NOW: ‘Worst Attack On Moscow Since WW2’

Attack on Moscow

( – A surprise drone attack struck Moscow, Russia’s capital city, following Ukraine’s promise to answer back to an exceptional wave of missile attacks they had faced in the past few days.

The drone strikes deep inside Russia have been called “the worst attack on Moscow since World War Two” by Russian lawmaker Maxim Ivanov.

Numerous suicide drones were launched, many of which aimed at wealthy neighborhoods of Moscow where Putin’s influential friends, known as oligarchs, own luxurious houses.

A number of these drones were intercepted above the high-end area of Rublyovka. This led to damages and injuries, indicating that the war with Ukraine was inching closer to Putin’s home territory.

Videos showed one of the drones detonating in a massive fireball near the Usovo village, which is situated near Putin’s residential estate, Novo-Ogaryovo.

As per Pravda’s report, a drone was neutralized in the Razdory village, only six miles from Putin’s extravagant mansion. A local inhabitant mentioned that they could have heard the blast.

According to Farida Rustamova, a journalist, the drone was shot down not far from Putin’s residence, just a ten-minute drive away. “Rublyovka is filled with state-owned cottages and private homes of officials and businessmen,” she commented.

She also pointed out that Putin’s residence, Novo-Ogaryovo, is just a ten-minute drive from this location.

Reports say a Pantsir-S1 air defense missile system was installed close to Putin’s estate earlier this year due to apprehensions about possible drone attacks from Ukraine. It’s uncertain if Putin was at his residence during the drone assault.

Other drone attacks occurred in Ilyinskoye, Timoshkino, Romashkovo, and Greenfield, as per Alexander Khinstein, a member of Putin’s United Russia political party.

Elsewhere in the capital, drones were seen flying overhead before being intercepted and brought down, creating clouds of black smoke. Locals reported hearing loud explosions, followed by the smell of gasoline.

Tall structures like apartment blocks had their windows shattered as people ran for safety. Intelligence officers from the FSB quickly arrived at numerous locations.

Maxim Ivanov, a Russian lawmaker, labeled this drone onslaught as “the worst attack on Moscow since World War Two.” He also stated, “You will either defeat the enemy as a single fist with our Motherland, or the indelible shame of cowardice, collaboration and betrayal will engulf your family.”

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov suggested that it was clear that the drone attack was Kyiv’s retaliation to their highly effective strikes on a crucial Ukrainian location.

Russia’s Defence Ministry sharply criticized Kyiv for the “terrorist attack” on the city, reporting that five drones were downed and three others were jammed, making them veer off their routes.

Local news stated that at least ten drones were shot down over the Istra, Krasnogorsk, and Odintsovo districts.

Russia’s Investigative Committee confirmed that air defenses intercepted several drones as they neared Moscow.

Andrei Vorobyov, governor of the Moscow region, advised residents to stay calm after hearing explosion sounds, explaining that this was due to their air defenses intercepting drones.

Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow’s mayor, mentioned that the attack resulted in “minor damage to several buildings.”

However, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the chief of Wagner, expressed his intense dissatisfaction about Putin’s troops not doing enough to prevent the drone attack on the capital.

The attacks occurred after Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine’s military intelligence chief, pledged a quick response to the recent drone and missile attacks on Kyiv. He warned, “All those who tried to intimidate us, dreaming that this would have some effect, you will regret it very soon.”