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Obama: Trump ‘Inherited’ Economy

No matter what the political pundits on the left say, any fair assessment of Donald Trump’s presidency has to acknowledge that the U.S. economy was rocketing upwards until the coronavirus crossed the Chinese border and infected the world.

So, when former President Barack Obama takes a campaign stage (see the video below) on behalf of Joe Biden and says, “We got a president right now [Trump}, he wants full credit for an economy that he inherited…,” many objective observers are going to shake their heads in disbelief.

Quite simply, Obama is saying that he and Joe Biden should get the credit for the economy that boomed under Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Does that make sense to you? Do you believe that Joe Biden and Barack Obama deserve the credit for the economy over the first three years of the Trump/Pence administration?


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  1. Howard Gire says:

    Bummer did everything he could to drag down the economy and put it under government control. He should be ashamed to try and complain that Trump inherited HIS economy. What Trump inherited was a sputtering economy that was grasping for air. Thank God Trump was elected. Obama didn’t know crap about running a business or a free economy. He was operating under the direction of Soros and others in an attempt to stifle the nations economy.

  2. Jim Chamberlain says:

    How typical. Economy had the slowest growth with Obama/Biden. They did not bring jobs/businesses back to U.S., Trump did that by reducing the high taxes that have been imposed on them by many past politicians. Therefore, more jobs, economy at historical high as a result. On way back now despite the China virus. It would take all day to list all the democrats false claims, wish more people would buy Blitz book.

  3. Michael says:

    I’m just curious why Obama Hillary Clinton and the rest of them starting with Nancy Pelosi aren’t behind bars for destroying this country. And now with our ex vice president being tied to China That’s treason isn’t it

  4. Patricia says:

    BTW, The economy before COVID 19 should absolutely be credited to our President Donald Trump. He kept his promises from his 2016 campaign, unlike many POTUS’ in the past!

  5. Patricia says:

    I’m 58 years young and can’t remember a time of such hatred within our country. I don’t care on what side of the political isle we reside, the words being used are truly despicable & the actions are indefensible. The behaviors I’m witnessing from my very own country(persons) are quite disturbing. It reminds me of schoolyard bullies. When we look at the facts without prejudice the USA was on an upward trajectory before COVID19. We need to get back to business America, Although many businesses have not weathered the storm (JUST AWFUL) & no matter what the news is telling us, COVID is losing ground & our country NEEDS to reopen before it’s too late to come back from this ordeal. This is so obvious that it’s hitting us over our heads with a might heavy bat! Come on AMERICANS, let’s get back on track & MAGA. Whether you’re Democrats, Republicans or Martians, we should ALL agree & act on the fact that we want our country to be the very best that our HISTORY has proved we can be.

    • Sally Arey says:

      Amen Patricia your 100% correct … the hate the left has for our President is despicable anyone who can withstand what he had throughout his first 3.5 years is truly amazing..his character has been on the chopping block this whole time and he has risen above it to continue to move forward with his mission and to publicly identify the true corruption
      ( swamp ) within our government…

      I truly believe he was put into the White house for a reason and with the grace of God I pray he will continue for another 4 years ?

  6. David Smith says:

    Winnie you are so right Kennedy and Johnson did great things for black people do you remember how many black Americans were killed in that worthless Vietnam war??? I am sure they would agree with you they are better off in the ground. Seems to me the only thing Presidents have done for me is raise my taxes I don’t like Trump but he gave me a check for 1,200 dollars and even if it raised the debt it sure helped me put food on my table Obama gave me a free phone I tried to get one but couldn’t and I could not afford Obama don’t care health insurance They give me a 1.3 per cent raise in my social security but yet can give other countries millions and illegals more rights than I have. So keep your faith in presidents LOL They are all crooked lying perverted thieves.

  7. Snake says:

    Seriously Trump inherited the economy no what he inherited was a financial mess as for the pandemic Trump was on it back in January with his ban on flights going to/coming from China and look at how long it to for the Obama-Biden Adminstration to respond to the Swine flu!

  8. Daniel R Burton says:


    • Kitty says:

      You are so right! Obama was an illegitimate president, and now Biden has nominated another immigrants’ daughter for Veep. Neither can ever be natural born citizens of the USA and Constitutionally eligible for the office of President or VP.

