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Orlando Hall Executed for Unspeakable Crimes

Some crimes are so heinous, so horrific, that it’s hard to imagine why anyone would oppose the death penalty in those cases. Yet, perhaps the biggest problem with the death penalty is that it takes years – even decades – before the convict is executed.

Orlando Hall is a convict who personifies both of those issues. The crimes he committed are almost too horrific to comprehend. And, those crimes happened so long ago – in 1994 – that it’s hard to imagine how the death penalty can act as a deterrent to other crimes when it takes 26 years to carry out the death sentence.

Here, as reported by the New York Post, is the story of Hall’s crimes. Warning: This may be difficult to read given the viciousness of his crimes.

Whether or not you proceed to read about what Hall did, please share your thoughts about the death penalty in the comment section on this page. Do you believe in the death penalty? Why or why not?

Orlando Cordia Hall, 49, was put to death via lethal injection late Thursday at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, where he was pronounced dead at 11:47 p.m., the Department of Justice announced.

“Court documents show Hall, who ran a marijuana trafficking operation in Arkansas with several accomplices, drove to Arlington, Texas, in September 1994 after a botched drug deal worth $4,700.

“Prosecutors said Hall and his accomplices went to the man’s home because they thought he stole their money and instead kidnapped his 16-year-old sister, Lisa Rene, after she refused to let them inside.

“Hall then raped the teen — an honors student and aspiring doctor — in a car and later drove her to a hotel in Arkansas, where he and his accomplices bound and repeatedly raped her, prosecutors said.

“The following morning, Hall said the teen had known “too much” and took her to a park where he and another man dug a grave earlier that afternoon but were unable to find the site.

“One day later, on Sept. 26, 1994, Hall and two other men took the teen to Byrd Natural Lake Area in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where Hall placed a sheet over her head and whacked her with a shovel, prosecutors said.

“‘Rene screamed and tried to run away, but the men tackled her and took turns beating her with the shovel,’ the Justice Department said in a statement. ‘After soaking her with gasoline, they dragged her into the grave and buried her alive.’

“A federal jury convicted Hall in 1995 of kidnapping resulting in death and unanimously sentenced him to die by lethal injection.


  1. Goldmaker says:

    There appears to be more ways of getting appeals which should not be. Once a person is found guilty, there should be one year to appeal and go to court. If that fails then he/she should be put to death, how many times should a person be found guilty. Once is enough for me.

  2. Shlomo Israel says:

    I certainly believe in the death penalty, as well as the swift dispensation of justice. To begin with, there is an old saying: “justice delayed is justice denied”. Being a religious Jew, myself, I take issue with those bleeding heart liberals (including, sadly, way too many Jews) who oppose the death penalty. There are PLENTY of Biblical arguments for it. However, as a thinking American, I also oppose those who would use gruesome torture. We, as decent human beings, must NOT sink to the level of these low-life criminals. Execution: YES. But torture is not only un-American, but also sets a dangerous precedent. Furthermore, the reason we have so many murders is because the perpetrators do not believe in G-d. You may able to bamboozle the judge or the jury, but you can NOT bamboozle G-d. If you believed that, somewhere along the line, you will. without any shadow of a doubt, HAVE to face the music, BIG TIME, you might not carry out your evil designs. Besides the Biblical precedent for official executions, common sense dictates another well-known axiom: “a dead person does not commit another murder”. As for the liberals, I think back to 1988, when Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis was running for President. He was doing fairly well in the polls, until the Willie Horton case was brought up. Willie Horton was a convicted criminal who was improperly (or, at least, unadvisedly) released from prison, only to kill again. That occurred in Massachusetts during Dukakis’ watch. The icing on the cake was when his Republican opponent (then Vice President George H.W. Bush) asked, during their debate, “how would you react if his victim would have been your wife?” That did Dukakis in. We can learn a lot from that. Each and every bleeding heart liberal should be interrogated the same way. Would you feel the same way if that had happened to YOUR wife (sister, mother, daughter, etc.)?

  3. john t SANTUCCI says:

    anybody who postponed death penalty should be in jail.

