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Obama to Trump: ‘Your Time Is Up’

Last night on 60 Minutes, former President Barack Obama had a message for President Donald Trump that may not be well received by either Trump or his faithful supporters.

Asked to give his advice to President Trump, Obama stated in part, “When your time is up, then it is your job to put the country first and think beyond your own ego, and your own interests, and your own disappointments.”

Obama also stated that Trump should’ve conceded the election last week.

Please watch this short video and share your thoughts in the Comment Section on this page. Is Obama correct? Is Trump’s time up? Is it time for him to concede? Or, should Trump wait until the election results have been certified?


  1. Roger says:

    God has a place in hell for liars,cheats,thieves,Racists of which he was and is.h He showed this,his whole time in office.Go straight to hell you Son.

  2. Jack Mack says:

    We must divide this nation into two parts, one for white Americans who are anti-communist and one for all the parasitic remainder. Right now, the aged democrat-communist gang in Congress is preparing a major bill requiring the use of taxpayer money to repair damage in cities that: (a)invited communist and black racist terrorists to destroy property and commit violencewithout impunity (b) are sanctuary cities in violation of numerous federal laws, (c) encouraged criminals to commit violent crimes, including murder (d) castrated their own police departments, and incited terrorists and other criminals to harm and murder policemen. IF NO WHITE RESISTANCE IS ORGANIZED WE ARE FINISHED AS FREE MEN…AND AS MEN!

  3. BILL NORTON says:

    PRESIDENT TRUMP, you were warned about voter fraud!




    you were warned that the fbi leadership was all communist and pro-MOSLEM!








  4. Kim says:

    President Trump should never concede! He has already won. The United States of America needs him. He will go down in history as one of the best Presidents of all time. Let us pray for his certification as the winner of this election ..we all saw it on TV and then the election in a split second was shut down..
    We need him to to get rid of the corruption in this “Our USA”

  5. Kimberly says:

    Not going to watch. I saw on Hannity and sick of his lying, car salesman face. I wish he’d take his inferiority complex and jealousy and disappear with his disgusting wife!! They made Americans broke and without decent healthcare. We were better before he came along!!

  6. James Carson says:

    Obama, you need to look in the mirror and repeat these same words to yourself. Your time is up… go away!
    You are THE problem! You are personally trying to destroy AMERICA! Check your ego at the door and just walk away! We the people will not let you destroy us! Your time is up!

  7. G says:

    There is evidence of fraud and if it doesn’t get addressed it never will, which will let criminals off the hook, and send a message to all Americans to stop voting because the fix is in. How can Obama sit there straight faced knowing Hillary and Comey, and other justice people worked behind the scenes to stop him from winning and then work to impeach him the day he was elected. People need to do there jobs and fight for justice not sweep crime under the rug. The rest of the world is watching how our democracy handles corruption. You can’t expect them to do as America says not what we do.

    • Jack Mack says:

      We must divide this nation into two parts, one for white Americans who are anti-communist and one for all the parasitic remainder. Right now, the aged democrat-communist gang in Congress is preparing a major bill requiring the use of taxpayer money to repair damage in cities that: (a)invited communist and black racist terrorists to destroy property and commit violencewithout impunity (b) are sanctuary cities in violation of numerous federal laws, (c) encouraged criminals to commit violent crimes, including murder (d) castrated their own police departments, and incited terrorists and other criminals to harm and murder policemen. IF NO WHITE RESISTANCE IS ORGANIZED WE ARE FINISHED AS FREE MEN…AND AS MEN!

  8. Dianne Puckett says:

    This man would have taken a third term! He may have helped Hilary if she won, and MOST CERTAINLY, he is deeply involved in ALL THIS from the onset, if we can remember this very troubled young man who was not raised American, OR Christian. He is a globalist, cares nothing for nationalism of this country ,especially, because he never had any ‘skin in the game’. VERY VERY SAD MAN, but really deserves no sympathy because he has rode this donkey hard! He is smooth, glib, and is never going to be satisfied…. and he is owing for Benghazi,& Burisma!!!

