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Officer Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Will Not Be Charged

Breaking Now: Based on leaks to several different news organizations, Red Alert News can report that, although officials are saying the investigation is not complete and that no final decision has been made, it’s all but certain that the U.S. Capitol Police officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt as she climbed through an interior window at the U.S. Capitol during the riot there on January 6th will not be charged with any crimes.

This is a Breaking News report that will be updated as developments warrant…

We support free speech. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Are you surprised that reports indicate the officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt at the U.S. Capitol will not be charged criminally? Why or why not?


  1. Jp says:

    Black cop white woman. What’s so hard to figure?

    • Steve says:

      An unarmed White Woman, who was shot just standing in the hall, not holding a gun, bat, not a knife, not stealing anything. Hmmm. She is a patsy for the dems to try to frame others for their purposes and nothing else. Those house members in the capital building have more to hide than Ashli did.

      • Chris says:

        She was a HUMAN SACRIFICE for Pelosi’s scheme to BUFFALO the Congress into a Stampede to endorse the fraudulent electors from numerous states.
        This required BLOOD on the FLOOR of the Capitol.
        SHE HERSELF gave the order to sent many of the Cap.Hill Police HOME at 10am that morning, to diminish the force. (Seen on French Ch24/Paris report) The Chain of Command for Cap.Hill Force goes straight to HER ORIFICE! NOWHERE ELSE!

  2. 1 The officer who killed Ashley Babbitt will not be charged.
    2. An assassin sent to kill a person for stealing compromising evidence on Speaker Pelosi will not be wanted or punished for murder.
    3. The ANTIFA stormtrooper, who broke the windows of the Capitol and was the first to break into the Capitol, will not go to jail.
    4. Members of the BLM gang who killed a man who was about to join the protest in the early morning. – will not be wanted by the police and will not be punished for this murder. This is all – SOCIALIST AMERICA.

  3. A true American says:

    O my how the tables have turned. Guaranteed if she had been a person of color or a Democrat you all would be patting that officer on the back and making EVERY excuse in the book. She was crawling through a window while the Capital was under siege. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Now you all know how POC feel every time one of their people are shot and killed by the police. You’ll make excuses as to why a black woman being shot in her bed in her own home is justified but can’t understand when a white woman is shot committing a crime during a riot smh

    • Tina says:

      Color should NEVER be a subject!! She was an Afghanistan tour 4x living Vetran, she was there peacefully probably had to go thru the window to keep from being trampled. No one had weapons other than the idiot’s that broke priceless pieces of furniture that were members of Congress! STOP stealing elections and there would not be issues!!!

  4. I’m even sure that the police officer who killed Ashley Babbitt will be rewarded for this murder, because he just followed the instructions of his boss.

  5. Holly Rose says:

    Investigation is not complete however there is one less trump supporter. By rights we should have just one party and that is the Democratic Party.

    • Bruce Maldonado says:

      Spoken like a true Communist.

    • Michael J Korger says:

      You mean the Party that has fully supported killing 62 million babies before they were born? The Party that condoned and even encouraged rioting, looting, and arson for months last year? The Party that is pushing to “defund” police departments while crime escalates? The Party that is pushing to end “Freedom of Speech” for all Conservatives by censoring and punishing them? That is a totally “sick” agenda!!!

      • Motivated Megaman says:

        Great response!!! Might I also add to the list, the party that condones to abortions at 40 weeks gestation. Heck that’s a full term baby it’s supposed to be it’s birthday not a funeral that’s straight up murder period and of story

        • Bill says:

          What else would you expect from the party that created the kkk and many other hate groups used on all people including Republicans that dared to disagree with DEMONicRATS?

    • K says:

      Oh please…one party….demon….c….rat….
      You are disgusting……..
      Just look at how this party’s name is represented…..

  6. William Gandy says:

    One more two tier justice system incident. Using this logic I should be able to shoot and kill anyone breaking into my house. I am positive that it would be handled different for me.

