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Pelosi Still Pursuing Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced Monday that she will establish what she described as an ‘outside, independent 9/11-type Commission’ to investigate last month’s deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol,” according to Breitbart.

In her weekly letter to colleagues, Pelosi said the commission will ‘investigate and report on the facts and causes relating to the January 6, 2021, domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol Complex … and relating to the interference with the peaceful transfer of power.’

Pelosi’s announcement comes two days after the U.S. Senate voted to acquit former President Donald Trump over his conduct leading up to the riot during which five people died, including a U.S. Capitol Police officer. The Senate voted 57-43 to acquit the former president, with seven Republican senators voting in favor of conviction.” [emphasis added]

For more on this report, go to Breitbart.

Please share your opinion in the comment section about Nancy Pelosi creating an “outside, independent 9/11-type Commission” to investigate last month’s riot at the U.S. Capitol.


  1. Don says:

    A commiecrat committee to foul up and lie under a new hypocritical investigation is all I see. Send this witch into history. The DOJ did investigate and found him faultless unlike her BLM and ANTIFA which SHE supports and leads.

  2. Sam B. says:

    Hey Nancy! How about u call for an investigation in to finding out who all the rioters/anarchists r that destroyed homes, vehicles, statues, businesses, looters, livelihoods & several losses of life for the past “9 MONTHS!” Investigate who the organizers were behind antifa & blm…as well as their funding!!!!!! Oh wait..I totally forgot u & the rest of the unhinged radical socialist left party & ur DOUBLE STANDARDS r supporters of these domestic terrorists.

  3. GITMO says:

    When they gonna lock this crazy bitch up and put her in Gitmo!! She’s just plain nuts and needs removed from society along with Biden/Soros and Obama.

  4. tom says:

    Nasty Nan strikes again spending tax payers $ because she hates TRUMP. What a
    waste just to try to take him down. She better be careful what she wishes for a
    investigation might look into why she didn’t have enough police to protect the
    Capitol??? Why she didn’t deploy the National Guard to help the police since the
    FBI warned there was a planed attack and pipe bombs were put in place the night
    before????????? Nasty needs to go home and eat her ice cream.

  5. please impeach that wicked witch!!! and get your asses back to work!!! quit wasting our money on this stupid witch hunt!!!

    • Scott says:

      Drop her on a deserted island ,I remember hearing her yell at a reporter saying she wasnt raised to hate anyone,she’s proving that was a big lie an that her parents raised a lying inhuman witch

  6. Patricia D Bernstein says:

    We the People;
    Haven’t we seen enough already! I think it is time to impeach Joe Biden Kamala Harris , Chuck Schumer and Nancy Peloski. Biden and his family have a personal ties to China, against the American people. Harris is a radical with ties BLM and Antifa and has supported the riots and damages all over the country. Schumer and Peloski have their agenda and have wasted billions of dollars and lives. They should be tried and convicted

  7. Anthony C Musser says:

    Nancy Pelosi is cancer. She has been for years. she needs to be removed from office. While shes wasting tax payers money maybe she can investigate the riots and destruction cause by antifa and blm, oh wait those are democratic lead organizations so it allowed. Again, shes cancer. Where’s that bus when you need it.

    • Scott says:

      I agree with you 100billion percent ,all last year the looting,burning,shootings an there not hunting any of them down in a witch hunt just shows everyone what Harris, Biden, Nancy Pelosi an Obama,Clintons an all there supports are for

  8. Sam says:

    Nancy Pelosi typifies her total incompetence & disregard for the rule of law & the American people. Conservatives may never agree with her however NOW the democrats have asserted her mental incapacity to perform her responsibilities. Why don’t the republicans submit Pelosi’s her removal from office immediacy based on abuse of power, disregard for the constitutional rule of law, massive corruption & misappropriation of tax payer funds. All her family assets MUST immediately frozen & seized NOW!! She is far beyond a JOKE & is a major threat to our nation!!

  9. Michael J Korger says:

    Pelosi is “supposed” to be the Speaker of the House. She proves everyday that she is nothing but a political hack. She is no leader. She is no Catholic either as she is “scandalous” and an embarrassment to the Catholic Church in her unwavering support of abortion. Her Bishop should have started the “excommunication” process on her a long time ago. A lot of what comes out her mouth is disgusting and she fails miserably whenever she attempts to say something about the Catholic Church.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      Ms. Pelosi as Majority Leader of the House has a lot of political power remember the power that Minority leader Mitch McConnel had when he was majority leader and this is the political power that Ms. Pelosi now carries. So na-na-na.

