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Pelosi Says She’s Ready to Decide Election

In a series of statements that have patriotic Americans concerned that Nancy Pelosi is preparing to interject herself into the outcome of the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Pelosi just made it clear she’s ready to have the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives decide the election.


“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday that Congress is prepared to play a “prominent role” in deciding the presidential election in the event that results are disputed, according to the National Review.

“’We understand what the law is and the preeminence of the role of Congress and specifically the House of Representatives when it comes to counting the votes,’ Pelosi said in an interview with NPR.

“If the presidential election does not determine a clear winner by electoral vote, then it falls to the House to choose the next president.

“‘We’re ready. We’re prepared. We’ve been ready for a while because we see this irresponsibility of the president, his disrespect for the Constitution, for our democracy and for the integrity of our elections. So we’re ready for him,’ Pelosi said.

For more, go to the National Review.


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  1. Wayne Gay says:

    She likes to impeach Rep. why doesn’t someone start a petition to impeach her? At least that would give her something to think about besides her ice cream. You can also add loud mouth Waters in on that also.

  2. Rebecca Fuchser says:

    Pelosi thinks of herself as “Madam President!” She tries to run the country and influence people and the House with her twisted view of importance!
    She has a great honor to represent the people of America but she promotes her own agenda. Pray for her. God humbles arrogant people-see Daniel 4. He is the one who sets up leaders and takes them down. They are given their position by God.
    Apparently, Pelosi doesn’t know this and has misused her position!

  3. Ken says:

    Pelosi is a very…very….very…sick woman and she is not even aware of it. I think the Dems would do the entire world a grand justice if they all contribute to help her and Biden’s mental state…..Never did I ever see such evil…

    • Trish Lappin says:

      I totally agree. She is the one that needs to be stopped. The rest of humanity might be able to coexist in harmony (at least something similar to it) if she were gone.

    • Concerened in pa says:

      Pelosi should of been gone long ago i do not know who she thinks she is im sorry but it should not be up to the politicians to decide this election in my opinion that would be voting twice which i thought was illegal pelosi and biden along with harris all need to be gone the democrats are evil and have already sold there soul to the devil

  4. Denise Fernandez says:

    Pelosi and the Democrats have planned this!! No way in heaven did that poor excuse of man get all those votes. Voter Fraud rapidly! Hillary the worse criminal working in the voting place in NY..OOOh she would not throw away Trump votes…she is as evil as can get, plus a killer. (Espstein)!! Our President needs to win another of the very close states….And votes should of been stopped last night!! The commentators said the same thing last night, Lou Dobbs. One state had 40% and they called it coz Biden. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

    I have not said this before, bulshit!!! do not stop my words

  5. Denise Fernandez says:

    Pelosi and the Democrats have planned this!! No way in heaven did that poor excuse of man get all those votes. Voter Fraud rapidly! Hillary the worse criminal working in the voting place in NY..OOOh she would not throw away Trump votes…she is as evil as can get, plus a killer. (Espstein)!! Our President needs to win another of the very close states….And votes should of been stopped last night!! The commentators said the same thing last night, Lou Dobbs. One state had 40% and they called it coz Biden. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

  6. Bob V says:

    Her poor family must be so distraught. I hope they are able to get her some much-needed help.
    I would say let’s pray for her, but does prayer work for treasonous heathens?

  7. gary nichols says:

    Why do people still listen to this dishonorable person. She is the one who has proven in her political career to disrespect ‘our’ constitution, this ‘our’nation, and the hard working true Americans who really do love our country. Just pray the Lord of love, grace and righteous justice has His way with her soon. May this be to His glory and a blessing to His America. Hang in there you wonderful Americans. I love you America.

  8. Dana Bybee says:

    If it were up to me, I say shoot the crazy stupid neo nazi, communist fascist bitch.

    • Victoria says:

      If Biden wins the election it is his stay out of jail card for him and Hunter and Nancy gets her favorite wish, to pick the president and remain speaker of the house forever It’s what happens when no one really pays attention. The Chinese must be having a feast day.

