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Obama: Georgia Shootings Prove Need for Gun Control

Just as predictable as the sun rising in the east, yesterday’s tragic shootings in Georgia were bound to bring cries for “gun control” from the usual suspects. Barack Obama is one of those suspects.


The shootings in the metro Atlanta area on Tuesday evening that left eight people dead are a “tragic reminder” of the need for more gun control laws, according to former president Barack Obama. In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Obama tried to tie in the murders at three massage parlors to the current push for new restrictions on gun owners in Congress,” according to Bearing Arms.

According to police, there’s no indication at this point that the 21-year old suspect was motivated by racial animus. Instead, law enforcement officials say the suspect indicated that he was targeting massage parlors that he had previously visited.

In his tweetstorm, Obama went on to call for “commonsense gun safety laws,” though he was notably vague about offering any specific solutions.”

For more on this report, go to Bearing Arms.

Please see Obama’s tweets below and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Does the tragedy in Georgia last night require increased “gun control,” in your opinion? Why or why not?


  1. Maylynn Hughes says:

    OBAMA, you need to check yourself. You are not president any more, thank goodness for that, and you were a lousy president that took up the clinton plan of selling our country right out from underneath us you fucking buffoon. How much did China pay you? How much did you receive from Iran for sending them millions of cash? How many insider tips did you receive for bailing out the financial industry? You were dirt ass poor when you arrived, and you left a very wealthy man. I think you need to give us our money back you fucking thief!

  2. Gitmo says:

    Obama needs to go blank himself! He should disappear from earth and his opinions are not needed by anyone! He needs to shut his big mouth before it gets shut for him!! Hes nothing but a failure and a racists creating chaos! There wasnt all these shootings when Trump was president!! Now demorats are back talking gun control theres one every week! Demorats pay these nuts to shoot people hist so they can bitch about guns! Dont fall for it! All part of there socialists agenda to control you!! Anyone with a brain knows without guns you wouldnt be safe in your car or home or anywhere else! Only criminals would have guns! Wake up!!!!!!

  3. TroopAbn says:

    This is the 3rd term of the Kenyan. And at this point, we should do exactly as Congresswoman Maxine Waters demanded. Meet them at their homes, in restaurants, on the streets and scream at them. We should now surround our buildings since they have put fences up and put them under siege, starve them out and do the same to the courts that wouldn’t overturn an illegal/corrupt election. Like Shumer standing in front of the Supreme Court and screaming the judges names out and saying, “We’re coming for you kavanaugh”. If they can do this, “We the People” can also do this. Overturn this corrupt government that wants to destroy our borders and bring illegals here and cause our economy to go bankrupt! Obama’s puppet the first day had 11,000 Americans lose their jobs because he doesn’t want our energy to be the world’s number one source. They are stealing $1.9Trillion dollars to bankrupt America. You aren’t getting this cash, you will be paying for it until doomsday. We need to go after all these infidels and communists like Swallowell and the rest of these pukes out to overthrow America! “To support and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic”

  4. J Patko says:

    Obama is a joke one of worst president ever only won because hes black he was a lazy senator also thank god he isnt president anymore

  5. David says:

    Sunny you are right but I don’t think American’s have the will to fight like they used to I guess we will see when they have no power food water no ac no heat and I mean for month’s not a day or two. These real terrorist not like the one I am called are very smart and are just waiting for the word to strike It will be crazy And the politicians will be in their guarded bunkers while Americans kill each other Blacks will riot Illegals will riot and China will sit back and watch . They said they would destroy America without firing a shot and they are doing it. They bought and paid our corrupt politicians my proof Hunter Biden and our congressman from Texas with 250,000 dollars in a Chinese bank And now they are finding more Democrats spying for the Chinese Get ready for noodles and fortune cookies Sunny if you live.

  6. Michael J Korger says:

    Obama is a fake American! He loves European Socialism even though they have been having economic failures and protests. He is a globalist who thinks the U.N. should tell us what to do. He and Michelle are Black racists who still keep pounding away about “systemic racism.” He and Holder made race relations worse when in office. Worst of all, Obama is a hard-core abortionist who could care less about the hundreds of thousands of Black babies murdered by abortionists every year. He is disgusting!