  9. Kellie Smith says:

    Obama doesn’t know God or he would know that God isn’t through with Trump. Trump knows that this election was NOT about him but America, Israel, and satan. God, not man, raises up kings and He alone takes them down. As in the days of Noah, if God determines there is way more unrighteous than righteous in the land now, He may shout and have Michael the Archangel blow his trump and rapture the church outa here and Biden will reign for a short while until antichrist takes over.

  10. Beverly K says:

    I could tell the mail in votes were suspicious with democrats calling me on the phone and telling me how great the democrats are. Received a lot of calls from democrats and they sent me several mail in votes. Not just one. So yes Obama had his day and it’s time to keep his opinion to himself. As well as the news. News is just that news. I don’t want their opinions and what they think. I have a brain and I have my own opinions. Did everyone forget that news is just suppose to be that??? News NOT OPINIONS…
    I don’t care what ball players think or football players or the program called the voice. That’s the dumbest show. But people tune in. Make up your own minds. But having a president in on mail fraud or even if it’s a maybe mail fraud or machine tampering I want to know. We have the right to know. And please Obama keep your opinions to yourself.

  11. RON KNOX says:

    bath house Barry loves to go down on Egyptians

  12. as a former democrat for over 55 years , i don’t think trump’s time is up . he’s done nothing wrong to this country for the four years that he’s been in office . he has a big ego , but never did any harm or mis-management of our country . on the other hand joe biden is nothing but a common criminal along with his son hunter that bilked over 3 million $ . is that the man that the people want to run our country ? i don’t think so . the covid19 virus was not trump’s fault . it was done by the chinese in 1914 before trump was in office . why do we have to live in a country of lies ?

  13. T Beach says:

    Yea his criminal ass wants crooked Joe in there so all the investigations into corruption get swept away. He knows they all lead back to him and he gonna end up in Guitanamo Bay where they all belong Now that Trump has the Dominion servers he has all the information he needs to round them all up. The servers were in Germany. What does Germany have to do with Our election?? They were housed in a building owned by Obamas former SOD General Something.

  14. James Hutchins says:

    It’s not over till it’s over.

  15. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Fk U obama

    Thank you for not conceding President TRUMP

    Never concede President TRUMP

    ❤??CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen??❤

  16. David Smith says:

    What we have now is a new comedy Obama and Biden DUMB and DUMBER LOL

    • Pat says:

      I just sent a message to the Obamas at the Obama Foundation asking him to keep his big yap shut. I suggest we all bombard them with emails.

  17. Voldemort says:

    Barry still haven’t proven he is an American citizen. He used a bogus certificate of live(birth?) his genuine birth certificate is from Kenya. His student ID has foreign student printed below his picture.

  18. Estelle says:

    To Whom it may concern:
    I my opinion Mr. Obama is a storyteller of the first degree. He sided with the individuals that attack police and said it was justice. He allowed the Department of Defense to handout paychecks (30,000) to a none present army and called it normal. He allowed both Secretaries of State to make money in that position. He traded money and prisoners to kept Iran from talking. He hired individuals that were known Communists to work in his administration as leaders (Director of CIA and chief of staff). Under the Affordable Care Act we lost medical benefits, had to find new doctors. The stay in the hospital was reduced to hours instead of days. The IRS was charged to find and harass conservative groups. The typical American wants jobs. Mr. Obama allowed foreign nationals to be hired for lower wages in high tech jobs. Mr. Obama increase taxes, and regulation therefore encouraging industries to move to China. My question is who controls Mr. Obama? Who will control Mr. Biden? Concern United States citizen.