  9. Robert Howes says:

    obama IS JUST TRASH

  10. Richard Zimmer says:

    When the FBI get finished with the thief that Hunter and Joe Biden took for their own benefit only I hope Obama will go thru the same because he had to be involved with all the thief that happened in those 8 years.
    Obama is one black lier and into so many criminal acts yet in those 8 years but the FBI did nothing to charge him.
    Also Obama’s wife going to Africa with her daughters, mother and 2 aunts and more.
    What did that cost just for a free trip for her yet 50% of the US people think she such a good person.
    Why did she not take other blacks that have nothing and give them a little excitement once in their life.
    The Obamas did nothing for the black people, all for them only.
    They are sick to even look at them the f… Thieves.

    • Howynn (Winnie) Rose says:

      Tell me what frumpy did for blacks??? I am waiting. John F Kennedt and Lyndon B Johnson did way more than frumpy ever thought of doing

  11. David Smith says:

    Hi Fu Trump I wonder if Obama would have even got near the white house if he was white LOL Just a thought I am leaving this country when I can so none of this maters to me anyhow I just got sick of all the political sh$t that has been pulled on the American people LOL

  12. Fuck Trump says:

    If Obama were white, non of you would have this much hate towards him. Trump can barely make complete sentences. It’s actually pathetic how far up his ass you racists are.

    • Pegs says:

      AWE……. My feelings are really hurt. NOT!!! Race has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it!!

    • Pegs says:

      u must be confusing Trump with biden. It’s biden that can’t complete sentences. Race has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it.

      • Arielia says:

        Ditto— Race has nothing to do with this. We are equall in every way. Just the facts man just the facts. The Dems are exposed. And are squirming just as we expected

    • Edward Holland says:

      Spoken like a real Racist…

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL…Biden is the one that can’t put sentences together! “The Big Guy” has also said several times recently that he’s running for the United States SENATE! And he’s running to defeat “GEORGE BUSH!” LOL!! The “Big Guy..aka Quid pro quo JOE hasn’t seen the football since the kickoff!!” And this guy is running for president!! Wow.
      So pathetic when some people use the race card…your skin tone has nothing to do with RESULTS!

  13. Obama told Trump it would take a miracle to bring back the economy, well Trump performed the miracle and now that egotistical ignorant unamerican that did nothing in the eight years he had the white house wants to take credit for Trump’s hard work, the leftist media may go along with is BS but any that can read and keeps up with politics knows all obama is trying to do is blow smoke up the peoples a**

  14. David Smith says:

    So I guess Obama will not be getting Holiday cards from you all and no presents in his stockings??? I don’t know if he was the worse president Lincoln got us into a war and then played politics they said he freed the slaves with the proclamation. He only freed the northern slaves from what I was told The South had already separated from the Union so he had no power over them from what I was told. That could be wrong. Kennedy got us into Vietnam for no reason from a lie. Carter should have kept farming peanuts LOL. We have had our share of uncooked rice for leaders I wonder what this country would be like with Hillary if she had got in That is a scary thought LOL Look out little girls Bill is on the loose with his buddy Epstein LOL Please take no offense to this post just joking around making fun of our brilliant leaders Take care everyone please be careful of the virus

  15. Donald Perreault says:

    What was Obama smoking when he made those comments ? Just more bullshit. After all he wants the New World Order. We don’t want Socialism.

  16. Bobbt T from Joisey says:

    Obama , knowing the terroist in Gitmo would kill more Americans , let them go free.that , by definition is treason.

    Obama farewell a line in the sand with Syria saying if chemical warfare was used on children they would pay. Assad used chemical weapons on Syrian children and Obama turned his back on them, did nothing. That is murder in my book. And , of course, everyone knows it was Obama who have the “ stand down” order instead of saving our ambassador and marines at Benghazi. That
    ‘S both treason and murder.

    In my book Obama is a scumbag Piece of garbage.