  10. Dewey says:

    Piglosi is the original Queen of Mean! What a terrible example for our children! Does she have any Christian Values? Just think, Trump lives in her mind totally Rent Free! Only God can get revenge! I am embarrassed to say she has anything to do with our government!

    • What about all the vicious verbal attacks on Trump from your camp of not only violent attacks personally on Trump n America!! You need to be locked up n the key thrown away!! You n all your hateful insane, n Satanic constituents!!

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        You know name calling won’t get you anywhere. DJT and the entire T team deserve what they get and I hope she and the Democratic party prevail in court against DJT for his insurrection against the people of the USA in my humble opinion.

  11. Sandra L Mendenhall says:

    Someone needs to stop that evil &%$##+! She continues to ignore (We The People) and wants to keep spending our taxes dollars for her pet peeves. The millions spent last year on Trump impeachment and this year again on Trump! What about our failing country? Seems like it’s going to be rob the poor to help the rich control us the people.

    • J says:

      Pelosi is one vindictive and ignorant person.

      NO concerns for Americans in crisis??


      • Carol Guffey says:

        It showed police were letting people into the capital building before Trump’s speech.She also refused to call in more help when she was asked to. She is a totally piece is shit. Yes she needs to be impeached and jailed for her crimes against the American people.

        • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

          It seems that the Republican Party wants to be Blind to the involvement of DJT’s in the insurrection and chaos that occurred on 1/06/2021. Some people prefer not to overlook the king not wearing clothes while the fiddler was playing. The rantings of a fool should not be the inspiration for a political party in the USA to run on. Good luck with winning anything with that kind of political as Jimmy Kimmel said “You remember the end of Lord of the Rings – when Frodo brought the ring all the way to the volcano – and then decided to not throw it in? This was like a dumb version of that.” “It’s really an accomplishment to be Donald Trump’s worst lawyer, when his last lawyer got caught playing salami karate with Borat’s daughter,” he joked, referring to Rudy Giuliani’s stint in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. These are my and Jimmy Kimmel’s humble opinions.

        • William H. Wilson Jr.thinking says:

          It seems that the Republican Party wants to be Blind to the involvement of DJT’s in the insurrection and chaos that occurred on 1/06/2021. Some people prefer not to overlook the king not wearing clothes while the fiddler was playing. The rantings of a fool should not be the inspiration for a political party in the USA to run on. Good luck with winning anything with that kind of political inspiration as Jimmy Kimmel said “You remember the end of Lord of the Rings – when Frodo brought the ring all the way to the volcano – and then decided to not throw it in? This was like a dumb version of that.” “It’s really an accomplishment to be Donald Trump’s worst lawyer, when his last lawyer got caught playing salami karate with Borat’s daughter,” he joked, referring to Rudy Giuliani’s stint in Borat Subsequent Movie film. These are my and Jimmy Kimmel’s humble opinions. This is not anything I have posted in the past.

    • Margaret says:

      Pelosi is afraid of Trump, she is also trying to get rid of him. She should know that there are other people that think he is great. Unless she has him harmed he is here to stay. He should stay happy and healthy.

      • Because just like Evil hates Good so does Darkness hate the Light. She needs to be in a very DARK PADDED CELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!!! She knows what she’s done n also knows Trump wants them ALL behind bars!!! Those people who stormed the Capital were her’s n Soros picked rioters to make Trump look bad instead of Peaceful!! His people were peaceful hers weren’t!!! Talk about a lieing arrogant, thieving evil group of crooked no good Politicians!!! Shame on you!!!

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        You all know that justice is possible even after a failed attempt impeach an to out of control, corrupt former president who thinks he holds power over a cult of religious bigots. The entire country knows how this man got this power as a game show host. He now and as president used this star power to allow his ego to lead the above mentioned so called “Trumper’s” on a religious fantasy where they seemed to believe the president held priestly powers. This led to the insurrection that occurred on01/06/2021. This is my humble opinion of how a TV star led a group of misinformed so called Patriots to do his biding.

        • Sam B. says:

          Mr. Wilson…u & ur Bestie Holly Rose must start taking it easy with the hallucinogens. You all sound just like the sickness socialist party hacks…Cory Bush, Aoc, Ayanna Presley, Maxine Waters, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar & a few others. Good lord man……LOL.