  7. Sunny Gosh says:

    One thing is for certain, there are domestic terrorists here in our country who hate America, Americans and everything we stand for. Unfortunately, they are in the White House ruling by executive order. Our ‘president’ and his administration are domestic terrorists who took power illegitimately and are taking America down like they are on a deadline. They, and those behind the scenes who facilitated this farce aren’t even trying to be subtle. I don’t understand how we allowed this to happen… how we allow it to go on. Look, they still have the fences and barbed wire… armed guards; why do you think that is? I believe they knew we would see clearly what they did/ are doing – and they over estimated the fight and spirit that exists in Americans today. If people are waiting for the next elections to ‘vote people out’ you’re delusional. Your vote was nullified in 2020 and will be again, but they will be completely entrenched and people adapt to current conditions because its easier right? It’s been 2 months and look what they’ve done. What will we have a year from now? Or 2? 4? Wake up, SEE what’s going on. They didn’t just steal one election. President Trump wasn’t the loser here. They stole our country, our future, our voice and our choice. It doesn’t even matter anymore if you are democrat or republican…every American lost. Every one.

    • Buddy Snowden says:

      I hate to admit you are right, but you are. I don’t know where to start to get our country back. This is like a science fiction movie only its really happening. They say do it at the polls. We did, but they stole the elections right from under our noses. Hang on for at least two more years.

  8. DULL KNIFE says:

    What the Hell is Obama doing messing in our Government doings. Where the Devil does he get off Demanding this and Demanding that? He is supposed to be an EX. CANT THIS NEW BUNCH OF THIEVES DO ONE THING HONESTLY? They have even bought off most of the Republicans. Take it from this old man, I give you 6 months more and you will be crying so hard and this time you can.t blame President Trump. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER VETS PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE. That is if they Don’t ALL squat to pea after the Enemy pays for their SEX changes DULL KNIFE.

  9. Terry says:

    Obama never misses an opportunity to push gun control! The fact is that most shootings are done by Democrat’s. Perhaps set up to push this horrible agenda.
    People we must PROTECT our 2nd Amendment rights!! We’re dealing with a TYRANNICAL government.

  10. David G. says:

    OBAMA funded the biggest terrorist group in the world when he sent billions in cash to Iran, Obama needs his teeth smash in and exiled from America!!

  11. David says:

    Jess which would you rather have happen you are at home and two guys break in and decide to rape you daughter and wife while you are on the floor bleeding with a broken bone or two because you had no weapon to defend yourself Or would you rather two guys broke into your house and they don’t get a chance to do any harm because you put a bullet or two in them Sorry Jess but it happens a lot It’s bad enough the cops do it Swat makes a mistake and breaks into your home you jump up and the next thing that happens you have 6 M-16 rounds in you or you fart or sneeze it happens Jess Like they say I would rather have a gun and not need it then need a gun and not have it

  12. Jess Anne Andrews says:

    I couldn’t continue reading these writings about guns in the USA. I thought we had stopped guns from being held in homes years ago. I thought that people who owned guns were part of shooting places and the guns were kept there for use at private places where people competed at shooting competitions. I’ve lived abroad for any years and had no idea that gun control has changed to allow people to have guns in their homes. It’s dreadful and dangerous and there was a time when things were different when did we go backwards and allow this to begin again?

    • R.B. Blackstone says:

      Your comment demonstrates that you have never read the Constitution of the United States which the Bill of Rights is part of.
      The Right of Citizens to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not be Infringed, by law. This Right has been upheld by the United States Supreme Court many times over the past 245 years the United States has been a country governed by the same Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      We the People who are Citizens of the USA are very sorry there are people, like you, who do not know and understand our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The individual Right to self defense is part of why America is still the most successful country in the history of the world.
      Please take the effort to learn about that Right.

    • David G. says:

      BHO can go eat dung!!

    • Terry says:

      We’ve ALWAYS been able to have gun’s in our homes. What planet did you come from. Read the 2nd Amendment!!!

      • Sunny Gosh says:

        I know right? People are getting scary stupid here in Bidens America. He really has lowered the bar.

    • Terry says:

      We’ve ALWAYS been able to have gun’s in our homes. What planet did you come from.

    • Terry says:

      We’ve ALWAYS been able to have gun’s in our homes.

