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NYT: Pence Won’t Help Trump

Take it for what you believe it’s worth given that it’s from The New York Times, but the Times and other mainstream media outlets are reporting that on Tuesday Vice-President Mike Pence told President Donald Trump that he will not be able to reject the Electoral College votes today during the Joint Session of Congress being held to finalize the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election. Additionally, more Republican Senators have come forward and stated that they will ratify the Electoral College votes.


Vice President Mike Pence told President Trump on Tuesday that he did not believe he had the power to block congressional certification of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory in the presidential election despite Mr. Trump’s insistence that he did, people briefed on the conversation said,” according to The New York Times.

“Mr. Pence’s message, delivered during his weekly lunch with the president, came hours after Mr. Trump further turned up the public pressure on the vice president to do his bidding when Congress convenes Wednesday in a joint session to ratify Mr. Biden’s Electoral College win.

“‘The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday morning, an inaccurate assertion that mischaracterized Mr. Pence’s largely formal and constitutionally prescribed role of presiding over the House and Senate as they receive and certify the electoral votes conveyed by the states and announcing the outcome.

“Mr. Pence does not have the unilateral power to alter the results sent by the states to Congress.

“More Republican senators came out on Tuesday against attempts to undermine the results, including Tim Scott of South Carolina and James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, who said he viewed challenging any state’s certification as “a violation of my oath of office.”

“In a process that is likely to go on for many hours, Mr. Pence will preside on Wednesday over a roll call of the states. If at least one senator and one House member object to the results from a state, they can force a debate of up to two hours about those results. Each chamber will then vote separately on whether to certify that state’s results.

“For results to be overturned, both the House and the Senate would have to agree to do so. Because the House is controlled by the Democrats, there is no realistic possibility of any state’s outcome being rejected. In addition, many if not most Senate Republicans appear likely to join all Democrats in rejecting challenges to the results.

For more, go to The New York Times.

Share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. At the end of today’s Joint Session of Congress, who do you believe will be announced as the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election?

Update: President Trump has denied the above report by the New York Times and issued the following statement via Twitter:


  1. CParke,M.D. says:

    Mr.Pence is a SISSY ! He should be charged with DERELICTION of DUTY ! Why did he even preside over the joint session ? He could have said NO and left the HOUSE ! IF he could not decertify the election he should have made his wish known earlier so that some other COMPETENT person would have been appointed to handle the CRISIS ! He should be PROSECUTED !

  2. Holly Rose says:

    trump’s goose is cooked. Ding dong the warlock is dead. Let us celebrate that justice has been served today. President is my president and will put America back on its feet. He will make mask wearing and vaccination mandatory. He will raise taxes which we need. He should tax our savings and retirement to bolster the deficit trump put us in. He should reduce the military and take down the border wall. Biden needs to impost a milage tax and well as travel tax for planes and train. Yes, we will have a better and safer America with Biden. We have much to be thankful for.

  3. ck says:

    Heads up LOSERS!!!! Mike Pence will not be your savior! trump has even lost the senate!!! WOO HOO!!!
    Slither back under your rocks……..LOSERS!!!!

  4. charlotte wilson says:

    I believe God is trying to open the christian’s eyes. Our churches have also let us down. Every American should be on there knees right in prayer right now. God can change this any minute pray pray pray pray

  5. Robin Janas says:

    This Gov’t failed way too many people! DID PENCE DO HIS JOB? Sorry to say NO! One big disappointment!

  6. Carrol Spires says:

    I read this article with great disappointment. Also I see the disrespect towards President Trump and vice president Pence. Because they continue to call them mr. Trump and mr. Pence. As I recall Amendment 12 allows 4 total over turn of the election. And I suspect that when people in Congress and President Trump goes this route things will get nasty out there! And in all reality after the things I’ve seen our government is more corrupt than was ever told !!

  7. Michael Bouldin says:

    This is for ALL United States military veterans. Do you remember the oath we took upon entering the military. “To protect and defend the Constitution from foreign and domestic aggressors…” Brothers and Sisters when we left the military by either ETS or Retirement, we did not relinquish that oath. We have a calling and it is ringing NOW. Are going to allow our country be taken over by some other form of life. Will we have life, liberty and happeniss? If we allow this we or no better then any other third world country. GOD BLESS AMERICA and pass the ammo!

    • John says:

      Sounds like a vet talking. Semper-fi. I use 308,45,44 mag. Call to arms may be the best way to solve all of our country’s promlems.

    • Susan Tucker says:

      As veterans we should all be appauled by the storming of the PEOPLE’S HOUSE. This was domestic terrorism all who stormed and entered shoud be prosecuted to the fullest. Just like those who rioted, burned and harmed others this past summer. Enough is enough!