  4. Helen R Robare says:

    “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. “Let the punishment fit the crime”. In this instance, this thug and his buddies (of which no mention was made in the article) deserve to die. BUT it should not take 26 years! If there is irrefutable proof that someone murdered someone else, then it should take no longer than FIVE years to exhaust the appeals!

    Bottom line: I have never seen or heard a murderer condemned and sentenced to the death penalty coming back to commit ANY crimes after their sentence is served!

  5. Betty Acosta says:

    I can see how someone like him deserves to die for what he did but he died with mercy something he did not give to his child victim I personally think if there was no t.v a shred of doubt that he did it he should have died the same way.they should have set him on fire and let him burn alive but saying that I still dont believe in the death penalty because too many innocent people have died because of faulty eye witness accounts and everyone now knows that eye witnesses are constantly being proven wrong but sadly most of them are proven wrong after the person accused has already been put to death also lie detector tests are not 100% accurate and even though they cant use them in court the uh still use them to identify suspects and most people know that once you are a suspect some cops (alot of them) will make the evidence it the suspect even if they have to manufacture it.its easy to place a suspect’s hair strand in an evidence box or on the victim to make it look like the suspect was at the scene of the crime and there are lots of deTh penalty cases where all they have to place the suspect at crime is a strand of hair or a fingerprint or DNA which can be transferred easily to place the suspect at scene.all cops know that you can use a piece of tape to place a finger print at scene of the crime also DNA from saliva or even urine from their cells can be placed at scene to get dna.theres so many ways to do it.and as much as I love our cops theres some bad ones out there who want to make a case sooo bad especially if they believe someone is guilty but theres no evidence they will do whatever they have to to make their case they will plant evidense.and you have to be deaf dumb and blind to think this dont happen cuz it does happen and innocent people are sitting in our prisons because of this.so I dont believe in the death penalty cuz I believe it’s better to let 10 guilty people even 100 guilty people go rather than kill 1 innocent person or lock an innocent person in prison for life or even a day when they are innocent.i know someone innocent who went to prison and sued and won against the sherriffs dept when they got out but it did no good cuz they still live with that doubt over their heads from the people in their community and even in his own family so I know the damage it does to an innocent person and that’s the ones who prove they are innocent and dont get killed or spend life in prison.he wants more than anything to have a wife n kids.its all hes ever wanted but because of these assholes who lost their lawsuit and continue to tell the community he is guilty and scaring the hell out of every girl he talks to he cant even go on a date.the virls they dont scare off cuz they were here and know what really happened they go to her parents and scare the hell out of them so that they wont let her date him or make so much trouble for them the girl breaks it off anyway cuz they follow her also wherever she goes and makes trouble for her and her friends.so I know theres dirty cops out there so I dont believe we have the right to kill anyone when we dont have a fool proof system to judge guilt and put someone innocent to death for something they did not do.

  6. Cristy Perkins says:

    If you’re found guilty and sentenced to death and there’s no doubt involved you should be killed the way you killed your victim. You shouldn’t sit there for years and get to be fed and work out etc. I don’t feel you should die easily either you deserve the same punishment you dish out!!!!

  7. Arthur Smith says:

    He should have got the same thing that he did to that young lady

  8. Richard Hoy says:

    I fully support the Death Penalty and would like to see it carried out within 6 months of conviction if there is no doubt of the persons guilt. The tax payers should not pay for slime to live when they are guilty of crimes like this person was guilty of……

  9. Paul says:

    Lived too long before his last breath.

  10. Douglas S Harrison says:

    those people who receive the death penalty for their crimes and it is proved
    beyond any doubt should be put to death in a short period of time.
    the reason is those crooked lawyers, and judges that belong to the club keep
    dragging it out so they make more money. when I went into the army my PRESIDENT
    Was Harry S. Truman, and he balls just like President trump.
    one time I heard him say, and I quote you show me a Judge, and I will show you
    a lawyer that a politician owed him a favor

  11. Brian Staples says:

    In some countries, your executed on the spot. Some will stone you to death, others castrate, cut hands off, and others tie you up and let the people take shots. Allowing these individuals to live at our expense in prison should allow the public to have some say.