    • Sunny Gosh says:

      Are you out of your mind?? What the hell ever made you think such restrictions had been put on law abiding American legal gun owners? That’s an asinine idea that individuals guns should be locked up at a’shooting club’ until a competition. We the people have the right to bear arms. What good would that gun do if someone broke into my home and wanted to hurt my family and myself? Is it ridiculous for me to have the necessary tools to defend myself? One last point.. so your way of thinking no law abiding legit gun owners should be able to readily access guns they own… so only the criminals will be armed. You are either hopelessly naive, or hopelessly ignorant. Have a think, don’t be an easily manipulated member of society. Educate yourself please, wake up. I don’t understand how so many people don’t see what’s happening right now.

    • J Patko says:

      your uneducated

  13. Gitmo says:

    Obama belongs in Gitmo permanently with Soros to never hear from this trash again!! America would calm down and be a better place for all!!

    • Magdalene says:

      Who does obama think he is, he’s no longer revelant, & shouldn’t keep insinuating himself like he’s the current President . He needs to go away!

  14. Gitmo says:

    Obama and Soros pay nuts to do these shootings so they can bitch about gun control!! Dont buy there bullcrap! Remember all the big shootings when corrupt Obama was president! He caused them! How many did you hear of when Trump was president! ISIS was silent after controled! Now this demorat corruption team is back so is isis! Terriost and shootings! They pay these idiots to buy guns and cause chaos!! Tell Obama to go Funk himself !

  15. Carolyn says:

    Let the facts speak for themselves. The large cities (Chicago, New York and others) have the strictest gun control and the highest number of gun deaths. Would these politicians rather all these people were stabbed or strangled instead of shot? The only way to control these mass murders is to stomp down hard on the guilty, Stop slapping them on the wrist and letting them go. First offense is prison. Like the old saying, “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”. These gun control laws nd 2nd amendment threats only show who the real outlaws are…the democratic party.

    • Debra K Bell says:

      I totally agree. We have the right to protect ourselves and our family. You do not have the authority to take that away from law abiding citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Franklin Arthur Wyrick says:

    The truth is quite the opposite. These shootings are proof that we need more responsible citizens with guns. That jerk would not have survived the first shootings.

    • rm says:

      No gun control, background checks, etc. required at all. The 2nd Amendment AS WRITTEN is the law. For over 150 years, capital punishment of convicted killers worked very well and needs to continue in all 50 states and US possessions. We put out garbage at our homes; the prisons need to do likewise without excuses from the leftist criminal coddlers. The Atlanta killer needs the chair once convicted.

      • Debra K Bell says:

        Yes I agree. If we had more judges and prosecutors with backbone to send these people where they belong, the world would be a safer place. Honest, hardworking citizens and responsible people know that we need our second amendment rights protected!!!!

  17. JL Vee says:


    • Tony says:

      I agree keep speaking the truth, evil people kill people. The king establishes the land by Justice,
      But he who received bribes overthrows it.

      • Debra K Bell says:

        AMEN!!! Obama has no voice in this matter and his opinion does not count for a hill of beans. He was a sorry President as is the one we have now, who by the way DID NOT WIN LEGALLY!!!!n HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT AND NEVER WILL BE!!!TRUMP 2024 BRING IT ON!!!!

  18. According to Obama, the shooting in Georgia proves the need for control over firearms, and it would be better to completely take away the weapons from the Americans, first depriving them of the police. Then you can do everything with these people. what do you want!

  19. David says:

    Obama must be telling the government what to do he likes giving terrorist our tax payers money

    • Tony says:

      Obama is wicked and evil, with no fear of (GOD Almighty)

    • Debra K Bell says:


  20. David says:

    Just read a disturbing report but it must be fake news it was from Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles about us And giving Yemini militia a non terrorist classification and giving their government 191 million in aid Al Q is where they are located in Yemen 191 million to known terrorist and people here call me a terrorist OMG

  21. Sam says:

    Well said Ken White! Obama needs to get lost! No one cares what he thinks anyway, although he’s probably controlling biden behind the scene

    • Nanette Eutsler says:

      Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice and all the old Obama people are the “PUPPETERS” behind Biden…This is Obama’s third term and he is still trying to controlus and make us into “THE NEW WORLD ORDER”

    • Tony says:

      Speak the truth Sam, your eyes of understanding being enlightened.