      • Sharon says:

        If Biden wins and NANCY DECLARES HIM UNABLE TO BE PRESIDENT THEN HARRIS BECOMES PRESIDENT AND NANCY THE VICE PRESIDENT. They call Trump all kind of names but can you imagine what this county would look like if these to zombies would be in charge. We would be taken over by the communist party in short order. Pray for are country.

      • Vonda Lee Woods says:


    • Bob V says:

      Dana Bybee for PRESIDENT!!

  9. danny says:

    Nancy Pelosi and Schumer are the most corrupt evil people in Congress. They if no one else would start the second civil war and blame it on Trump.

  10. Sandy Grady says:

    If I had one wish it would be line the dems up and fire… forget the blindfold…like I said if I only had one wish….God please forgive me for saying something like that

  11. David Smith says:

    LOL Mr. Moore to bad you all voted her in But I guess she was a good liar then and fooled the smart people of San Francesspool LOL

  12. David Smith says:

    Ms. Holly Rose you should be a comedian you sure make me laugh

  13. Holly Rose says:

    Nancy P is right on target. She has been the best speaker we ever had. If it should come to pass I trust Congress to make the right choice which would be Biden.

  14. Jack Wilson says:

    Nancy and Joe should both be taken to the nearest FUNNY FARM gently carried inside for the remainder of both their lives. Also Hunter should be arrested tonight before he goes to bed. He should not only be tried on money, BUT for treason to this county. GOD BLESS AMERICA Cap’n Jack

  15. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    That’s odd, America is planning her execution!

  16. William "Bill" Moore says:

    I live in California, San Francisco, to be exact, ‘nasty’ pigliosi’s Congressional district that’s ironically the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA. If you don’t get the connection, you need to start paying attention. I couldn’t believe this disgusting anti American piece of SHIT’s name was on the local ballot. And the scary thing, there are people here who will waste their votes and future on this piece of worthless thieving and lying anti American piece of trash who’s screwed America and California for years. This country can’t afford another 4 years of ‘pigliosi’ and her liberal BULLSHIT. Sometimes I wonder where people’s brains are, are that clueless or what? God help us if joey biden or ‘heels up’ win or we all will be screwed.

  17. Robert Rieckenberg says:

    The only persons disrespecting the Constitution are the democrats and especially Pelosi

  18. Cookie says:

    Pelosi cannot wait to interject herself into this election! Talk about a power hungry nut job! She and Maxine need to retire with the millions they’ve made off the American people they have ripped off over the decades they have been in Congress! Maxine continues to say racist things about the President and calls for Blacks to stand up and get in the faces of people that oppose BLM! She should be arrested for inciting people to riot! And she keeps doing it!!! Nancy says she doesn’t “hate” anyone but it’s obvious she hates the President! You can’t be that obsessed and mean and hateful to someone like she is to the President! She and the lovely Max are so bitter it spews from every pore of their bodies! You can see in their faces how much they hate this President!! I don’t understand how the people of California keep voting for these despicable women!!!

    • William "Bill" Moore says:

      Gee Cookie, not all of us here in California are stupid enough to keep voting for this piece of trash. I live in san Francisco ‘pigliosi’s congressional district that’s now the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA. Many people here can’t stand the sight or thought of her wouldn’t vote for her much less spit or piss on this bitch if she was on fire and in fact many would volunteer to pour on the gasoline and strike the match. The same goes for mad maxine in Los Angeles. Their election and reelection along with all the other liberals is outright voter fraud and has been for years. My question, albeit a bit late for this most important election: Why haven’t the Feds investigated this voter fraud and acted accordingly? Really what the hell’s the damned delay.? Voter fraud is what’s keeping these slugs in office and allowing this one time golden state that’s only golden in the garbage, piss, feces, and needles littering and stinking up the streets, sidewalks and parks of San Francisco making this great city a huge biohazard zone San Francisco is a perfect example of liberalism or ‘progressivism at it’s best and represents ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’s plan for America