    • bill norton says:

      Recently, Dr. Kevin Dutton of Oxford University bogusly ranked US president-elect Donald Trump as “above Adolf Hitler” on a standard scale used to measure potential psychopathy in adults, (Hillary Clinton scored pretty low) . Most psychologists, like most fake news propagandists, are leftist “above Joe Stalin” and, of course, are psychopaths themselves. Their cheap shots nullify their professional standing and are representative evidence of psychopathic examples of ideological “hate psychology.”
      The Hare Psychopathology Checklist, the industry benchmark, requires the suspected psychopath to take the test and of course either Hitler nor President Trump, or a long list of psychological victims, participated in the test. In fact Dr. Kevin Dutton “pretended” he was Adolph Hitler, Hillary Clinton and President Trump, as he took each test himself and then graded his bigoted answer sets. Unscrupulous neo-communist psychopathic psychologists like Dr. Devin Dutton, since world war II have used bogus psychological studies and test applications to smear people that are smart enough to reject the protocols of leftist Stalinism. My doctoral work was in Psychology and I am a published author of several research papers on psychological tests and test procedures as well as Psychological Warfare. I am also a graduate of the US Army Psychological Warfare Course…Bill Norton

  19. Sic&Tired says:

    Yea….Mary – Well Stated.!! Good for You.

  20. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    No OBAMA. You’re time is up. INDICT, TRY, CONVICT, EXECUTE.

  21. Sic&Tired says:

    Here….Simply Put or Stated –> Obama is the Biggest A-Hole this country has ever seen AND he continues to open his crap mouth…..He just needs to go get Lost – and leave us True Americans alone. The B_ _ _ _ _ _ d.!!!… Was a Traitor to this Country and the Biggest Disgrace.!!! For 8 Long Years….

  22. Mary says:

    Obama wants Biden in so he does not go down as the worst president..Please Pres Trump…DO NOT concede…your time is not up yet….this is about America and voting integrity….which is being stolen from us.. and Obama..listen to your own words and go away…you are not wanted in America…

  23. Wylma says:

    The job of “fundamentally changing our country” was not achieved when President Trump got elected. It was delayed for four years, so like a barracuda “wounded and trapped” all claws are out and fighting. Obama, Hilary, and Biden (the puppet), are all on the same path to fundamentally change our country. Truth and Justice are worth fighting for and have been for the life of our country.

  24. Doris says:

    I just ignore all of them Obama, Hillary, the Biden’s Schumer, etc. as far as I’m concerned President Trump will be my president and not all these cheaters and liars. I don’t listen to media they are all in bed together.

  25. Yank says:

    Obama has no business talking about this election because of all of the negative circumstances involved in this election. I am sure that this election will go down in history as the most unAmerican election in the history of America. As far as Trump conceding the night after or even two days later is idiocy with all of the covert operations going on behind the scenes. Every state should have been mandated to follow the same guidelines, but they didn’t. Now, we need to sit back and see if Biden can hold on to all of the positive accomplishments Trump made in the economy, jobs, country security and so on. With Trump doing more positive strides in one term than Obama and Biden did in 8 years, this will be interesting, to say the least.

  26. This Kenyan is a hypocrite.

  27. Don says:

    The Kenyan has no say here.

  28. Brenda says:

    Obama needs to go back to his husband Michael and shut up, who are you to offer advice, being the worst President and the first President to cause decision in this country!

  29. Jerry Dauer says:

    Jerry Dauer
    November16,2020 at 9:35 am
    Obama & Biden. They Suck Big Time.

  30. gary cole says:

    Obama and his supporters never left the office. He and his followers harassed the trump administration for four years and continue to do so. He and the “resistance” and the “deep state” and his followers changed what could, should and would have been an honest election into a free-for-all for disruption and dishonesty and now he wants trump to concede the election before the courts can view the evidence of corruption and call for observed recounts in questionable states. This kind of duplicity and behavior has existed in the Democratic party since the time of Woodrow Wilson. Witness how the self-serving federal reserve came into being during Wilson’s tenure. Don’t give up hope.

  31. Gloria says:

    Obama was a FAILED PRESIDENT. I never voted for him the 1st or 2nd time! President Trump should ignore him and not respond. Don’t lower your status President Trump!

  32. Honest says:

    Barrack”””’Your Time Has Been Up for A LOOONNNGGGG! Time ~ Take the Clintons with You~

  33. kenneth Frazier says:

    Iv’e been on God’s green earth for eighty-three years and during this time Iv’e served under and observed many of our countries commanders and chiefs and President Donald J Trump is in my top three. I firmly believe that God is in full ontroll of what has taken place and America will wake up and put Trump back in control in the next presidental election.

