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Pelosi Admits Trump Is the Target

As is so often the case, most of the mainstream media didn't listen closely this morning and missed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's admission that she will use the 25th Amendment commission she is attempting to create to remove President Donald Trump from office if he is reelected.

Think we're wrong? Watch the mainstream coverage tonight and in the coming days and you'll see them constantly play a clip, like the first video clip below, where Pelosi states, "This is not about President Trump. He will face the judgment of the voters."

What the mainstream media won't show is the second clip below (that contains a misleading caption) where Pelosi clearly states just five seconds into the clip, "If the President wins this election, yes it would apply to him."

It doesn't get any clearer than that admission by Pelosi.

If President Trump wins reelection, he has a target on his back. Nancy Pelosi will pressure the new commission and congressional Democrats to find President Trump mentally incapacitated and therefore unable to remain in office under the 25th Amendment.


What do you think? Watch the two short video clips below and share your thoughts in the Comment section further down this page. Also, please share Red Alert News with your friends and family!


  1. Marylin says:

    Get rid of her NOW , please don’t wait . She is the person that makes our country in great need of replacement with someone who is honest and of good character, the American people are very tired of some who wants to get rid of Trump and does nothing for the huge salary she gets for her ice cream.

  2. Adele Stone says:

    she needs to be fired God is watching her and her followers, they need to know what goes around comes back around. some day you will get what is coming to you all, and maybe you all be able to see that what you all have tried to do to this country and it did not work. every one please vote and go to voting poles and hand in your vote in person. We need Trump God Bless Americana, God is on our side and we will win. I am for Trump and proud of it and not scared of anything that the democrats lovers of evil dish out because I have God on my side, Pelosi is evil and she needs to pat for what she has done. Go and vote for trump on Nov.3 2020 Trump I love you because you are one Of God.s children

  3. John Chickness Sr says:

    PLEASE someone call Adam Schiff to slip her a little BONER.

    She has slipped into the black hole. PLEASE someone, anyone,
    Save her!

  4. Deborah Cruz says:

    Pelosi is a spoiled brat who should have been removed time and time again. We see the corruption happening right before our eyes the hatred she spews is unbelievable. Why is she still there? Is she the one behind all the those who tried to speak up about obama and they just disappeared or died? She needs to be investigated so all can see exactly how dirty her hands are. Trump is a real trooper for putting up with all hers and the medias garbage. All those who enable her need to go as well. When I go vote for Trump I’ll have to read the whole thing cause there are people in there who stand for her and call themselves Republicans. It’s a mistake to vote rep strait down just to get it done. I hate reading but have to do it. Someone tell us how to get Pelosi out of there. She is a psycho beach from hell. Who the hell put her there to begin with? I am 4 Trump all the mail in ballot for me…

    • Deborah C says:

      Has anyone noticed how children and older girls do not want Biden touching them?they try to step and pull away something is wrong with that picture. Its pretty straight forward pelosi has a plan to get rid of him.

  5. patrioted says:

    When Trump wins the election, Pelosi will be dog poop in an alley of San Francisco. She thinks she is the New Era Hitler but, that is only a brain fart for the old smelly bag.

  6. Julia Ogden says:

    Nancy Pelosi has family ties to the Mafia, is Aunt to the Governor Newsom and it an utter traitor to the country. On top of that, she’s part of the d33p [email protected] child trafficking ring. Of course it’s about getting rid of “big bad orange man”! He’s already arrested over 12,000 child traffickers in this country alone, rescuing trafficked children that the MSM will not talk about! When he wins, she doesn’t get to retire, she gets GITMO! TRUMP2020!

  7. Joz Lee says:

    Nancy: well if the virus, or Trump’s treatment are the ‘qualifiers’ for removal…than…. her condition of treatments of Botox penetrating the skin and entering her brains,,,,,and toxicity of alcohol combo …. are making her dangerously sick…proving her recent behavior. here: Pelosi is mentally deteriorating at a rapid pace from years of drug and alcohol addiction, as well as age related afflictions such as dementia… You are very toxic and very sick. She should be 25th amendmented.