  22. David says:

    Just read a funny thing Seems Pelosi’s house was egged. They caught the two people and the judge banned them from carrying eggs except from the grocery store OMG Hysterical Wonder where he thinks they got them from in the first place and this guy is a judge LMAO But it was not funny when I got to the bottom of the article seems Pelosi does not claim that property or her rental properties in the city or her vineyards on her financial disclosure forms strange yet they go after Trump for his taxes LMAO

  23. ken white says:

    Obama was the WORST PRESIDENT AMERICA EVER HAD !!! He needs to get lost and leave the America people alone. He is why this country is in the mess it is in right now he set our country back at least 20 years. So I say tell the Dumb Ass to stay out of Americas business and go back to what ever country he was born in because he is not a American for sure !!!!!!

  24. David says:

    Hi Sam B they have so many post to check a few of mine have been left out too but I am a racist and terrorist LMAO so I expect it but you always seem to have good post thy must be busy

  25. Sam B. says:

    Lol oh boy.. Red alert news is censoring a message I just posted @ 8:19pm. So much for free speech! Lol…& my message isn’t hateful..just my polite option. No vengeful violet crazy talk etc. Oh well.

  26. Sam B. says:

    Man o man. So…let’s say a gun of any kind could b on ur kitchen table. Without anyone handling it..just sit’n there. Will it injure u? How about a baseball bat..a 2by4..a frying pan..a fork..a golf club etc etc etc…will ANY of these things & others injure/kill someone just sit’n on ur kitchen table?!?! No one handling anything..??… ** NO!! ** Whacked out unhinged PEOPLE handling weapons of any kind r the problem & the “real weapon!” This is NOT rocket science.

  27. David says:

    LMAO They just posted yours Gary

  28. David says:

    Debbie the editors here are pretty good they let a lot of things go by on here that I would not But they are pretty fair and open minded LMAO they let me talk

  29. Gary Lunbeck says:


  30. peg says:

    The left wont ever quit . If you outlaw

  31. David says:

    You all just read about our Texas congressman Vicente Gonzalez Democrat seems he had a bank account with the bank of China with 250,000 dollars in it I didn’t know they got paid that good of course I am being racist because he is Hispanic shame on me and nothing Illegal about having 250,000 dollars in a Chinese bank

  32. David says:

    Gary if you want a good laugh besides all this look at Jon Thompson’s pictures on Facebook they are hysterical the last one was a picture of a Hispanic male behind bars with gang tattoo’s all over his face and the caption read My parents left me at the border He and a few others have very funny post most you have to understand sarcastic humor

  33. Debbie says:

    Where is my post I replied to?

  34. David says:

    Gary LOL I am leaving this country Watch the video Of Daniel Shaver thank Libby for it But there are a lot of videos of cops who should not be cops and should not have guns sadly and they kill black and white people and Indians and Asians as well. I am going to Colombia according to our government the cocaine stopped when they killed Pablo I am sure you believe that. If you believe you are free in this country I am happy for you I lost my love and belief in this government a long time ago sadly I sent the video of Daniel Shaver to my friends in Russia they could not believe it they say their police beat people up but they all said that was just plain murder and the cop walked away free. Do you remember when the government said there were no UFPO’s they destroyed a lot of careers and now all of a sudden oh yeah there are UFO’s why did they lie for so long and destroy peoples lives. But also Daniel did not get 27million dollars and because I said if Breonna had not been with a drug dealers for a boyfriend and he had not shot a cop before that it may not have happened same with Floyd If he had not passed a fake 20 maybe he would still be alive but I am a racist for saying those things and a terrorist for believing every one deserves a fair trail even Bin Laden the Boston bombers got a trail and I don’t know seriously if Bin Laden killed anyone himself he may have planned it and that makes him an accomplice But our government over throws a lot of governments Our military went into a country and without that country being told killed a person in their country can you imagine what would happen if another country did that here??? But don’t worry it will happen here Mt. Biden is letting terrorist the real ones not like me LOL and rapist and murderers and child molesters and traffickers drug gang members in by the thousands and Jihadist Ask any border patrol if I am wrong read the reports from governors and police and the people who live on the border But I am the terrorist according to some people on here that type with their caps button stuck on LOL. and I am a racist according to some people LMAO Take care just don’t say you disagree with anything the government says and don’t say anything about black people and you will be fine here LMAO