  17. David Smith says:

    Hey Tobias get a sense of humor I was joking didn’t you see at the bottom where I said it was to get a laugh go smoke some more weed

  18. Sam B. says:

    Bs like this is 1 of several reasons I’ve been so embarrassed & discussed with the left. I’m a registered Democrat..barely left leaning..but a Democrat that knows dozens of others. NONE of us r voting for Biden or anyone on the radical left. No way in hell do sensible Americans want to live under this kind of rule. Having said ALL this…prez Obama is crazy. Yes Obama/Biden inherited a failing economy. It only had 1 way to go but up. Yes they did get it back going again but a very slow recovery. The day after Trump won the election the stock markets took off because of pro growth, business, manufacturing, America first agenda he has & was gunna implement! He has a strong business mind…NOT a corrupt politician! The economy went from putting along in first gear in to fourth gear/overdrive real quick. Unemployment across ALL demographics hit lows not seen in 40-50+ years! Income also grew strong across ALL demographics in the past 4 years! THIS IS ALL FACT…not “truth over fact”.
    As for the Corona/Covid-19 virus from China…TrumpPence jumped all over this. It wasn’t ignored. Remember Trump closed the country off to China 10 days after the first case was reported! Then closed the country off to many other country’s shortly afterwards & taking tons of heat for it. He also jumped on the ppe, ventilators, medications etc etc ALL of which we had very little in inventory left from the Obama/Biden administration. Even when all parties somewhat downplayed it at first…this was a very fluid situation that no one knew for sure what exactly to do. Trump went in to action immediately & didn’t “ignore” anything.
    I have a question to Obama, Biden, Harris & all other naysayers..: what would u have done differently THATS NOT ALREADY BEEN DONE?! No plagiarism!!! Aside from keeping the country locked down..destroying so much…what else ya got?!?
    People we gotta get out to the poles & VOTE!!! TrumpPence & others on the right!! Plz god talk it up to ur people!!
    #DemsForTrumpPence!! ????

    • Betty says:

      REPLY TO SAM B. YOU and your friends made the right choice. I’m glad to see that you are smart enough to read between the lines of anything that comes out of Biden’s mouth. If anyone voting for him would do some fact checking on his speeches he’s giving on the road they would see what a liar he is. I think Mr Trump Will win with a landslide because of great Americans like you who can see the truth between good and bad. MAGA 2020

    • Maria Vasilopoulos says:

      GOD BLESS you, my friend, your answer was perfect! President Trump did everything possible to PROTECT the American people! Trump is a True Patriot President who loves his people and did NOT HESITATE for a moment to protect us! President Trump upon discovering this China Virus CLOSED American Borders to the Chinese and from Europe and Biden and all the Liberals CRUCIFIED Trump, calling him Xenophobic, Racist and every bad name in the book! GOD FORBID if Biden gets in the Oval Office, America is DOOMED and will be Destroyed!!

  19. Debra Pyle says:

    Obama was the worst President there ever was! He’s a filthy lying piece of shit,a thief,a traitor to our country and his legacy is he started all the racial shit and hatred back up again. He divided our country before he was done. I truly hate him.

  20. bruce says:

    Obama led the slowest recovery since 1929. A lot of his buddies got rich and so did he. He’s now worth 40 million. He didn’t get that from his sorry book or his salary as president. He spent ridiculous amounts of money and there are billions that we still don’t know where it went. Remember shovel ready jobs? That didn’t happen. I personally know that Chicago got 1 million dollars for nothing. We also know that he was well aware of the illegal activities of Hillary, Comey and rest. He should be indicted along with them.

  21. Duane says:

    Just another spook, and right before Holloween.

  22. OBAMA…you are a lying SOB…Hope you choke on your words when you claim the credit for someone else’s success…and Trump has been more successful for the good things in this, OUR country, than you ever could do…so go to hell where you belong, you pompous asshole!!!!!!!!

  23. Pegs says:

    he’s a LYING PIECE OF SHIT!!! DELUSIONAL !!! WHAT A NERVE he has. Does he really think we’re that stupid?!! he is NOTHING BUT CORRUPT!! Get REAL obama !! #HAS BEEN !! #TRUMP 2020 #MAGA

  24. Denise Fernandez says:

    Obama has nerve…he leads a coup then goes out and badmouths, “The President”.. He honestly thinks he is above the law. What. a POS… and his wife Mike! They are the poorest excuse of a family. He left the WH with a lot more money then when he came…followed in Hillary’s path. The 2 people heading the coup to get Trump out, failed. I cannot wait until the Marshall drag their lame asses to jail…they both deserve life.

