Obama Using Netflix to Spread Big Government Socialism

Barack Obama

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Barack Obama and streaming giant Netflix have teamed up to create a propaganda-style documentary that lauds big government spending giant amounts of American taxpayer dollars, reveals a report on the three-hour film starring the former US president.

The Obama-Netflix documentary is called “The G Word,” with “G” standing for “government.”

“[The film] only occasionally covers serious issues. But it opts not to do honest reporting,” a review by Reason.com points out.

“As Netflix documentaries go, this one is remarkably stupid. It’s big government propaganda,” the report adds.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s company Higher Ground Productions has a multimillion-dollar contract with Netflix.

In April, Netflix released their first joint project, a documentary series on nature parks around the globe, which won Obama an Amy award for narration.

Their new documentary, seemingly promoting big government, sees Obama hosted by comedian Adam Conover, as the two praise “the government” for things such as the “easy” tax forms of the Internal Revenue Service, food inspections, disaster relief by FEMA, and the coronavirus mandates.

“It’s actually easy. I’m amazing at them. You can be, too, if you use the helpful tools found at IRS.gov,” Obama states in “The G Word.”

That causes the report author to wonder why millions of Americans pay to get help filling their tax returns.

“Food regulation was unbelievably successful,” states Conover on government functions as he compliments Obama on cutting bread.

The review notes that meat inspection has improved in recent decades, not because of the government but because producers have been cleaning up much more than they are required to, as meat companies seek better reputations and use sophisticated equipment.

The commentary notes that up until the 1990s, for 90 years, the government used a “poke and sniff” technique on food inspection in which inspectors would run spikes into carcasses, pull them out, and smell them.

“But instead of honest reporting, actors do a skit suggesting that, without government, meat companies would sell us dead, poisoned rats,” the review says regarding the Obama-Netflix “G Word” documentary.

The documentary argues that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is underfunded, and those who are opposed to lavish big-government handouts are due to “racism” rather than principled opposition to squandering taxpayer dollars by highly incapable bureaucracies.

“In the wake of the civil rights movement, some Americans began to resent the fact that the government was now providing assistance to black and brown citizens,” Conover claims in the film.

He also argues that the US government saved Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic using “stimulus checks, small business loans, and corporate tax breaks.”

“For three hours, Obama and his sidekick say the government should do more. Whatever the problem, their answer is always more government and more money. Maybe someday a president will point out that government has no money of its own and that spending more than you have is a road to ruin,” the review concludes.