      • CAROLINE GANN says:

        I too live in CA and it is true that fraud has taken its seat at the table it has been obvious in so many recent election results such as when the state was turned completely Dem in one election when it had been more than 1/2 Rep. we now have a single congress member from CA that is REP. than in 2016 when the election results failed to pass the turn over of control for tax increase laws to the voters for DMV and gasoline and included the rescinding of the most recent years fee increases at DMV?? ODD?? who would vote to let the government keep control over two very important taxes like that which they are exempt from paying? that would just be stupid! yet the measure lost HUGE!! there is definitely tampering on a very large scale! Judicial watch uncovered it already!

      • Tim says:

        William, the reason the Feds aren’t investigating any if this shit is because THEY TOO are just as corrupt! Let’s face it, we’re out umbered by socialist Libs now and are doomed. I for one am about to exist the hell out of here because of all this shit. Everytime I see Pelosi’s ugly corrupt face I wanna go and PUKE!

        • Vonda Lee Woods says:

          Put a puke bag over her head
          And a straight jacket on her and send her out of this world. She makes me sick too. I can truly say one old woman I loathe. May she burn with her daddy.

  19. Ann says:

    All these democrats can’t go to hell fast enough for me. I can’t believe there are this many idiots in America. There has to be ballot fraud. Especially with all the thousands at all the trump rallies and hardly anyone for Biden.

  20. Gayle Drake says:

    No way can she do this! It is illegal!!!

    • CAROLINE GANN says:

      she has been doing it for so long she doesn’t even hide it anymore! she thinks like Killery that she is untouchable!! She and her Nephew Gutless Gavin have all but destroyed my once beautiful state of California and they are getting away with it!

      • Lillian says:

        How many lighting strikes hit California? Any idea, exactly 110 lighting strikes started some of the fires there and there’s more. Read the book of Revelation in the Bible and it will tell what has been going on under Pelosi drunk self and her nephew and big mouth Maxine Waters. You’ll definitely reading it. I know understand why California. But you should all read it for yourself.

  21. James Woodrow Fraley says:

    I seen and talk to everyone in line at my pole in Michigan. Trump Train 2020 was a mile long all day long, none stop.

    • Kim N Keene says:

      We are the people. More of us than a few of the evil, corruption, crook, criminal dems. We must stand our grounds and flight for our beliefs. We must remember that this is America the Home of the Free. Many people had lost their life for this freedom. We will continue to carry on tradition to honor all our heroes and not to thinking about moving anywhere.

  22. Nancy Kuntz says:

    She cannot & will not get away with it!

  23. Doodler says:

    She and the rest of the scum will be dragged from the House by “The People” and summarily hung at the Lincoln Memorial for “Crimes against the People of the United States of America!”

  24. Lisa says:

    Pelosi needs to keep her drunking mouth out of its not up to them to elect the president its up to the people and anyone wanting to rip our constitution apart that is you the democrats stay the hell out of it you need to be impeached peoole really dislike you you are a evil person on judgement day i hope you are cast into the firery pits of hell along with the rest of your dirty mob

  25. Belmont Urgelowich says:

    The Democrats probably will support The Terrorists Destroy Property when they loose

  26. Belmont Urgelowich says:

    We the American People Demand the Removal of Pelosi lieing to us for 6 months about are Stimulus checks first chasing the Mailman so the Democrats can rig the Election and have them get rid of Trumps Votes we the People Demand you get off your asses and Lock Biden up and all the Crooked Democrats now

    • Lisa says:

      I agree 100%

      • Jocelyn says:

        She wouldn’t dare..We don’t have to be concerned about that.. Trump is leading an God will bring him through for American for another 4 years…An maybe 4 more after that..Who knows !! After all in another 4 years he’ll be the same age Biden is now,Lol..

    • Vonda Lee Woods says:

      Remove her now she’s the evil sea hag from hell. Satan is her dad. She needs to go home in Cali to her old man and get her nose outta Schumer rotten old ass

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