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Obama: ‘This Is a Tipping Point’

Political observers have been surprised at how little former President Barack Obama has done to help Joe Biden's campaign. However, here in the closing weeks of the election, Obama has suddenly begun to appear in ads and videos across the country.

Most of the short videos, like the one below, are geared towards getting out the youth vote. Younger voters are notorious for saying they'll vote and then not doing so when election day rolls around. So, the Democrats are worried that younger voters - who they believe are in their camp - won't materialize. And, the Republicans are worried that a strong showing by voters under age 25 could mean a Biden win.

Still, it's hard to watch the video and not notice the lack of enthusiasm by Obama for Biden. He seems more worried that four more years of President Donald Trump will mean the end of Obama's legacy. He even says, "This is really a tipping point."


Watch the video and see if you believe it will motivate young people to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Or, is it boring? Could it have the opposite effect? Could it actually turn people off from voting for Biden? Is that why Obama has been all but invisible? After you've watched, please share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page.


  1. David Bardi says:

    Trump four more years Amen

  2. kenneth Frazier says:

    Are some of you people stupid or just plain crazy. Just please open your eye and see that all this crime and violence is being caused by George Soros and others paying protestors in several of our our states, and, we have just learned to even several members of what I used to think as a patriot news network.

    • Grace says:

      Obama knows that if the Biden corruption is exposed so will his administration be exposed. The Deep State lives and the Obama/Biden administration was an embedded member. If President Trump wasn’t dedicated to freeing America from the grasp of Soros and the OWO mobs America would be well on the way to Socialist/Marxism. There may be a lot of violence when President Trump wins this election and loyal Americans must be aware of the violence that was repeated daily in liberal cities across the nation. I’m sure Antiva/BLM have a revenge list. Lock them up till they cool down.

  3. BobB says:

    The media is the scariest. From day one they have been against Trump (before day one). No let up always negative Trump claims this or alleged that, no defined yes or no answers to anything. They never tried that with Obama. Even when he gave over a billion to Iran. No guessing no questions??? He just said we owed it to them and that was OK.

  4. Jackie Riggs says:

    I never could stand the sight of Obama! From the very first time I saw him there was something sinister looking about him; he reminded me of a very bad man from my childhood. And that cocky, overconfident look disgusts me! How he won one term and then went on to win a second term was baffling to me! And what was up with all the BS about him being the first black President? Um, excuse me, but I heard he was half white! I am not at all racist! I’m a white female, but grew up with pretty much every other color in the human race. The color of a person’s skin meant nothing to me. I had as many black friends as I did white ones. And white kids were just as capable of being mean as any other person of color. And why, when the country was as angry as I have ever known it to be, did Obama qualify for a Nobel Peace Prize? As for this upcoming election, I’m as nervous about it as I’ve ever been about an election. If Biden and Harris win the election, I will likely become even more reclusive than I already am. I live in a very rural area, and due to some complicated injuries, don’t travel nearly as much as I used to. I spend a lot of time at home with my dog and cat. If Biden becomes president, I will most likely be spending the majority of my time at home, because I will be too fearful of being involved in our society. If President Trump wins the election, which I hope and pray he does, I will proudly and confidently be a part of society in whatever way I can, especially once I heal from my injuries. God bless America!

    • L V says:

      A person who is half white and half black they are considered black in the US. I hope that Trump doesn’t get reelected. He’s a disgrace to the US.

      • Patricia Curry says:

        You are full of shot. You dumb ads. Trump is the best President we have ever had.Hiden Biden doesn’t know if he is a foot or horseback and the same goes for Queenie Harris.

      • Cleo says:

        You are full of shot. You dumb ads. Trump is the best President we have ever had.Hiden Biden doesn’t know if he is a foot or horseback and the same goes for Queenie Harris.

  5. Nannle Cooper says:

    Obama are you the big guy in the hunter e mail

  6. Everyone notice u don’t see a damn think on national television about Hunter Biden and the Biden himself democratic running for president lying about everything about him and his son no democratic can be trusted !!! It’s plain to see no democratic’s will do anything to win look at all the the ballots being found even being videotaped of them doing it !! And people still want to vote democratic’s !!!!! What a shame !!!

  7. Margaret says:

    Somehow this seems to be dangerous to me. In the ad Obama appears less arrogant than he did while he was campaigning and during his presidency. While this ad does not change my opinion of him, it’s danger lies in his calm and lack of disdain for the ordinary people that he always displayed before–the clinging to guns and bibles comment and the I’ve got a pen and phone and elections have consequences comments–and the fact that he does not resort to name-calling or nastiness which both Trump and Biden use. His calm is like the eye of a hurricane–deceptive and threatening.

  8. B Keith says:

    What a lack of enthusiasm for Biden but then most of the younger aged voters don’t show enthusiasm and are showing more of wanting Trump out. I’m seeing and hearing it first hand as my youngest daughter lives with me and her friends are always around. The majority of them voted for Trump in 2016 but do to the lack of not hearing about all the good things Trump has done except for all the criticism the media has done they are wanting change again back to the controlling government.

  9. Rodney Gundlach says:

    Obama was the worst president we ever had, wish he and his wife would keep their nose out of this election. Like Hillary and Bill, they all need to be locked up.

  10. Earl Long says:

    Lies is all the Democratic parties have . OBAMA IS OUT THERE TO COVER UP HIS DOINGS IN OBAMA gate Lies Lies Lies

  11. Rita Aszman says:

    Not from his mouth would I ever vote for Biden!!! No trust!!

    • Jean Meyer says:

      Biden and the Democrats are liars they will do anything to win even lie about trump. What has obama and Biden done for the country and for the people nothing they lied. I wouldn’t vote for Biden he is a lying weasel he doesn’t tell the truth. Vote for trump.

  12. alfreda morris says:

    Not a sincere word ever comes out of his mouth

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