  8. Linda says:

    This election was stolen from the President it was a corrupt election. The democrats are ruining this country quite a few of them should be in jail for the corrupt activities they have been part of. It is a shame that when the American people have voted for President Trump to be re-elected the corrupt democrats have tampered w/the votes to go against that. This is a sad time for this great country.

  9. Sharon Smith says:

    Biden is a patsy, once in office he will do as he is bid to do by the deep state. Our country is in severe trouble!!! It is hard for me to believe that our countryman hated someone so much all they could think about was their hate and not the good of the country. If you think freedom is what you are going to gain, that is free everything, you are in such ignorant doubt. You never get without giving, never! We are a Christian nation, Dems are destroying it, at least Trump was allowing Christians to stand for their values. I do not care if you voted for President Trump or not, You all think Trump was bad, you have not seen the worst yet. You all talk about equal rights, right now no one has equal rights. I am not sure anyone understands the very term of equal rights. One thing I do know is you had better read the old testament at least for its historical value. God is waiting for His people to PRAY and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways!

  10. I believe Trump won and the demacrats all got to gather to screw up the election so they could win
    They need to get rid of
    Pelosie and Mitch oconal they need to go and the Republicans that won’t stand of for Trump they do need to go to

  11. Laura Mason says:


    • If Mike Pence is the Christian, he says he is, he will do what is right and Declare Trump President. This fraudulent election cannot be accepted. Illegals voted, Dead People Votes and the Mail in Ballots were sent out like Sales Flyers. We received 8. Video of people getting ballots for Trump out of the Trash. Suitcases full of ballots for Biden…in the dead of night. Mike Pence knows this evil..and as I said…if he is the Christian he says he is….he will do what is RIGHT!

      • Don says:

        IF he doesn’t I’ll wonder how much he was paid under the table as a “good” Christian.

        • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

          Trump has you all brain washed wake up.

        • Kathy says:

          If he doesn’t, he will answer to God just like every other leftist! I’m sure his family is being threatened. Trump is the only person in history to stand up to these liberals who want to take our freedoms away, they want power and money. Money is the root of all evil

    • Corri says:

      The right thing is to follow the law. And Pence has no power to keep a president in office according to US law. That is totally up to the vote of the people. And since NOONE has provided any actual evidence of fraud, only hearsay, therefore Trump will have to leave the white house. To continue refusing to accept the facts, Trump is now digging his own grave along with many others who are lemmings following him off a cliff. The majority of Republicans are trying right now to get the party steadied again through the means provided by the law. I am certain they can do so over time peaceably as our constitution and bill of rights have been set up to do in our country. Peace and to our country which was formed to gentlemanly, honorably, and legally solve our collective problems.

    • John says:

      Is he turning into a rino too. Hope not. I voted for him. Are you a vet? Grow some balls. This country needs great people in office to run this country. Not more bad people to continue destroying it. Man up man. We put you in office with Donald Trump to make this country great and keep it great. Do I need to come to the White House and take you by hand? Show you what not being afraid feels like. Marines don’t back down.

  12. Stanley Courser says:

    I am a 70 year old senior citizen i never thought i would see this in my life time. There is so much fraud and its easy to see.but yet our judges set on there thumbs any won’t help our great President prove it. The deep state is going to drag us down to a third world country where they can get richer and we will get poorer. If President Trump and our country lose today he has no choice but to in still Marshall law. I am old but ready to fight for this country we must save it at all costs ! What say you America do we fight or lose our country !

    • Patricia A Williamson says:

      What would our forefathers do? What DID they do? They never gave up on what they believed was best for our country and neither should we!!!

    • Robert Miller says:

      As a last resort, if Trump doesn’t call Martial law or invoke the insurrection act, you can bet a civil war will follow! I fought those sneaky commies in Vietnam, and I’m willing to finish the job here! My life is almost over anyways!!

  13. Jamie says:

    It’s disgusting!!! Letting them get away with it. Why vote? They did it this time elections and voting will never be the same. The integrity of the election system as far as I’m concerned has went down the drain. We will never trust it and the politicians we have elected to stand up for the truth. We all know what happened but everyone’s either too afraid to do anything about it or the fact that they are lining their pockets just like the rest of them. You’ve brought America to their knees. Maybe you should all go to your knees and ask for forgiveness!!! I am ashamed of the people we have elected to run this country. Not only was the election stolen from us but the freedom to choose in whatever we believe in……

    • Colleen says:

      If there was no fraud committed in either election, how come the democrats aren’t trying to prove it??? Almost 300 pages of witness testimony, sworn to, affidavits and video. They cheated because they already made the global reset deal with the rest of the world. It started years ago. Money talks! They have a plan for us freedom lovers too. The virus that’s no worse than the flu. It’s been proven too. The covid test? Checks dna with 40 hits looking for ANY virus. Then you have covid. If no hits in 40? Negative. They will and are going to force us to get something that wasn’t proven to work. There are other meds to take that are safe. “CERTAIN” scientists say NO! Money talks. How can we take our taxes back? So they can’t play with our money????