  7. Gregger says:

    We saw the videos. This was clearly flat out murder. Trespassing is now punishable by death? By the way, Ashli never got through that window and fell back when shot. Do you think this unarmed white woman was a credible threat to this officer? I get that fear and adrenalin may have clouded his judgment, but that’s where training kicks in to guide decisions in stressful situations.

    • Philip Brant says:

      You are absolutely right brother. They should be kissing the “insurrectionists” asses for exposing the severe lack of security in our nation’s Capitol and the white house. Where was the SS? And if I understand correctly, 2 officers committed suicide later that day. WTH man. They were unarmed, and showed all of Congress that their complacent asses were not untouchable. They proved their point, and left. What if they were real terrorists. The American people are tired of watching their friends, family, and their country, slowly dwindle away. How many deaths is Congress responsible for because of their inactions and putting America last on their gift lists. They need to get their minds right, We put them in office, we pay their salaries, and showed them that we can kick their asses out. America First

  8. Sebastian says:

    Because she was white if she had been any other color that officer would have probably been shit on sight ! That’s the United States now all about other people and other countries we are sheep unless you stand up !

    • Paul Wright says:

      Generally when somebody is shot they are breaking the law and have many times previous to that. Besides that I do not know of anybody that has ever own slaves personally and I doubt that you do either. You want to keep on harping on inequality and Prejudice. If you quit talking about it it would go away. That last statement was a quote from Morgan Freeman. Over and above that you have more privileges benefits and free stuff than any Caucasian can get. But you want more more and more. Get a life. Get over it.

  9. MoonShine says:

    Why have armed security if they get in trouble for protecting a building and the people in it! Babbitt was trespassing, the guard did his job! Don’t want to get shot by cops or security, don’t trespass, don’t run from a cop, or reach for anything unless you make it clear of what your doing. Obey the law, behave yourself and you won’t get shot, regardless of race, sex, political orientation. He’ll no the security should not be prosecuted, serve time or punished in any way for doing the job trained and assigned to do!

    • David says:

      Ive been under the impression that you don’t fire unless fired upon.
      The picture I saw of this woman was her outside a closed window, bleeding around the neck area. I saw NO open window at that point.
      This is just another cover-up by the Capitol police and the DNC.

      • ck says:

        You better look again, the window was broke and she was going thru it when she was RIGHTFULLY shot!

        • Tracie says:

          This was a violet mob attacking police and “hunting” for congress members to kill. The police officer was doing his job to protect the capital, which includes the people who work there, this angry mob. This woman was a dangerous threat! Especially if she had a gun,.You have no right to complain about him not being charged with her death. You were the angry violent mob that caused her death!!

    • Philip Brant says:

      Well apparently they slept through training, and if they were assigned to the white house straight out of quantico, then the duty officer or whoever needs to go. They were scared and weak. They were unarmed, and thousands in number, so why did he shoot only her? I don’t think he should be charged with murder, but he should be let go, and find something else to start a career in, all.of them, because they don’t have the mentality and the grit thats needed to get the job done during a time of crisis.2 other officers committed suicide later that day. The whole detail failed. What if they were real terrorists, and where was the secret service? The national guard?

  10. Larry says:

    Another double standard exposed. I don’t know what group she supports but it appears to be ok to kill anyone who is white, a Trump supporter or actually peacefully protesting. She was not armed and the Capital police actually let the rioters in and sure looked like a setup to blame Trump and his supporters by the DEMORATS operatives to create a reason to militarize the PEOPLES city. I know I am just another crazy person who loves his country and should be banned or shot for just thinking for myself.

    • Cathy Floyd says:

      You can bet that if she had any other color skin than white, or had been a democrat, the officer who shot her would already be in prison, without a trial. That is the lefts double standard. They let their own by with any and every crime, while declaring open season on white conservatives. If you listen to the news, they are encouraging all types of violence toward what they call “non-conformers”, or anyone not willing to join their demo-communist Nazi party.

