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Obama Called Trump a ‘Madman’ ‘Racist’ ‘Sexist Pig’

It’s a safe bet that the Obamas will never be invited to Mar-a-Lago to visit with the Trumps.


For much of Donald Trump’s presidency, Barack Obama largely abided by the convention that former presidents do not publicly criticize or attack their successors,” according to The Guardian.

Obama jettisoned any such caution during the 2020 election that put his own vice-president, Joe Biden, in the White House. But behind the scenes, with donors and advisers, Obama was reportedly much more candid.

“According to a new book, Obama called Trump a “madman”, a “racist, sexist pig”, “that fucking lunatic” and a “corrupt motherfucker”…

“The reported remarks by Obama about Trump seem likely to prompt an angry reaction from the 45th president

Trump’s loathing for Obama is well-known and oft-expressed…”

For more of this report, please go to The Guardian.

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