    • Margaret says:

      Pelosi is afraid of Trump, she is also trying to get rid of him. She should know that there are other people that think he is great. Unless she has him harmed he is here to stay. He should stay happy and I did not

    • Sandra L Mendenhall says:

      I forgot Pelosi been stealing from social security. It might mean no 2% increase next year

  12. Don says:

    Is she going to pay for this with her own money ? The people are tired of her wasting American tax money on her own agenda’s. It’s way past time for her to retire, she need’s to take her drunk self home and stay there.

  13. Philip Brant says:

    She needs to stop dwelling in the past and put all that effort toward America’s present problems, that her hatred for Trump and Republicans played a role in, by clouding herjudgements pertaining to the welfare of America and Americans. She should have recused herself as Speaker. Hate made her biased. No place for that in politics.

  14. Candy Clanton says:

    This is another of her plans – she knows BLM & Antifa were paid to be there but she didn’t know that Antifa would be a little more violent than planned. I saw the video of the Capitol Police arriving/escorting BLM & Antifa into the grounds & again when the Capitol Police opened the doors of the Capitol to the crowd. Also the video from 3 supporters telling of how they didn’t realize when they were being pushed into the Capitol that it was Antifa pushing them. You can’t tell me Pelosi/Bowser/McConnell didn’t know about these things – Pelosi & Bowser turned down the extra military help & Pelosi/McConnell were whispering all week together before the 6th. She loves to waste Americans’ money!

  15. Bob says:

    A 9/11 commission that was truly independent would be great, but we all know that is not possible for Pelosi! It would be another witch hunt and a political hit job for sure. That’s the only way the dims can pit out more lies and doctored videos! Lips are moving they ate lying!!!!!

  16. ee says:

    She is still after Trump because it takes the focus from her……………They are starting to ask her the hard questions like how come she said no 6 xs to the white house police when they asked for additional support……..even Trump had asked for the National Guard to be there in case of antifa & blm…….pelosi was the leader in seeing that additional support was in place, but she chose not to. WHY? Because she put this ‘riot’ together to blindside Trump. She refuses to answer the questions now being brought to her about this. If she does bring an inquiry together you can bet she will have paid them off…..How disgusting that the dems had to fake evidence to even try to impeach Trump. Thank heavens they were caught at it, but of course they take no ownership of it. They just say ‘human error’ It is too bad the biden people do not do some research and see for themselves how corrupt he is. You would think that him killing so many jobs would make them open their eyes. And biden himself said that any president that had more than 5 eos in their first month was a dictator and he has done over 40…… I guess he is a dictator by his own words……….wake up biden supporters, you are now killing American jobs, letting millions in the country with no covid testing, jobs or housing, paying for abortions around the world, joining the paris acord deal so you can support other countries while the us has or had under Trump the lowest emmisions in the world., etc…….do a little research on all the wonderful good things Trump brought to our country………….you biden supporters will be getting all you voted for & more (how many lies has he already told?)…..I just wish the rest of us did dot have to go along for the ride………..hope you and any of yours do not loose their jobs and that you don’t have a preteen daughter or granddaughter need to use a public restroom and some ‘guy’ come in there because that day he feels like a girl…………….God Bless America………

  17. Roger says:

    She has to do this to get the attention off why she refused help by the Nat’l Guard when she was informed early by he FBI about the threat. What will be interesting is what she means by a independent team. As I see it she always stacks the deck in her favor every time. So this will be another one of her witch hunts to take the focus off of her and her blunders that effect Americans. She focuses on the elites like herself and cares less about average hard working Americans.

  18. Farmer says:

    There’s an interesting video showing how the riot was staged, including one guy who admitted on camera he was a paid instigator.

    Url is being blocked.
    Search and was the Capitol riot staged.

  19. Bernie Frank says:

    Poleski is a sick,vengeful, hateful person. She needs to be kicked out and sent home to her ice cream. She could care less about what the people really want. She has no idea what American’s need. She is so self centered. She is to old. I wonder if she realizes how many people dislike her. God help the American people.

    • William H Wilson says:

      Down the Rabbit hole did seem like a good performance but if they the actors involved in this performance wanted to put on a play they could have found a better stage than the Capital Building and real criminal actions such as breaking and entering a government building. I really do think they chose the wrong stage for their performance.

  20. Kenny Malloy says:

    There is a lot more going on in the democratic party all blue states need to be investigated to many familiar reasons why they hate President Trump the people of this country deserve to be able to run there house hold as they see fit raise there families properly live life to the best way possible it needs to be God Family and country they work for the people!

