NYC Mayor Moving Illegals into Where?!

Illegal Aliens in New York City

( – The administration of New York City’s Democrat Mayor, Eric Adams, is planning to use a historic luxury hotel in Manhattan as an accommodation space for illegal immigrants, according to a report.

The property that Adams wants to use for illegal alien housing is the Row NYC in Times Square, the New York Post reported citing its sources.

The emblematic hotel was previously named the Milford Plaza, and was once known as the “Lullaby of Broadway.”

According to three sources with knowledge of the matter, the Row NYC will be transformed into a shelter and “intake center” for up to 600 families of illegal immigrants.

That will occur against the backdrop of New York City’s struggle with a deteriorating homelessness crisis.

“In a month or two, we’re about to open up for [the city Department of Homeless Services], for homeless,” an unnamed hotel staffer is quoted as saying.

“They’re working on an agreement, a contract. It’ll be here at this hotel, but they’ll keep the DHS shelter on a certain floor. But that hasn’t started yet, they said a month or two,” the worker said.

The plan to use the Row NYC for illegal immigrants has emerged after the state of Texas started busing hundreds of detained illegal aliens from the Southern Border to Democrat-run communities such as New York City and Washington, DC.

NY City Hall has not announced any details about the migrant intake project, such as its estimated cost or who will be in charge of it.

The only comment has come from a representative of the Adams administration who said that the city had extended an application deadline for organizations that want to run the project.

The report points out that the luxury Manhattan hotel, which may be accommodating illegals as of mid-September, has a daily rate for a standard room in the range of $414.42 to $435.07 per night, “depending on the view.”

However, “superior” rooms with two double or queen beds for families range in price from $445.40 to $547.41. A one-bedroom “executive suite” with “stunning” costs $724.24 per night.

Row NYC, whose address is 700 Eighth Ave., is a 28-story building with 1,300 rooms, which stands three blocks away from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, the arrival spot for the hundreds of illegal immigrants bused to NYC by Texas Governor Greg Abbot as a means of protest against the “irresponsible open border policies” of the Democrats and the Biden administration.