  12. Marinevet says:

    Without being able to promptly carry out the death penalty, it isn’t much of a determent to crime. One appeal should be all that is allowed. All of this should be finished in less than one year by law.

  13. Sic&Tired says:

    The DEATH PENALTY….. Needs to a Definite Part of Our Justice System. This Guy should have Gotten the Axe – within a year and not live 25 years in prison on death row….Look how much Tax Payer’s money had to be spent on this piece of garbage. OH GOD.!!! They Executed a BLACK MAN….Now the Blacks will some kind of Restitution for that…. B.S.!!! Maybe if Our Society would use the Death Penalty sooner and more often on the Scums of this Earth… It might lay down a path that individuals would consider “A Lot More”….before doing some criminal crime. But, Once a Dirty Devil and Evil Person…Nothing will change that. Goes right to Stupid – and Stupid Can’t be Fixed.!!! WILL ALWAYS BE FOR THE DEATH PENALTY – ON ALL CASES THAT THE EVIDENSE IS FULLY ACKNOWLEDGED AND FACTUAL TO NO DOUBT. THEN GET RID OF THE CRIMINAL, DUE TO THEY HAVE NO RIGHT, BECAUSE THEY TOOK THE RIGHTS AWAY FROM THE POOR VICTIM.!

    • Should have been, once found guilty,executed same methods he used on that innocent young lady!

    • Michael U says:

      100% agree the DEATH PENALTY “must” be a part of the justice system and the verdict carried out with in 30days of imprisonment. That way the people dont have to pay for his upkeep and imprisonment! Those that would hurt children should be put to death even if they did not murder their victim! Anyone that would hurt a child should be put to death and nobody should have to pay to keep them alive in prison. All others that deserve the death penalty shouldnt get more then 30days of life after their convictions……period! Sorry to get a bit political here but with so many peoples from less developed countries dont see freedom and liberty as well as a human life the way way as the western world dose! They dont put the same value on life as decent human beings. Also one of the reason why we “must” keep the death penalty and carry it out asap after the conviction!!! As for the whole Covid “BULLSHI*” I dont think one criminal should have been released,but if any were only non-violent should have been let out.Not rapists/murderers and terrorists and child molesters! Those are the ones that should have been kept in prison.Let out those poor people in jail because of pot…..some people are in prison for simply selling something or using something that is almost 100% legal in our country now….?Or those that shop lifted?NOT spousal abusers and violent thugs! WTF?

  14. Colleen says:

    Lawyers are the scum of the earth. It’s pitiful that they think more of money than the people who have had horrific things happen to them. Would they like their families to go through that? I think not! No morals or values.

  15. TOM KRIEGEL says:

    the dead penalty show be completed within two years. the ACCUSED WILL HAVE TWO CHAGES TO PROVE THEIR INNOCENT THEN DEAD.

  16. Paula M Hutchinson says:

    I believe in the death penalty for scum like this He should not have been allowed to live over 20 yrs He should have been HUNG within a month of his sentence. The blood sucking lawyers get rich with appeals and stay’s The family of the victum should get consideration and get the case closed as soon as possible TRUMP SHOULD BE RE-ELECTED The crooked demonrats should lose and never heard from again TRUMP 2020

  17. Eldora Harris says:

    This man obviously was wicked, the devil had a hold on his mind, therefore, I believe that’s the only way a person can commit such atrocities.. So, I believe the death penalty is “appropriate”. Murder is just that, murder. Although I wouldn’t want to be the one that pulls the switch on the electric chair, I feel that the old hanging tree would mean a WHOLE lot more if people had to look at it. Not children mind you, but teens and on up. If perpetrators actually see how horrific a hanging is, surely it would curtail wickedness!!!

  18. Lori Gutenberg says:

    I do believe in the death penalty. There are some people who should not be alive. The fact it took so long is an indictment on our legal system! Criminals have a right to a speedy trial; victims should have a right to speedy judgement and either imprisonment or execution!

  19. Rand says:

    “Crimes and Punishment”. Guess some folks do not read.
    Had there been no evidence , he should have been jailed. Irrefutable evidence? Found guilty ? Then , 48 hours and he should have been executed. Witnesses should be all convicts, BLM and Anita members in jail.
    His next of kin, then BILL the kinfolk for room and board and execution costs.

