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Obama: ‘This Is a Tipping Point’

Political observers have been surprised at how little former President Barack Obama has done to help Joe Biden's campaign. However, here in the closing weeks of the election, Obama has suddenly begun to appear in ads and videos across the country.

Most of the short videos, like the one below, are geared towards getting out the youth vote. Younger voters are notorious for saying they'll vote and then not doing so when election day rolls around. So, the Democrats are worried that younger voters - who they believe are in their camp - won't materialize. And, the Republicans are worried that a strong showing by voters under age 25 could mean a Biden win.

Still, it's hard to watch the video and not notice the lack of enthusiasm by Obama for Biden. He seems more worried that four more years of President Donald Trump will mean the end of Obama's legacy. He even says, "This is really a tipping point."


Watch the video and see if you believe it will motivate young people to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Or, is it boring? Could it have the opposite effect? Could it actually turn people off from voting for Biden? Is that why Obama has been all but invisible? After you've watched, please share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page.

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