  8. Jeanne says:

    This bitch is like an open book, she’s been trying to take down Trump since day one! She’s getting really desperate, maybe she should be careful she doesn’t get removed! She has done nothing except try to destroy the President, what a disgrace she is!!

    • why u call nancy pelosi a bitch all of u call her a bitch your mother must be a bich ok

      • Julia Ogden says:

        How much money is George Soros paying YOU to get on conservative media sites and spew the disgusting narratives of the UN’s New World Order? How much are YOU getting paid to LIE to Americans with that mouth? Got any FACTS, kid? Got ANYTHING to support the diarrhea coming out of your filthy mouth? JOE BIDEN IS A TRAITOR THAT SOLD OUT AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY AND OUR MILITARY SECRETS TO THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY FOR BILLIONS OF DOLLARS! FACT! So what’s the going rate to betray our country? Inquiring minds want to know…WE SEE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE, either dumber than a box of rocks or and EVIL POS trying to destroy our country? TRUMP2020!

      • Go troll someone else……We need a commission to remove her from office…Between the botox and the alcohol has given her brain damage…

      • Pegs says:

        YOU’RE A DUMBASS little man!!!!!!!

    • Jean Meyer says:

      Pelosi is a crazy bitch she should have been lock away. They need to get rid of her and the Democrats they are all crazy they believe there lies.

    • Jean Meyer says:

      Pelosi is a crazy bitch she should have been lock away.

  9. Ross George says:

    This person should be charged with TREASON AND BROUGHT TO TRIAL IMMEDIATELY!!!!

    • how much trump paid you ok

      • Julia Ogden says:

        That’s hilarious, kid! You have nothing but a filthy mouth and no brains! You have a DNC/Communist/UN narrative that supports the complete takeover of all the world’s resources under the UN! And the total destruction of America! You need to get educated or tell us if you get paid by George Soros to spew BS by the page, the post or the word. if it’s by the word, you are losing money! Kids with no education should not post BS when they do not know what is really happening! Trump will win, YOUR TRAITOR leaders are already caught and will be tried for TREASON! Want to play some more??? TRUMP2020!

    • Barbara Maxwell says:

      Amen good for u.

  10. Gail says:

    The president is allowed on eight years. Why not make that for all politicians.. Pelosi and Schumer should be tried for treason

  11. Butterfly says:

    Be careful the Dems plan on Medicare for all that means all trans. Abortions illieagals etc. all those who never paid SS Americans born here will be at the end of the line they are not telling the truth I’ve a friend whose a Dem. she tol me all they have in store. It’s not good. I couldn’t believe it

    Plus Harris has said she can’t wait till Bidon kicks off she will show America Her America

  12. David says:

    If you all can’t tell the 2 Pelosi videos have been pieced together to get the meaning changed, you’re the ones who need help! Come on people, the truth will do the trick, we don’t need clowns manufacturing garbage, which is in reality lying to us, to con us! The truth serves us much better.

    • Julia Ogden says:

      The real reason Nancy Pelosi hates Trump is he cut off her supply of Adrenochrome? Do you know what that is? Have you done anything but suck up the BS from the main stream media? Have you checked into her background? That she’s connected to the Mafia? That she’s Gov. Newsom Aunt and support child sex? The legalization of [email protected]? I’m Independent, but NOT this election! You are either an EVIL commie or DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS! TRUMP2020!

  13. Sam B. says:

    This woman “hasn’t seen the football since the kickoff” YEARS ago sadly. I totally agree with tons of people that Crazy Nancy will try to push this thru & use it against both candidates: Trump lol…good luck with that/he’s way to sharp…however Quid pro quo JOE..yikes!
    I’m a barely left leaning registered dem…extremely embarrassed of my party & it’s radical socialist direction that knows several other dems that are all discussed with what’s going on. We ALL firmly believe Crazy Nancy & the left is on a path of destruction. Here’s a good-1: imagine how much further along the country would b if the left would put this much EFFORT negotiating deals etc etc for the country rather than ALL THESE BS INVESTIGATIONS wasting tons of time & our money!!! All of this nonsense added up…ESP after the left refused to support law & order etc all this time(until recently) was the final nails in the democrats coffin. We all r backing Trump-Pence & several other republicans in Congress this election…sorry dems!
    Get to the poles & vote. Don’t do mail in ballots unless it’s necessary…way to many issues already!!!!