  25. David Smith says:

    Hey Tink I think you got it wrong Clinton was the Pedophile I don’t even think a case of Viagra would help Biden LMAO And for all you honky crackers Obama was the greatest President we ever had your just mad because he was black and president. He helped the black man get out from white slavery now they can riot burn take over white cities and not have to worry about going to jail And soon you will give them your house and your job because you had white advantage Obama gave the millions that we had excess from a great economy to help the Iran people get Nuclear energy All they have to do is drop the bomb and they have all the light they need. So you people should listen to the economist Obama inherited a bad economy and made America great. Stupid Honky crackers LMAO racist Relax just trying to get you all to laugh a little LOL>

  26. J Patko says:

    lets not forget under obama thousands of people who couldnt find work and were eliminated from the unemployment numbers because they were unemployed so long and most of them just went to permenant disibilty collecting ssdi because it was only way people could survive and that pos empty suit obama claimed credit for getting unemployment numbers down


  28. Lyonking says:

    After 40 years of working I got my pension and you pice of crap taxed it all you demorats are lyers and don’t care about us retired americans

  29. Bruce Reid says:

    Obama is just as full of BS now as he was in office ! Not being a naturalized American, how did he even get to run for president ?

    • JACK BECKHAM says:



  31. Raymond Huffman says:

    I for one lived in poverty during the lame Bama administration, since Trump I was able to geta job and take care of my family and thank God for private insurance Obama care put my families lives in jeopardy with 900 a month premiums and 8000 deductable.

  32. ⁸Mark P. says:

    What a sorry ass looser!!

  33. Obama is a lying POS!!
    He is responsible for a terrible economy, remember when he said at the town hall meeting he held and said those jobs from the past just aren’t coming back. What’s Trump got, a magic wand?
    Well abracadabra bitch!! That’s exactly what he had! He brought many of those jobs back!
    Obama is the worst and most corrupt President in the history of America! Should be in prison for treason!

  34. Pudge says:

    The Dumbocrats keep saying how our nation is so divided. Gee whiz, that didn’t start till Trump came down the escalator and the Dumbs started it.
    I always thought Carter was the worst President till Osa got elected.
    Trump 2020!!!!!!!

  35. cal peters says:

    obama shit biden shit all talk no action so it was ok to vc allover the world on our dime the citzens of this country and golf all fuckimng day if he worked half the time trump has maybe he and sleepy might have got something done

  36. Jim says:

    This much is patently true: Barack Obama wouldn’t know the truth about the US economy if it whacked him in the head.Lying and spying at will these last 4 years have bent the analytical truth so that Obama, just forget Biden–he doesn’t know who he is running against and what state he is in–keeps lying and lying about everything. Obama, much less Biden, deserves no credit for the economy that President Trump built. Barack if you are going to keep lying about President Trump at least apologize to him, and the American people, for committing treason.

  37. Michael Duffy says:

    He’s always been a useless, lying attorney who never could stand the truth about himself. He’s as useless as a cockroach, and is needed to be run out of the U.S. That idiot has never told the truth.

  38. Tink says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha LMAO ha ha ha ha!!!! Odummer and the pedophile did what? Ha ha ha ha , still LMAO ha ha ha ha!!!

  39. Firstly, Obama drug this country down when he was president. We were Disrespected throughout the world, high taxes, high employment, especially for Blacks—of which he was one.secondly, he never did one thing for the Blacks, but Trump has and they recognize it! Thirdly, Obama was the worst President in my lifetime. He is totally jealous of Trump! He is an incompetent and petty man!

  40. Franklin Steele says:

    Obama is as delusional as ever. He actually thinks he was an effective leader.

    • SD says:

      Hell, Obama doesn’t even like Biden. So why is this monkey even talking. People better realize they aren’t voting for Biden they are voting for all the Socialist Democrats! ALL those who wrap their heads & want to do away with our constitution. If Biden wins we will have to move to Canada or Mexico, as Cortez & Omar will say Biden isn’t competent so Kamala, who is an idiot who slept her way up the political ladder & knows nothing about running the USA.

