NOW: More Trouble for Alec Baldwin

( – Far-left actor Alec Baldwin is facing a new lawsuit over the 2021 killing of a cinematographer during the filming of the Western “Rust,” as the victim’s parents and sister have initiated legal action.

Baldwin shot and killed Ukrainian-born cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, on the New Mexico set when the revolver he held fired a live round. The shot also wounded the movie’s director, Joel Souza.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents Hutchins’ parents and sister, filed the new lawsuit against Baldwin on Thursday, Newsmax reported.

The new legal trouble for the Hollywood actor comes after, on January 31, he was charged by a Santa Fe prosecutor with involuntary manslaughter, as was armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. Baldwin is accused of reckless disregard for safety.

In October, the actor settled another wrongful-death lawsuit with the victim’s husband, Matthew Hutchins, 39, and 10-year-old son Andros, for an undisclosed sum.

At a news conference in Los Angeles, lawyer Gloria Allred said Halyna Hutchins’ three family members, who are in war-torn Ukraine, relied on the victim for financial support.

She declared that the family had been “devastated by the shocking killing” and insisted that “anyone responsible for her loss must be held accountable.”

“They won’t be able to enjoy life in the same way. Halyna was the light in their lives,” Allred said, as cited by USA Today.

She spoke on behalf of Hutchins’s mother, Olga, an ER nurse, her father, Anatoly, and her sister Svetlana, who is seven years younger than her killed sibling.

According to the lawyer, the suit filed by the cinematographer’s parents and sister differs from the one settled by her son and husband.

“[The other lawsuit] was for Matthew and his child, there’s been no settlement for [the family], and there’s been no outreach to them by Mr. Baldwin to even say he was sorry. We want accountability and justice for them; it’s as simple as that,” Allred said.

In January, it became clear that the ill-fated Western film would continue its production. According to Melina Spadone, attorney for Rust Movie Productions, LLC, Baldwin will remain in the lead role, and Souza will return as director.

It remained unclear if Baldwin remained a co-producer or whether Matthew Hutchins would remain as executive producer, a role he assumed as part of the October 2022 settlement.

In a 2021 TV interview, the actor claimed Hutchins directed him to point the gun and to cock it. He also insisted that he didn’t pull the trigger, but the revolver fired when he let go of the hammer.

“I would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger; that was the training that I had,” Baldwin told ABC News.

Later, an FBI forensic test of the revolver found that it functioned “normally” and would not fire unless someone pulled the trigger.

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