reading books to kids at public libraries and schools.

He stressed Montana was a “very libertarian state,” which, however, took its children “very seriously.”

“I don’t think anybody in Montana cares if you want to be a 6’5’ dude and dress up in drag and go to a private venue. Nobody cares. Knock yourself out,” the AG said.

“The problem we’ve got is when you want to use taxpayer dollars, you want to go to a public venue and a public school or public library and perform in front of children,” he insisted.