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      I think at this time you should call a plumber to get that stuff out of the drain before the house follows. Really.

  14. Josh says:

    Look fellas the news isnt going to rwport the truth, even a little bit. We cannot be mislead by the media, is a bunch of liars guys! We mustnt give up, why because Trump never gives up! Thats what really distinguishes us from the rest of the World guys! They want us to give up, they want us to lose all hope, mustnt do that!

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      Trump gave up as he has lost the election so he has no choice but to give up.

      • John says:

        Trump hasn’t given up. He has been let down by the republican party. Have they been bought off or threatened by the left and their cronies? Most likley.

  15. bud says:

    This must be done to set a example of things to be changed in future elections. Keeping in mind that Biden is still not cleared of his role as Vice President. He and son must be held accountable. Just like Harris dirty laundry !!

  16. Whisper Atnight says:


  17. Beverly says:

    I still think in those states that the fraud occurred those states should vote again with no mail in votes and the votes counted and verified by people who are qualified to do so and no machines allowed. Votes are to be done by registered voters only. Why is that so hard to do. Then and only then can WE THE PEOPLE will have the faith and the belief in the system. Everyone is allowing voting fraud to be ok and that is mind boggling. This is absolutely crazy and being done because???? You don’t want to interfere with the voting process???? It’s a little to late for that because interference already occurred in November!!! Besides President Trump— have you all lost your brains. President Trump is the only one who gets this ??? Really???? And a very few senators??? Really????? Truly mind boggling!!!!!

    • John says:

      Do Away with voting machines all over the country. Period. In person votes with legal driver’s license with photo, DNA, finger print only.

  18. Gary Lovingood says:

    I will always believe that they stole the election, and I really think they need to be dealt with because it’s not right and it’s definitely not good for our country

    • Dr.C.Parke says:

      Agree with MR. Gary ( see note above ) This was the most FRADULENT election that I have personally witnessed in the last 53 yrs! I have seen bus loads of fake votes delivered in Philadelphia to Biden”s camp .They were added to Biden’ vote.Likewise FRADULENT votes were delivered all over the country to be attached to Biden’vote. After the voting was over , it was shown on the OAN news that Biden had left over votes in 4 big cities numbering in the THOUSANDS , next to the STATE where the illegal votes were left over ! This was the Biggest FRADULENT ELECTION that I have seen in the last 53 years !

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        So you saw all these fraudulent votes being cast and you never thought to report it to the election watchers? How can we save the democracy if no reports fraud?

    • John says:

      Biden already said they stole the election. Everything has been in place for years and no one could prove it. But they were wrong. Urine pore judges that should not be there.

  19. bruce says:

    While Pence may not be able to overturn the election, he is able to recommend that those with 2 sets of electors be tabled, discussed and investigated. With a view of sending them back to the state legislatures and make them pick one set. That’s what most Legislatures want. In fact, both Georgia and PA. asked for that very thing. Their authority was usurped by election officials (almost all democrats)which is illegal under the law.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      bruce, what states do you know that had two sets of electors I don’t believe that is legal.

  20. PATRIOT says:


  21. Deborah Andrews says:

    Yes the election was stolen snd I have photographic proof if it happening in live TV. We are no better than South America, Cuba, or Russia if we let this stand.

  22. Steve Johnson says:

    So everyone ignores the criminal voter fraud by Democrats in numerous states and America dies as the result. Communists win again by stealth and dishonesty.

    • T Beach says:

      Dont forget the criminal they elected by fraud too. The man should be in prison and nowhere near the whitehouse

      • LG says:

        The mail in votes was done on purpose…they knew that would be the only way to win.and now for all these idiots that voted for Hoe Biden will soon see the real Biden once sworn in.Then and only then will they see they truth and live to regret it.i surely do wish the US the best.God help us all.!

    • Ed says:

      I hear yu !…but I’m very confused Trump won but Biden is gonna b the prez…I’m gonna get in touch with MIT and see if they can crack this

  23. Joseph Birle says:

    It’s outrageous. It was all on TV. The election was stolen. Were just like South American countries. All bullshit. All bullshit. The election was stolen. Nothing else.

  24. Kathy says:

    I don’t believe Pence will stand by and let America be destroyed.Biden & Obama should be led out in handcuffs with all the laws they have broken.Plus all the rest involved.