  21. donald stevens says:

    Pelosi is mentally ill, she is a communist she needs to be locked up for life with the other Democrats. The American people are sick and tired of paying the bill for her, get rid of her are you all afraid of her. We don’t need her bullshit shut her down.Pelosi is I’ll she needs alout of help she is retarded she is power hungry out to destroy America.Pelosi and her Democrats are getting paid off by China.Remove her from her office she is sick, America is tired of her mouth she lies like the news media.Republicans stand up for your party don’t be like Romney and Mconnell and the others thay are cowards and traitors.Its about time you stand up to Pelosi and the other Democrats.Tell them all go to hell stand up for America.

    • Lillian says:

      She has a letter from scud who is a capitol police officer and, she knows what was going to happen before Trump made his speech. God has a plan for all of them and for us too. Since all the churches know what is going to happen to the USA. Do you know what EMP is? If not read the book of Revelation chapter 17 and 18 because we are mystery Babylon.

  22. Ronald L Campbell Sr. says:

    I would LIKEto know WHAT IN THE HELL DID PELOSI EVER DO FOR THE GOOD OF OUR COUNTRY AND PEOPLE? In my thinking she should be put in jail, she never was any good! I did more for my God and and country when I was only 17, I went in the service and at 18 in 1951 I went to Korea in the war came home in 1952 highly decorated, was married before I went over,went to work when I got out worked 35 years only job I had retired,had 3 kids my wife died buried her on our 25th wedding day, latter lost my 2 sons,I am now 88yrs. old and now blind in one eye, 2 cancers, damaged spin, and can just make ends, and here her and the rest of her ass holes are taking every thing away from guys like me to give to the ones tearing this Great country apart! To me the hole bunch should be put away! GOD BLESS THE U.S.A!!

    • mitch wallerstedt says:

      One of if not the worst, corrupt politicians in our history. How the hell do those people keep re-electing her!
      A puppet as the rest of those asses!
      Just look at the area she represents,
      LOOK, it’s disgusting, this is what she and her fellow democratic leaders want our country to become. Disgraceful on an unparalleled level!

  23. Bib says:

    Pelosi had as much as three days prior notice of possible big time trouble occurring in Jan. 6, why then did she not SIMPLY cancel the event until they secured more information, and plans on how to handle it when rescheduled? Even a woodchuck is aware when the sun is out.

  24. WN says:

    All of those swamp rats on the left side is mad because Trump didn’t run to get rich and greedy like all of them He is the only president that actually done what he ran on. But the swamp creatures couldn’t let that happen because it would destroy there den of corruption. You would think with all of Nancy’s money she could get her self a better pair of teeth she doesn’t have to suck on all the time to keep them in place.The whole bunch of the dems needs to jump off a cliff and Make America Great Again!!!!

  25. Frank Steele says:

    Pelosi is a true enemy of America. One of the worst.

  26. The sooner Pelosi is gone, the sooner the U.S. will make some progress.

    And, the sooner Pelosi and Biner are gone, the sooner our country can compete with China, Russia, and their allies!

  27. rick says:

    Her Royal Arrogance will do nothing for Americans as long as she lives. Old dogs can’t or won’t learn new tricks, & Nanny certainly qualifies. If she wants to be Queen, then off with her head!

    • William H Wilson says:

      rick you might also consider that DJT is also an old dog so the same may be said of him. just my opinion.

  28. Donna Bucciarelli says:

    She is the problem. Her personal vendetta will never end until she’s OUT. She needs to be investigated and probably IMPEACHED. SHE NEVER DOES HER JOB! I say she needs to be recalled along with Newsome. She is the wicked witch of the out for that house falling from the sky Nancy. It’s got your name written all over it.

  29. Edward Watson says:

    Botoxi needs to be constantly reminded she is NOT the president of these United States. She IS a hateful, spiteful and mean-spirited old witch and the queen of hypocrisy. She is the worst thing that ever happened to our grand country.

  30. Jorene Williams says:

    Pelosi must really be scared of Trump and that TRUTH will come out about her real agenda for America. She does not represent the people who elected her. Why do they keep electing her in CA? She has done nothing for the citizens in CA. Never saw someone go after someone with such hate, revenge determination! There is enough on her for unconstitutional procedures, unethical actions to get rid to take her to court. She would loose for sure. I agree, The wicked witch of the West must go.

  31. maxibaby says:

    Pelosi is a spoiled female be-at-ch who never learned the meaning of the word “NO” and all her cult members are wussies and afraid to “‘splain” it to her!
    That is enough of the serious stuff, what is up with her “ugly a$$” hair in the picture at the beginning of this article? Her dark dyed hair exposed at the front looks dirty and greasy and then it appears she has a dark blonde wig that has slipped back on her head! She probably has been drunk since the impeachment ended and didn’t feel like getting a bath and shampoo! Pheeeeeeweee!