  20. Matt Smith says:

    He got what he deserved but I think he should of been hanged not lethal injection it is to easy on the person you think they were easy on her hell no. Plus why did he have free housing and food for 20 years that is Bull. Once convicted he should be put down she didnt get 20 years.once convicted you should be hanged within a week no longer. If you dont want to hang then tie to a tree out where the gators are and let the gators have a meal on him. That is how it should be cant be easy on them when your easy on them and give them free room and board and food they are gonna do it for the free stuff time to stop it and the time is now.

  21. rm says:

    We take our trash to the dump or leave it at the street for waste management to haul away. Dangerous killers need to be disposed of and not 25 years after the crime. After a few days, garbage stinks. The prisons need to get rid of killer garbage and drug dealing resulting in a death should justify capital punishment…

    I am afraid Biden voters just ruined the USA…four years of crime and misery, unemployment, nothing made in USA, china shit everywhere, EPA ruining US jobs and telling power companies how to generate power, killers will be coddled by that administration…look at that bum Kamala Harris from a drug state and say no more…Keep the Senate RED and a big RED WALL to block EVERYTHING Biden wants…

  22. James says:

    I was the “Minister of Records” for Christopher Vialva; the man who was executed just over a month ago at Terre Haute, IN. I had been Christopher’s spiritual counselor for over 8 years.
    Christopher was imprisoned for approx. 20 years before his death, and on death row the entire time. In that time he had become a follower of the Messianic faith. He died knowing that his sin against humanity was forgiven. Christopher’s faith led him to start a ministry within the prison; and within the ‘range’ he was confined to; and left others who have come to accept salvation as well.
    I know many who think these people deserve no second chance; but most do not know; nor care about the circumstances in their lives which led them in the directions they took. Many do not realize that our society itself is to blame for much of this. Movies; TV; music; and other sources in this generation promote violence; indeed, many even glorify it.
    So do not be too swift to judge. If you too are caught up in this type of “entertainment” just realize that your support of it allows it to continue!!!

  23. ken howard says:

    The only problem I have with the death penalty in a case like this, aside from the ridiculous amount of time he gets to live, is the “kind” pain-free way it’s done. I think he should have died the way he killed that girl … beaten and then buried alive … a pain-free death, really after a whole lifetime of 26 years, is almost a peaceful end.

  24. Bill Julian says:

    The Bible says all you need to know about the death penalty. Send them to me so that I may judge them. End of discussion. He should have been executed for the rape alone. What happened to his accomplices? They should have been executed as well.

    • rm says:

      The US Supreme Court threw out capital punishment for rape in 1966 during the Warren criminal coddling years….

    • Ray says:

      My King James Holy Bible PLAINLY states in the case of RAPE ALONE our Father said to send the rapist to Him so that He can Judge them. This was a case of BOTH RAPE, TORTURE AND MURDER. EVERYONE involved with this should have been sent to OUR FATHER MANY, MANY YEARS AGO. The Supreme Court should never have ruled in opposition of that.

  25. Irene Logalbo says:

    When convicted of an unspeakable crime, without a shadow of doubt, sentence must be carried out. although waiting 20 years for it to be carried out is considered torture and is not right or wrong. It gives the person time to consider what they had done and the consequences so by the time the sentence is carried out they know they had it coming and are glad to get it over with. Perhaps possibly savings their soul.

  26. maxibaby says:

    I definitely believe in the death penalty for heinous crimes like this, and worse! What I don’t believe in is how long it takes the process to be carried out. I understand every effort must be made to be sure the right person has been convicted and sentenced for a crime. In this case and most other cases there is no question. At any rate, it is unfair and torturous for the families to have to wait decades for final justice for their loved ones. AND, it costs us, the taxpayers, an unbelievable amount of money to house, guard and feed these maniacal monsters!
    Left to liberals, there would be no executions at all and these vermin would be financially supported until their sorry behinds died from natural causes. NO, THE SYSTEM IS NOT FAIR TO ANYONE BUT THE MURDERERS! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE……EVERYTHING!