  35. David says:

    I was being sarcastic Gary I wanted to see what they said to you and the other people on this page for voicing your opinion about the Democrats but try to remember there are good and bad on both parties

  36. David says:

    Perhaps Gary if you read and think about what I write and the remarks leveled at me you might learn something Maybe if someone had questioned the account in the gulf of Vietnam 58,000 men and women Americans might still be alive It was a lie by big corporations and government to get us into Vietnam They never attacked our destroyers

  37. David says:

    Gary sorry but you would have had to follow all my post and the remarks made to me being called a racist and terrorist I was being sarcastic Gary And democrats are not the only idiots there are Republicans just as evil and stupid Bush was one But as I have been called a racist and terrorist don’t listen to me but I would suggest you go back and read my post and the remarks against me because I challenged things that the government said happened I assure you I am not a racist I don’t care what race creed you are and I am not a terrorist I just believe our fore fathers said every one was allowed a fair trail even the worst criminals. my hear does get very sad for children and innocent people killed black white Asian and Indian I know if you cut every ones finger we all bleed red blood but some have ice in their veins and it will be blue.

  38. MAD says:

    I have not posted before but this site refuses to port my comment saying the I have already posted . If that’s true , why is it not shown in the comments?

  39. MAD says:

    Oh this is so obvious a False Flag. Everyone knew one of their shooter attacks were coming because they want your guns. But we’ve caught on the the BS. So sad that the FBI or the CIA was probably the ones who carried this out. Just like the Sandy Hook school shooting. Fake.

  40. SOS says:

    Oh this is so obvious a False Flag. Everyone knew one of their shooter attacks were coming because they want your guns. But we’ve caught on the the BS. So sad that the FBI or the CIA was probably the ones who carried this out. Just like the Sandy Hook school shooting. Fake.

  41. Donald Cook says:

    It is a Shame, that He was not There.

  42. G says:

    Jumping to conclusions the weapon used by the perpetrator was purchased legally and if not for this the violence would not have happened. Words from a man whose family has secret service protection for the rest of their lives and lives in homes built like fortresses. He had no clue how to protect the country and kept us in wars for profit. Don’t take the advice of the gallacticly stupid.

    • Gary Lunbeck says:


  43. Sherry Chase says:

    Obo is a terrorist! Why he sold guns with Killary to terrorist and gave them billions 😡

  44. Sharon says:

    I sure wish Twitter would close Obummer his he wife and Killary’s account. I am so tired of hearing from these clowns

  45. David says:

    Holly my friend was giving billions to the Iranians good for the nation when before they held Americans hostage?? Holly Hitler took everyone’s guns except of course for his secret police and his SS He gave the Hitler children knives to stab Jews and people who did not salute. If you take away the guns only the criminals will have the guns Just like Prohibition just like the drug war Holly laws have never stopped criminals but bullets have. So no guns then they will use knives bats pipe bombs pipes maybe just throw gas on you and light you into a human fire cracker I understand your desire to have a peaceful world I have a daughter soon and god have mercy I wish there was non violence in this world but there have always been evil people. Sometimes you have to become evil to stop them watch Law Abiding Citizen Great movie Hurt my wife or soon to be daughter and I promise you that you will meet the sickest father and husband you could ever think of and then you will meet the devil These politicians have security gusrds with guns 24/7 do you have that safety???

  46. Holly Rose says:

    Obama has been right all along for the good of this nation need stiff gun laws. In reality we need to get rid of guns period. I would hate to give up my mom’s Sig but for the good of this nation I will give it up. Good common sense. Outlaw all gun related business that is manufacturers, stores, clubs, gun shows, hunting any gun competitions, and most of all self defense. That would remove any need for guns.

    • Terrie Wyatt says:

      You’re out if your mind because criminals will still find a way to get guns. Law abiding citizens will not be able to defend themselves against these criminals who will find a way to get guns. Obama is the most stupid, racist president this country gas ever seen.

      • Timmel says:

        And, the “criminals” we citizens will have to defend ourselves from will be the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, Marshals, Sherifs, Police, and all the other gun-toting jack-booted thugs sent out to keep us in line.

    • Therese says:

      You seem to think the problem are the guns, it is not, I come from NY, it is against the law to own a gun, criminals always had the guns, law abiding citizens did not, just like here in GA law abiding citizens follow the rules, the only thing you accomplish by taking those guns are making it an underground way for criminals to get guns! Please, Obama was the worst President in history whatever he says means nothing!