  32. Gary Thomas says:

    Pelosi is just bat nuts, I want to know why on Jan. 4th capital security wanted more police and Pelosi said no, she is consumed with President Trump and hasn’t done her job for 4 years, letting the likes of the squad run things

  33. Carol says:

    Nancy Pelosi is to old to be in any office except a doctor’s office. She is a sick mined lady with nothing to do except waste our tax dollars on shit so she can get even with Trump. She needs to go home to her castle and put a shawl over her shoulders and sit in HER rocking chair. She’s NUTS.

    • maxibaby says:

      You’re right of course! She is so filled with hate for DJT, she just cannot let it go. The further it goes the more petty, spiteful, mean spirited, demenished mental capacity she exposes and the worse she makes herself look! She thinks people believe her when she says it is about her patriotism and responsibility to the Constitution, it is about nothing except meanness and hate for all things DJT and Republicans who support him!

      • Philip Brant says:

        At the least since they know she cannot be bi-partisan, her judgements are compromised by her obsessions with Trump and republicans, and shouldn’t be in a position of power and influence, the President and other Democrats in power positions should make her recuse herself from the Speaker of the House position. Then order her to have a mental evaluation by a non- biased Dr. Not of her choice. She has lost sight of her responsibilities to America and it’s citizens that put her there because they trusted her to make the decisions needed to protect the welfare and interests of America as a whole.It seems like she is running her last race in the political world; and she will be the center of attention until she crosses the finish line. She needs to be relieved of her position as Speaker.

  34. Nick George says:

    The last time I checked the capital buildings and congress are subject to the will of WE THE PEOPLE They have no right to stop anyone from entering congress in a peaceful organized manner to express their opinion on the precedings at hand. I didn’t know the CONGRESS was allowed to hold presidings in secret or from the direct view of the citizens of this republic. Would it have turned in to a fight if they had permitted the citizens to enter in a orderly manner until the capacity was reached. Why was Congress afraid to do our business in front of the citizens . WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Or are they ashamed to do their parties work in front of those voters who put them there to do their will. The constitution forbids the government to impose its will upon the people with out their consent. WE NEED TO STOP THEIR EXCESSIVE UNJUST CONTROL OF OUR LIBERTIES

  35. Allen says:

    Once you start working FOR THE PEOPLE instead of AGAINST THE PEOPLE your fears will go away. Stop wasting tax payers money like you have done the last 5 years to TRY and take down Trump and start putting your efforts into the AMERICAN, AND I EMPHASIZE “AMERICAN” people all your problems will go away. If you don’t realize that then you are dumber than I thought. Wake up Pelosi you POS.

  36. Shari says:

    I know you people in the White House have a lot more work to do than just continue to worry about Trump. If you don’t stop Nancy Pelosi then when are you going to work on finding out about covid? You were elected to run this country and if you continue to let her go after Trump then what else is going to be done about all the other important things on your list Mr Biden. There’s already a petition going around to get the lady out of office so why don’t you do your job and make sure she does her job. Leave Trump alone y’all are done with him already leave him alone and do your job.

    • Lml says:

      I agree with having an investigation to get the THRUTH. Lead by true non Partisan members of Both Parties. And based on rumors that it was PrePlanned, maybe she will not like the outcome. Leaders live former Governor Kaine.. we can handle truth. It’s media fake news we can’t/won’t tolerate.

    • William H Wilson says:

      Lori can you possibly put yourself in Speaker Pelosi’s shoes when they are meeting in the Capital Building and having an incited mob do what was done on01/06/2021 ?

  37. Francis says:

    She has to be Removed from Congress, wasting our tax money on these shams !!! If it’s a independent investigation , anyone & everyone involved , do & let it be the last !!

  38. Linda Higginbotham says:

    If pelois would work for the American people instead of what she is doing to a President Trump maybe we be better shape

    • Richard says:

      She is to stupid to do constructive things for our country and all the citizens that work hard for their families.she is filled with hate for anyone that thinks differently that her just a pathetic human being if that is what you would call her.

  39. Jeannette Solinsky says:

    These Democrats need help!!! They have just continued to prove how mentally unbalanced they are.

  40. William S says:

    Why don’t they just build a mote around the building? The old Witch already has her flying monkeys.

  41. Wanda Willeford says:

    Impeach Pelosi immediately!

  42. Tina says:

    Demoncraps God has your number! You all exposed yourselves and 80 million people know who what where and when!!! Can’t wait to see Satan and his minions of baby killers, sex change China and Russia lovers tossed out!!