  34. This We the people can trust in they still are doing a dirty job of recount in the state of Georgia now !! But the modern day prophets are telling us gods story of god’s outcome !!! In Georgia shumer is planning a big grab but keep in mind he is a Jew himself !! But he backsides god and his own Jewish people !! No matter how much money they put in god is in control and he will prove again another point !!! Lying and cheating god’s people is about to be extremely taken care of !! As mentioned by today’s prophecy !!! But they took god out of the equation ! We the people with god and trump will prevail !!! God Bless this great country !!!! And president Trump !!!!

  35. Thomas Bumgarner says:

    obama doesn’t have any right to say a damn thing abt Trump or any1 like Trump because obama started the protests,riots,etc.way before Trump ever was elected as POTUS & all of you demoncrats deserve the most torturous punishment allowed under God’s law & I personally hope & pray that all you demoncrats burn in HELL!!!!

  36. Brenda Reid says:

    Who cares about his opinion. He is nothing now and wasn’t much when he played president.

  37. Johnny C Sutton says:

    What would You expect from the worst President in History.. Obama and his Transvestite Mate Michelle with his fake Government installed Family should have never set foot in D.C. He is the reason the United States is divided. His only accomplishment was the massive rise of Gun Sales during his administration… What a super POS..

  38. steve Punch says:

    If somehow Joe Biden got enough legal votes to win the electoral collage then Trump should hang it up.
    If however, millions of votes were actually tampered with by Dominion software in voting machines as the ex-dominion software folks claim, then Biden should hang it up.
    There is enough evidence out there now that anywhere Dominion software was used there should be a bipartisan hand count to determine the true winner. Take the software and machines out of the equation. Only then should one of them concede.

  39. Susan Todd says:

    Such an idiot that needs to go away. Your presidency was over 4 years ago. Take a hike! Who cares what your opinion is. You have always talked out the side of your mouth………….you and your not so poised wife!!!!!
    Trump is my president who has better business sense and his awesome first lady has more poise, professionalism, and natural beauty than any first lady ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Citizen of a corrupt country says:

    Obama used the crooked f.b.i. for his own personal interests as he ran the country into the dirt. The same f.b.i. that let Hillary commit treason and gave her a free pass. This country is so corrupt. All the idiots that are turning their heads and letting this happen are just as guilty. In this country it’s ok to commit a crime as long as no one can prove it. I’m ashamed to be an American.

    • john little says:

      I agree 100% the Democrats have run this country into the ground.when their terms are over they don’t go away they hang around in the background and keep an eye on their lies and crooked dealings

  41. patsy says:

    Our president should ignore the cheating lying dumbass

  42. annrace says:

    Obama is a POS.
    He is responsible for destroying the USA.

  43. Aimee Ortiz, Cairo, Georgia says:

    Stay the course, Mr. President! The count is not all in. Trust in God! Do not fear what man says.

  44. joyce says:

    0bomba, can say or think whatever he hopes will happen, because he has a lot to fear, just like lyin biden and his spawn

    fox news, cnn go to HELL!!

  45. Tommy says:

    Tell that lying,crooked,sleasy piece of shit to go FUCK himself!!!

  46. Jim Noord says:

    Obama is hoping to dodge prison time for his illegal activities. Wow talk about poking the sleeping giant! We have a warm cell READY AND WAITING for that treasonous letch Obama in a jail he bought from Illinois in Thompson to bail out his handlers. Keep talking you Clinton clod! Great divider! You caused this with your petty racism and hatred for the USA!

    • Rebekah Brosman says:

      Well stated, he never cared about our country, or our people. The Obama’s used us the whole time they were in the White House. They used our tax money to go on expensive vacations several times a year and did nothing but dig us in a hole that Trump pulled us out of since he was elected. I am praying Trump can defeat the cheating, lying traitors that will destroy us. They are the race baiters and they call us white supremacists racist. What a bunch of bull crap.

  47. Steve Startz says:

    Obama is stacking up the proof he is a treasonous scum bag
    May he rot in Guantanamo for his crimes then spend eternity licking the sweat from the devils balls in hell

  48. Kevin W Johnson says:

    Srew you

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