    • Gary Lunbeck says:

      Holly Rose

      Do you not know of Hitler who gave the SS ORDERS to disarm their citizens!! It will not be that easy here for we PATRIOTS will not STAND for IT!! I HOPE ALL THAT ACCEPT THE MARK WILL BE HAPPY!!

    • Billy Ashworth says:

      Hey Obama how are the gun laws working in Chicago why don’t you go and clean Chicago up

    • Robert says:

      You cannot be that naive, or ignorant. It is startling how many people have not the first clue as to why the Founding Fathers placed so much importance on the right to keep and bear arms. Hint: it had zero to do with hunting and everything to do with protection from tyranny and preserving our God-given freedom. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY GUN—NOT TO THE GOVERNMENT AND NOT TO ANY PERSON.

    • Terry says:

      You’re insane, read the 2nd amendment, we are dealing with a Tyrannical government right now!!!!

  47. David says:

    Wow MT Larson you and Corri and CK and Sheldon and others have your hands full with these people Come on mouth off to these racist and terrorist I want to hear the letters DJMO

    • Gary Lunbeck says:

      The DEMOCRATS are the only ones who are PUSHING RACIST THOUGHTS! if You have eyes and ears that can discern what is happening you would not have said anything about race! Pull your head out of, and look and listen you might learn something!!

  48. Larry says:

    Frisk and search worked years ago in NYC. Why did it stop. Let’s start it again and see if it works like it did with Rudy running the show. Rather than one city, Let’s start with all DEMO cities….

    • Debbie says:

      Yes I agree… we don’t need gun control… OVOMIT get out of our way you’re not in any office anymore…thank you God… you’re working behind the curtain n everyone knows it… you were the WORST PRESIDENT EVER… SATAN.. YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY TELLING US ABOUT OUR RIGHT TO THE SECOND AMENDMENT!!!

  49. Betty Strauss says:

    Numb nuts needs to keep his nose out. He has his security 24/7 we have ourselves. He wouldn’t know a gun law if it came and bit him in the ass.

  50. Robert Rogers says:

    We don’t have a epidemic of gun violence. What we have is an epidemic of criminals. Guns don’t kill people. And this is throughout history. Only people kill people. Bad people do bad things. Like get behind a wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Marijuana is a drug and despite states legalizing it, I am sure there’s an increase in injuries as well as deaths for those who consume and drive. The vehicle is not the culprit, only the person. Gun control advocates only want to blame an inanimate object like the gun. Knives injure and kill more people. Do we blame the knife? No. Otherwise we would regulate knives and forks. Since Democrats created this mess their answer is the gun. Not the person. They stripped kids of fathers and made it worthwhile for women to have multiple fathers., therefore more kids less control and large apartment complexes where only a fool would go, due to gang related problems. It doesn’t take a sociologist, psychologist to see what’s been happening with the break down of the family, which leads to poor schools and gangs.

  51. Typical Obama response, just remove more rights and freedoms from the American people. As long as we are armed they know we have the upper hand. When the day comes that we no longer have guns we will no longer be free people!! We must fight back always and remain free!!

  52. Be Authentic says:

    Does anyone care what Bathhouse Barry or his husband, ex linebacker formerly known as Big Mike, thinks?! The Oscumas were the most devious corrupt partners to inhabit the White House with their “for show” children The true biological parents were well rewarded and were reduced to named Godparents Biden is clinically impaired He presents with a moderate to severe apraxia secondary to cerebral vascular insults (CVAs) It results in decreased ability to sequence precise articulatory postures and sequenced language processing Prior to those cerebral vascular insults he has a documented history of fibbing and no significant intellectual ability He is essentially in “assisted living “ Shame on those who put him in office and placed our country and others at extreme risk Prostitute Harris has her own dispictable history GOD help the good people

  53. Margaret Weast says:

    Guns don’t kill Obama. You need to go hide in your hole. Don’t want to hear anything you have say.