  41. Barbara says:

    Obama and Joe did nothing while they were in office except take our country down along with Hillary and the lies.

  42. gramma78 says:

    Obama is lying again/still! As I recall the unemplouyment rate was sy high along with the poverty rate when Trump took office. Obama and Biden did NOTHING but screw the country. And now with the scandals of Hunter Biden and Joe it is clear problems existed in a big way under Obama! Makes me wonder how deep Obama is in these scandals!

  43. Obama wants Biden to win so he can head up the Politburo that the dems will establish to rule the USSA, United Socialist States of America.

  44. Dennis Lowry says:

    In their dreams, they deserve zero credit; especially in light of their lack luster economic performance during their two four year terms. What they do deserve is blame for the poor performance during their four years in office.

  45. Carolyn Tharpe says:

    Obama has told the biggest lie so far as to the state of the economy when he left office. President Trump inherited his failure and brought the US to the best economy. If America follows blindly his big lie, then we will suffer and there will be no hope for America! Look at the wealth both Obama and Biden stole from America while in office.

  46. Glenna Butler says:

    I think it is unbelievable that Oboma and Biden could say Trump inherited the great economy from the Obama presidency. They are both insane. The way you can tell they are lying, they have their mouthes open. Also Hilary thinks she was born to be president. I think she must be manic.

  47. Richard Lindsay says:

    I’m a professional economist. I track economic indicators as part of my work. Obama IS exactly right. Trump inherited an economy that steadily improved after the republicans left this country a mess in 2008. Under Obama, the economy steadily improved, Obama halved the deficit by 2016. Trump just rode the wave Obama wrought for this country. Steady improvement for almost 12 years until trump screwed it up with his pandemic performance. The only economic indicator trump influenced was a doubling of the deficit with his tax reduction for the wealthy. These are indisputable facts. Look them up if you dare.

    • Betty says:

      Anpther LUNATIC hallucinating like the rest of them!! Go, go, go, go, go, GOP!!!!!!!!!!

    • Betty says:

      Anpther LUNATIC hallucinating like the rest of them!! Go, go, go, go, go, GOP!!!!!!!!!!

      you say duplicate comment —where????????????????????????????????????????

    • william ahrens says:

      You’re full of equine scat.

    • gramma78 says:

      Fact, Obama in office uighest unemployment and poverty rates. FAct- Obama increased the debt more than any other president in history, he sent the debt by borrowing from, China, wow who would have guessed! No wonder they like China so much! Fact-Obama have Iran untold millions before leaving office, pallets of money in the dark of night! Remember? Fact, you are a moron!

    • maxibaby says:

      The only thing fuller of excrement than your intestines is the once empty space in your skull where a brain should have been!
      Long before I completed my education I was told by a very wise person…..a degree is only as good as the person who holds it and, you are a perfect example of the meaning of that profound statement because dude, you are full of crap! In fact you and AOC with your degrees in economics should have chosen different majors but alas, there is no degree in “marxist indoctrination”!

    • Every body have an opinion, but those traitors are only things they done for selves and his clans have rich off from during massive failed economy, that economy it’s actually completely stalls by those 2 crimanals, and Our God sent Mr. Trump, & Mr. Pence able fixed most Illegimate Criminal Corrupt screw up Non citizen of U.S. Kenyan born free loaders set back our country on to reverse. What a mess those left for our the greatest president ever Mr. Trump, Mr Pence. What a joker’s Of century, now he wants a part of half century usless crueless dumb ignorant CRIMINAL idiot Biden he is all he done hold on some ones coat tails and making bribes & kickbacks. That’s who he is and now other crimanal master thieve usless traitor Muslim lover Hussan Obama is saying totally completely opposite of his statement which absolutely lies & lies & lies to covering terrible 8 yr’s FAILED economy. This Hussan Obama still smoking crack Cocaine, he isn’t smoking pot as he used to smoke. He graduated from pot from to Cocaine dusts. What a cracker shits comes outer on he is lying mouth. My believes most American Patriots isn’t buying false lies from that idiots.