      • sad says:

        You are so right!

        • Michael says:

          That is totally true – WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER. Other than this I would to know what has happen to the ones that have rioting and looting in those DEM-O-RAT states? No word, nothing because they were being paid by those DEM-O-RATS.

  11. Don says:

    I am disappointed but I also understand that DC is a commie run area.

  12. Just kill all the Demoncrats especially Pelosi and Clinton Biden and Harris and McConnell and all those Demoncrats and all their followers! Problem solved enough talk just shoot to kill and whatever means possible wait until they’re all together in session and nuke that dam capital and build another one ☝️ because a nation is created from bloodshed not words so shall it be done ✅ again! Get these dam bimbos out of there once and for all!

    • Chuck Chandler says:

      They (democrats) have declared war on the USA. In order to win the war you must kill the enemy before they kill you . Democrats’ must be eliminated .

    • Glen Clark says:

      I fill there a better way to clean out the capital of this Democrats when they go home the people of there state should gather and throw them in jail for not respecting the constitution of United States of America . We the people of this land should take our god give rights back and make sure that are constitution is followed to the letter.

    • Philip Brant says:

      They were given a warning by the people of this country during the so called “Insurrection of the United States”, to get off of their dead asses and stop playing political games with American people’s lives. Congress, alone, is to blame for what happened that day. And they are sending aid to the world for bullshit while dissing our people and our country’S needs, all the while helping the other countries on our dime. They are sending out invitations to another ” Insurrection”, but this one won’t be nice. Kick their complacent asses out before they ruin what’s left of this country. The actions by the new sheriff in town and Pelosi’s posse, are destroying our economy. Get ready people, we are about to be in a depression unlike anything this country has seen. It’s time.

  13. Scott says:

    Nancy Pelosi claimed last year on TV to a reporter she never hates anyone ,what a lie, she hates the Trumps so much that she’s causing all of this ,she should be impeached an in jail ,she shows her true colors ,where is the witch hunt for blm,an the rioters all last year that looted,killed,burned police cars,businesses an everything else,attacked people in there cars,walking ,wheres our government an fbi trying to get all of them an bring to justice?? Wont happened cause we aren’t as important as the people in the capital an shows the DEMOCRATS support looting, burning police cars,attacking people, what a wonderful world we live in.

  14. Eric says:

    Regardless of the situation. Who the he’ll shoots an unarmed woman? He should be drug through the streets of Washington!!! He is not fit to carry a weapon. He would most likely shoot a kid as well. But I bet if Ashley was black it would have been a whole different story!!! They would have to send him to prison to keep BLM from burning down the town!!# Oh YEAH!!!

    • Scott says:

      AMEN, the only way to get justice is to be a BLM supporter or be black

    • Richard says:

      It is sad to see our great country turned into a country without morals and is so God lesss.Ant party who steals our rights are wrong to th eff core.Freedom of speach ect.freedom of choice to choose whoever’we think would govern us without cheating to gain power.Our founding fathers would be sick to see our country being turned into a commie party in dc.These people have been compromised by the CCP without a doubt. GOD HELP US. Rickard Gabel.

    • ck says:

      She was a fucking terrorist, she’ll go down in history as a terrorist and she got exactly what she deserved!

  15. UsGrant says:

    BUT THAT OFFICER SHOT BLINDLY THROUGH THE DOOR OR WALL. So the thing is the officer was out of control…I have said if this had been a real assault on the floor of the house, and real Patriots on the other side of the doors, it would have been a different game. Those on the other side of the doors would have been in another condition. So they were lucky that day it was A BUNCH OF IDIOT’S. Except for the young lady.
    This is my opinion of the situation.