  43. Ranger says:

    When in the name of every true patriot is someone going to investigate Pelosi and Schiff and Schumer and waters AND THE PHONY 46 President

  44. Gene Hudson says:

    When will this crazy old witch tire of wasting taxpayers time and money?She is consumed by hatred for our President since he made her look like a fool so many times.

  45. Laura says:

    ” SCARED “….

  46. Thatcher's Ghost says:

    IF they do it legitimately without lying then the would be investigation will lead right back to Schumer, Schiff and Pelosi herself. Pelosi DOES NOT speak for the American People and she is obsessed with Trump like that cop in Les Miserable after the guy who stole a loaf of bread.

    • David D'Anna says:

      Lets Face the TRUTH HERE!! You and I BOTH KNOW,She and HER CRONIES on BOTH sides of the AISLE..Have NOT DONE anything worth a SHIT for 146 YEARS!! Now, they showed their TRUE COLORS and Desire to remove anyone that stands in their way to ENSLAVE ALL of US!!,,The walls they put around themselves tell me a lot about how much they fear the AMERICAN people,and I’m GLAD for that! Because,right now, we’ve had enough of their BULLSHIT!! They keep harping on and on about the Capitol breech and how it was an act of terrorism and we should all be ashamed and Punished for it,Including THOSE of us That KNOW President TRUMP DID NOT ENCOURAGE a SIEGE of CONGRESS!! If we EVER Got that ANGRY,The NATIONAL GUARD and CAPITOL POLICE WOULDN’T Have BEEN able to STOP IT!! THey LIE about everything and FRANKLY,I DON’T GIVE a RATS ASS about PIGLOSI and The waste of HUMAN excretment That Our GOVERNMENT IS!! They are USE:LESS and Have sold this BEAUTIFUL Country out for a few Gold COINS!! How Many times has that happened in history?? I can COUNT at least 6 or seven times!! always a TRAITOR and they always wind up DEAD!!! WE,THE PEOPLE,HAVE to take opur country bac k! REMOVE the GREEDY USELESS POLITICIANS and REPLACE them WITH TRUE AMERICANS!! Get rid of the DICK-Tator BIDEN!! We Keep standing around and waiting,We’ll be done!! Tell your reps to EARN their MONEY!! DO THEIR JOBS or Get rid of them! TERM LIMITS and NO MORE SALARIES, NO 200 dollar a day LUNCHES,NO MORE DAMNED LOBBYIST! and TELL them TO WRITE their OWN BILLS and DO their OWN WORK!! But, if we keep waiting for POyur President Trump to rescue us,. The Rats In Congress and The COMMIES will have us AS SLAVES!!

      • Philip Brant says:

        You are right about that brother. This administration is up to something that will assure the end of life as we know it. This covid relief package is being stalled but was supposedly their top priority.The House and Senate hashed out the particulars of this package and was given to some committee to write it up in the correct language.Then the Democrats get a mulligan that allows them to pass whatever they want with no Republican input. Either way it should have already been passed. BUT it’s being sent to committees made up of the same members of Congress that agreed to its substance 2 weeks ago. They add something else to the package every other day to make sure they get the one nay vote from Democrats that will keep it from passing. No one is writing anything up. All the while putting executive orders into play that will make sure America and Americans will be forced into long term depression, opening the door to communism. You are right. It’s time.

        • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

          You who think Speaker of the House the respectable and accomplished Nancy Pelosi an article in the N.Y. Times says the following “WASHINGTON MEMO”
          “A Mob and the Breach of Democracy: The Violent End of the Trump Era
          Those who warned of worst-case scenarios under President Trump — only to be dismissed as alarmists — found some of their darkest fears realized in the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday.” “By Peter Baker Jan. 6, 2021
          WASHINGTON — So this is how it ends. The presidency of Donald John Trump, rooted from the beginning in anger, division and conspiracy-mongering, comes to a close with a violent mob storming the Capitol at the instigation of a defeated leader trying to hang onto power as if America were just another authoritarian nation. The scenes in Washington would have once been unimaginable: A rampage through the citadel of American democracy. Police officers brandishing guns in an armed standoff to defend the House chamber. Tear gas deployed in the Rotunda. Lawmakers in hiding. Extremists standing in the vice president’s spot on the Senate dais and sitting at the desk of the speaker of the House.

          The words used to describe it were equally alarming: Coup. Insurrection. Sedition. Suddenly the United States was being compared to a “banana republic” and receiving messages of concern from other capitals. “American carnage,” it turned out, was not what President Trump would stop, as he promised upon taking office, but what he wound up delivering four years later to the very building where he took the oath.