    • rm says:

      Never forget Kate Steinle…who was murdered in California and the courts coddled her killer….this is on Kamala Harris directly and was not reported by the media….

  27. Jerry Kosik says:

    These animals that are found guilty without a doubt should die within 30 days. Firing squad cheap and fast! Think of family…. think it was yours.

  28. Ralph Pizirusso says:

    I see they waited after the election so he could vote for Biden. They should have done to him what He did to that poor girl . Why are his scum bag buddies not also given the death penalty.

    • Cher says:

      Let the punishment fit the crime. Problem is trying to find people who are capable of carrying out that punishment. Firing squad, as suggested above, is a good solution, since none of the squad knows which gun is loaded.

  29. Bob V says:

    There should be hardly anyone on ‘death row’ in the United States. And by saying that I do NOT mean no one should be found guilty of heinous crimes and sentenced to the death penalty. What I DO mean is that appeals should be filed quickly, adjudicated efficiently and completely, and the death sentence CARRIED OUT! The Demopuppets will tell you that it only costs a few dollars a year to house an inmate. Again, with their heads stuck firmly in the sand or elsewhere, they have NO clue what it costs to house an inmate. And since ‘morality’ won’t let us do to the criminal whatever act they committed to get themselves sentenced to death row, we need to just pick a method, quit listening to the immoral left about ‘cruel and unjust’ methods of execution, and get ‘er done! There is no need to be shelling out millions of dollars over the lifetime of a known, convicted, vicious killer when the answer is cheap and right in front of us. If the elitists want to continue to make the drugs for lethal injection impossible to find, let’s go back to the firing squad. $5.00 later there would be no more problem. Or if they find that repugnant, how about we abolish welfare and use that money to house these rejects of social norms?

    • Jeffrey Carlson says:

      If there were serious & justifiable charges leading to adequate consequences such as swift executions these crimes would cease immediately. These vicious killers are wimps.

      • rm says:

        The killers may be wimps, but the courts that coddle them are worse. Never forget Kate Steinle…she was murdered in California by an illegal immigrant and Kamala Harris owns this case….a criminal coddler for VP..say no more….. Georgia voters…you need to vote REPUBLICAN and keep the US Senate RED to BLOCK EVERYTHING BIDEN WANTS….

  30. Kathleen says:

    I would’ve loved to have seen him get the electric chair. Not just sit there and have them turn it on but to sit there and watch him as they turn it on turn it off wait a couple of minutes turn it on turn it off then wait a couple more minutes and back-and-forth and back-and-forth like that until he screamed bloody murder. And then turn it on and leave it on! My heart breaks for that family. I have a daughter who is now 37 and I could not imagine that happening to my daughter or my granddaughter. I would hunt and kill the son of a bitch all by myself. And I would’ve had help from two of her brothers. I hope that family finds a little bit of peace now♥️♥️♥️

    • Bob V says:

      I agree…and if you ever need back-up, just sayin’….

      • Phil Olson says:

        I worked in a state prison system inmates most of them don’t wanna be reformed so if they kill someone then they should die themselves, an I don’t wanna hear how they found God all of a sudden

    • T Beach says:

      Amen my friend. If that happened to one of my sisters there wouldnt be any safe hiding places.

    • rm says:

      1800 volts at 10 amps for two minutes in the chair is a quick, inexpensive disposal. 1800 x 10 = 18000 watts or 18 kw.. 18 kw x 2 min/60 min/hr =0.6 kwhr…. assuming 12 cents per kilowatt hour delivered, 0.6 kwhr x 12 cents/kwhr = approx 7 cents electricity used for garbage disposal…. It’s the scumbag lawyers and judges coddling this killer garbage that runs garbage disposal costs way up….

  31. Becky says:

    He stayed here to long for what he did to that girl.Her family has been thru hell for 26 years knowing he and partners in crime still on this earth while their never ending loss will be present forever.This should not have taken this long by no means.May her family try to find some comfort in the days ahead

  32. randy says:

    most people and i use that term loosely, on death row usually wait twenty years before and if they are ever put to death, appeals by corrupt attorneys who bleed the system, and the parents dry of money, frivolous suits, attorney deals, you name it they use it to try and keep assholes like this out of jail and from being put to death!! all they should do is make sure the crime was his and once proven put him to death! eye for an eye so to speak. no one should be in prison for a death penalty anytime past this. especially since they say it takes 100k a year to house an inmate with your tax dollars!