  16. Jeffrey says:

    If the election was not stolen none of this would have happened

  17. Sic&Tired says:

    For Everyone’s …. Enlightenment – Ashli Babbitt WAS PART OF A RIOT, Which was a Threat to the Capitol Bldg. and those Congress Men & Women Inside. Once a Threatening Act of Violence is in progress…. Self Defense by any Law Office or Security Agents would have to be Initiated….AND…. Unless, You are that Officer or Agent – You don’t get to make any comment as to what they did and why, due to those at the scene have to make the Judgement Calls. I don’t care IF, Ashli Babbitt was a veteran – She Made the WRONG CHOICES By Being At That SCENE AND RIOTING ACTION….SO, WHOEVER IS THERE – PAY THE PRICE- IF, THINGS GET OUT OF HAND, WHICH THEY DID…….. PLAIN & SIMPLE.!!
    Hope that might clarify things for You…Simple Minded People, Who Think What Happened Was Bad….. Was Regrettable, but She paid the price on her own recognisance.!!! I am surprised that MORE – Idiots didn’t get Shot at that Scene of Threatening Actions…………..

    • Scott says:

      You’re a IDIOT

    • Bj says:

      We have many lawless who never be brought to justice since the entire situation started. Very false narrative! This is all about power over the people! Nothing less. We have a surge of illegitimate law makers who are out to destroy our existence. We are fighting for freedom! This is tragic, with out a doubt. The world is upside down! This is how they gain control! What is right is now wrong, vice versa. We are living in communist China and it will get worse! This has been the deep states plan. They have been developing for a long time. We just do not want to believe our Government would be so sinister. There is absolutely no trust in what our government is doing. You who stood behind this crooked establishment are about to find out how wrong you were! This is pure evil!

    • Had not the election been fixed by the communists, socialists, leftists, democrats, or whatever you choose to call the globalists behind the scene sitting on all of the money that bought the result about, the situation that transpired at the capitol would not have been.
      Money buys loyalty. People sell their souls for it. People sell their kids for it. People sell other people for it all of the time. So they sold out the United States once trusted media and politicians for it, it bought the favor of the intelligence agencies, and yes, the election was fixed for the sake of the monied interests too. Freedom is a state of mind because it can be bought. You have billions? If so, you are a free individual. If not, let’s do battle…

    • Carl Karlburg says:

      According to you, unless you are a cop you can never comment on anything a cop does.

    • Philip Brant says:

      Just for that reason, people are wondering why just her? There were thousands of American citizens there. For what? To prove to Congress and the world that we can take our country back, and then they left.2 officers later committed suicide, and you think these officers were mentally fit to perform their duty when a ” situation” rises. If Congress doesn’t get the message, let them keep suppressing the American people, and destroying our country. It will happen again, but this time, Biden, Harris, and Pelosi’s posse will be escorted out of DC, so some responsible, intelligent, Americans can do what’s needed to save our people and country. We are tired of running around in our country, we are going to RUN it. Get your perrogatives straight, or stfu.

    • Tracie says:

      Thank you! Very well said!!

  18. Robert says:

    There is many sides to any event, in most places it is legal to shoot someone breaking into your house. This person was not only breaking into a house it was breaking into a federal Building shouting unfounded unproven accusations and not following the law enforcement orders yelled at them. If this had been a BLM protest by the time they got through the first barrier they would have been cover in tear gas, and the National guard would have been authorized before they got to the building.

  19. Joseph Doran says:

    There are police officers that should not be in the position of Judge,Jury and Executioner. Some are just too quick to pull that trigger. This man should at the very least, be assigned to desk duty. He is obviously not fit to carry a weapon.

  20. Sally says:

    She was NOT climbing through the window. The cop aimed at her directly,, shot & killed her. There were many people outside the window & people behind them. He could have shown his gun or pointed at the ceiling. He directly shot her & its on film

    • Jo Ann Hartley says:


    • Scott says:

      You’re right,but they’ll lie an cover the government police officer

    • ck says:

      She was so climbing thru the window! Is there anything you idiots don’t lie about?
      There’s a reason why the officer was cleared. The stupid bitch deserved exactly what she got!