          The convulsion in Washington capped 1,448 days of Twitter storms, provocations, race-baiting, busted norms, shock-jock governance and truth-bending prevarication from the Oval Office that have left the country more polarized than in generations. Those who warned of worst-case scenarios only to be dismissed as alarmists found some of their darkest fears realized. By day’s end, some Republicans discussed removing Mr. Trump under the 25th Amendment rather than wait two weeks for the inauguration of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.”

          • Leslie Benjamini says:

            Nancy Pelosi is insane with hatred. She is not fit to be in office. Anything she writes or says should be ignored. It’s a pity the votes are not there to have her removed.

        • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

          The Republicans will oppose any relief package put forward similar to how DJT presided over the government when he was or wasn’t president? Just my opinion

  47. John Bateman says:

    I just want to know who is the tail wagging the dog?

  48. Joella C Wideman says:

    I believe Ms.Pelosi might be too old for her job, she is just a little
    off in her head. She seems to be really mean and very hateful and does not care about our country at all. It’s time for her to step down and a conservative to be a Speaker of the House and reunite our great country and stop all the division and fighting.

  49. carol starkes says:

    Pelosi, the ice cream queen, better be ready for the truth. Does she even know it? She knew what was going to happen well before it took place and allowed Capitol Police to do nothing. She was offered troops and declined.
    It’s about time pelosi faces the music and is arrested. The independents better be picked by someone who can be trusted. Sure as life itself that mentally unstable creature will choose liars and cheats.

  50. Gary Fernett says:

    Great maybe they team will find her involvement in placing the pipe bomb the day before the event…the whole event at the capital was a poorly setup job by Pelosi to target Trump and the conservative voter.

  51. Emmett Nichols says:

    She is an idiot. She needs to be in aloony bin. Except for screwing the American people and attempting to screw Trump and his family ,she has done nothing productive in her time in Congress. Retribution should be forthcoming and swiftly. Sorriest human being ever to be in Congress. Can’t say she served cause she NEVER done a single thing for America but make herself rich.

  52. Michael Wiggins says:

    This woman palocci is lost her mind.

  53. Josie says:

    I hope they investigate her involvement and lack of action also.

  54. Mary Janes says:

    It only shows Nasty Nancy is still behaving as an ASS. They didn’t waste enough of our tax dollars the first 2 witch hunts. Just disgraceful to their party’s name

  55. Miranda says:

    She’s insane. Her obsession with Trump is beyond needing psychological help. She needs to be institutionalized! I hope that others recognize her extreme unhealthy hatred toward an individual. Sounds like she is a hair short of wanting to kill Trump! Somebody please get this women some help!

  56. Charleton says:

    It is amazing to me how people get a thrill out of walking on thin ice knowing well it will soon break apart.

  57. Holly Rose says:

    I hope Pelosi succeeds. She’ll eventually will ensnare trump and he will pay in spades. My sister has the utmost respect for Pelosi and is proud that she is a Californian, home of polished and adept politicians such as Schiff, Feinstein, Boxer, Waters, and Newsome.

    • Rebecca says:

      You are kidding, right?? No one respects any of the California politicians!! Trump did nothing to incite anything. Perhaps you should watched the Undoctored video. It shows he asked for a peaceful protest AND they found that ppl were acting on the Capitol before he even finished his speech. But hey, since we are on hunts to blame things on, how about those summer riots that were condoned by the Dems? Or how K Harris set up a GoFundMe to get rioters out of jail! SHE should be impeached!!

    • Laura says:


      • David D'Anna says:

        You Just DO NOT get it,Holly ROSE!! well, may you ROT in HELL with PIGLOSI and the rest Of the TRAITORS!! GO Back to MOMMY’s BASEMENT and STUFF YOUR FACE!! Keep being a SHEEP!! when you are standing in LINE waiting for your Daily RATION, Remember, We TRIED to show you, that you are BRAINWASHED and BRAINDEAD!!

    • Tina says:

      Your family are idiots! She is proud of how California is??? People shitting and peeing in the streets? Finding heroin and needles left on the ground? People literally squatting in tents??? Nothing to be proud of!! My friend left California because of the insanity there. You Demoncraps will as you say pay in spades. Unbelievable

    • Sandra Smith says:

      Why doesn’t Pelosi establish an independent commission to investigate all the attacks on police & private citizens & the burning down of buildings during the “peaceful riots” last summer in numerous cities across the USA? Because she’s an arrogant piece of shit just like a lot of Democrats. She needs to be impeached along with others who have allowed the rioters to get away with it. I wonder if Holly Rose would feel the same if her business & livelihood were burned to the ground.