  54. maxibaby says:

    Whatever BHO is “doing” it has aged him 30 years since he left office! With all his money you would think he would be so happy and having so much fun he would be looking younger! So, what’s up BHO? 🙄

  55. Laura says:

    OBAMA needs to go back into HIDING….
    The only people he wants armed are HIS PEOPLE….
    ” CRIMINALS ” ANTIFA/BLM,,, which is why they are
    ALWAYS pulling this ” RACE SHIT “…

  56. Robert6391 says:

    The fact is the gun by it self killed no one it is the mental attitude about violence which has grown faster over the past 4 years than in the past 60 years. Those that drive violence are hardly ever effected by that violence they drive into persons heads.
    That is what has to change in this USA, where violence is dealt with harshly and those who push violence as an answer to everything dealt with just as harshly.
    Violence and wars have never settled anything, in any way, it starts at home teaching non violent ways of handling things and continues through life. Kids should be taught how to defend them selves against any type of aggression, and how not to tolerate with violence. kicking someone butt as the sying goes just causes more violence.

    • Gary Lunbeck says:


      Not all but there are MANY who are you can see them in OFFICE and WORLD around you. Now those greedy people are now going to take everything you have. What will you do? VIOLENCE is still necessar sometime! We have a 2 tiered JUSTICE system CRIMINALS pay for FREEDOM, DEMs are out with no accountability and the REST of us get the shaft (time in JAIL). You have also said “VIOLENCE and WARS have never settled anything.” I think ww2 would have been different if Hitler had the bombs.
      It should NEVER have happened but like I said before when BACKED in to a corner VIOLENCE is needed!
      Ww2 was settled by a vary violent ACT. So if we as a COUNTRY TREAT PEOPLE who are committing violence harshly WHO will be at fault? And if you say both F u the one WHO starts the violence should be in JAIL.
      Defense is not a CRIME!!
      But with all DEMOCRATS, RHINOS and DEEP STATE CRIMINALS wrong is right.

  57. Robert Shriver says:

    Bob: Obama and biden can go get screwed. What did they with fast and furious. Talk talk is cheap. Now I guess neither one of you and all your cheating cronies sure want armed guards around you.And tax payers forfeit the bill.Now my guess you 2 no less a holes are going too blame Thrump of course. You both have know commonsense. So go back too Harvard an Joe go back in the basement and leave hard working American citizens go back too a normal life. O by they way Obama you may say you are African American but everyone Knows your Mom was white and from Kansas. Are you ashamed of that. You sure never talked about that. So leave us the people alone and just shut your mouth. You and Biden have know idea what it’s like too be A PATRIOTIC AMERICA. Go back where you came from. ( BOTH OF YOU TALK SHIT AND YOU HTE AMERICAN BORN PEOPLE SO JUST GO AWAY. DO ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS A BIG FAVOR. AFTER ALL YOU STOLE ENOUGH AND WANT SO BOTH OF YOU GET SCREWED. BYE BYE!

  58. Bill Hart says:

    Oh really, a shooting, as I was waiting for this and I will protect another and another shooting in the near future.
    This is what the Liberals protected, a need for shooting, in an effort to sensationalize Gun Control. This is just the way they operate! There isn’t any rational reason to take guns away, as guns by themselves don’t hurt anyone it’s the people behind the guns. Just like a car, it’s the driver that kills people.
    The real motive behind gun control is to take all our rights away, them to enslave all Americans!
    If you don’t believe me just follow the Communism Manifesto, or Nazi Germany.

  59. Guns do not kill anybody people do. Keeping and bearing guns is a right under our Constitution for a reason to allow the people to resist or over throw a government that is not responsive to the people from whom the power to govern
    originates and to protect their rights.

  60. Carol Bartlett says:

    I have never been a Obama fan. He’s always been against firearms and the 2nd Amendment. Here is my opinion which will send many right over the edge! If someone commits a crime with a firearm which results in the death of others, the penalty needs to be death automatically. Is it radical? Yes I believe it is but it just might be a deterrent!

  61. maxibaby says:

    As Louisiana’s Senator Kennedy recently stated……”we don’t need more gun control, we need more idiot control”! That would include BHO and all other “idiot” Democrats or other idiots of any or no party!

  62. Concern law-abiding citizen says:

    The only thing gun-control is fit for is to makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to get a gun and or disarm the law-abiding citizen to the terrenal government can take over the citizens of the United States and start killing us if we don’t do what they tell us to do.

  63. MARC HOWTON says:

    Obama is a TRAITOR and a SOCIALIST. Worst president in USA history. Well, at least until Dementia Joe.