  33. L. Bartobrook says:

    Yeah,uh uh, this turd had to go!! And those SOB defense attorneys and bleeding heart liberal’s are just not getting it until something horrific like this happens to their wives or daughters. Let the POS rot in hell where he belongs!

  34. SUSAN E BILTZ says:

    when he was convicted, and there was NO DOUBT, he should have been executed!
    To be allowed to live for any length of time, after what he did , is terrible!!

  35. Cg says:

    He should of been put to death years ago.No if and or appeals!

  36. Steven P Russell says:

    …believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved…
    Acts 16:31

    • Deborah Tucker says:

      While that is true, the death penalty still works.
      Too many appeals, too many bleeding heart liberals.
      Give the killer to the family and they’ll carry out justice since the system takes decades

  37. Frankie says:

    Yes, I believe in the death penalty for crimes such as these. Why should someone like this walk this earth? Or even sit-in warm cell and be able to eat hot meals, workout, read, etc. Then they claim they are rehabilited. This is not something you get rehabilitated from. This is pure Evil walking our streets. If he got away with it, who is to say that he wouldn’t do it again. I know this story very well. His accomplices should have gotten the death penalty as well, bc they did nothing to stop him and aided in the assault. I do NOT believe it should take this long to have put him or anyone to death, if that was their conviction. I believe it just gives them too much time and it almost doesn’t even mean anything now. Think of this girls parents waiting all these years for justice. It was more like a death sentence for them all these years. I’m surprised he wasn’t released due to Covid.

  38. Kevin Casey says:

    Lethal Injection is BS for him. Should have been beaten and fed to dogs

    • Bob V says:

      What about hogs like Silence of the Lambs? Nah, I guess not, the hogs might get indigestion on such a POS…

  39. General Bull Krapper says:

    I’m a firm believer if there isn’t any iota of doubt to their guilt, then all POS like this guy should be executed ASAP. Someone in her family should’ve been given the opportunity to whack him with a shovel as many times as the wanted to, then pour gasoline & light the match. Would save taxpayers millions.
    Have Great Thanksgiving & Christmas Holydays (spelling intentional), before the demoncorruptic party takes them away.


    • You already have my name and mobile # I receive texts from you all the time. says:

      Let’s hope Trump can prove enough fraud to become president for another 4 years and do away with the corrupt Democratic Party completely.

  40. William says:

    should have let the girls father kill the sob.

  41. Michael Duffy says:

    It’s the fault of the judicial system, attorneys make a big skeptical about the crimes done, and then his rights which he shouldn’t have had. It was all about the money that they were able to steal from the taxpayers to prolong what should have been done within a year’s time. The judicial system corrupt.


  43. ron mauldin says:

    they should of let that poor girls parents beat that sorry piece of shit to death with a shovel and pour gas on him and burn his sorry ass until nothing was left of the scum.

  44. Judy Scardina says:

    I firmly believe in the death penalty, and wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Weber’s comment above. The terrible shame of this case is that it took so LONG.

  45. LARRY EDWARD BRUGH & Michelle says:


  46. sue says:

    Justice would have been done if he had been raped beaten and burned alive.

  47. Cliff says:

    The death penalty should continue to be used on cases of 1st degree murder, death of a law enforcement person or any first responder. But it should only take no more than 3 to 4 years to complete the process.

  48. Terry Cordova says:

    Eye for an eye. Lawyers are the main causes of delays of execution.mass murders should be excuted within two months. No mental test.

  49. Maddox says:

    Mr. Weber said it all. Animals are not human beings.

  50. This man should’ve been evacuated as soon as he was charged.
    He shouldn’t of had been alive any time should’ve been immediately. He was SCUM.

  51. Wayne Weber says:

    This man was not eligible to live over 25 years on the tax payers of this country! It’s a travesty of Justice and a waste of money that could have been used to help good people! This is a disgrace!!