    • Dan says:

      Have you been sniffing glue again. No one in their right mind would give Pelosi an ounce of respect for the way she’s acted towards President Trump. She hasn’t left him alone for one day since she got put in that SotH chair again. She’s done everything she could to get our President thrown out of the White House. Okay! She’s not afraid of President Trump. The one personality she better be afraid of is the man upstairs. “GOD!” Nuff said!

    • Richard says:

      You Democrats if you believe anything Biden is saying and Kamala or any Democrat in the senate they are true liars and drama queens from top to bottom they did more than prove that with impeachment in a legally lawful senate on tv that they lied about alot of shit and to gain some solidified way of putting it they were proven liars… Democrats must be stupid to keep dealing with this senates Democrats lies there thievery and the fact people of America are still dropping left and right with COVID ..With not getting the COVID shots to Americans the Dems don’t care about you they would rather waste money on some bullshit impeachment instead of us the Americans… OH YEA THEY GOT THERE SHOTS IF THEY GAD TO WAIT UNTIL EVERY AMERCAN GOT THERES BEFORE THEM WE WOULD HAVE IT IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE..

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        Richard; Richard ; Richard How many Americans dropped while DJT was still acting as president of the U.S. but in my opinion he was putting on a very poor performance but maybe not quite as poor as down a rabbits hole. This is just a decoy to divert people’s attention from the truth of DJT failure to perform as president of the U.S. in my opinion.

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        Well Ricard I’m an independent as I wouldn’t want to cast my line in either party’s platform.

    • Pegs says:

      ALWAYS the IDIOT you are you small little person holly rose. We can ALWAYS count on your STUPIDITY !!! you have to be the most CLUELESS person on the PLANET !! At this point you are just FUNNY! I have to feel SORRY FOR you. #IDIOT

  58. ck says:

    Sorry to break it to you trumpeters, this is juuuuuust the beginning of the pumpkin mans legal trouble. What the hell, I’m not sorry, just thrilled!!

    • Linda says:

      Wow anyone who thinks Pelosi is great has got to be off in the head a little bit

    • Tina says:

      The people of our Great Pumpkin unite! All you Demoncraps have ben bound, Satan is behind and GOD prevails! TRUTH rules and what a jagged pill for you followers of Satan. President Trump has been INNOCENT from day one!! Christian’s love President Trump. We do things PEACEFUL unlike your party- liars cheaters and stealers!! Get ready to see all your favorites tossed like a salad! #PresidentTrumpwillbebackinhisrightfulposition

      • William H Wilson says:

        Well Tina I hope he will be in a new mind set after the law suits that will result from his mindless action that occurred before 01/06/2021 but hopefully for the good of the nation he will never be elected to another office in this country again. Stop partaking the satanic communion.

    • Beverly says:

      Something is definitely wrong with Pelosi She withholds stimulus checks because Trump was President? Really? Was she hurting President trump? No she was hurting the American people….. she is wasting your tax monies on impeachment trhals and phony investigations to keep you busy on mindless matters and not jobs for the American people or corona virus vaccines and stimulus monies. Get real. Move on she is acting like a woman scorned rather than a politician that should be caring about the American people. Why are you even listening to her???? Do you really think she is thinking right? Really????

      • Señora says:

        Unfortunately this woman represent half or the USA population. To me that means half of our population doesn’t see her “ruthless and hateful” nature. One man has turned her into a a state where she would prefer to spend millions of our dollars just to get even. Revenge is God’s job, not hers. In doing this during his entire term of office, she has wasted valuable time and money to prove Trump should not have been President but she can’t overturn the fact that he was and may be again. Her “god complex” needs to end and do some self evaluating because she has become his victim.

      • Ricky says:

        Please video tape it when you get fed to the wolves little sheep person!!!

    • David D'Anna says:

      Lets see…Piglosi is 0 for 2 ASSWIPE!! Legal troubles?? Like ??? your 2 BRAINCELLS can’t Function to provide any TRUTH to your DEMENTED assumptions!! oh, That’s right., You be smoking some of that SHIT they spread out for you useless cellar dwelling JOKERS!! That’s O.K. Call us whatever you want, we’ll be winning MORE and MORE and when you think we’re going to Give up,We’ll STOMP your asses!!..

    • Robert Brady says:

      Your ass should be in jail with Nancy and the rest of the dirt bags.

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