  64. Nurex35 says:

    Btw, does Obama have any idea just how many babies…mostly babies of color have been killed by abortion since Roe v. Wade? Since 1973 I’d say in 48 years about 75 million! If Obama cares so much about saving lives, he can start there and campaign to save our unborn children….asshole!

  65. Nurex35 says:

    Why doesn’t Obama go to his “home town” of Chicago and talk to those that carry illegally obtained guns there and see what he gets in response! They’d kill him as well! You think criminals care about gun laws. Effin moron liberal America hater!

    • maxibaby says:

      Well…that’s the truth! Chicago has the strictest gun laws in America! That is proof positive gun control laws don’t work!
      BTW, BHO only wants guns taken out of the hands of conservatives to remove our self defense mechanism, he doesn’t care if criminals have a dozen guns each!
      Oops, there I go again thinking for myself instead of listening and believing every word BHO says!

  66. American Michael says:

    F**K Obama Bin Useless!!!!!!

  67. bob onit says:

    What it means is the law should be it is illegal not to have a gun on you

  68. Nina Abner says:

    Obama is a traitor and anything he says is a lie like Biden. They lie so much that I don’t think they would know the truth if it hit them both in the face. Both Biden and Barack Obama and Michael Obama needs to just shut up

  69. Gene Hudson says:

    Didnt give a shit about his opinion while in office, care even less now.Wish he and his ugly horse faced old lady would shut up and go away. And take Hildadud with them.

  70. Beverly says:

    Whats the old saying? Guns don’t kill people…people kill people…Same as when liquor laws were in effect….what happened then? moonshine……It’s not the guns…..Plus how do you stop illegal gun sales??? Criminals will always have guns especially since they let the Cartel into this country by their stupidity. I really don’t think anyone that is in Government is thinking right now with their brains…Only republicans have got a handle on the situation but they aren’t in control….we have idiots making decisions that aren’t thinking past what is now…You have to think the entire scenario thru before you make a decision….

  71. Chris says:

    The inner cities all over the USA have problems. The guns that are used ARE NOT legally owned by the shooter or does the shooter care about anyone else but themselves and their own pocket. Gun controllers want to do something get off your ASS and help the people who live in these places have safety n protection.

    • John says:

      They have to care about themselves first, before they can care about anyone else. They haven’t learned that yet.

  72. Rev4God says:

    Probably perpetrated by the left

  73. Chinook says:

    What about the 100 people that get killed on the highways every day by auto’s, trucks and motorcycles. Lets do away with that and start riding bicycles.

  74. Thomas says:

    Obama was Jerk, is a Jerk, and cannot help being yes … a Jerk. Always put the Democrats before the people. He and President Biden have no problem hindering the safety of Americans. Why doesn’t he stress how guns have saved our lives, what kind of gun was used, and how the bad guy feels about confronting an legally armed American citizen?

    • pat Haefele says:

      Because the big lie isn’t about ‘gun control’ but is really always about ‘people’ control in order to further their socialist agenda. They know exactly what they are doing. Don’t be fooled!

  75. SICKOFIT says:

    “They” cry for these lives lost, Covid 19 deaths, tragedy at the border, etc. etc., I understand that. However, who cries for the nearly 1,000,000 lives lost to abortion each year when there are people desperate to adopt.
    “They” destroy jobs, yet, institute tax policies to keep people on the government handouts.
    “They” cry discrimination – yet pander to CRY BABIES – like the newly translated Royals from the UK…
    “They” tax the living hell out of us, yet live in their own mansions behind gated walls
    It’s pure hypocrisy….

  76. Linda says:

    Obama never been anything but a lying fraud against OUR country. Wanted to take guns for years so American citizens would be defenceless. He should not have any say bout anything. He needs to be arrested defunded stripped .

  77. Dennis Sumner says:

    And I want to eliminate “former” government officials from trying to mandate and further their failed policies from their mansions!!

  78. Silas says:

    Obama’s response is pointless and clear that the evil lefty looney morons like this jackass just want you to give up your guns!!!!!!!!!!!! Go pound sand!

    • John says:

      They might take our guns, but there are thousands of weapons that leave no proof of who used them.

  79. PISSEDOFF says:

    He was probably pissed ’cause he didn’t get his knob polished the way he wanted !!!