  21. Joe says:

    Is this what the left is stooping to ?? If they don’t like what you stand for simply just remove them? I think it should be the accuser be removed for stupidity

  22. Garey Scott says:

    this office was charged with protecting the building. instead of being charged, he should be commended for a job well done.

    • Sally says:

      The black anarchist, (who was released w/out bail) causing an already frenzied/completely devastated crowd to commit crimes, videoed the cop directly taking aim and shooting the woman. It was deliberate. His video shows many people behind the glass and there were more people behind her. Not until the cop shot did they break the windows! Could it possibly be the Capital police, the blm violent anarchist, were in cahoots? Screams of a cover-up:(

      • Scott says:

        That’s how the democratic laws work if it benefit them he would ne in jail

      • Dsvid says:

        Thats exactly what I saw. There was no open window and she sure as hell wasn’t climbing through a closed window. This cop had an itchy trigger finger. At best it was 2nd degree murder. This cop should at least have his firearm taken away and not be allowed to own any other firearm.

    • Scott says:

      They have the blm Thugs,rioters on camera an they are Not hunting them down in a witch hunt to bring to justice WONDER WHY?

    • Dsvid says:

      Did he get shot at? NO
      Did he see a gun? NO
      Was the window open? NO
      Was she climbing through the window? NO, the window was closed.
      Was his life in danger? NO, if it was, more people would have been shot. This cop murdered her.

    • David says:

      Did he get shot at? NO
      Did he see a gun? NO
      Was the window open? NO
      Was she climbing through the window? NO, the window was closed.
      Was his life in danger? NO, if it was, more people would have been shot. This cop murdered her.

    • Philip Brant says:

      Really, come on man, unarmed people could have done everything that the so called conspiracy theorists are insinuating.They proved their point and left. A job well done? If it were real terrorists, they would still have this country’S highest ranking officials, including the president. Those officers that were supposedly ushering Congress to safety, weren’t. When Pelosi and the rest of them saw the officers run by them, they just followed them.

  23. Godwin says:

    That officer needs to be charged for killing an unarmed person period.

    • Connie Hill says:

      Did the officer know if she may have had an explosive device hidden somewhere? She should not have been breaking the law by breaking in. Im playing devil’s advocate, but is something to ponder.

    • Scott says:

      She was white that’s why there wont be any charges

      • ck says:

        She’s a terrorist! That’s why there will be no charges.

        • Patty says:

          She was not a terrorist. Is Talib a terrorists? She called President Trump a M…fer. Is Maxine Waters a terrorist? she called for democrats to assault and attached republicans at restaurants, outside in the street: gather a crowd and make them feel uncomfortable; tel them they are not welcome. Is Omar a terrorist? She said someone did something on 9/11…and has openly acknowledged her hatred for Jewish people, and for America. Are Antifa and BLM terrorists? They attacked and killed and maimed some police, assaulted and killed some innocent people, they killed Officer Dorn, caused $2.1b in property damage because they burned down peoples businesses, burned several federal buildings, burned several police stations, police vehicles, etc. Why is it okay for democrats to call white females “Karen”, isn’t that racists? Why is it okay for democrats to cancel people out because they disagree? Isn’t that racists? Why is it okay for BLM to call all white people KKK, Nazi, white privileged and fascists? Many of our Democratic Congresswoman have used the same racists name calling to describe a white female they disagree with. Isn’t that racists? They have been using this negative narrative since Obama was in office, and because of their racists hate speech, innocent people have been assaulted and attacked. Why haven’t Democrats condemned the violent behavior of Antifa and BLM? Could it be because they love division, race bating and name calling? This country needs to get a grip or we’re going to implode from within. If you believe in a high power, now is the time to start prating.

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