    • Ray says:

      Looked them up, you are so delusional. You must have worked in china,

    • Lewis blevins says:

      You are not educated very well, must have been at UV of Turkey, all Obama ever did was rip this country off. 60 too 75 days Vacation annually, living the high life while taking the USA down slowly turning it into a socialist state.

  48. Betty says:

    So who is this LUNATIC named OBAMA???!!!!

  49. MARSHA says:


  50. Druildens says:

    Why don’t you losers check out the facts? Obama inherited a
    near disaster of a financial pandemic from the Republican
    Administration before him and left the office in much better
    shape. If you think we are in a prosperity cycle ask one of
    the hundreds of thousands of business that have just closed
    their doors because of the COvid-19 fuckup by Trump and his
    expert Pence.

    • Betty says:

      AMERICA—-VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN !!!!!!! I switched parties and now very proud to vote REPUBLICAN!!!! Go, go, go, go,go, GOP!!!!!

    • Betty says:

      That;s what all you LEFTISTS are very good at——blame the PRESIDENT for everything and anything!!! You are so full of it I am so glad I switched and now will be voting for the GRAND OLD PARTY and very proud of it!!!!!!

    • Julie says:

      Your wonderful Dr. Fauci is who Pence & Trump listened to…they followed the science and did as they were advised. Trump is not responsible for the pandemic. You need to direct your anger at China, that is where it came from. You losers who blame Trump for covid need to explain how the whole world became infected, as well. If you think he could have handled it better, please explain how. As far as asking businesses about prosperity, I believe the businesses as well as citizens that have had to close/leave because of the democratically run cities that not only allowed but in many cases condoned, rioting, fire starting, murdering, cop killing, looting, destruction, injuries to citizens, bullying of elderly & innocent victims would say they would rather have closed due to covid. Not only are the cities run by democrats where we see most of this happening, but the BLM and ANTIFA who are causing this chaos are mainly left-wing and being paid by George Soros who is in cohoots with Obama and Biden. Obama was/is a serial liar as is Biden. They are corrupt and since Barry baby only had 8 years to destroy America, they are going to get Kamala in there to finish us off. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to check out the facts.

    • chas says:

      Look at the facts if Trump made such bad mistakes than must of the world did because they had the same problems we did.

  51. James Miller says:

    Hussein and Biden didn’t accomplish one single thing that benefitted law-abiding, tax-paying Americans during their 8 years as President and Vice-President. Yet they are both racists and were unfit for office in 2008 and 2012 but are still lying criminals just like they have been all their adult miserable lives.

  52. margaret says:

    Obama is not only full of crap but is the worst president in the history of America and biden is the worst 47 years of greed and and useless ! touchy feely creeper and a horrible vp noone wants the jerk “mr hands “ to be outR president you gotta be nuts! !!!!!!

  53. C.A. says:

    Obama? I thought he was in prison!

    • Dennis says:

      He should be in prison along with Biden, Hillary, Bill

    • Lh says:

      Are the Americans so blind and deaf to know what Obama and them did? What about the murder of the ambassador and the rest of his staff in Benghazi? What has the justice system done to them? They should be in prison for having those public servants murdered. And nothing is being mentioned about that event. Why? And what about the billions of dollars that Obama and them sent to Iran so they can build their nuclear power to drop bomb on us and Israel? And don’t forget Hillary and them selling uranium to Russia. And what do they do? Give them to Iran and again to build their nuclear power. Some of you mentioned about Obama going on vacation how many times, and on one had to turn back bec. they forgot to bring the dog. On millions of taxpayers’ money !!! Now he is millionaire again from taxpayers’ money. Did Trump ever go on vacation? Did he steal any money from the government? Never on both and he even donates his salary. Which president had even done that? Biden accusing him of golfing instead of doing his job? Open up your senses ! Which job didn’t he do? He does it on weekends and in his own golf course so he does not have to spend TAXPAYERS’ MONEY. Sooooo envious that they have to steal money from government and somewhere else (China and Ukraine). What a shame on Obama accusing Trump on inheriting the good economy from him. What good economy he was talking about? So shameless, liar. What a face he shows to AMERICANS who he cheated.

  54. Honest says:

    OBAMA is so full of Shi_ !! That’s why his eyes are brown !!!

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