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Overdose Deaths Skyrocket During Pandemic

As many predicted, being locked down during the pandemic presented deadly consequences apart from the coronavirus.


Overdose deaths soared to a record 93,000 last year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. government reported Wednesday,” according to the New York Post.

That estimate far eclipses the high of about 72,000 drug overdose deaths reached the previous year and amounts to a 29% increase. [emphasis added]

“‘This is a staggering loss of human life,’ said Brandon Marshall, a Brown University public health researcher who tracks overdose trends. [emphasis added]

The nation was already struggling with its worst overdose epidemic but clearly ‘COVID has greatly exacerbated the crisis,’ he added…

“While prescription painkillers once drove the nation’s overdose epidemic, they were supplanted first by heroin and then by fentanyl, a dangerously powerful opioid, in recent years. Fentanyl was developed to treat intense pain from ailments like cancer but has increasingly been sold illicitly and mixed with other drugs.”

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