  14. sombody says:

    The new findings just out on the real Russian Collusion names Nancy Pelosi in on the whole thing. Her days are numbered now. She will soon be taken down, and if not, WE need to go there and do it for the grace of our country. The people need to now step up and do the right thing. The investigators are dragging their feet and everyone is hurting more and more. Nancy. Hillary and all the chain gang are done or will be if we do something about it.

  15. Pat says:

    If anything needs to happen/remove Pelosi as speaker. What would be the difference her wanting to impeach the President again or using the 25th amendment. They should remove her because she has totally harassed TRUMP from the get go. She is full of hate & definitely unstable. It has been told she would be removed if she tried to impeach TRUMP again. Here she is throwing the 25th amendment at him. What is wrong with this picture—PELOSI IS THE PROBLEM. REMOVE THE BITCH’S ASS. She does nothing to help this COUNTRY. Corrupt/EVIL PIECE OF ?……….
    TRUMP 2020??????????????????????

    • Bonnie says:

      I agree that Pelosi has to be removed, but I see what she said a little differently. I think she sees this as a win-win for the Democrats. If Trump wins, in deed this will be her tool for his removal, BUT if Biden wins, she will use the 25th to remove Biden therefore giving the job to Kamala Harris. God help us…..

    • J Grace says:

      Pelosi needs to be removed from office and prosecuted for trying to overthrow the President of the United States.

    • J Grace says:

      Pelosi needs to be and prosecuted for trying to overthrow the President of the United States.

    • Jean Meyer says:

      They need to get rid them all they are evil they cause trouble for trump. All Democrats are liars they want you to believe that they are doing what right for America. I don’t believe them if Biden wins there won’t be America any more. Vote for trump

  16. Melinda Vaughn says:

    Pelosi is so desperate to get that Dems in office, it’s sickening!

  17. Pam King says:

    She USA bitch. She needs to removed from the House of Representatives. SHE iS A lLuaAnd needs mental help.

    • Peggy says:

      Pelosi is the bitch that needs to be kicked out of office. Never seen anyone with so much hatred. God is watching. What goes around comes around. Her day is coming. How in the hell is she going to prove Trump is unfit. She is the devil in person.

  18. Thomas Nicholson says:

    Can’t we get rid of this evil witch? Very scary.

  19. Fanny Ramirez says:

    Pelosi,from the first day that President Trump took office has been trying to remove the President with impeachment,and now she wants to use the 25th amendment saying President Trump is no capacitated to run as President and to be removed. Pelosi should be removed Trump cares about american people and he wil continue to Make America great. All democrats have not done nothing to our country,just lies and just work for their .benefit.

  20. She is so obsessed with trump
    Nancy is a sick person.
    I would’ve doubt that she has hired a hit man to get rid of him that’s how obsessed she is . She is nuts 4 years of nuts with Our President.
    She needs not to hold any office . And not be in White House at all

  21. She is so obsessed with trump
    Nancy is a sick person.
    I would’ve doubt that she has hired a hit man to get rid of him that’s how obsessed she is . She is nuts 4 years of nuts with Our President.
    She needs not to hold any office . And not be in White House at all

  22. Dutsi says:

    Pelosi is by far the WORST Speaker of the House ever to hold the office. She is a disgrace to her Office and should be Removed at once!! She didn’t face any backlash from her temper tantrum at the State of the Union Address!! If something is not done to restrain or remove her, she’ll keep playing politics!! She acts like a MOB boss who gives the orders for the hits, if she sees a threat to her POWER!! Look at her history, her Father was a Politician with ties to the MOB!!

  23. charlie says:

    As I saw on comments a few days ago, The Devel is holding the door of HELL open for her to come home in the end of her life.

