NOW: Prepare for Power Outages

( – Americans should brace themselves for power outages this winter due to the war that President Joe Biden’s administration has waged on the nation’s energy, a former top U.S. government official has warned.

According to Mandy Gunasekara, a former Environmental Protection Agency chief of staff, the Biden administration has “from day one has initiated a war on U.S. energy,” even though fossil fuels account for 80% of America’s energy consumption.

“Americans are going to have to take some of these matters into their own hands because the Biden administration and Democrats at the local level have been ignoring their responsibility to shore up the grid system,” Gunasekara told on Newsmax.

“It’s not because of natural shifts and the ‘market.’ This is by design, by the Biden administration trying to shutter coal, trying to limit the development of natural gas here in the United States,” she elaborated.

The former EPA official blasted the Democrat president and his Cabinet for hurting America’s energy sector and then going to foreign dictatorships such as Venezuela to procure oil and natural gas.

“My biggest concern is we are talking about shortages on the front end of the winter season,” Gunasekara declared.

“Usually, we’re having these conversations in the middle of the winter season after a major weather storm hits, but right now everyone is already concerned and folks need to plan accordingly because this administration has set aside this very important responsibility,” she warned.

According to the former senior government official, who served under President Donald Trump, the U.S. does not produce enough electricity to meet its growing demand, not to mention the Biden administration’s “extreme green agenda.”

“Look at what happened in California. They’re trying to ban the internal combustion in general gas-powered vehicles, and a week or two after they passed that as a policy at the state level, they started sending out messages telling people to curtail or stop using their electricity because they didn’t have enough electricity to support the demand,” Gunasekara elaborated.

She stressed that the green agenda put forth by the Democrats was “completely unnecessary for improving the environment.”

“We can have it all and we did a couple of years ago. It’s just become about politics instead of technological realities and doing what’s right by the people that the president all the way on down to local Democrat officials represent,” the former EPA chief of staff said.

She noted that while renewable energy may be beneficial, the Biden administration is focused solely on solar and wind power and ignoring options such as biomass.

“This administration is listening to their political allies, and they don’t necessarily care about the real tangible harm they’re causing to the rest of America,” Gunasekara concluded.