    • Dawn Marie says:

      I agree! They really cant believe what their doing?! Pure evil at our expense. #BULLSHIT term limits and “compensation”no more free ride

  24. sylvie says:

    good old poison Pelosi up to no good again , I wonder if she believes in Karma, please someone get rid of her.

  25. C.A. says:

    Pelosi can’t do anything from Federal prison!

  26. Mary Kay says:

    Please people ……….be very careful about voting for Biden and Harris the are not giving people the true truth.

    • Julia Ogden says:

      You are a nice person, Mary Kay. I’m not! I call it like I see it! Nancy Pelosi is a Mafia connected child trafficker! POTUS cut off the DNC/COMMUNIST supply of Adrenochrome and she’s having withdrawals! Her nephew is Gavin Newsom who just made child sex legal in CA if the child is 14 and the p3do having ‘relations’ with said child is less than 10 years older! None of the DNC/Communist operatives care about America…only the power to “harvest” their needed drug under the UN New World Order! That’s their reward…from ‘creepy Joe Biden to O’Bama, they all want to make child sex legal, normalize it so they can have their kids and eat them too! TRAITORS ONE AND ALL! Vote for TRUMP 2020!

  27. Donald Swary says:

    This woman is way out of control. She is a embarrassment to our country and needs removed. Been trying 4 year’s with lies and really trys to get him on what her group has done.

  28. Luellaponte says:

    Lock Nancy Pelosi up

  29. John Hannon says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a nasty evil spiteful bitch , made a fortune with her real estate husband with property’s being leased , sold or bought by the US Postal Service .

    Her and Chuck Schummer along with that idiot AOC were too busy trying to impeach Trump in February when Covid 19 was overseas and still had not become a major problem in the USA .

  30. Nelson Daryl says:

    The democratic persecution party is the most disposable party in the history of our country’s life!!
    ? Where did they get there wealth from? They got everything they own living in this country and now we should go socialism!
    What a bunch of spoiled rotten children!

    • Dawn Marie says:

      Praying Gods will. If they make it in they cheated. No doubt it would bring the 7 years of Jacob’s trouble. Christian’s will be outa here

  31. Debrait Hargrove says:

    Get rid of Nancy pelosi..

  32. Lawrence says:

    I can’t believe her and her cohorts haven’t been charged for sedition and also many other provable crimes. It’s like they continue to be above the law! Where does their foul play end? When will we see accountability for those that are minimizing our constitutional values through their corruption, treason, sedition and treacherously illegal activities? What a sick minded bunch of DemonRats Americans have to deal with. Lock them up!

    • Randolph Thompson says:

      Well said

      • Josn dinnel says:

        Nancy why don’t you retire us republicans are not stupid we know what you are up to. I read where Harris said she was wondering how long it would be before she is president.

  33. Sharon says:

    She is setting this up for Biden!!!

    • Gayle Byrd says:

      You are probably right on about that..,not necessarily for Trump until after he is elected BUT for sure it is for Biden should he win…if he were to win…hello world, meet “President Harris”?

      • Miller Francene says:

        Pelosi needs to retire. She does not represent the Catholic Faith.

      • kristal murphy says:

        pelosi and all her minions need to be stopped. can all us tax payers just not pay any of the democrates. She really needs to go to prison. This I agree. I also really think that the polls that say Biden is winning is a bunch of crap and Trump is winning by a land slide or pelosi wouldn’t be so desperate to get Trump out of office. The American people arent stupid were just sick of the Dems throwing their crap around. Enough From Pelosi and the media.

        • M. Graves says:

          Yes, she is totally obsessed, and cannot say she is Catholic, and does not hate Trump, as she said a year ago! She is an obsessive liar and cannot tell the truth!! She cannot blame what she has said on Christianity or Catholicism as she says!

      • Jean Meyer says:

        Biden won’t be president Harris will be president. Biden is a sheep told what to do he can’t think for himself the Democrats pull his strings for him.we won’t be a America anymore socialist we won’t be vote for trump

  34. Ken Nelson says:

    What a liar. This should not only apply to Presidents but also Speakers, especially Pelosi. She needs to be removed right now because she is absolutely nuts. I demand that she set up a Commission that would determine the right time for removing a Speaker from office.